December iBbeautiful Box

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November iBbeautiful
November iBbeautiful

iBbeautiful, who sent me this box to review, offers an innovative way for tween + teens girls to explore, sample + fall in love with inspiring beauty, accessory + lifestyle products (each box contains 3-5 items) – in the comfort of their own homes – through a monthly box subscription service. iBbeautiful aims to inspire girls to be their best with their natural beauty, which is a great thing for sure.

November iBbeautiful
The Box

iBbeautiful ships via USPS Priority Mail and took the standard two days.  It was sitting on my porch today when I got up from my nap and I was quite pleased to see a few boxes waiting for me.  It made me feel better for sure.

November iBbeautiful
First Look

The last box I received was a review box, so I was excited to check out one of their standard monthly boxes. I don’t have any teen girls, but I was once a teen girl and have teenage cousins and I think this is a great idea!

November iBbeautiful
The Information Card

iBbeautiful comes with an information card that lists all of the products included, as well as, prices on the items.   Totally random, but I love the font that they use for this ;).

November iBbeautiful
The Card

The December iBbeautiful theme is “Live Lucky” and is all about reminding you of all the things in your life that you have to be lucky for.  The letter that’s included reminds girls to think of the people who don’t have some of the things that they sometimes find annoying (making your bed, carrying that heavy backpack to school, etc.).  Here is what the box included:

~Crazy Sox ($8): I love these!!!  My picture makes it seem like they are pink, but they are more red than pink.  And I love them!  Who doesn’t want a pair of cozy socks like this?  And the idea is to wear them and think about how lucky you are to have them every time you wear them!

November iBbeautiful
Crazy Sox

~Live Lucky Trinket Box ($4.50): I could not figure out what this was at first.  I thought something had fallen out (the gnome is glued in), but it’s a a little box to store your tiny secrets in.  And the gnome to bring you luck.

November iBbeautiful
Live Lucky Trinket Box

~Miss Oops Deodorant Removing Sponge ($6):  Lucky me not having to worry about deodorant stains anymore is right.  This are genius.  Pure genius.

November iBbeautiful
Miss Oops Deodorant Removing Sponge

~Seeds of Happiness ($4): These little self-described lumps of clay are to be given out to whoever you think needs a smile.  Friends, strangers, anyone you think needs a little cheering up.  Or keep them for yourself when you need a smile.

November iBbeautiful
Seeds of Happiness

~Lucky Drop Earrings ($15): Cute earrings.  I will totally be passing these on to a cousin f mine since dangling earrings are not good with little ones!

November iBbeautiful
Lucky Drop Earrings

~elf Color Stick ($1): I think this is a totally age appropriate make-up item and can be used on the eyes, lips or face.  I actually think it’s possible that I had something like this when I was younger?  As much as I’d like to keep this, I will be passing this along as well!

November iBbeautiful
elf Color Stick

~Sparkle Hearts Sparkly Body Lotion (Sample): I couldn’t resist this one and my hands are nice and soft and sparkly now ;).

November iBbeautiful
Sparkle Hearts Sparkly Body Lotion

~Live Lucky T-Shirt:  I actually love this shirt!  I think if it were a man’s shirt, even B would would wear something like this!

Live Lucky T-Shirt
Live Lucky T-Shirt

All totaled I came up with a value of $48.50 for the December iBbeautiful “Graphic Tee Box”.  Graphic Tee Boxes are $28/month, while the Basic Box is $18/month.  I love the idea of a special box just for a teen girl and think this would make a great gift for tweens / younger teens!

What do you think of iBbeautiful?  Do you have a daughter / niece who would love something like this?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here.

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. Jeannie

    I got our 15 yr old a 3 month subscription (w/o the tee) to this for her birthday, and this box was her last box. She has enjoyed it . . . sort of . . . but is way more into makeup (even tho we don’t allow her to wear much). She wasn’t into the Seeds of Happiness or Lucky Trinket Box AT ALL. I plan to get her an ipsy subscription for Christmas, but I’m waiting to see if there will be any Cyber Monday deals on it.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG she will love ipsy! I don’t think I have ever seen a sale on their subscriptions though. I can see that some of the stuff this month would be too young for 15!

  2. mary m

    I got the tween box for Clara. she’s 10. Instead of earrings, there was a bracelet, and no seeds of change or deodorant removing sponge, but there was something else. I just can’t remember what…

    We’ll try it for another month or two, she seemed to like it.

    1. Jennifer

      10 would probably be a great age for this!

  3. Tracy

    I cannot even get to the website without signing in to this shopify website that has something to do with selling online?? Can you help? I would LOVE to order this for my niece! 🙂

  4. Chrissy LaVine

    This is on my short list for birthday Ideas for my daughter. She turns 13 in August. What she really needs is a combination of Nerd Block and Ipsy. I think this is the closest thing to that.

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