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1. My JewelMint Surprise Candle finally arrived yesterday and I am doing my best to get that thing burned so I can scoop out my surprise.  I’ll post on Instagram (which I have finally added back to my sidebar here) when I get it out!

2. Do you think he got enough candy?  He was quite pleased with his haul and I would have been too if I were him.  Houses that pass out Capri Suns and pretzels are kind of my favorite ;).

3. How cute are they?  That’s L’s Power Ranger friend that he sits next to at school every day.  She’s super cute and something about this picture makes them look so grown up!

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4. Why, why, why did I authorize the use of bathtub crayons the other day?  what was I thinking?  The boys were caked in crayons and I spent way too long cleaning the bathtub after.  However, they did have a good time, so it was worth it.  I think ;).

5. WB was jealous of L’s lunch yesterday, so I made him a special little Halloween dinner. That’s leftover pizza in the shape of a pumpkin in case you can’t tell (which I think WB fed to the furries).

6. I don’t know what exactly is going on here, but I love every second of it.

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7. Maybe my favorite all time race photo of B. This is from the Urbanathlon in Chicago a few weekends ago, which was a week after B’s marathon.   While this was “only” 10 miles, it appears that B is feeling the effects of all that racing.  And I think he’s got about 20 layers of clothing on, so that may not be helping.

8. Well, it didn’t pour last night for trick or treating so that’s good.  It lightly rained the entire time, but I feel like it would have been 100x worse.  At least it wasn’t super windy AND raining or freezing cold out.  There’s always a bright side.

9. I highly doubt WB can actually see thru this donut, but that’s what he’s going for here.  He’s seen L do it and he wants to do everything that L does.  It may not have worked, but  he was quite pleased with himself ;).

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