November Mantry Review – “Bacon Nation”

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November Mantry - Bacon Nation
November Mantry – Bacon Nation

B’s November Mantry arrived today!  I had kind of forgotten it was coming, so it was a surprise when my mail lady handed me the box this afternoon. B was doing some stuff outside (in the freezing cold) and was quite pleased to see Mantry waiting for him when he came in.

If you aren’t familiar, Mantry = the Modern Man’s Pantry. It’s a food of the month club that lets you discover the finest american artisan foods – and gives you ideas of what to do with them.

November Mantry
The Box

Mantry now ships via UPS Smart Post.  It starts out with UPS and then the box is typically turned out to USPS for delivery.  Last month UPS delivered my box and it took two days to arrive, but this month USPS delivered it and it took three days.  I totally love the quick shipping!

November Mantry
The Crate

Mantry’s crates are always the same size, however, the colors vary.  I think this was my favorite crate variation to date.  I would LOVE to have wood floors this color.  I think it’s totally gorgeous.

November Mantry
The Information Card

The November Mantry theme was “Bacon Nation” and includes a selection of items from a few of the makers who nailed the application of the nation’s favorite breakfast nice.  With an obvious Kevin Bacon shout-out / reference, this month we are exploring the six degrees of bacon from some of the nation’s most talented indie food acts.

~The Redhead Bacon Peanut Brittle ($6): First of all, I had no idea that only 1-2% of the population has naturally red hair.   Wow!  Mantry has, therefore, decided that Meg Grace, the redhead behind the brand is the only redhead who makes bacon peanut brittle.  B opened this right away and loved it.

November Mantry
The Redhead Bacon Peanut Brittle

~Vosges Haut Chocolate Mo’s Uncured Bacon Caramel Toffee ($12): This was opened and tried right away as well and B and I both loved it.  I have tried various things from Vosges Chocolates and this was one of my favorites.

November Mantry
Vosges Haut Chocolate Mo’s Uncured Bacon Caramel Toffee

~Empire Mayonnaise Co. Bacon Mayo ($8):  Ohh, I wasn’t sure what the suggested use for this was, but after reading the card, yeah, I think this would be amazing on a burger.  I’d never actually order bacon on a burger, but bacon mayo?  Yeah, I’d do that.  Empire Mayonnaise makes a bunch of varieties of mayo including Lime, Pizza and Red Chili.  Who knew all this existed?

November Mantry
Empire Mayonnaise Co. Bacon Mayo

~Bacon’s Heir Pork Clouds ($9): The pork clouds are pretty much gone.  B came in from outside, took one look at the box and started eating these.  He declared them delicious and that was that.

November Mantry
Bacon’s Heir Pork Clouds

~Stu’s Kitchen Stu’s Bloody Mary ($9): B and I were confused about this one at first because it doesn’t have bacon in it.  However, the idea is to give your bloody mary the bacon twist complete with a bacon salt rim.  The recipe isn’t online yet, but I’ll be checking back.  We have some bacon salt, so I think this will be totally doable.

November Mantry
Stu’s Kitchen Stu’s Bloody Mary

~Broadbent’s Applewood Smokes Bacon ($7.73): B took one look at this and then looked at L and declared they were having bacon for breakfast tomorrow.  We received some Broadbent’s bacon back in September and that was a big hit with the boys so I suspect this will be exactly the same.

November Mantry
Broadbent’s Applewood Smokes Bacon

All totaled I came up with a value of $51.73 for the November Mantry “Bacon Nation”. Mantry is $75/month, but I never include shipping or tax or any of that in my calculations. B loves him some Mantry and enjoys discovering all the new (to us) products they sent.  Some end up becoming new favorites and some just end up becoming things we try.

Did you get Mantry this month?  What’d you think?  If you are interested in subscribing (it makes a great gift) or just want to learn more, click here.  Your man will thank you!

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  1. Kelsey N.

    That would be the perfect Christmas present for Dustin haha!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!!! He’d love it!

  2. K

    I’ve been to The Redhead restaurant before, and ordered the brittle… I had no idea they sold it retail! I’m going to have to look out for that…. This box is too expensive for me but I love the item!

    1. Jennifer

      It’s good isn’t it??

  3. Elizabeth

    That Bacon Mayo would be fantastic on a BLT!

    1. Jennifer

      Agreed. Though I like to just have LT’s. LOL.

  4. Mrs. L

    Wait. What? Did I read that right? You’d never put bacon on your burgers? What kind of an alien are you? Mars? Jupiter? No really, you don’t eat bacon?

    1. Jennifer

      I mean I HAVE had bacon on a burger. I just typically don’t. Can we still be friends??

  5. Mrs. L

    I have a friend who doesn’t eat bacon AT ALL so I guess we can still be friends 🙂

  6. emi

    Ugh that looks really good…
    This may be a part of my husbands Christmas gift if I can still get the Bacon box!

    Also I like it when people point out my blog typos and this one is small and just wanted to let you know
    “and that was a big “hot” with the boys so I suspect this will be exactly the same.”

    1. Jennifer

      Oh my mom LOVES to point out all my typos. Drives her insane. I do think she may have given up though because I make so many. One of the problems that comes with blogging at 2am ;).

      1. emi

        Yeah blogging at 2am will have that effect haha most of my posts have a ton until I post it then re-read it all which is just a pain
        Just wanted to let you know because I know it bugs me when I find them in my posts haha 😡

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