December Toothbrush Subscriptions Review

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December Toothbrush Subscriptions
December Toothbrush Subscriptions

Toothbrush Subscriptions, who kindly sent me this package to review, is exactly what you think it is. A service that sends you new toothbrushes every 1,2 or 3 months. Toothbrushes start at $1 $4 and shipping is always free. You can also select from manual toothbrushes or electric toothbrush heads from a variety of brands.

December Toothbrush Subscriptions
The Package

Toothbrush Subscriptions ships from Canada (at least mine did anyway) and takes anywhere between 3-8 business days to arrive. I gave them the ages of everyone in the family and they sent me a variety of toothbrushes for everyone which was so awesome. Here is what was included: ~American Dental Association Approved Advantage Toothbrush ($5): This one is for B and showed it to him when he got home last night. I think he was quite excited about it. This is a toothbrush we’d buy at the store and I was impressed by how nice it was!

December Toothbrush Subscriptions
American Dental Association Approved Advantage Toothbrush

~The Luxury Toothbrush ($3): This one is mine and I actually thought it was the most expensive of the bunch. Not even! According to Toothbrush Subscriptions, it’s recommended by the American Dental Association that you change your toothbrush every three month. I’d like to think that I am on top of this, but really I don’t know? Am I? This seriously forces it to happen!

December Toothbrush Subscriptions
The Luxury Toothbrush

~The Junior Toothbrush ($1): I love the kids toothbrush and I know that L will be oddly excited about a fresh toothbrush as well. I can’t say I blame him. It’s almost like crawling into bed the first night after you washed the sheets!

December Toothbrush Subscriptions
The Junior Toothbrush

The Newborn ($5): I have never seen a Newborn toothbrush like this! It’s for ages 0-2 and it’s a toothbrush and teething ring in one. WB grabs the toothbrush out of my hand and insists on doing it himself (it’s seriously a fight) and then gnaws on the toothbrush for a while, so you guessed it, he’s all over this.

December Toothbrush Subscriptions
The Newborn

~Children’s Flossers ($1.50/six): How cute are these? They help make flossing easier for lithe hands and the designs make it fun!

December Toothbrush Subscriptions
Children’s Flossers

Listen, I will be the first to admit I heard about this one and was like really? Who needs that? And I was talking to my brother about it and he’s like I don’t think change my toothbrush that often?? And we basically realized that yeah, we are the people that need this! Seriously, unless I set an appointment in my phone or wrote it in my planner, this wouldn’t happen every two or three months like it should. I suspect that sometimes I change toothbrushes monthly and umm, sometimes I don’t. I just don’t “know”! But with Toothbrush Subscriptions, they do it all and “know” for you! And it’s not expensive by any means.

What do you think of Toothbrush Subscriptions? If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more / check out some of toothbrushes or brush heads they offer, click here.

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. Rachael

    I’m a dental hygienist and the way I remember is to change it when the seasons change! I had a patient tell me this a few years ago and I think its a great way to remember.

    1. Jennifer

      That is a good way to remember!

  2. Ruth Gilbert

    I thought this was a little bit crazy. I mean a subscription for toothbrushes, but then I looked at the prices and headed over to sign up. Great prices!

    1. Jennifer

      I totally thought the same. Who needs this? Wait, I do. LOL!

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