December MunchPak Review

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December MunchPak
December MunchPak

MunchPak, who kindly sent me this package to review, is a monthly subscription service and ecommerce website that aims to introduce the best, new, and popular snacks from all over the world to the average Joe. MunchPak launched in early November and is $19.95/month.

December MunchPak
The Box

MunchPak ships via FedEx Smart Post and took about a week to arrive.  Possibility a bit more.  It came before Christmas and the mail was crazy then!

December MunchPak
First Look

MunchPak includes such a variety of items and contents will likely vary from subscriber to subscriber, so they don’t include an information card or anything like that.  The box is just pure snacks! Here’s what was include this month:

~Knott’s Raspberry Shortbread Cookies: I don’t love cookies with fruit in them (so weird I know), so these are just kind of meh for me.  Not awful, but I wouldn’t get them again.

December MunchPak
Knott’s Raspberry Shortbread Cookies

~Marinela Barritas de Pina: Sort of like a pineapple fig newton. But messier!  I’m not sure if these come in other flavors, but I would try them too if they did.

December MunchPak
Barritas Pina

~Hi-Chew: Hi-Chews are a fruit-flavored chewy Japanese candy.  I am going to save these for L because he’s into that kind of chewy candy.

December MunchPak

~Cracker Jacks: I have not had Cracker Jacks in ages.  I feel like it’s odd that they come in a bag now instead of the old school box!  It’s just not the same.

December MunchPak
Cracker Jacks

~Snyder’s of Hanover Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwiches:  WB ate these for his snack one day.  Nothing overly unique about these, but they are good.

December MunchPak
Snyder’s of Hanover Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwiches

~Popchips Barbeque Potato Chips: Again, not really a specialty snack, but we like them!

December MunchPak
Popchips Barbeque Potato Chips

~Chex Mix: Both B and L fight over who gets the hunks of bread from Chex Mix.  Ilike the cheesy Chex Mix myself.

December MunchPak
Chex Mix

~Pop*Tarts – Brown Sugar Cinnamon: I actually don’t like PopTarts. Never have really.  L likes them cold.  WB is just kinda meh on them.

December MunchPak
Pop*Tarts – Brown Sugar Cinnamon

~Gansito: I’d describe this as a snack cake.  With a little fruit filling.  Not too much so it’s gross, but enough to give it a little more flavor.

December MunchPak

~Corn Nuts – BBQ: B ate these soon after they arrived. In fact, I think I only saw them when I took this picture and not again?  LOL!  Needless to say he likes them.

December MunchPak
Corn Nuts – BBQ

~Hello Panda Cookies: I love these.  Like I love them.  They aren’t too hard to find here in the states, but you gotta look for them.

December MunchPak
Hello Panda Cookies

~Famous Amos Cookies:  Again, not exactly anything I’d need an introduction to, but they are good.  I’d call them a favorite road trip snack.

December MunchPak
Famous Amos Cookies

~Pocky: Loved the chocolate ones.  The strawberry?  The jury is still out on these.

December MunchPak

~Rice Crackers: I  *think* these are some sort of rice cracker?  I could be wrong on that though.  They were okay, but with some peanut butter smeared on them, I think we’d be in business.

December MunchPak
Rice Crackers

~Ketchup Chips:  Do they sell these in the States?  I know I have had them before, but it may have been in Canada or something?  B snatched these right up as well.

December MunchPak
Ketchup Chips

~Sour Smog Balls: Totally an L item.  Totally.  We got these last month and he loved them.  I think they look gross, but I think that’s the point ;).

December MunchPak
Sour Smog Balls

~Japanese Cocktail Peanuts: I don’t know specifically how Japanese cocktail nuts differ from US ones, but we both thought these were good!

December MunchPak
Japanese Cocktail Peanuts

~de la Rosa Peanut Candy Marzypan Style:  Is this the same stuff you can use to sculpt little animals?  I think I want to try that.  L would think that was funny ;).

December MunchPak
de la Rosa Peanut Candy Marzypan Style

~Chick O’Stick: I thought this was going to be carrot flavored (LOL), but it’s actually “crunchy roasted peanut butter and flaky toasted coconut rolled up into one delicious piece of sweet heaven”.  I wouldn’t go that far, but it was good.

December MunchPak
Chick O’Stick

~Pulparindo: Frankly I am scared of this.  It’s salty and hot and I just don’t know about that!  I am going to make B try it I think ;).

December MunchPak

~Peanut Butter Snickers:  I remember when they first came out with these!  They were quite a unique find back then.

December MunchPak
Peanut Butter Snickers

~Strawberry Bubble Gum: L is going to have to test this for me I don’t like gum. Again, I know, it’s odd.  I never have though.

December MunchPak
Strawberry Bubble Gum

~Nutella Snack Packs:  Who doesn’t love Nutella?  For real?  WB about flips his lid when I pull out the jar of it!  And those snack packs with the sticks?  He goes crazy!

December MunchPak
Nutella Snack Packs

~CurlyWurly: I saved the best for last. This is braided caramel covered with rich milk chocolate.  And YUM!  I love this and will certainly be requesting this from my UK friends in the future!

December MunchPak

I didn’t do a cost breakdown on MunchPak, but I counted over 20 snacks, which would bring the cost per snack to less than $1.  I do totally wish though that more of the snacks were harder to find items, but perhaps that will change as they grow?

What do you think of MunchPak?  If you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here.

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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This Post Has 21 Comments

  1. MelissaO

    Not sure where you are located, but you can buy all of the snacks with packaging in Spanish at any local grocery store that caters to Mexicans (if, of course, you live in an area where this is possible!). Barritas do come in other flavors but right now I can only remember strawberry.

    1. Jennifer

      I bet we have something like that around here!

  2. Ashley C.

    All of the Marinela products {Barritas and Ganselo} are sold at our Walmart just like they sell Little Debbies. They make Strawberry Barritas, I know for sure. If they are anything you want to try, let me know!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG you know what, I saw these at Target recently! That totally makes sense why I thought they look familiar!

  3. Dev

    I’ve never tried Pulparindo, but I’ve had dried tamarind rolled in sugar and chili pepper, which seems similar to what the wrapper says. I love it! My parents are from the Caribbean, and apparently it’s a popular Caribbean/West Indian treat. I haven’t had it in a while, but you can find it in corner markets in NYC, so I always look for it when I am there. It’s hard to describe the flavor…sort of sweet and sour with a kick! Maybe it’s an acquired taste (and I guess I’m biased because I love it so much), but I think it’s worth a try 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      The candy / chili powder thing gets me! I just can’t get into that. Its’ such a different taste!

      And I love your blog name!

  4. Glenna

    I have seen curly wurly at the grocery store. Check your international foods aisle 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      OMG really? I am going to track those down!

  5. Lauren

    Wow that’s a lot of yummy goodies! I love hi-chews but they are super, duper chewy. They’re sort of like eating gum which sounds gross but I like them , haha.

    1. Jennifer

      Are they like Now N Laters??

  6. Carla

    My box this month had more that half of the same items from last months box. Really disappointed. I thought it was all about trying new snacks from all over the world. Gonna try one more month and then I am a goner

    1. Jennifer

      I thought so too! I wonder if it’s because they are so new or what?

  7. Carla

    Not sure. I also noticed several items had expiration dates of jan 2014

  8. Hilary

    OMG I love Hi Chews, I can get them at my local Bodega here in Brooklyn and they are sooo good. The mango ones are the best! I’m sure L will like them. They are really chewy but don’t get all stuck to your teeth like Now and Laters, they are much softer. And they get so juicy… yummmm

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, I will need to find those!

  9. Kelsey N.

    They sell those ketchup chips at Menards, along with hot dog and bbq rib and other crazy flavors. I haven’t tried any of the flavors though.

    1. Jennifer

      We JUST got a Menards a few months ago! I will need to look!

  10. Lorns

    Let me know if you want me to send you some curly wurlys! I haven’t had one for years and this post has made me crave one.

    1. Jennifer

      If I can’t find them here I will let you know!

  11. Stacey

    Curly Wurlys are so good, but they are so much smaller than they use to be! Cadbury’s is the best chocolate!

    Five Minute Style?

    1. Jennifer

      They must have been huge before!

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