Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 5

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Day 5 - PopSugar
Day 5 – PopSugar

Today’s giveaway, Day 5 of the Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, is for the December PopSugar Must Have Box!! What’s in the box you ask?  I have no idea.  We should find out soon though.  Maybe you’ll love it.  Maybe you’ll hate it.  But if you win it, I bet you’ll be excited!!

If you want to win all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below.  If you can’t see the Rafflecopter box, try a different browser, a different computer, your smartphone, etc.  I know sometimes people have trouble with it at work.    The giveaway is set to end on 12.13.12 at 12:00am and the gift card will be shipped to the winner ASAP!  
a Rafflecopter giveaway

(*) This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or related to PopSugar. These giveaways are from me to you. Well,from you to you since you are kind enough to use my referral and affiliate links!
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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Lisa D

    ohhhh I would so gift this box!!!! Even though we have no clue what is in this yet…..I would probably gift it to my daughter.

  2. angela

    I am hoping for a festive serving dish or maybe some gloves 🙂 wouldn’t some kind of peppermint coffee mate also be awesome?

    1. Dianne

      Oooh, gloves. That would be superb.

  3. Karen

    I’m hoping for some warm, cozy socks! Or more bodum mugs… I broke mine already 🙁

  4. Jess

    I really hope they include some sort of cold weather gear like a scarf or gloves!

  5. Janelle

    A cute scarf for the winter would be awesome!

  6. Savanna

    I’m hoping for since festive jewelry. I need a couple new pieces and its be nice. I nice holiday scented candle!

  7. Amanda S.

    I know we just got a candle, but I really want another one!

  8. Enrica

    Something to keep me warm and cozy….but something to make me pretty will do too 🙂

  9. Caroline

    Dying to know what’s in it!! I’ve been stalking MUT daily 🙂

  10. Emily W.

    So excited for this box! I’m hoping there are some great holiday themed items in there!

  11. Samantha

    I’m hoping for some great gadget or pretty jewelry

  12. Ashley

    I am hoping for some cold weather gear or a nice candle.

  13. Judy Louie

    I am hoping for something cashmere. Either gloves or a scarf.

  14. Cathy@Five Boys

    Some really good hand cream for my super dry hands and cuticles would be awesome!

  15. Tara

    I’ve never tried a pop sugar must have box! This give away is exciting!

  16. Emilia

    I’m sure it will have something holiday related or not…

  17. Sue

    Another great giveaway! You’re like Ellen DeGeneres! 🙂

  18. Jill

    I would love any of the things the others suggested. I m getting a lot of scarves recently though! LOL

    I have an unrelated question but I figured I would ask you since you know a lot about shipping. I got two messages from Homegrown Collective that my boxes shipped. One arrived just fine. The other box – when I check the tracking number NOTHING has happened with it at all. The number is in the system but that is it. What does that mean? How long should I wait to contact them? TIA!

    1. Jennifer

      How long has it been like that? I think it just means that a label was created but that the package hasn’t been picked up yet.

      1. Jill

        It’s been about 2 weeks now. I got both shipping emails the same day and I already got the first package (made the candle and the coconut almond milk, which was delish BTW but what a mess!) but am waiting for the 2nd package still.

        1. Jennifer

          Oh I would totally email!!

  19. Gyps

    I’m hoping for a woodsy candle or some new hand lotion.

  20. Shannon

    I would love a pair of gloves or a cute warm hat in the box.

  21. Lauren M.

    How do I follow you on Pinterst???? I can’t figure it out! 😛

    1. Lauren M.

      Ha ha! I got it figured out!

  22. nicole

    Something fun and wintery! Maybe fancy lotion, nice warm gloves…

  23. Rachel

    Socks, Candle, Jewelry…heck I’d be happy with anything. 🙂

  24. Avery Germaine

    A great pair of headphones or maybe even the new Naked 3 palette.

  25. Chelsey

    I’ve never tried pop sugar but love the reviews! So would be excited to win and try it out!

  26. Kristie

    Something fun! 🙂

  27. Rachel

    I think a long silver necklace would be a nice inclusion. Also, maybe something for holiday parties like a tray or serving dish.

  28. Lisa

    I don’t care what’s in it, I just want to have it! It one of the few boxes I’m dying to get my hands on. C’mon Jen hook me up…please!!!

  29. katrina

    Maybe some mittens, hot cocoa and homemade marshmellows

  30. Mary w

    I’ve never gotten a popsugar box so I’m not sure what to expect but I’d love some kind of holiday makeup gift set and a pretty scarf

  31. Mandy Hillman

    I’m hoping for some awesome gloves and some kind of peppermint yummy treat!

  32. Sara

    I’m hoping for jewellery or a great scarf.

  33. Mansi

    Gloves with the touch screen tips would be awesome!

  34. Kelly

    I love scarves and you can’t go wrong with nail polish.

  35. Tara m

    Some good makeup item!

  36. Evelyn

    Surprises are always fun. Thanks for having these giveaways. 🙂

  37. Bridget Heiple Reich

    A nice cozy scarf! 🙂

  38. Elizabeth

    Something warm!

  39. Beth

    I’m hoping for more fancy skin care – preferably a full size face lotion. I’m almost out of the June 2013 Juice Beauty lotion 🙂

  40. Jen

    A great scarf would be fun!

  41. Anne Marie

    Hoping for a scarf

  42. LibbySawyer

    It doesn’t matter what’s in the box! I love surprises! Even if it’s a tarantula, I’ll take it!

  43. Erin

    I could always go for more candles. Something silver…geesh. Maybe a warm winter hat…even though it’s 80 here in GA right now.

  44. Jenny

    Oh WOW I had to go and look at last years box and see what was in there and realized we got those awesome bodum mugs so going off that I’d love to see a funky wine glass in there. I’ve seen some really cute ones around this season and who can’t use an extra wine glass 😉

  45. Birdiebee

    Something to pretty myself up or a hair straightener.

  46. kristina moya

    the Naked 3 pallette!! LOL that won’t happen, but you asked! Seriously though, I would like to see a good homegoods product…picture frame (I can never have enough), candle, pillow or something of that nature.

    Thanks for the fun giveaways! I always love reading your blog each day.

  47. Hillary

    I would love any cold weather stuff, like a cute scarf, or candles, or anything holiday-oriented!

  48. laura maya

    maybe some candle…

  49. Amanda C

    So excited to see what is in the December box. Thanks for hosting all the giveaways! Your awesome!

  50. brittany

    something festive for sure!

  51. Sara

    the NM chevron? lol…it doesn’t even matter, I’m sure they’ll go all out for the festive season so it’s bound to be a treat!

  52. Jessica

    I really like the surprise, so instead of hoping for something in the box in particular, I just hope to win!

  53. Danielle

    A really pretty piece of jewelry, like a ring or bracelet!

  54. Linda

    Would love some kind of skin care item. Or a nice candle 🙂

  55. amy

    I hope it has jewelry!

  56. Sophie

    A new coffee thermos and some hot chocolate!

  57. Becky M.

    I hope there is jewelry in the box.

  58. Robin Whiting

    A cool kitchen gadget

  59. esmeralda


  60. Stephanie B

    I’m hoping for something luxurious I wouldn’t normally buy.

  61. Lisa

    I hope there’s a yummy chocolate holiday treat!

  62. soon p

    Lip balm and brownies.

  63. Jen K

    I have never had a PopSugar box…so I would ideally be happy with anything BUT (yes, the heart is greedy) I think it would be awesome if there was something in there to start a new Christmas tradition… like a memories scrapbook of all the Christmases or something…

  64. Diana Morales

    I would love any trendy house items or maybe an awesome scarf or jewelry!

  65. Deana M

    It might sound silly, but I’m hoping for some ridiculously luxurious hot chocolate or perfect winter socks. Something fun and cozy I wouldn’t normally splurge on.

  66. Melissa

    I would love a scarf!

  67. Ruby Yoshi

    A nice face moisturizer or night cream

  68. Amy S.

    I’m hoping for cozy slipper socks or slippers!

  69. Jessica

    Am hoping for some fun festive makeup or nail polish, and maybe some fun things I can use around the house this winter 🙂

  70. Leah McDaniel

    I would love some headphones or an amazing candle.

  71. Emily Kim

    Gosh! I don’t know! I’d be happy with anything, and YOU KNOW it’s gotta be holiday-ish a little! 😀

  72. Kristi P

    I hope for a cool hat or scarf for winter.

  73. Stephanie Salerno

    I’m hoping for some gloves and something delicious.

  74. Jessica

    Anything Christmassy!!

  75. Mar

    Another great candle

  76. Nicole

    Would love to try to see if its worth getting a subscription or not.

  77. Rachel Uresti

    Hoping for some winter leggings or gloves!

  78. Debbie jensen

    I would love some earrings, some cozy slippers would be nice too.

  79. Christine H.

    I’m hoping there’s a candle – can’t burn enough this time of year!

  80. Pilar

    Movie tickets, cashmere scarf, slipper socks, very nice face primer, a kitchen tool, and something sweet!!! That’s what I’am hoping is in the December Popsugar Box.

  81. Kristen

    I would love to win this! I love Pop Sugar boxes – I tried them a few months back but didn’t keep my subscription going as much as I wanted to b/c my hubby said I was getting too many boxes!!!!!

  82. lauren

    i hope it has a christmas stocking!

  83. Tamara

    I would really love a cute mug!

  84. Michelle K.

    I’d love a pair of the gloves that you can use on touch screens (smart phones, tablets, etc.).

  85. Lori F.


  86. PhaeLea

    Winter accessories — hat or scarf. Candles are always nice too!

  87. Gretchen E.

    I would love some nice driving gloves…black or brown leather would be amazing!

  88. Sher

    I hate to admit that I have coveted this box for quite some time.


    I am hoping for some cooking stuff : )

  90. jmd

    Ooh, a scarf or socks, a candle would be nice. Maybe a nice berry makeup palette.. hot cocoa??

  91. Shannon

    A cute new hat for winter!

  92. Megan

    Sugar lip-scrub.

  93. Bonnie

    someone else said coffee thermos and that would be great.

    I just signed up for twitter this week and I’m not sure about user name. I thought it was ysmeine, but it is giving me my first and last plus a number when I tweet.

  94. Diane F

    A scarf, gloves or a pretty piece of jewlery

  95. Hildee

    Anything – I love surprises!

  96. Sarah F.

    Hoping for a nice warm infinity scarf or some great hand lotion for my poor dry hands…but I’m easy to please so any surprise is fun!

  97. Charity

    I’d love a nice winter shade of nail polish! I’d certainly be happy whatever it is XD

  98. kelly t

    candle, scarf, gloves…all sound awesome!

  99. Sara

    Would love something cozy like a scarf or maybe some jewelry – I hope you disclose what was in there for the non-winners, now I’m curious! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I always post my popsugar reviews so I totally will!

  100. Arlette

    I know you want to pick me…. because you love me right…lol

  101. Gabrielle S

    I would love tickets to the new Hunger Games movie!

  102. Nicole

    A scarf or a fun coffee mug would be nice!!

  103. Samntha

    nail polish!

  104. I’m expecting a scarf… Some body butter… Some warm drink/cocktail mix… I’m HOPING to be completely surprised by the unexpected!! 😀

  105. April K

    A cute pair of those touchscreen capable gloves!

  106. Patti

    Hoping it’s jewelry!

  107. Kaitlyn Schisler

    It would be nice if it included a cute scarf!

  108. Laura

    Fingers crossed for a candle or a scarf.

  109. Melissa

    I’d love a pair of cashmere gloves!

  110. Mackenzie

    I think I would pass out if they had the Bodum mugs from last December (special edition?) since this is the first month I’m skipping!

  111. Lindsay

    I’ve never gotten a PopSugar box before, so I would be happy with anything!

  112. Natasha

    I would love to see a piece of jewelry!

  113. Bethsaida W.

    I don’t know if this will ever happen…but cute stationary?

  114. Sara

    I am hoping for a super awesome high moisture lotion. The combination of Michigan weather and paperwork leaves my hands feeling terrible in the winter.

  115. Riann

    Hoping for the new Bridget Jones hardcover!

  116. Lauren

    A candle! I love candles and I need more in my life.

  117. audrey

    A really nice winter hat, the perfect mug, warm cozy wool socks (smartwool would be awesome) a really cool ornament… the list goes on and on but any one of these would be great!

  118. Kimberly H

    Candles…I am on a candle kick and need more. 🙂

  119. Megan

    I would love some holiday party worthy makeup. I feel like my regular stuff is just not special enough. Also a great hand cream would be lovely.

  120. Meredith

    I hope there’s jewelry!!

  121. Laura

    I loved the benefit cabana kit they sent out a long time ago, would love the benefit brighten kit!

  122. Emily Cecilia

    I’m hoping for a Zara winter coat! My current coat is an old Abercrombie jacket with oil paint and coffee stains on it blegh

  123. Katie

    A scarf!!

  124. Laurah

    Any houseware product would be fabulous! I’ve always wanted to try a Popsugar box and I love the housewares that pop up. Whoops. That pop/pop was unintentional.

  125. Maureen

    A Christmas platter and cookbook and kitchen towels.

  126. Colleen Boudreau

    I’m hoping for some cute jewelry! 🙂

  127. Hillary

    I can never have to many candles!!

  128. Alicia

    I would love a scarf!

  129. Amanda Dukes

    what fun giveaways ….

  130. Kristin t

    A cute scarf!

  131. Elizabeth

    I’m hoping for gloves or a scarf. Something fancy and not every day.

  132. Susie Daggett


  133. Shana

    Something with sparkle!

  134. Aimee A

    I’m hoping for a good lotion. This cold weather kills my skin!

  135. Jenn

    I haven’t tried popsugar yet….hoping its a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law 😉 If I win this month, I’d love tech gloves….always wanted a pair but never splurged on a pair.

  136. Theresa B

    Naked 3 palette! 😀 a girl can dream, right??? okay, maybe some gourmet hot chocolate and a nice pair of gloves (I lost mine)

  137. Sam

    What a fun giveaway (as always!). There has to be a candle in the box, right? 🙂

  138. Kristen Maria

    A festive candle of some sort would be so cute!

  139. Julie McLaney

    I’d love a scarf or some jewelry!!! 😀

  140. Michelle

    I would love some nail polish…a snack …a scarf maybe ! love surprises !

  141. brandy Fisk

    A scarf or candle!

  142. Beth

    Something fun I would never buy for myself or…. chocolate!

  143. Caitlin

    I am hoping for some cute socks and holiday treats!

  144. Liz Ruenzel

    Would love a new scarf.

  145. Jean Marmion

    From my experience . . . anything Popsugar adds is outstanding! I always love candles, stationery, scarves, jewelry . . . I love anything – I’m easy!

  146. Jennifer

    I’m hoping for something for the holiday season, maybe something to keep warm (either to wear or to drink) or maybe some cute makeup for the holidays that I can gift!

  147. Amy P

    Butter London polish, or L’occitane eye cream!

  148. Sarah Dineen

    Something special that I wouldn’t discover on my own!

  149. Melanie K.

    I’m hoping for a fun winter scarf! You can never have too many scarves!

  150. Ashley

    I think some nice jewlery would be amazing to have! Anything would be really nice, though 🙂

  151. Alice

    I’m hoping for a yoga mat….which I am sure would piss off a lot of the people who hated when popsugar sent the yoga socks and the dvd.

  152. Jody

    I would just be excited to receive the box!! I would be happy with anything in it!!

  153. Katherine

    Something that is a mixture of winter and holiday.

  154. Denise F

    Any type of beauty item!

  155. liz

    I’d love a candle in a nice wintery scent.

  156. Maddy

    Hoping for a book.

  157. miranda

    a great pair of earrings

  158. Kels

    I’m hoping for something sparkley or edible!

  159. Ali M

    I really want a decadent candle, or a very pretty dish of some sort to display , thanks to your reviews I just signed up for a 3 month try at this box! I can’t think of anything more impressive, I haven’t seen too many reviews about whats been IN them except the more expensive fancy ones!

  160. julie b

    knitted things!!

  161. Natalie

    Definitely looking forward to this one!! 🙂

  162. Amy

    I hope there’s a really great scarf!

  163. Christina

    I am hoping for chocolate or jewelery.

  164. Sarah

    a scarf or candle or something shiny:)

  165. Alexia561

    I’m another one hoping for a candle or scarf!

  166. Haylee D

    Some cute mittens or warm, cozy socks!

  167. Diana

    A cute scarf

  168. Kayla

    A scarf!!

  169. Juli

    A beautiful winter scarf would be nice.

  170. Elise Nelson

    Anything “holiday-y”, especially if it has sparkles 🙂 Or an amazing smelling candle, I’m always a sucker for those 🙂

  171. Melody

    Holiday Candles anything that smells of nutmeg cinnamon!

  172. Kelly

    A scarf or maybe nice mittens- something festive!

  173. Isabella

    Some jewelry and/or make-up!

  174. Mallory

    A good hand/cuticle cream would be awesome or a nice woodsy candle. Oooh, maybe some fancy hot chocolate or something! Or all of the above 🙂

  175. Sindhuja

    I definitely want some cute socks and a scarf.

  176. Caitlyn S.

    I always hope for cool jewelry or new makeup! I like sunglasses too lol. I’ve gotten too ,any scarves in my last few boxes….

  177. Caitlyn S.

    On a different note- our limited edition holiday Popsugar boxes should be arriving soon! I just remembered that!! Now I’m rly excited, didn’t they say they were coming toward the middle of month? Or was it shipping toward middle and would be here by Christmas?

    1. Jennifer

      I know! Have you been tracking?? I am so excited!

  178. Yvonne Jones

    Candles! I love my “nice” candle from last month!

  179. Kim O

    Amazing chocolate!

  180. Beth W.

    A cute scarf or some kind of coffee mug! I can never have too many of those!

  181. Laura H.

    I so want to get to know Pop Sugar! And I love your blog!

  182. gary

    a candle would be great

  183. Nikki K

    A pretty scarf

  184. Suzanne

    Something warm since it is only lik 17 degrees here!

  185. Shana

    Scarf or light throw

  186. Lauren

    Dish towels, ornament, peppermint bark

  187. Vilanda Lee

    Would love to win.

  188. Niki T.

    Makeup or a good book =)

  189. Iris

    I’m hoping for an awesome piece of jewelry!

  190. Jaclyn

    love this give away! I am hoping that there is a fun piece of jewelry in the box, or something exciting for winter!

  191. Melissa M

    A huge chunky knit scarf!

  192. Jackie

    Maybe some hot cocoa, mugs, mittens?!?! Something cozy!

  193. Erin B

    I’d love to see something to keep me warm and cozy!! 🙂

  194. Kimberly D.

    I’m hoping for something cute like a bracelet and something that I can gift to someone else

  195. Bethany

    I am hoping there’s some kind of accessory–scarf or jewelry maybe.

  196. kortney nelson

    Something that I could give to my sister <3

  197. Rachel D.

    I’m hoping for another scarf and something chocolatey. 😀

  198. caroline p

    I am hoping for a big scarf!

  199. karen

    I would like to find some delicate earrings or perfume inside!

  200. Elizabeth

    I would really love some cozy gloves!

  201. susana

    I have never purchased this box, so anything it offers would be awesome to have!!!!!

  202. Allison

    There are lots of things I hope are not in it – but I’m not sure what I hope IS is it. The surprise and discovering things that I love but didn’t even know existed is the draw of PSMH! I do hope there is a deliciously decadent treat though, not a healthy energy bar or something!

  203. Shelly

    I would love to win a box~~ I would probably just keep it for myself 😉

  204. ashley g

    I’m getting one, but would love to gift one to my sister. I’m hoping for one or all of the following peppermint flavored something, tech gloves, some sparkly makeup for holiday parties, and eyes serum (no pressure PSMH)!

  205. Daniella

    What a great way to finally try this box!

  206. MJ

    Hoping for some high quality scarf or maybe gloves! Or jewelry would be nice!

  207. Ginger S

    Some holiday themed items

  208. PGT

    Hoping for some cute gloves for the winter!

  209. Katy Quick

    I would love for it to have a cute necklace.

  210. Mary

    Something warm like cut ear muffs! Or maybe more reasonable would be a scarf or gloves.

  211. Adrienne

    I’m hoping for a really nice travel mug to keep my coffee nice and warm in the morning. Nothing like cold coffee on the way to work.

  212. kara m

    A cute embelished/knitted headband/wrap

  213. Kelly G.

    Some winter accessories!!

  214. Anna Pho

    A nice thick and unique scarf would be great or a pair high quality gloves.

  215. Ashlee

    Is it bad I’m really hoping a book and some hot cocoa or something? Love reading all snuggled up at Christmas time!

  216. Kate L

    I’d love to see some nail polish, earrings, or a scarf!

  217. Catherine C

    I would love a cashmere scarf!

  218. Jill

    Some hot cocoa!

  219. Holly Whitehead

    First time to your blog! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  220. Wendy

    Anything! I just love being surprised!

  221. Tiffany

    I seen the spoilers last night. I liked the bracelet. The rest of it Will grow on me

  222. Allison

    I was really hoping for some cozy socks or slippers, but I’d love some chocolates 🙂

  223. Marietta Tisdale

    Thanks for always doing these fun give-aways! You’re the best.

  224. Julie S

    I am hoping for a nice, soft wrap!!

  225. Tracy

    Love PopSugar—just started my subscription in November and would love a box for my sister.

  226. Brianna

    Something peppermint flavored would be fab – I love peppermint and chocolate together!

  227. Ashley

    I’m hoping for a nice candle or socks!

  228. sarah berry

    I’m hoping for some cute gloves

  229. Sam L

    A scarf!

  230. Susan O'Bryant

    Some perfume or cute jewelry 🙂

  231. Jill

    something that sparkles 😉

  232. Kristin Lockwood

    A Nest Candle, Jewelry, a throw (I can dream), a knitted hat and mittens. Oh and flavored hot cocoa. Lol

  233. Caitlyn


  234. Kara Cheek

    Candle, Socks, or a Scarf!

  235. Jennifer Pittman

    A candle, necklace, and lotion!

  236. Becky

    I am hoping for gourmet goodies and jewelry.

  237. Katy


  238. Samantha L.

    I would love socks! Or a pretty silver necklace…

  239. Inna M

    A scarf or jewelry

  240. Rebecca F.

    Something fabulous from Neiman Marcus…a girl can dream, can’t she? 🙂

  241. Melaney

    a candle or something to help you stay warm hopefully!

  242. Nichole Budnick

    I am hoping that the wine glasses are awesome

  243. Vanessa F

    Anything warm and fluffy would be a welcome sight! I can’t believe winter is here already (yeah, yeah, I know it’s December….but still… Didn’t it seem like it came fast?!)

  244. Lauren

    I peeked at spoilers, so I know what is in the box! I was hoping for another scarf, but this time a chunkier winter scarf. I canceled my Popsugar box after November, but I don’t think I can stay away for long! Thanks for the giveaway!

  245. Sharon Klingbell

    I would love a cozy scarf

  246. Valentina M.

    Looks like a fun box.

  247. michelle

    Saw the spoilers already I’m curious about those champagne flutes, and I’ll never turn down sweet treats!

  248. Sibyl

    boot socks would be fun! I didnt get this box and have been regretting it since it sold out!

  249. Marney

    Haven’t looked at the spoilers and would be e excited to be surprised

  250. lashonda w

    I have not seen any spoilers So im hoping its something pretty good.

  251. Cara James

    Makeup, choc and books!:) And a scarf maybe?

  252. Alison

    Would be great to win!

  253. Janaya

    I’m hoping for a cute piece of jewelry!

  254. Rebecca Brewer

    I always want jewelry, nail polish, hand cream… Anything makes me happy!

  255. Nikki

    A nice, colorful winter scarf would be nice – maybe an infinity scarf!

  256. Crystal Gregg

    How about a pair of those gloves you can still use your smartphone with?

  257. Kari

    some good sturdy gloves, maybe the kind that work on touch screens.

  258. Sonya

    I think a fun scarf would be cool! I’m horrible and picking those out.

  259. Meagan

    Gloves, Hot chocolate, or a mug 🙂

  260. Laura

    I just love popsugar boxes! They’re such a treat!

    1. Laura

      I’d hope for gloves and hot cocoa. Or an infinity scarf!

  261. Kim W

    Would be awesome to win this! This would be a great gift for my mom, if I can bear to part with it!!

  262. Stephanie S.

    I’ve never subscribed to any boxes so I’m fine with anything! Would love to get some fun mail like you!

  263. Alicia Mc.

    Cute gloves or a winter hat would be much appreciated!

  264. Christina


  265. Jennifer

    Thanks for the spoilers! I’m so impatient, I just can’t wait (:

  266. Dianne

    Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark would be lovely. A lifetime supply, please. 🙂

  267. Julie Lee

    A chunky infinity scarf~

  268. Brin

    Anything warm. It’s gotten down to -20 degrees at night here. I’m permanently frozen!

  269. This is my first box from them I am really hoping it is good, especially because it is one of the more expensive boxes I subscribe too!

  270. Amanda G

    I think a planner for 2014 would be great!

  271. Rebecca

    they always have something nice, so anything is good!

  272. Lori K.

    Well, I feel like I’m cheating now, as I know what’s in it! I’m such a sucker for fancy wrapping, but too cheap to buy it, so that’s what I’d appreciate the most!

  273. Sammi

    Thank you!!

  274. Lola K.

    I hope there will be some gourmet chocolate and a warm, cozy, infinity scarf

  275. Jenny

    I was hoping for another scarf…but at least it came in the Holiday for Her box!

  276. Sydney

    anything, i’m not picky!

  277. Lauren

    I don’t care what it is I would be grateful to get anything !!!

  278. Alice H

    A scarf.

  279. kristina olmedo

    I have seen the box and I want that bracelet!

    1. Jennifer

      Okay, someone JUST posted how she wanted to get rid of hers. Do you want me to connect you two?

  280. Jennifer Metz

    I’ve seen the box now and I would love that mascara!

  281. Annie

    I’d love a scarf!

  282. Shelly H

    Well since the spoilers are already out there, I know what’s in the box. I peeked. Online. But it looks amazing and would definetly gift this to my sister.

  283. Jill Banks Geraci

    I’m hoping for a holiday candle, scarf, etc. Something to celebrate Christmas.

  284. Andrea S

    I am late in commenting so your review is already up…I am the most excited for those nail wraps, I have been wanting to try something like that out

  285. melinda singer

    A knit shawl

  286. Pat Pelland

    yoga toe socks!

  287. Rachael

    I would love socks or full size makeup items all in one box. 🙂

  288. lisa

    I’m always wishing for cute accessories

  289. Erin

    Jewelry would be great!

  290. Kyra

    A fabulous scarf!

  291. Hilary

    I’m so hoping for something festive and Wintery maybe something warm or some festive decoration or small dish of some sort!!! I just love the surprise even if I don’t love it all in the end..

  292. chelsea


  293. Andrea

    Maybe some cute slippers or socks? Something festive!

  294. Ev

    I just receivedy box but I would love another to gift

  295. Karen S

    I would hope for some slippers.

  296. Erin

    anything! I love popsugar!!!

  297. Jeanna K


  298. Katie

    a scarf

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