Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 6

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Day 6 - Bespoke Post
Day 6 – Bespoke Post

Today’s giveaway, Day 6 of the Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, is a 3-Month Gift Subscription to Bespoke Post (aka one of B’s favorite boxes).  I know a few guys read here and thought it was time to do something for them!  Or for the man in your life.  Either way.  Someone will be thrilled with this!

If you want to win all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below.  If you can’t see the Rafflecopter box, try a different browser, a different computer, your smartphone, etc.  I know sometimes people have trouble with it at work.    The giveaway is set to end on 12.14.12 at 12:00am and the prize will be shipped to the winner ASAP! 

All these giveaways are tagged with “12 Days of Christmas” and “December Giveaways“, so they will be super easy for everyone to find and enter daily!  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(*) This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or related to Bespoke Post. These giveaways are from me to you. Well,from you to you since you are kind enough to use my referral and affiliate links!
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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Julie McLaney

    I’ve tried in Chrome, iE, and Firefox and I’m not seeing the widget in any of them. 🙁

    The 5 other days work just fine in Chrome though. Maybe the coding is a little off this time?

    This one looks amazing for my Hubby! Can’t wait to enter!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I am so sorry. I didn’t have the widget entered in there properly (actually it wasn’t in there at all). It’s all set now!

  2. Erica

    I’m on my smartphone and can see the Rafflecopter on other giveaways but not this one?

    1. Jennifer

      Oh that’s because I didn’t actually have the link in there. I am so sorry! It’s working now!

      1. Jenny

        I know I thought I was crazy trying to get this one up. I finally went and got the mail and now its working. Wahoo!!!

  3. Amanda Engler

    If I won this one, it would go to The Christopher. I think I already mentioned this, but as a December baby, he’s always gotten shafted with birthday and Christmas being in the same month. Poor guy!

  4. Erica

    No problem! Thank you so much, I see it now!

    And my dear sweet husband of just a few months would be the recipient. He never gets anything for himself and he’s very resistant to me spoiling him.

  5. Emilia

    I think my husband would enjoy this:)

  6. Shannon

    I would be the lucky recipient! (If i won)

  7. Bethsaida W.

    Definitely for my hubby!! I get Ipsy every month & I can tell he feels a little left out lol. So he would enjoy this!! 🙂

  8. tina


  9. Riann

    Fingers crossed for my husband! We had a two month deal to bespoke from fab.com and he loved it- it was just too pricey to keep monthly so he would freak out for this one!

  10. Bethany

    SO beyond excited about this giveaway!! The subscription would be for my husband! He lets me gets my boxes but never gets any for himself!

  11. CS

    the hubby!

  12. Aimee A

    Probably my brother, I haven’t gotten him anything fun for christmas lol

  13. Mar

    The boyfriend.. and he would love it!

  14. Rose D.

    My husband would get this sub!!

  15. Elizabeth

    I’d give this to my boyfriend. He already is a member and loves the boxes, so he would also love a gift subscription. I also might keep a food-related box for myself – I’m so jealous of my boyfriend’s new cutting board!

  16. Allison

    Recipient would be my hubby (and, well, kinda me!)

  17. Megan

    My husband, Hunter.

  18. Hillary

    Me!! But i may share with my boyfriend lol

  19. Savanna

    My husband would be the lucky recipient of this one. I can’t just enter to win stuff for myself 😉

  20. Lisa

    Me!!! Well, technically my husband. But I used to subcribe to Bespoke Post, after they ran a Groupon deal last sprint — it was ostensibly for him, but I took all of the goodies and products because he is happy with hotel soap and shampoo…

  21. Rachel

    I would do it myself, but dish out all the goodies to the different guys in my life as I see fit. (My husband, my dad, brother, etc)

  22. Tracy

    I have wanted to try this box! Thanks for the chance with the giveaway!

  23. Sara

    My husband!!

  24. Jen

    My husband has a January birthday — I think he’d love this!

  25. Ashley C.

    Definitely my husband! He could use a little cheering up this time of year!

  26. Sher

    I LOVE Bespoke Post, they have such cool stuff!

  27. Jack8

    My boyfriend but let’s face it… I’m going to reap the benefits as well.

  28. Jordan M

    My dad would receive this subscription from me if I won!

  29. Any

    I would send it to my Dad! He is in the Army and deserves a treat now and then! Plus especially December’s boxes are so him!! He loves cigars and whiskey

  30. Karen

    My husband! His subscription ends in 1 month.

  31. Daniella

    Obsessed with Bespoke Post! I think it’s by far the best subscription box out there, especially for the price!

  32. ashley g

    I’d “give” it to my husband, but in reality this sub is more for both of us since I benefit from a lot of the items as well. LOVE this sub!

  33. Ricki

    I’d share it with my husband.

  34. Elizabeth

    My husband, mais oui!

  35. Jenny

    Hmm not sure who would get this one. I’m thinking M but then it will probably depend on which boxes we get. My brother or dad would love the food ones so I might spread them out.

  36. Denise F

    My hubby of course! Then maybe he would understand why I love monthly boxes so much! Lol!

  37. Jackie

    My hubby, he’d love it!!!

  38. Kristi P

    I’d give this to my husband.

  39. K

    ME! Okay, I guess I would share a little with my boyfriend too. 🙂

  40. Kristen

    Definitely for my husband! He so kindly has been putting up with my addiction to trying new subscription boxes the past several months, that he definitely deserves it!!!

  41. Kindra

    I would love to give this to my husband! There are not many man sub boxes, but this one is always a great one!

  42. Sophie

    The hubs would get this.

  43. Joe

    I would be the recipient of course. I am a guy and I am also a frequent reader of your ramblings. Happy Holidays!!

  44. Ruby Yoshi

    This would be a nice gift for my husband

  45. Kristin t

    My boyfriend!

  46. Sindhuja

    Dad, brother, anyone i see fit.

  47. Alena P

    My husband for sure! He would love this! 🙂

  48. miranda

    My hubby would definitely get this!

  49. Janelle

    My husband!

  50. Mackenzie

    I would gift it to my husband for sure!

  51. Leigh

    my hubby! He’s jealous of all the boxes I get!

  52. Margo D

    My husband! He wants his own box too!

  53. Jill

    I’ve never gotten a Bespoke box but would love to!

  54. Katherine

    This would go to my boyfriend. He would enjoy receiving it in the mail.

  55. Lauren

    My husband!

  56. Ashley

    My boyfriend would definitely get this one 🙂

  57. Sara

    This would definitely be for my husband. He doesn’t get any subscription boxes 🙁

  58. Melanie K.

    My fiance would love this! I’d give it to him for sure.

  59. Diana Garza

    If I were to win this giveaway, it would go to my husband. I love Bespoke Post and I mainly get it for myself but, I know he would be thrilled to get to choose his boxes.

  60. Tiffany

    My most rockin’ husband would be the lucky winner!

  61. Jean Eckert

    This one would be for my hubby! He doesn’t get any boxes and the kids and I only give him the stuff we don’t like out of ours 🙂

  62. M'ris

    My brother! Who knows, maybe he’ll find something in there he actually likes. 😉

  63. Haylee D

    My boyfriend. I think he is secretly jealous of the boxes I get, so he would enjoy getting one himself!

  64. Molly

    If I won this, I’d be sending the items to my little brother! He’s been moving around the country this year and after all the stress of moving, he deserves something nice.

  65. esmeralda

    my awesome fiance who also works and goes to school in addition to being an amazing dad

  66. Laurah

    my husband, Jason. He’s never gotten a box before!

  67. audrey

    I’d have it come to my husband, he’d be so excited and I’d still get to use some of it!

  68. soon p

    My husband.

  69. Kristie

    My hubby

  70. MJ

    To my boyfriend!! 🙂

  71. Nicole

    My husband would enjoy this!

  72. Jessica

    I would definitely be giving this to my husband if I won!

  73. Caroline Perry

    I would give this to my boss!!

  74. Shana

    The hubs would love this. =)

  75. Stephanie B

    My hubby would love this!

  76. Wendy

    This would be great to give my husband.

  77. Ginger S

    My husband

  78. Debbie Jensen

    I would give this to my son who is 14 and is starting to show interest in men stuff. Poor guy he has two sister’s one is 16 and the other is 11, so he is the only male in a house of four… He would love this, just something for him only..

  79. PGT

    Definitely my husband!

  80. Erin

    I’d get this for my boyfriend/kid’s dad. He’s overseas for 6 months, so I’d save all 3 boxes for him to open when he gets home. How fun!!! Unless I got the urge during a week when I didn’t get anything in the mail of course =)

  81. Caroline

    I’ve been wanting to get B.P. so bad but already have too many subs…I think I would enjoy some of the boxes as much as boyfriend lol

  82. Jessika

    It would be for my husband, he works so hard and does not ask for much. Then the things he would not use would be put aside as gifts for my brothers!!

  83. Amy

    My hubby.

  84. Judy L

    I’d gift it to my brother.

  85. Adrienne

    I’d give it to my boyfriend, but I think I’d enjoy it just as much as he would!

  86. Kels

    Def between my dad and my boyfriend, both would be thrilled 🙂

  87. Natalie

    Woo hoo, can’t wait!! 🙂

  88. Mary

    My husband would get to enjoy this. 🙂

  89. gary

    I would give it to my son

  90. kara m

    My husband would most definately get this. I get a few boxes but he gets none and this would be a great surprise for him.

  91. Alexia561

    My hubby! I bought him a box for Christmas, but just know that he’ll love it!

  92. Candice

    My in laws! The one for wine this month is right on track with their current wine making hobbies!

  93. Kristen Maria

    I would totally gift this to my boyfriend. He’d love it!

  94. Nicole

    My husband for sure.

  95. Kelly G.

    I’d be gifting this to my boyfriend.

  96. lisa D

    The hubby 🙂

  97. Emily W.

    I’ve been considering Bespoke Post as a gift for the boyfriend… I think he’d love it, but this would be a great way to make sure!

  98. Beth Rang

    My son!

  99. Elise Nelson

    My boyfriend would love this. I got him one box as Christmas gift, but I know he would love an actual subscription 🙂

  100. Beth

    My husband of course! 🙂

  101. Diane F

    My husband!

  102. Diana Kang

    I would gift it to my boyfriend!

  103. Anna Pho

    I would give it to my boyfriend. He feels left out when I get monthly packages. I want him to have to same enjoyment as well.

  104. Ashlee

    Probably my father!

  105. Alexandrea M

    My sister in law…or me… I mean, I already bought her awesome monthly subscriptions for the holidays!

  106. Kate L

    I’d give it to my fiance!

  107. Evelyn

    My hubby 🙂

  108. Suzanne

    Give it to the hubby or keep some of it for myself 🙂

  109. Catherine C

    my boyfriend! he definitely deserves a treat!

  110. Jill

    I would gift this to my boyfriend.

  111. Aoife

    I would definitely split the boxes between my 3 brothers. That way they can all enjoy the subscription without fighting over it. Although they might fight over whats inside, LOL.

  112. Tiffany

    I very sweet boyfriend.. And this would ended up being one of his Christmas gifts

  113. This would totally go to my husband. Maybe it would bring him one step closer to understanding my love of boxes. 🙂

  114. Allison

    My husband, he’d love it 🙂

  115. Kathy

    My husband! He already has a subscription, thanks to you writing about it and wanting it for himself, but he would love another 3 months. We love discovering new boxes on your blog!

  116. Mandy Hillman

    I would gift this to my husband if I was lucky enough to win!

  117. Adam


  118. Brianna

    The only man in my life right now is my beloved dad, and I don’t think he’d appreciate it, so I’d have to go with myself! 🙂

  119. Ashley

    I would get this for my husband!

  120. Suzanne

    If I won it would be for my husband. His birthday is 12/28 and he always gets shortchanged!

  121. Anna

    My husband would definitely get this!

  122. Jess

    My boyfriend would get this box. He thinks I’m crazy for subscribing to so many boxes so I want to give him the opportunity to experience it as well!

  123. Sara

    My boyfriend would be the lucky person to enjoy this 🙂

  124. Jessica R.

    It would depend on what came in the box that month. If its cooking related it might be something I get for me. Otherwise it would be for my husband.

  125. Jocelyn Dunlop

    Oh, my boyfriend totally needs this in his life. Actually, I’ve been struggling to think of a christmas present anyway…

  126. Pilar

    My stepfather .

  127. Sam L

    My boyfriend!

  128. Brianna

    My boyfriend, he would love this

  129. Susan O'Bryant

    My sweet and hard-working hubby.

  130. Kristin Lockwood

    Awe. My hubby of course.

  131. Niki T.

    My dad =)

  132. Rachel Gleason

    This would be for my sweet S. We are long distance still until May and I think this would be a fun surprise for him each month.

  133. Kara Cheek

    My Husband!

  134. Jennifer Pittman

    This would be for my husband!

  135. Katy

    My boyfriend 🙂

  136. Stephanie s.

    My best friend needs to get on the subscription box train lol.

  137. Meghan C

    My boyfriend! Maybe he would finally get into the subscription box spirit!

  138. Samantha L.

    My boyfriend would love this box! fingers crossed 🙂

  139. Courtney

    My boyfriend! he deserves a treat too

  140. Rachel Uresti

    The hubs is definitely getting this one! – I think he would love a sub box

  141. Inna M

    My husband would love this 🙂

  142. Lynsey M

    My hunny! 🙂

  143. Hillary

    Definitely my boyfriend. He would love this for Christmas!

  144. Nichole Budnick

    I would give it to my dad for sure my hubby is so picky

  145. Lauren

    My husband would love this! Maybe if he got a subscription, he would understand why I get so excited when my boxes come every month! Thank you so much for all your giveaways!!!

  146. Melissa

    My hubby…my luck, I’ll win. I never win anything for myself & would use up all my good luck on him 🙂

  147. Christine H.

    My fiance would love this! He’s a little jealous of the boxes I get!

  148. Sibyl

    my husband would LOVE this

  149. Marney

    This would go to my husband who works three jobs and totally deserves some pampering:)

  150. Jen K

    My husband always looks at me when I get some of my subscription boxes. Sometimes he rolls his eyes. If he got his own, that would solve all of this eye rolling and make him love me more! 😉

  151. Lana

    My brother would love it!

  152. Jessica

    My husband!

  153. Cara James

    My hubby, I know he would love something like this but be mad if I spent our money so this is the perfect solution!:)

  154. Judy

    My boyfriend, but in reality I’d probably steal most of it for myself. 🙂

  155. michele

    myself.. is that lame? : )

  156. angela

    my boyfriend of course! ive gotten him some awesome gist in the past- tough act to follow. my creative juices are running dry.

  157. Nikki

    My husband – so he’ll hopefully, finally, get why I love subscription boxes so much!

  158. Rachael

    My lovely husband would be or I would gift it to his brother for christmas.

  159. Erin

    My hubby!!!

  160. Joi

    I would gift some of my guy friends at work and in my life. They are always there to listen tome complain about my failed relationships.

  161. Rachel

    My amazing man friend would be the recipient of this awesome giveaway (but we would BOTH benefit!).

  162. Isabel

    I have been wanting to get this box for my hubby, I would LOVE to win this!

  163. Crystal Gregg

    My lover

  164. Elaine

    I’d give this to my BF! 😀

  165. Kari

    I would be sharing it with the boyfriend.

  166. Meagan

    I would give it to my fianc?

  167. Stephanie S.

    My hubs. Hoping he would like something like this.

  168. Alicia Mc.

    I turned my fiance onto Birchbox for men and while he was hesitant at first, he absolutely loves getting manly stuff like shaving cream and cologne samples in the mail! I have been wanting to purchase a Bespoke subscription and this seems like the perfect start and I know he would love it.

  169. Gabby G

    I would give this to my dad….1. because he would love it 2. It would help him “get” my love of subscription boxes LOL

  170. Summer

    It would be a great gift for my brother in law. It’s so hard to find presents for him.

  171. Julie Lee

    My husband for sure. I got it for my brother once and the hubby felt left out!

  172. Dianne

    I’d probably order the boxes for here and divvy everything up between all the men in my life. Oh, that sounds bad. I mean, my guy, my dad, my male friends. LOL

  173. Pattie

    My daughters B-friend….I think he would like it more than my hubby but I may change my mind and keep it! Lol….

  174. Erin

    My husband loves Birchbox but I think this is more up his alley

  175. Lola K.

    The lucky guy would be my mothers significant other. He would LOVE the cigar box.

    Thanks so much!

  176. Sher

    This is a super cool subscription ? but my entries disappeared from before, is anyone else having the same problem?

    1. Jennifer

      What does it say? I show one entry from you in the “Just click enter” option on 12/6 and then a bunch of entries today.

      1. Sher

        I think I entered on at least three days (?) but those seem to have disappeared. Just wondering if I’m the only one seeing this happen.

        1. Jennifer

          I haven’t heard anything. I can check some of the other giveaways for you if you want and see the entries you had in there?

  177. Laura

    My wonderful fiance 🙂

  178. Jenny

    I would of course have to give this to my husband, so that he can start to understand why I love subscription boxes!

  179. Ben

    My wife keeps telling me she wants me to try this, so I guess I would be the lucky recipient!

  180. Patrick

    I guess I would be the recipient.

  181. Lauren

    My husband would get this ! He deserves it 🙂

  182. Alice H

    My husband would love this.

  183. Jennifer Metz

    My husband, I think he would really love this box!

  184. Jamie

    My husband would get this as a combo bday/Xmas gift.

  185. Julie S

    This would go to my husband.

  186. Shelly H

    My dad. He’s pretty cheap and wouldn’t buy any of those awesome things for himself.

  187. Meghan

    I would probably give them to my boyfriend, but I was thinking that perhaps I would give one to my brother, one to my brother in law and one to my boyfriend.

  188. Andrea S

    my husband 🙂

  189. Sarah

    My husband for sure!

  190. Olga

    My hubby. He’s in medical school so it would be nice to give him some treats. 🙂

  191. Carly

    I would or maybe my dad because he deserves it.

  192. Ally

    My lovely other half. 🙂

  193. Hilary

    My boyfriend and it would make his year!!!

  194. Cassie

    My husband and I would split it – I’ve been eyeing this box for a while!

  195. Jaclyn

    I would possibly give it to my dad or brother, but I would definitely be tempted to keep some things from it!

  196. Evelyn

    My dad & brother would probably end up splitting it or I would keep it to gift to family

  197. Jocelyn H

    My Hubby would get some new goodies!

  198. Melanee

    I’d gift this to my man!

  199. Jeanna K

    My boyfriend, if he’s nice!

  200. Sarah Dineen

    I could pretend and say my fianc?, but who am I kidding? It would be for me.

  201. Lindsay

    My husband!

  202. Andrea

    I would give the boxes to my amazing husband, Mark! I’m so blessed to have him in my life<3

  203. Rebecca

    I would give this one to my dad.

  204. Chrissy S.

    My boyfriend!

  205. sarah berry

    My boyfriend for sure!

  206. Hannah D

    I would give this to my cousin how has two cute little babies! They would love this!

    1. Hannah D

      loling because I completely thought this was a different box. With that being said, my boyfriend deserves this treat especially since he’s in and out of the hospital every week 🙂

  207. wisconsin gal

    My husband would get this box! I just gave a bespoke box to his brother for his Christmas holiday gift. the one with the cutting board that looked amazing – and made your favorites for the month. So cool right? I would enjoy giving to my husband as much as I think he would enjoy receiving it. Too fun!

  208. Melissa

    My Husband!

  209. Ruth Ann

    This would be for my husband.

  210. Caitlin

    It would be going to my cousin if I won!

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