Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 7

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Day 7 - Erin Condren
Day 7 – Erin Condren

Today’s giveaway, Day 7 of the Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, is a $100 e-Gift Card to Erin Condren.com! Although I had some trouble getting my last order in a timely manner (the delay was because of the acrylic tray in my order), I am still totally obsessed with her planners and would order another again in a second.  So if you didn’t win one of the other giveaways I did for her stuff, now is your chance!

If you want to win all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below.  If you can’t see the Rafflecopter box, try a different browser, a different computer, your smartphone, etc.  I know sometimes people have trouble with it at work.    The giveaway is set to end on 12.15.12 at 12:00am and the prize will be shipped to the winner ASAP! 

All these giveaways are tagged with “12 Days of Christmas” and “December Giveaways“, so they will be super easy for everyone to find and enter daily!  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(*) This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or related to Erin Condren. These giveaways are from me to you. Well, from you to you since you are kind enough to use my referral and affiliate links!
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  1. Sara

    I would love a life planner!

  2. Kim

    I would buy a 2014 planner!

  3. Avery Germaine

    A cute new case for my iPad.

  4. Emily W.

    A new planner and stationary would definitely help keep me organized at school next semester!

  5. maureen

    I have been looking to purchase some calling cards

  6. Jill

    I’m not sure – I have never checked out Erin Condren before!

  7. Such a toss up. I would either give it to eldest daughter – who adores Erin Condren – for Christmas, or, I would get myself a planner and fun pens. Ah. Decisions, decisions. To give or to receive.

  8. Ricki

    Definitely the scented candle and possibly a Kindle folio.

  9. Beth Rang

    I’m not familiar with her products yet, so I’m not sure. A planner?

  10. Jess

    I would use it towards a life planner for grad school and possibly some stationary as well!

  11. Debbie

    I need a planner to write everything down, because all i do is forget.

  12. Alicia

    I still really want one of those life planners 🙂

  13. Ashley

    I would buy a planner!

  14. soon p

    A 2014 planner. I usually get mine in the dollar section at target.

  15. Hillary

    A life planner, probably chevron!

  16. Adrienne

    I’d get an address book or a personal recipe box. Lots to choose from!

  17. Kristen

    I would definitely love to get a planner!

  18. Tori

    Definitely a planner, maybe some pens or an elastic band for the planner too

  19. Tracy

    I’d love to get some fun, new stationery.

  20. Alena P

    An address book & some notepads!

  21. Janelle

    I have a life planner and love, love, love it! I wold definitely get another!

  22. Savanna

    I’d buy some stationary and a life planner as a gift!

    1. Jennifer

      Yours is clearly in magic land with mine somewhere…

  23. Bethsaida W.

    A planner with its corresponding accessories!

  24. Kristin t

    I would love a planner

  25. Kara Cheek

    I would buy a candle!

  26. Amy

    I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know much about the brand.

  27. miranda

    a planner for my dad

  28. Brianna

    I would go for one of the acrylic trays – I use Outlook as my “life planner” – so don’t need one of those. 🙂

  29. Shana

    a planner for my mom

  30. MJ

    I want one of their planners! And I’ll buy more as gifts~

  31. Cheryl

    I just ordered a life planner, so I’d probably get some accessories for it, note cards and her new candle looks nice!

  32. Ashley

    A planner to help keep me on track with school!

  33. Julie McLaney

    I had never visited Erin Condren Designs until this giveaway. I LOVE it!! Thank you!!!

  34. Mansi

    A new planner!

  35. Alexia561

    I would buy one of those gorgeous planners!

  36. Pilar

    I would buy a planner for my mom.

  37. Lisa D

    I would get the iPad cover. For ME 🙂

  38. shelley

    I would buy a planner!

  39. Brianna

    I would get a planner

  40. Amy S.

    I’m dying for one of those planners!

  41. Melissa

    I would buy Kaylee a planner since I already have one 🙂 And I would use the rest for a planner stand!

  42. Judy L

    I would buy a planner…I just wish that would mean my life would be organized after that!

  43. Ruby Yoshi

    I would definitely buy a planner

  44. julie b

    I would buy a planner for work!

  45. Linda

    I’d have to get a planner! 🙂

  46. gary

    Definitely a planner

  47. Caroline Perry

    I Would buy a planner

  48. Susan O'Bryant

    I’d buy some personalized stationery and candles!

  49. Jen

    I would buy an ipad cover or a planner for 2014!

  50. Kyra

    A planner and the stand!

  51. Lauren

    I would buy a planner!

  52. Vilanda

    A planner.

  53. Haley

    I would love a life planner and address book!

  54. Karen

    Some cute notebooks!

  55. Emily Cecilia

    I would love the life planner!

  56. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I would stock up on notebooks – I can never have enough!! 🙂 I especially like the designer classic notebook – candy lace -multi

  57. Sara

    A life planner and some cool new gel pens.

  58. Caroline

    Never purchased any of their products but would love to start 🙂

  59. Jenny

    My planner is on the way so I would get an address book and some extras. So exciting and fun to shop that site. I’m hoping after all these issues they get their ordering in check.

  60. Melanie K.

    I would definitely get a planner! Always need one of them!

  61. Ashley

    If I won I would probably get a planner or some notebooks, because I have to keep things written down or I forget what I need haha.

  62. Jodie Kingsbury

    I would get a life planner.

  63. Sara

    Definitely a planner!

  64. Gyps

    I would definitely get a planner. I’m so jealous of everybody else’s!

  65. kelly t

    I need a planner, I’m so disorganized 🙁

  66. kara m

    I’d get the gold foiled white planner and some of the add ons

  67. Cristina

    I would get a colorful chevron life planner!

  68. Olga

    I would buy a 2014 planner. They are so cute!

  69. Sophie

    A case for my new iphone!

  70. Kristin Lockwood

    Have the planner. Probably an address book, maybe a tray or a clipboard. Or a case for my kindle. Geez I’m very indecisive tonight.

  71. Niki T.

    Life planner =)

  72. Jean Marmion

    Definitely a planner – can’t get into the computer or iphone planners yet . . .

  73. Lana

    I’ve been dying for one of her life planners

  74. emilia

    Planner for sure.

  75. Sara

    A 2014 planner!!!

  76. Rachel Gleason

    I’m hoping that after the holidays I’ll have need for a nice wedding planner 😉

  77. Melissa

    I would for sure get a life planner!

  78. Jennifer Pittman

    I would get a candle and stationary!

  79. nicole p

    A life planner!!

  80. steph

    I want to go back and get my masters, so definitely a planner. Organization is a key factor anyway and there is something satisfying about paper. Those are gorgeous.

  81. Ashley C

    I’d get an 11X14 canvas frame!


  82. Stephanie B

    A new I phone case. So cute!

  83. Katy

    Planner to organize my life! :-p

  84. Elise

    I still don’t have a planner set up for 2014 yet (which is so bad!), so I would order one of those 🙂

  85. Stephanie s.

    I definitely need and memo book for work.

  86. Megan

    A Planner!!

  87. brandy Fisk

    A planner!

  88. Kels

    I’m kind of intrigued by the luggage that can have a photo on it. I think my cats need to be shared with the world

  89. Mackenzie

    Been dreaming of an EC planner. Put it on my Christmas list, though, so if I won, this might end up being a gift to someone else!

  90. Suzanne

    SO many good things….so hard to choose.

  91. Mandy Hillman

    A planner for 2014! 🙂

  92. Katy Quick

    I would buy a planner and accessories

  93. Elizabeth

    I would definitely order a life planner & address book! Thanks for the giveaway Jennifer! 🙂

  94. alison

    A planner for 2014 (haven’t bought one yet)

  95. Jordan M

    I would buy accessories and such because I do not need a planner at my age.

  96. Inna M

    I would buy a planner

  97. Hilary Burdit

    i cant decide if i would go for a planner or some cards!

  98. Lisa

    I need one of the “week in the life of” family schedule planning pads with enough sheets for a year!

  99. Lynsey M

    A like planner for sure!

  100. Hillary

    A planner because I forget everything unless I write it down.

  101. Lauren

    A 2014 planner … Although one of my girlfriends has a iPhone cover from her that is really cute too!

  102. Mimi

    I’ve been looking for a reason to purchase a life planner!

  103. Alexandrea M

    I’d start with an iphone case and go crazy from there!

  104. Suzanne

    I would order a planner for my sister!

  105. PGT

    Definitely would use it to get a life planner and some fun new stationary.

  106. Kristi P

    I’d love one of the metallic acrylic trays

  107. Sam L

    Call Me Cards or Life Planners!

  108. Kelly

    I want a planner so badly!

  109. Ginger S

    I would buy a planner and some accessories to go with it.

  110. brittany

    a 2014 planner, of course! i’ve been so jealous of all your posts about yours 🙂

  111. Juli

    2014 planner

  112. Valerie Cannell

    I’d get a life planner. I’m always terrible about writing in those, but I’d like to try again!

  113. Lauren

    I would get a life planner with the pink zig zag print!!! Thanks again for another giveaway!

  114. Margo D

    A life planner or calendar

  115. Melanie Ann

    I would love a fancy candle & def a life planner!

  116. Lindsay

    I need this planner for nursing school! It starts January 2nd!

  117. Christine H.

    oooo a planner and maybe an acrylic tray!

  118. ashlee f

    I would buy a new planner or some fun new pens. Probably both

  119. Catherine F.

    Honestly, I’d spend it on a life planner for a friend because I bought one for myself and I think she’d love one too.

  120. Allison

    A planner and maybe an address book 🙂

  121. Sibyl

    there are a lot of cute things on the site! love personalized things!

  122. Lindsay

    I would have to check out the website, but probably a planner.

  123. Jen K

    I would get so many planners and personalized stationery!

  124. Kelly

    I’m not sure I’ve never checked out their website.

  125. Nikki K

    I think a planner since almost every one else would get that also

  126. Shana

    I live by planners so, a life planner would definitely be wonderful

  127. Jessica

    I actually just purchased by 2014 life planner so I would buy one for my sister and save the rest for my 2015 planner if it doesn’t have an expiration 🙂

  128. Mary

    I would buy my mom a planner! Now that she is retired she wants a way to track all of the great things she is doing.

  129. Allison

    Not really interested in a planner, but I love the designs. So maybe an iPad case, notebook and/or notecards.

  130. Cara James

    A planner!:)

  131. Janaya

    Probably a planner, or a cute desk calendar

  132. Beth

    Definitely a planner!

  133. Puttoei Talawat

    I’d like to get a life planner. Really need one!

  134. Wendy

    I think I would get a planner.

  135. Erin B

    I would DEFINITELY start with a planner! I’ve wanted to try one, but haven’t ever been able to afford it. After that – who knows. 🙂

  136. Devin

    I have been wanting to buy her life planner so this would totally help!

  137. angela

    not sure- it’s time for me to start window shopping. browsing the comments, a planner sounds perfect..

  138. Nikki

    I’ve always wanted a life planner so I can finally get my life in order! (Hopefully!) 😉

  139. Erin

    I am in so need of a planner!
    Getting and keeping organized in 2014 is my goal!

  140. Danielle

    A life planner and accessories!!

  141. Rachel

    I would love a life planner with accessories (pen holder and stickers!).

  142. Kari

    I would get some more stationary for post-Christmas.

  143. Meagan

    I would buy a planner for one of my friends. She loved mine!

  144. Christine


  145. Stephanie S.

    I would definitely get a planner!!

  146. Jackie

    I’d definitely buy a life planner!

  147. Alicia Mc.

    New year calls for a new planner!

  148. Sarah

    A life planner!

  149. Christina

    A new iPad folio! They have the cutest ones!

  150. Gabby G

    Dreaming of getting the life planner!!!

  151. Andrea

    I want the life planner in pink and green taffy soooo badly!!!

  152. Caitlin

    A new Lifeplanner! I’m obsessed!

  153. Kelly

    I would get a planner!

  154. Julie Lee

    iphone case and some note cards or a planner

  155. Diane F

    A designer Ipad folio-paisley

  156. Laura

    A life planner

  157. Dianne

    Anything to organize my life. Sometimes I don’t even know what day it is. Am I the only one?

  158. Brittany

    I would definitely get a life planner. I would also get the call me cards. I feel like i give out my number or email to more and more people. It would be a nice touch to have one of their cute designs!

  159. Amanda G

    I would definitely buy a planner! I’ve been looking at the life planners for months but haven’t splurged yet.

  160. Rebecca

    the planners seem amazing

  161. Annie

    I’m nearly drooling over a life planner!

  162. Jill

    I would buy a planner

  163. Christine Fortes

    I want a planner! Crossing my fingers! Out of all the giveaways i want this one.

  164. Lola K.

    I would buy a planner, some nice pens, gift wrap and maybe stationary. I love to write things down, and always have things on my mind that need to get done. It will be a nice change from the Lilly Pulitzer planner I used this year.

  165. Karen S

    I would buy a life planner and some note pads.

  166. Laura

    I would love to get a wedding planner 🙂

  167. Jenny

    Definitely would order a planner…hopefully it comes in quicker than yours did though. 🙂

  168. Kimberlee

    a wedding planner for my daughter (she doesn’t know she is getting an engagement ring for Christmas yet…but mamma knows)

    1. Jennifer

      OMG SHE IS??????

  169. Crystal Gregg

    Candle 🙂

  170. Lauren

    A life planner !!!!

  171. Amanda C

    A planner! :o)

  172. Jennifer Metz

    I would definitely get a planner!

  173. Sharon Gunn

    A lifer planner for sure!

  174. Jamie

    Life planner for sure

  175. Julie S

    I would definitely get a new address book – and have to look around for some other fun things.

  176. Kristie

    chalkboard lunchbox

  177. Dori

    I’ve been wanting a life planner!

  178. Andrea S

    I really want a desk calendar to use at work!

  179. Caitlyn

    I would totally buy one of her beautiful and fabulous Life Planners. I need one so badly. I am getting a planner in the popsugar holiday box but I have been eyeing hers for a while but I just can’t see spending that much money on a planner… But if I won a giftcard that would be totally fine lol. I think I entered a giveaway you had (i’m pretty sure it was you. I am pretty sure you are where I first learned of her!) and I did not win that one unfortunately so maybe this time 🙂

  180. Krissy

    Life planner!

  181. Ally

    A life planner, for sure!

  182. chelsea


  183. Jaclyn

    I would buy an address book & labels and maybe some note cards! They have the cutest designs!

  184. Erin

    I would love a stationary set or planner

  185. Becky

    The acrlic tray looks amazing!

  186. Melanee

    I’d buy an acrylic tray

  187. Jeanna K

    A life planner.. have been thinking about that for months!

  188. Katie

    ipad case!

  189. Chrissy S.

    A life planner!

  190. Elaine

    The scented candle and gift wrap! 🙂

  191. Hannah D

    Of course I would buy a new planner! This would be perfect right before the new school semester starts!!!

  192. Amanda

    I would get a 2014 life planner and an address book (I am always scrambling to find everyone’s address)

  193. Melissa

    A life planner and an acrylic tray!

  194. Caitlin

    I would get a planner so I wouldn’t be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

  195. Stephanie McGuire

    I want an EC life planner so bad! Normally I’d just buy one but with me not working and money really tight, this would be a dream come true!!

  196. Jennifer Maddux

    I would definately get a planner, I need all the help I can get.

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