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As usual, I am stealing Jen’s Sunday Sentiments button and idea and making it mine tonight. I’ve “known” Jen for umm, 10 years (and yet we’ve never met), and she knows I do it, so it’s not exactly stealing. But then again, it’s not a link up either ;).

~So that huge OMG ice-storm we were supposed to have yesterday? Yeah. Never happened. It basically just rained. All day. And all night. We rescheduled Zoo Lights because of it. Boo! But WB wasn’t feeling totally amazing either, so it’s probably best we skipped! The big boys (B and L) headed off to Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village tonight with my family while WB and I are just home trying to get him all better!!

~My plans for later tonight include wrapping presents, wrapping presents and more wrapping presents.  I need to figure out if I need any more gifts before the stores close and it’s too late to shop. I know that I need to pick up a few things, but I only want to make one trip out tomorrow, so I need to get it together!

~I am working hard to get caught up on subscription box reviews before the end of the year!  So be prepared for even more to come in the next few days!! Most companies seem to be sending their boxes early because of the holidays, so I am trying to get them all posted before then as well!  I’ll post a listing of what I posted over the weekend on Monday, but it’s been a ton!

~Please tell me that you all watched Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake on SNL last night?  Amazing!  I’d be game for a weekly show hosted by those two!  I think my favorite part was when JF lost it when JT was playing him in the Family Feud skit.  I was dying!  I love these two.   How did these two ever meet up in the first place?

Image credit: NBC / Hulu
Image credit: NBC / Hulu

~That’s about it from here tonight!  I gotta go do some wrapping!  What are your plans for tonight?

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  1. Tabitha

    SNL with Justin and Jimmy, would totally watch those two again and again! It was beyond awesome.

    1. Jennifer

      So good!

  2. Alexia561

    Loved SNL last night! Jimmy always used to crack up during sketches, which made everything even funnier! And love JT, so the episode was a win-win!

    1. Jennifer

      I think it always makes it funny when the performers laugh!

  3. Shannon

    Done wrapping. (Yay!) Now it’s grocery shop, bake, and prep Christmas dinner. Then my favorite part watch my nieces and nephews open their presents.

    1. Jennifer

      What’s for dinner?

  4. Glenna

    OMG, we got that ice storm! Well, my parents did ( We are about 5 miles south of them) and it was crazy! The creeks are flooding and the trees were covered in ice. It is crazy here! We had so much snow last week, over a foot, and it is all gone now because it rained so much for the past two days, then ice last night. Insane.

    1. Jennifer

      Did anyone lose power? I hope you guys are all okay (and warm).

  5. Glenna

    It won’t let me reply to your comment above..but yes, people did lose power. We saw some traffic lights that were out when we ran some errands (We hadn’t realized how bad it was north of us before we left) We have power and so do my parents. I imagine they have fixed most of it by now. I hope!

    1. Jennifer

      I hope so too!!!

  6. Danielle

    We live in Grand Blanc and haven’t had power since 6am Sunday (12/22). We’ve been told power won’t be restored until Saturday 12/28. As of right now all of our Christmas plans are not happening. It’s a terrible situation all around us and were able to find a power generator 2 hours away! One space heater and one lamp in a tiny room for 2 days with no hot water or stove. Worst but most memorable Christmas ever. I am happy to see so many in Michigan were not affected! 🙂 Your blog is the only thing keeping me sane right now so keep up the happy blogging!!’

    1. Jennifer

      Oh no!!!!!!! Thank goodness you were able to find a generator! I had no idea it was that bad in Grand Blanc! That isn’t even that far away. I hope it gets back on more quickly! Keep me posted!

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