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Dear B, I hope your surgery goes well today. I also hope that you are hysterically funny after they give you valium. I am quite looking forward to that.

Dear L, Happy SNOW DAY (well cold day)! You are totally lucking out this year and I am totally jealous this never went down when I was a kid. Enjoy your day with Nana(*)!!!

Dear Telemarketers, Whatever you are selling, I want none of it.  Stop calling me.  Stop. It.

Dear Justin Bieber, You are an idiot.  Looking forward to finding out what was in your system that made you SO excited to get your mug shot taken.  Jail is a good time huh?  #sodumb

Dear Mom, I blame you for my Candy Crush relapse.  I was avoiding it so nicely until you texted me late one night in urgent need of a ticket to the next level.  It’s all your fault.

Dear Michael’s, What on earth are these grab bags people keep talking about?  Random bags mixed with a bunch of stuff no one bought at full price?  I want in on that action and plan to get my hands on one of these bags ASAP.

Dear WB, Stop taking your shoes and socks off in the car. It’s freezing out and every time we need to get out I have to get you all ready again with the car door open.  Don’t your feet get cold?  Guess not!

Dear Baxter and Buddy, Thanks for always playing so nicely with WB.  I know he’s been wild with you guys this week.  You are awesome.

Dear Honest Co., First my cleaning products arrived frozen (they thawed nicely) and then yesterday my wipes arrived frozen solid.  I bet you hope this cold weather ends soon because I am sure I am not the first person with this issue.

Dear eBay People, Why do you bid on something, win it and then 5 minutes later think it’s cool to e-mail and be all oops, sorry, I don’t want that.  Not cool.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

(*) She was coming here anyway to watch WB so I can drive B to his appt. Could this have worked out any better for him?
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  1. Shawn

    The eBay thing makes me crazy too—and is becoming an epidemic! Don’t these people realize that eBay isn’t a game? I think the tide turned when sellers lost the ability to leave buyers negative feedback—-even when well deserved. I have an eBay store (mainly sell bras/panties) and file non-paying bidders on this folks. After all, getting in a bidding war and winning, but then not paying for something, is hardly a “mistake”…

    1. Jennifer

      I totally agree! Now that you can’t really do anything if a person doesn’t pay, takes forever, etc. it’s so hard!

  2. Jen

    Justin Bieber is such a waste of space!

    1. Jennifer

      He needs some rehab!

  3. Jenny

    I’ve never bought a Michaels grab bag either but C and I may have to make a stop there after our movie today. What are you selling on ebay? I haven’t sold on their lately but I might have to do a couple things here and clear some stuff out. I’ve been doing the FB groups and craigslist but some of my crafty stuff would be better on ebay.

    1. Jennifer

      Just random stuff. Old bags, kid stuff, whatever to get this place cleaned out!!!!

      1. Jenny

        I need to get back into it. I was doing good until about 4th quarter last year clearing out and then I just kindof stopped. I need to get back into it.

  4. Tiffany

    I need to know more about these michael grab bags!! any idea how much they are?

    1. Jennifer

      LIke $1 or $2!

  5. Alison

    K, I’ve been using ebay since like 2005. Only a buyer. I used to bid on stuff, win, and then realize the shipping would be like $30… something outrageous. but I ALWAYS paid, buyers remorse and all, and I never emailed them complaining. I guess I thought that’s just the way ebay works. Shame on me for not looking closely at the shipping or really considering if this is something I want to pay for if I win…. not shame on them! People actually can not pay you, I had no idea! My boyfriend just sold stuff before Christmas, and had no idea ebay gets like 10%!! It automatically withdrew from his account like a month after the sale. That’s how it works right?

    1. Jennifer

      Yep eBay takes a commission. That’s how they make money! I think people sometimes inflate shipping (or used to) because you don’t have to pay eBay fees on that? Something like that!

      1. Alison

        yeah he sold 2 things for $250… and did shipping included… it cost me like $17 to ship both of them for him. THEN he was charged $50 for selling the two…sooo it was like yes I made $250! but really he made $183… kind of disappointing. But yeah ebay needs to get their cut.

        1. Jennifer

          Ohh, I never include the shipping in my auction!

  6. Summer

    I didn’t know you could not pay for your item after you won. I thought you had to follow through on the sale unless the seller lets you out of it. Isn’t that what the confirm bid message says? Regardless, it’s really mean of them to win and not want to pay for it especially since someone else who they were bidding against would have bought the item. Why would you bid on an item you don’t want?

    1. Jennifer

      It is mean! And yep you can back out! So silly!!

  7. Cindy

    Hope Bs LASIK thing goes well… I was always too chicken to do that. Did you ever see the King and Queens episode about that?? Hilarious!

    1. Jennifer

      Lol no. Should I watch?

  8. Ann

    Have you ever played Farm Heroes Saga? It’s by the same company as Candy Crush and I find it so much more addicting!

    1. Jennifer

      I am almost scared to look.

  9. tara m

    Haha my son does the same with the shoes and socks and I’m standing in the freezing cold fixing them!! How do we get them to stop this madness!?

    1. Jennifer

      I have mine in footed pjs as much as I can!!!

  10. Ashley C.

    My son is doing the same thing as WB … granted, its not AS cold here in NC but still … in the pouring rain my least favorite thing to do is stand around putting socks and shoes {and hats, gloves, etc} back on a wiggly two year old. As for Beiber, I had to laugh. A ton of people on our FB are talking about a rumor of deporting him! HA

    1. Jennifer

      I do not understand why they need to take their socks off, but they love that don’t they??

  11. Suzanne

    When I had my lasik done I did not get valium. It was rough not having anything, but it was the best thing ever one I recovered! I am so glad that I did it.

    1. Jennifer

      I got valium and sleeping pills. I was SO out of it. B could have used some sleeping pills. He’s awake and BORED.

  12. Ali M

    I just want to say, while I found and subscribed to your blog due to info about subscription boxes, I am thrilled that I’ve found I TOTALLY enjoy your Friday’s letters and your sense of humor.

    1. Jennifer

      Aww thank you so much! I’m glad you found me!!

  13. Meghan

    I sell all the time on eBay and sometimes I don’t even get an email asking if I will cancel the bid, I just don’t get payment and it has to go through the dispute and all that. It’s so time consuming and annoying. I just relist the items now after four days of non payment and state so in my descriptions. It’s a source of income for me and I don’t have time for all that none sense. I just simply cut to the chase.

    I need to look into these Michael’s bags. Did they say how long they will have them? I love stuff like that.

    Glad B’s surgery went well. Everyone I know that has had that done is so very happy they had it done. So much less of a hassle then dealing with the glasses and the contacts and the money saved over time is amazing.

    1. Jennifer

      I was there today and I didn’t see any. Some people said only a few times a year? I have never seen them, but now I am on the lookout!

      This buyer said he canceled his bid or did something to say he wasn’t paying, but he didn’t. I am reporting him.

      It is seriously so amazing. Technology is awesome.

  14. Brianna

    The Michael’s grab bags at my local store are full of Christmas stuff they couldn’t get rid of. Hmm. I was hoping for craft stuff. Maybe later in the year?

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