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1. What?  Cookie Dough Oreo cookies?  Word is these guys and Marshmallow Crispy ones are coming our way!  Like all limited edition snacks, we will have to check these out!

2. I laminated a ton of stuff while volunteering at L’s school yesterday and it inspired me to crack into mine.  I quickly realized that it only came with two pouches meaning I couldn’t laminate much.  That will be fixed this weekend.

3.  I have a feeling that if they had this Plan Toy sliceable fruit when I was little I would have loved it.  The boys played and played with it after school the other day.  Even L was into it.

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4. Wrestling.  The play fighting has started here and it’s already wild!  Mainly it’s WB attacking L, but L thinks it’s so funny, so that’s good!

5. This is from Science Night at L’s school the other night.  L was so into the all the projects and I totally hope they do it again next year!

6. LOL.  B and L went to the Auto Show and in order to get swag from one of the car companies, they needed to post an instgram picture with a certain hashtag.  L looks wild here, but was happy to pose.

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7. Between the slide and the ramp / mat at tumbling, WB is thrilled.  He’s also a much better sharer than I would have expected.  He’ll fight with L, but with other kids?  Not so much.

8. This guy has been getting up late at night again so we sit together on the couch and take selfies and play Candy Crush (thanks again MOM).  It’s not a bad time to tell you the truth.  He’s super snuggly and really enjoys CC.

9. I got a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from the EC RAK Group I am in and I love it!  It’s just little things to help make your planner more fun and of course, getting the things in the mail is fun too!

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  1. Diana Garza

    Awww! WB is your little mini-me! Great picture of you two!

    1. Jennifer


  2. Mrs. L

    Those Oreos are supposed to be available on February 3rd and only around six to eight weeks. From what I understand, they are not specific to one store, they should be available everywhere. I will be stalking stores starting on the 1st!!!! (just in case someone puts them out early).

    1. Jennifer

      I knew you’d know about this!

  3. Pilar

    I try those new Oreos they only available at the Dollar General , there is also a new rice crispy one which taste better then the cookie dough.

    1. Jennifer

      Oh really? I didn’t know that! And, I heard about the Crispy ones. I want to try them all!

      1. Pilar

        Yes they are good!!! They will be available everywhere else next month

  4. Jenny

    OK when I get my office desk cleared out I’m going to figure out my laminater. You have inspired me. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I can’t wait to see what you make!

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