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Dear B, Thank you for building my IKEA cart. And thanks for telling me that it took you and a 2 year-old “10 minutes” to build. It took me like 45 minutes last time I built one.

Dear MUT, What on earth happened to you in the last week? Everyone’s fighting, none of the same mods are left, it’s a mess. You just haven’t been the same since that new site conversion ;(.

Dear PopSugar, Can we get some February spoilers over here? We are all waiting!

Dear L, I love how seriously you are taking your February fitness challenge from school. You are doing awesome at it!

Dear Snow Days, I love you! Let’s have more of you again soon.

Dear The Android Commercial with the Animals, You got me.  Every time you come on, I drop everything I am doing and stare at those adorable animals palling around.  You are the cutest commercial ever.

Dear WB, You are trouble!  You know what I mean ;). But I will say that throwing your iPad over the railing because it’s easier than carrying it down the stairs probably isn’t the best idea ever. #itdidnntbreak #itshouldhavethough

Dear Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Wow.  That is some cover you’ve got going on!  I’ll admit the bottom is a little small, but listen, if I looked like that, well, I find out where she got it so I could get one too!

Dear Justin Bieber, Ugh.  I am been watching you on Ellen and darn it, you have been quite likable.  Plus, Ellen seems to really like you and I trust her judgement.  Don’t mess this thing we have up Biebs!

Dear Technical Savvy Friends, Thanks for letting me ask you questions, asking them in technical jargon that I don’t really understand and then (because you know I have no idea what you are talking about), ending it with “it won’t blow up your blog if you do it”. I owe you!


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  1. Julie

    sounds like someone on MUT has a delivery date of TODAY, so we may have spoilers soon!

  2. Amber

    Can you tell me where you trade your samples at? I have seen various websites, but am nervous to try them because I have read some negative reviews about people getting burned.

    1. theramblingjen

      I haven’t traded too much lately, but My Subscription Addiction has a great swap site. I think with all sites there will be good and bad swappers!

      1. Melissa

        Dear MSA Swap Site, I tried to sign up for you but I got a notification about a waitlist! Aughh!!!! Anyone know how long I will have to wait??? I need immediate gratification!

  3. sabrinafair84

    Spoilers for Popsugar are up on My Subscription Addiction!!!


    Off topic, but I know you watch Later Today. Do you think Kathie Lee had a facelift during her break? I know she said no, but I find myself thinking yes.

    1. theramblingjen

      I don’t know! She looks younger, but it could just be from that time off?? She was calling / videoing in with the show a lot!

  5. Lauren

    Did u pick the winner for the January giveaway (fitbit, lulu card bottle….) did I miss it???
    I soooo need a new fitbit 🙁

    1. theramblingjen

      It was Kelly Vandiver!

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