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I had fun with this one last week, so I thought I’d do it again this week!

Currently Wearing…
Grey Lululemon Groove pants and some scrubby hoodie.  And my Kohl’s fox slippers.

Currently Drinking
Hot chocolate.  It snowed a bunch here today (it might still be snowing actually) and it just feels like the right drink.

Currently To Do Items
Let’s see.  I need to work on our taxes (so fun right), finally get some fresh pictures ordered for our picture wall and I really really need to get our Christmas decorations down from the porch.  Yeah, I still have a wreath on my door.  I am so that person.  And I hate it, but I also don’t feel like dealing with getting all the snow and stuff off it before I can store it away.

Currently Watching…
Extra!  I need to see what the Biebs has been up to lately.  And of course, the rest of Hollywood. Hopefully soon B and I will be watching a movie.  Any recommendations?

Currently Anxious About…
Hmm, actually nothing.  Give me a minute and I will be anxious about something.  LOL.  I  was super anxious earlier about B making it home safely (he had like a 2.5 hour drive)  in this messy snow, but now that everyone is safe and sound, I am good!

Currently Excited About…
These Pilot G2 pens I got at Target today.  So what if I already have a zillion pens.  They were on sale.  And they are chevron.  It would have been almost illegal not to get them.

Aren't they cute?

Aren’t they cute?

Currently Lusting After…
A pedicure.  I don’t just want one, I need one. Like I need.

Currently Loving At
My boys!  Everyone had fun playing in the snow and it’s SO nice to be able to go outside and play and it NOT be -20 degrees.  It was 30 degrees today and listen, it felt downright warm.

My Loves

My Loves

Currently Annoyed About…
Guess what?  Just like last week I am STILL annoyed about my debit card.  It has arrived and my PIN finally arrived today, but no sign of B’s PIN.  Ahhhhhhh!  I am also annoyed about this guy in my neighborhood who was snowblowing his driveway with such force that snow flew all over my car when driving by.  I swear I was a good 15 feet away from him.  Seriously dude?

Currently Buying…
Skip Hop from Target.  They have their lunchies, backpacks, rolling suitcases and weekender Zoo Animal bags all 70% off right now!  I may or may not have went to Target today to scoop some up for gifts.  And I may or may not go back to a different one tomorrow to see if I can find any more!

What’s currently going on with you?

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18 thoughts on “Currently…

  • Kara

    I just got those exact same pens a few days ago! I bought them for a friend who is really into office supplies, but I am seriously considering picking up a pack for myself too. Of course they won’t be on sale anymore tomorrow, will they? Darn it!

  • Bethany

    Hahah so glad you avoided breaking the law by getting those chevron pens!! Seriously, though, I totally love them. Will have to swing by Target and search for them! You’re making me want hot chocolate now. We are out of movie ideas, too, so I’ve been begging Ben to let me have a night of HGTV. No luck thus far.

  • Susan

    I’m so happy to find out about the skip hop sale at Target. I’ve been wanting to get my youngest some of those items for awhile. Thanks for the tip!

  • Elizabeth F

    Wouldn’t B’s PIN be the same as yours? I guess I didn’t realize that couples had different PINs for the same cards. My husbands is always the same as mine and comes that way.

    • Jennifer Post author

      No, ours are always totally different. The cards come in separate envelopes as do the pin numbers. I’m pretty sure our card numbers are different too! Same account though!

  • Jenny

    I need to work on my taxes too. I only do my businesses and then pass them to M and it won’t take me too long but I just dread doing it. I do have it on my todo list in my planner though. Funny planner note I took mine to Archivers so that my friends could see what what I’ve been rambling about and a lady at another table asked if that was an Erin Condren and I said yes and she came over to look at it too. I tried to see if she was from one of the FB groups but she looked at me like I was crazy so guessing not. LOL

  • Tamara

    So glad I follow your blog – Your mentions of Target sales have netted me some great deals. I got the Skip Hop monkey rolling suitcase and a Lightning McQueen backpack for just $14. My son loves the monkey – he has one, but I figure it is always good to have a backup.