Saturday Smiles 27

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Today I’m smiling because:

~It’s suppose to snow today! 5-7 inches to be exact. YES! Fresh snow and “warm” weather. Yes please! Bring it!

I'm in the Blue!  A solid 7 inches is what they are saying...

I’m in the Blue! A solid 7 inches is what they are saying…

~My brother is coming over to hang up some more superhero things in L’s room next week!  I am skipping asking B from now on and will move directly to someone who will get this done!

~The little boys and I are having a donut date this morning! We saw that Dunkin’ Donuts has heart shaped donuts out and we cannot resist that.  B has National Guard “stuff” (*) so he’ll miss out. Too bad for him!



~Our plumbing issue was must less expensive than I had expected and that always makes me happy!   Seriously I envision bills of $500+ when I need to call in a professional (**).  It was $85.  LOL!

~I saw the coolest new product (it’s call The Cookie Dough Cafe) on Shark Tank last night and as luck would have it, a store near me sells it! Tell me cookie dough (no eggs in it) in a jar doesn’t sound amazing. I mean seriously. I need this in my life.

Why didn't I think of this?

Why didn’t I think of this?

~It’s February 1st, so that means we’ll get to see the new Bespoke Post options, Fabletics collection and more today!

~I posted a fun giveaway last night! Don’t forget to go enter!

Go enter!

Go enter!

~L doesn’t have any homework this weekend so it’s fun fun fun. We do need to practice a few things (writing and tying shoes), but not having actual homework is nice.

~The Super Bowl is this weekend!  I am already long all the sneak peeks we are getting of the commercials and I’m ready for the big event!

That’s it from here!  What’s got you smiling today?  Any big plans for the weekend?

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

(*) That’s my term for anything he does with the NG. I don’t really ask too many details on what he does.
(**) Since I would want to know what it was if I were you because I am nosey like that, the toilet in L’s bathroom was making this crazy loud noise when it flushed. Like I thought a pipe was about to blow up at any second.

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