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Just a little fun giveaway to get the weekend started off right! Here’s what you could win:

~February PopSugar Must Have Box (I cannot resist that 50% off code)(*)
~Paxton Cove Washi Tape Grab Bag (10 Rolls)
~Beauty Blender Pure

As usual, all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter box below.  Yes, I know there are a ton of entry options.  However (as usual), you really only “need” to click enter to enter. If you want no part of the rest, so be it!  I want to make it easy!  Best of luck and have a great weekend!

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Note: The giveaway runs through 2.8.14 and is open to U.S. residents only, 18+ years of age. Winner will be contacted by e-mail and announced in the Rafflecopter widget.

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Kristen

    Fun! I’ve never tried washi tape

  2. Katelynn

    My current must have beauty item(s) are my Makeup Forever Mascara and of course my Milk & Honey Nivea lip balm. I can’t choose just one thing. It’s just impossible. 🙂

  3. Kelsey N.

    Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and EOS Lip Balm

  4. Zong


  5. jackie

    Malin + goetz mojito lip balm is my go to right now. It was in my ipsy bag too. 🙂

  6. Megan

    Yay! I love all 3 of these things! My husband totally does not understand the appeal of washi tape but I’m obsessed.

  7. megan

    ‘Sugar’ lipgloss by Fresh!

  8. Jean Eckert

    I am in a stay-at-home-mom rut, so my current must have is flavored chapstick or lip balm! I might throw on some mascara if I’m leaving the house….maybe.

  9. Cristina

    The twitter thing says bliss style box 🙂 just a heads up!
    And I think my favorite item right now is Yes to Cucumbers face wipes!!

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you! I always forget that one!

  10. Kristin

    I love the new face mask we got in the January PopSugar box. I need to use it a little differently thought because it has made me break out a little bit.

  11. Alicia

    my stila eyeliner and my beauty blender from IT cosmetics!

  12. Melody

    My beauty must have is mascara. I cannot live without it.

  13. ana ebright

    I love palmers lotion

  14. Erica

    Current beauty must have is argan oil, since it’s such a great multi tasker.

  15. sindhu

    Right now, the cleanser from the popsugar box

  16. Sara

    The Burts Bees day lotion from Birchbox is my favorite beauty product right now!!

  17. Iris

    The Chapstick Hydration Lock I got from Birchbox! 🙂

  18. Elizabeth

    Right now I am loving the new benefit brow product.

  19. Angie

    Dry Shampoo

  20. Emily K

    Eyeliner…wait and an eyelash curler! I can’t do mascara, so these are my makeup must haves!!

  21. Kelly S

    Chapstick! I always have one with me!

  22. Debbie Richardson

    Mine is a basic. Addicted to chapstick and right now, it’s EOS. Love those dang little eggs. I have them everywhere.

  23. Jennifer

    Beauty blender definitely!!

  24. nicole p

    Eye liner!

  25. Ricki

    The Neutral Julep eye palette from the December box.

  26. Emily

    Mac eyeshadow in Sunbrust it was limited edition I got on ebay and now I wish I had more but no way am I paying what ebay wants for them now. But it is such a pretty color great for spring!

  27. Katy

    My current beauty must-have is any and all moisturizer! This winter weather has my skin SO DRY this year!

  28. Jennifer C

    An eyelash curler!!!

  29. Tuesday C

    I am loving the GlamGlow mask! Expensive but SO worth it! Thanks for the great giveaway Jen 🙂

  30. Kristy

    Pixi flawless and poreless primer!

  31. Karen

    navy eyeliner

  32. Candice

    Must have right now is a hair tie at ALL times. Have a toddler son who is OBSESSED with my hair and holding it which equals tangled mess so try to keep it up as much as possible. Least its a simple must have item to obtain.

  33. Jessica

    My must have beauty item is philosophy hope in a jar, the air is dry here in Colorado!

  34. Suzanne

    My Urban Decay eyeliner!

  35. K

    Clinique Tender Heart lipstick and Sunset lipgloss duo.

  36. Theresa H

    I love my maybelline illegal length mascara!!

  37. Chelsey ulibarri

    I love the mojito lip balm, lip gloss and balm are a must

  38. jmd

    Right now, any and all kinds of lotion – I’m currently loving my Suave sample I got through PinchMe – and my lip balms – Pixi and Malin & Goetz right now

  39. Erin Beck

    A lip balm from the bonjour Jolie box. Smells so good…just like Graham crackers

  40. Lindsay

    Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey. I wear it every day!

  41. Amanda Esmond

    Chapstick this time of year, any kind really….I do like Burt’s Bees a lot though.

  42. Kim Pincombe Cole

    My current must-have beauty item is Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara!

  43. Rachel Donaldson

    My current favorite beauty products are Living Nature’s Precious lipstick (the perfect nude!) and CG’s Flamed Out mascara.

  44. Jenny

    My staple is my Dr. Pepper Chapstick but I have a new powder I’m kindof obsessed with. It’s Josie Maran and is AWESOME!!!

  45. Shana

    My must have beauty items are eye liner and lip gloss. These sub boxes have introduced me to so many amazing products. I cant say i have an absolute fave…..
    my beauty box is over loaded!

  46. alison

    Lotion!!! from bath and body works giant box of assorted scents.

  47. Tara

    I love me some garner bb cream to fake flawless skin.

  48. Heather

    My current beauty must have is Sibu Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil. Smells awful but it hydrates like nobody’s business!!

  49. Shannon

    Must have item: Aquaphor for my lips

  50. Lori

    MAC mineral powder, mascara (I have lots of favorite brands), and Nars Laguna bronzer for contouring.

  51. shelley

    The beauty blender. I’m kind of obsessed

  52. Ashley g

    Origins cc

  53. lisa D

    Chapstick & mascara both must haves.

  54. Stephanie

    I have to moisturize everyday and use lip balm. I don’t really put make-up on unless I am going out.

  55. Ruby Yoshi

    Maelin and Goetz face mask from this month?s PopSugar box!

  56. Allison

    I’m loving Moroccan Oil body butter that I received in the Jan. New Beauty Test Tube. Thanks for this giveaway!

  57. Rachel S.

    I am super into the Smashbox BB cream right now! Have you tried it yet?

    1. Jennifer

      No, I should though I take it???

      1. Rachel S.

        Yes! I really like it. It looks a little orange-ish out of the bottle (not as bad as the Julep DD disaster), but blends out nicely and is light on the skin.

  58. audrey

    Pacifica sugared fig lip balm!

  59. Jessica C.

    Please, please, please!

  60. Melissa g

    Love the beauty blender…

  61. Chris

    Oh how fun! I saw the 50% off and sent out a few care packages myself!

    1. Chris

      Also, moisturizer is a must have–Boston cold wrecks havoc on your face! Right now I’m searching for a better moisturizer–any recommendations I will take!

  62. Pilar

    Lip gloss is my must have beauty item.

  63. Stephanie McGuire

    Currently my must have beauty item is mascara. It helps open my tired weary no sleep eyes, lol. Hopefully soon Delaney will consistently sleep through the night.

  64. Kayla

    My Naked 3 eye shadow! Finally found one at Sephora 🙂

  65. Dana

    Urban decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette!

  66. Mel

    Lip balm. I cant live without it! My lips thirst for such thing. Lol

  67. Aoife K

    Full of Grace from LUSH. I swear by it.

    I use it after cleaning my face at night and it leaves my skin sooo smooth!

  68. kristina moya

    My L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Black

  69. Mari

    My must have beauty item right now is Juice Beauty CC cream in “warm glow”. It smells lovely and covers my skin nicely!

  70. Nicole

    Cc cream!!

  71. Jill

    Vitamin E oil for mu cuticles – they are so dry!

  72. Lauren

    Obsessed with Aesop hand balm right now.

  73. Brianna C.

    My favorite current beauty item is Jenna Hipp hand lotion!

  74. Diana


  75. Sam Stamp

    My must have beauty item is Chapstick!

  76. Christine

    Moroccan Oil for my hair. It helps so much with reducing the frizz!

  77. Kara

    Hmm, current must have? But I have so many! I guess if I had to pick one I would say Clinique Cleansing Lotion. No clue why they call it lotion, because it’s actually more like toner, but it keeps my oily skin under control like none other!

  78. Sarah

    My current must-have beauty item is moisturizer. The weather dries out my skin so much that I feel like I’m applying it all the time!

  79. Joanne

    Facial moisturizer and lip balm.

  80. Robin Parker

    My current must have is the beauty blender

  81. Kari

    Gotta have moisturizing lip balm & mascara!!

  82. Jen

    arbonne toner and lots of water!

  83. Cheryl

    My beauty must haves right now are facial oils! So hydrating, especially this time of year.

  84. Kristen

    The Naked 3 eye palette by Urban Decay! I just finally broke down and bought it yesterday. So excited to use it today – so many choices!

  85. Lauren M

    My current must have is the Too Faced Naked Eye Pallete. I love it!

  86. Monica Maier

    Love chapstick! I bought some stock of the candy cane flavor at target when it was on clearance. It’s my fav!

  87. rayraycartucci

    I feel like I have to wear mascara…it makes look more awake….even though my child is not letting me get more then 5 hours of sleep. ugh. I usually use Avon mascara.

  88. Rita Morgan

    My new find is the Origin Clay Mask, feels like deep cleansing my skin.

  89. Niki T.

    Tarte Gifted mascara!!

  90. Turquoise Sellers

    I am obsessed with Smith’s Strawberry Lip Balm. It keeps my lips super hydrated, and I love the way it smells.

  91. Erika

    My go-to is face cleaning wipes. I wash my face in the shower at night, but in the morning I use a face wipe and it doesn’t dry out my face, cleans away the oil from overnight, and isn’t harsh on my skin. For the record I use the Kroger brand and they work great!!!

  92. Ashley T.

    I love a little color on my lips.

  93. Sarah Dineen

    Beekind body lotion

  94. Brandy Fisk

    Body Shop lip gloss!

  95. Janelle

    Current must-have: Mary Kay nourishing lip gloss in Fancy Nancy. love it!

  96. JT

    Lotion, any and all because my winter skin seems more lizard than human right about now!

  97. Kristin Jesneck

    EOS chapstick! Love those eggs and my dog loves digging them out of my pocketbook and toting them around the house like he’s found something amazing!

  98. Janet

    Lip balm is my current must have. Winter dry lips!

  99. Sher

    Moisturizer, definitely.

  100. Loren

    Benefit’s Badgal plum mascara is one thing I can’t live without

  101. Vanessa F

    Since it’s been soo crazy cold here, my savior, favorite “beauty” item is tubes of carmex. If my lips are dry and cracky I just feel yucky

  102. Kaitlin Gilbert

    I love my EOS lip balms… especially since my lips are so dry during the winter months.

  103. steph

    I don’t go anywhere without some BB Cream and eyeliner in my bag. But really my skin is so picky,I have to work pretty hard at that. I’m loving the aloe wash I got in, I think glossybox. The B o s c I a black mask and the skin toner spray help a lot.
    I missed out on the w a s h I tape deal. I kept hearing about it and was wondering what was so interesting about it. It looks fun, but what set it apart from the stuff I scrpbooked with, I think the texture and the ability to write on better. I can see how cool this could be to organize in a fun way!
    (Remember when audocorrect was not so pushy ? Anything it does not recognize it changes and won’t let me change it , hence the unusual spacing)

    1. Jennifer

      I think it will be back on that site! It comes and goes so eel checking!!!

      Autocorrect hates me. I send the craziest texts. It even “fixes” stuff on here that I forget to correct!

  104. Enrica

    Burts Bee’s chapstick. Seriously. I have a tube everywhere!

  105. Hillary

    I just got the new matte tart pallet which i love and also it’s a 10 leave in conditioner!

  106. Libby

    The wahi tape looks amazing!

  107. Kristin t

    Coconut oil!

  108. Shannon

    My favorite beauty item is my little pink brush. You can use it dry or wet and it gets rid of little dry patches. It’s like the spinning brush but manual.

  109. MJ

    Current must have: Revlon kissable lip stains 🙂

  110. Dashery

    Current must have: anything by theBalm. I’m obsessed. 🙂

  111. Rose

    You’ve inspired me in the washi tape world! I bought the We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser, and have gone washi crazy. Any opportunity to win some more tape is a great opportunity to me!!!

  112. Jenni C.

    My current must have beauty item is my Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer from HollyBeth. Yuzen sent out this product in one of their first boxes. I fell in love with it!

  113. Kelsea Etson

    My face lotion, and my Naked 3 Palette!!!

  114. Ashley

    Juice beauty stem cell moisturizer and dry shampoo

  115. Allie

    What exactly can Washi tape be used for? I’m outta the loop on this one!

    1. Jennifer

      I have been using it in my planner and on packages and stuff. Pinterest has about eight million things you can do with it, but I haven’t ventured into much crafty stuff yet!

  116. Shiree Shaffer

    Philosophy Oil Free Hope SPF moisturizer and Bare Minerals foundation in Medium Beige! Those have been a constant for me; I have relied on both for a long time!!

  117. Lauren

    My Clairsonic! I love how clean my face feels after using it, and I swear my skin has never looked better!

  118. karen

    My must have is lip balm!

  119. Colleen Boudreau

    My EOS lip balm.

  120. sarah berry

    All kinds of moisturizers for my face! and aquaphor for my lips!

  121. Savanna

    Tartes light camera action mascara. Love it!

  122. Tracy

    Eyeshadow primer!

  123. miranda

    I love the Fekkai dry shampoo

  124. Beth

    Soap & Glory’s Hand Food. I have a big bottle and a travel bottle which replaced the travel bottle I left with my mom because she liked it so much too. I also have a toss up between my Yes to Grapefruit lip balm and my Alba Hawaiian coconut cream lip balm. Mmm.

  125. Michelle

    my fresh brand face cream from octobers glossybox !

  126. Rebecca

    I am loving the new Dove shampoo and conditioner line! Great stuff!

  127. Michelle McCann

    my must have item is the dr jart bb cream! seriously the best thing ever invented!!

  128. julie b

    bare essentials palette of foundation/ powder from the holidays at sephora.

  129. Lonni Harper

    My Clarisonic is my must have item these days ! Love how my face feels and looks !

  130. W

    Current must have is my trusty Palladio tinted lip balm! 🙂

  131. Julie S

    Any kind of lotion or chapstick to deal with this dry winter.

  132. Meg Mc

    Mascara and lip gloss. All you really need, although I have fun with the other stuff :). I am dying to check out a PopSugar box, I really wanted a subscription for Christmas, but no go, haha.

  133. Crystal Gregg

    Be A Bombshell eyeliner & Yaby concealer!

  134. Elizabeth

    Beauty blender is definitely my must have!

  135. Heidi S.

    NYX Butter Lipstick. It’s amazing!

  136. Alice

    Hand Lotion, any kind. Why is it so dry right now? Hate you winter, except for my not as greasy hair.

  137. Stephanie

    My must have beauty item is my Bath and Body Works lotion. My skin is so dry this winter! I got my favorite scent on clearance!

  138. Kate L

    Argan Oil! My dry winter skin is loving the moisture!

  139. Diane F

    EOS mint lip balm and lotion. My skin is so dry!

  140. Kimberly D.

    I would have to say my maybeline liquid eyeliner and nivea lip balm

  141. Shana

    beauty blender!

  142. susana

    my must have beauty item has to be my foundation from sephora!!!! best foundation I’ve ever owned!!

  143. Sarah

    Lime Twist Carmex Lipbalm will always be the beauty item I cannot live without.

  144. gary

    shaving cream 🙂

  145. Bridget Heiple Reich

    Nail polish! It just makes me feel better when I have it on! 🙂

  146. Melanie K.

    Lately, I’ve been addicted to EOS lip balm! Can’t live without it.

  147. Diana Garza

    I have to use my Lanc?me Effacernes concealer always. It’s my must have!

  148. Ashley C

    I love Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip balm!


  149. Diana Kang

    AHA Liquid gold rejuvenating cream. so expensive but worth it!

  150. Madelyn

    The Michael Todd pumpkin mask from my most recent Total Beauty box!

  151. Starla Bates

    Mascara,for sure. It does wonders!

  152. Amy Ballou

    I have been obsessed with benefit cosmetics – gimme brow. It works wonders on someone with untamed eyebrows like myself.

  153. Tiffany

    Lip balm, tweezers, mascara …. 🙂 and I’m getting addicted to eyeshadow

  154. kelly t

    pangea lotion

  155. Katy

    Benefit Lollitint!

  156. Bethsaida W.

    Loreals glow serum!

  157. Lynsey M

    The Beauty Blender, since getting it in PopSugar I’m not sure how I lived without it!

  158. Jen K

    Dry Shampoo and Argan Oil for my hair. My hair is going nuts with the weather being what it is on the East Coast.

  159. kristina o.

    Currently my must have beauty item is Stila’s Kitten eye shadow. I can wear it alone with mascara or with liner and it brightens my whole face.

  160. Annie P.

    Right now I’m totally lovin’ gel eyeliners!!

  161. Emily W.

    I love the Malin + Goetz mask from the January PopSugar box. Also, LUSH’s sugar lip scrub and any chapstick I can get my hands on!

  162. Rebecca

    I keep forgetting to look up washi tape. I have no idea what it is.

  163. Christine fortes

    I adore popsugar 🙂

  164. Sarah

    Noya lip balm and Lush Dream Cream right now… this winter weather + constant indoor heating is killing my skin, gotta keep moisturized!

  165. Des

    My loofah sponge! It’s the only thing that lets me shave my legs without a 5 o’clock shadow later that day >_<

  166. Kelly

    benefit mascara!

  167. Dawn

    Orofluido hair oil which I received from Birchbox way back when I first subbed. I still use it almost every day and it’s really improved the texture of my (color treated and highlighted) hair.

  168. Kristin Lockwood

    3 beauty must haves- clairsonic, they’re real mascara and one of my 20 open lip balms. Wait!!! And I’m loving my IT girl cosmetics foundation! 🙂

  169. Rachael

    Aquaphor for my lips and lotion for my hands. Utah is super dry.

  170. Amy

    I love Benefit Porefessional. It’s such a great primer!

  171. Sylvia

    A PopSugar box *and* a BeautyBlender??? Too much goodness in one giveaway!! (I’m new to the washi tape, but that looks pretty good, too!)

    1. Sylvia

      Aaaaand of course I got too excited about the prizes and forgot the actual giveaway question. My current beauty must-have is L’Oreal’s Magic BB cream — it’s so lightweight and makes skin look fantastic.

  172. Kit Novak

    Currently I am obsessed with all of my eye creams! I own an embarrassing amount and love them all equally. My Velixa eye cream is my go-to soother though. My eye area has been really dry this winter!

  173. Erin C

    Mascara! I really like the 100% pure one that came in January’s Birchbox.

  174. Gabrielle S

    Oh my goodness, so much washi tape! I bought my Erin Condren planner after reading your review and I LOVE it. I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should get washi tape for it, so I’d love to win some! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  175. Jennifer Pittman

    Lip balm and lotion!

  176. Julie P.

    My current must-have is Eminence clear skin probiotic masque!

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