PopSugar Must Have Special Edition Resort Collection – Now Available!!!!

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Oh my goodness, I wasn’t expecting this today, but PopSugar has launched their latest Must Have Special Edition Box!  This is the PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box! No spoilers have been released yet, but it;s $100 and it’s shipping by 3/31/14.  And I am off to order right this second!

Are you in?  If you want to order, get here and get signed up FAST!  These sell out super fast these days!  And what do you think will be in this one?  SO EXCITED!!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Erin

    I ordered FFF b/c I wasn’t expecting Popsugar to do a Spring box. UGH! I must have it though. I think if they came out with a box that was called Popsugar box full of crap I would still get it. I’m one of those Popsugar fanatics that are talked about so much.

    1. Jennifer

      BAHAHAHA. I would be the first in line for that!

  2. Jessica

    ugh I am so torn on this box! I haven’t been super impressed with the monthly boxes but love the LE boxes. I need to decide soon!

    1. Jennifer

      Decide fast!

      1. Jessica

        I caved lol!

        1. Jennifer

          Took me two seconds to cave!

        2. Alison

          I feel the exact same way! But same—I caved as soon as I saw the email. SHOOT!

  3. Kristie

    Thanks for posting this! I ordered it immediately. I probably shouldn’t have, but I really couldn’t resist. I hope it’s worth it!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Me too!

  4. Carla

    Girl I ordered mine the second I saw the email. I’m thinking/hoping maybe a plush resort robe, gourmet chocolates and a pool boy! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Me too. I have zero self control.

      1. Carla

        I justify it by giving it to myself for Valentine’s Day!

        1. Jennifer

          Great idea!!

  5. Nicole Segarra

    Hi! I’m extremely excited! I never buy special editions, but decided to take the plunge!! Hope its great!!!

    1. Jennifer

      I hope so too!

  6. Laura

    I became giddy when I saw the email in my inbox. I am new to Popsugar and have LOVED all the boxes so far. Cannot wait to get my first special edition box. I’m taking a tropical vacation in May so the timing could not be more perfect.

    For those of you that have gotten the S.E. boxes in the past, have you found that they are worth it? Do they typically have big values in them? I’m so excited!!

    1. Jennifer


  7. Amber

    I’m so ridiculous…I ordered it, too. Here’s hoping it won’t include tiny things that only size 2 women can wear 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      They better not!

  8. Lana

    I couldn’t stop myself, haha. Though, I admit, I only hemmed and hawed for about 5 minutes. Was planning on extending my subscription 3 months with that money…but I’ll go month to month if it means getting a limited edition, LOL! I’m bad.

    1. Jennifer


  9. Nicole

    I caved, this will be my first LE box. Fingers crossed!

    1. Jennifer

      I hope it’s amazing!

  10. alyssa

    I bought one but I used the excuse of winning $1,000 recently from a super bowl game by Chevy’s mexican restaurant and that I am due some spoiling after my big surgery. So that justifies it right? Lol

    1. Jennifer

      Nice winnings!!!

  11. Kayleigh

    I so ordered it as soon as I got the email!

    1. Jennifer


  12. Jackie

    I just ordered mine! This will be my first special edition box, I usually read with envy when you get yours, but decided to dive in this time! Let’s hope this one doesn’t disappoint!!!

    1. Jennifer

      I hope it’s great!

  13. Heather

    I knew this was gonna happen! I literally cancelled my monthly PopSugar sub yesterday and signed up for FFF. But I can not resist these limited edition boxes!

    1. Jennifer

      So it’s your fault one came out???

  14. Annie

    Eep! they sucked me in again. when the spoilers do come out, would you consider posting them hidden like you have with the ‘adult’ boxes? I like reading your blog, but HATE getting an eyeful of popsugar spoiler before I get my box!

  15. Lisa D

    UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -I was suckered in I ordered it. Please let there be good stuff in this one.

    1. Jennifer

      Fingers crossed!

      1. Lisa D

        I know- ugh.

  16. Kayla

    I have been wanting to get one of these but now is not a good time for me 🙁 How often do they do these Limited Edition boxes?

    1. Jennifer

      I think they did 4 last year?

  17. Margaret

    Seriously – Popsugar should pay you. I’m addicted thanks to Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. I check this website more than my personal email and facebook! Obviously I purchased it!

    1. Jennifer

      I wouldn’t be sad if they sent me all their left over chevron throws from the NM box. LOL!

      1. Margaret

        Those chevron throws are the best! I hope they are reading your blog and happen to send you some!

  18. Jamie

    I tried to resist… I really did. When they were still available after my daughter’s Valentine’s party at school, I totally caved. Hoping this is a great LE box!!

    1. Jennifer

      I saw it when I was at my son’s party and knew I needed to order!

  19. Amanda Dukes

    🙂 going over to PS to get it

    1. Jennifer


  20. ashley g

    oh man, I totally hate that I bought this especially since I just spent $150 on my husband’s birthday and I have the nina garcia box coming up, but I just can’t resist pop sugar. The good news is if I don’t like it I have plenty of gifts for mother’s day and birthday’s coming up. Thank god I put these a credit card that my husband can’t see.

    1. Jennifer

      I can’t resist PopSugar either!

  21. Bethany

    So we stopped by Target quickly on our way out of town today, and as we walked in the thought came to me, “I wonder when the next PopSugar limited edition box is coming out.” As we checked out, literally 10 minutes after I had the thought, I got the email!!! I was so dang excited I had it ordered it on my phone before we even got to our car. My husband things I’m a lunatic. But I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      You could just feel like huh??

  22. Tammy

    My thoughts went, hmmm, maybe sunscreen, a book, sunglasses. I don’t want any of those things, well, I better buy it.

    1. Jennifer


  23. Genevieve

    Hmmm. Still can’t decide. Should just get it because I feel like if there’s a special edition box, the monthly box that month is never spectacular.

    1. Jennifer

      Have you gotten the LE ones in the past?

      1. Genevieve

        I did get the one at Christmas and loved it so I went and ordered this one! Looked at last spring’s and liked everything except maybe the sun glasses so went ahead and ordered this one.

  24. Jen

    Saw the announcement on MUT and ordered as soon as I saw the words luxury. I have loved every LE Box. I didn’t even wait for my email. LoL. It’s going to be box overload next month with my usual subs, Nina Garcia, and now this one. I think I need an intervention.

    1. Jennifer

      When does the next Nina Garcia box ship? I might want to get in on that!

      1. Jen

        It was supposed to ship in February but there was a delay and now they are shipping in March. We don’t have a ship date yet but the last box was shipped around the 12th. I’m excited for March! Should be filled with so many goodies!

  25. Allison

    I caved, too, and just ordered! I know it’s hard to send items that are one-size-fits-all, but I would love some type of clothing?..a tropical sarong or off-the-shoulder swimsuit cover up are on my list. A gift card (true, not $ off or extra $ for S & H) from a nice, new designer would be great.

    1. Jennifer

      I wouldn’t mind a fun beach bag, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and some be beachy jewelry. And a gift card for a maxi dress!

  26. Liz

    I am already having buyers remorse. I’m worried it’s going to be sunglasses (which I have plenty of) and just a bunch of other summer stuff I don’t need. I’m worried it will be summer themed instead of spring themed.

    Plus, who do I think I am? Every time Popsugar says “boo” I throw a bunch of money at them. I literally told my husband that we didn’t have enough money to go out for dinner (at Olive Garden by the way, which is not that expensive) and then I spend $100 on this?! I justify it because we each have our own personal accounts for our own fun stuff, but still…

    Oh well, maybe it will be lovely and the perfect fit for me. I think I just regret not getting the NM box (which would have been my perfect box.) so I have bought every LE box since then.

    1. Jennifer

      If worse comes to worse, you can sell the box as a whole and probably make all your money back right??? Don’t beat yourself up!! PopSugar gets us all.

      1. Allison

        Yes, don’t feel too bad. Most of the LE items have been pretty easy to sell or trade.

  27. Kate

    Caved within seconds! Let the speculation begin!

    Personally want one of those infused water bottles. I don’t care what else I get, just give me one of those. Yes I know I can go buy one but its more fun to get one in a subscription box! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up Jennifer!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! Those are pretty cool!

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