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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~First things first! If you are participating in the NCAA Tournament Challenge (and you should be), you MUST get your picks finalized today by 12:15pm (that’s what time the first game starts). ESPN locks the brackets at tip-off and if yours isn’t completed by the time it (obviously) doesn’t count. I am thinking of a prize for the winner and then a few random prizes along the way as well! Last year I did a $100 Lululemon gift card for the winner, so it’ll be something similar. I haven’t quite worked out the details on the random giveaway prizes yet, but I am working on it. So join! It’ll be fun!

image credit: NCAA
image credit: NCAA

~The Advocare 24-Day Challenge is, well, it’s going.  I’ve been following it perfectly and eating clean, but it’ll be a few more days before I am feeling amazing.  Now I just want a Diet Pepsi.  I need to scope out for some new meal ideas but that shouldn’t be too hard.  But wouldn’t you know, yesterday at Target I stumbled into Ben & Jerry’s Cores, which I have been dying to try.  It’ll have to wait in the freezer a few weeks though!  I think I am going to try and follow an 80 / 20 kind of plan after the Challenge.  80% of the time I will eat clean.  20% not so clean. I think that’s reasonable (for me).

Doesn't that look good?
Doesn’t that look good?

~I am still expecting various subscription boxes this week including FabFitFun, Escape Monthly (I am hoping that comes today), bluum, PijonBox, Loot Crate, Petit Vour, Taste for Sweets, Barkbox and probably a few more I am forgetting.   Oh, and I am still waiting on my Julep Mystery Box which is taking forever to get to me!

~After hearing about Frozen for the last few months and seeing everyone’s pictures of DVD’s the last few days on social media, I broke down and picked one up.  It’s possible I am the only person who didn’t watch the bootleg version of this that was floating around on the internet.  Anyway, I liked it.  Well what I saw of it anyway.  And I plan to watch it again without the kids around this weekend so I can really watch it!


~Congrats to Juli Zeigler, Jessie Meadvin and Rebecca Etson who won the 4,000 Likes / Thank You Giveaway!  They have been e-mailed and their prizes are headed out this week!  And congrats to Michelle Kim who won the March PopSugar Must Have Box Giveaway!!  And don’t forget to enter the Friday Night Fun 3-Month PopSugar Giveaway if you haven’t yet!

~I booked our flights for Disney this summer today!  I was looking at $800 flights during Spring Break.  This summer I got exactly what I wanted time wise for $300.  Amazing!  I think that savings is worth the summer heat / humidity!

~I don’t think we’ve discussed my obsession with Storage Wars lately, but I started watching it again and man, do I love that show.  Every time I watch it makes me want to run out and bid on storage lockers.  I would have no idea what to do with the stuff, but they make it seem so fun.  It’s like a giant grab bag!!  Love it!

image credit: A&E
image credit: A&E

What’s going on for your Thursday?  Are you as excited for the games today as I am?

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  1. I bought the Frozen movie at Target on Tuesday, and my daughter’s watched it after school on Tuesday and yesterday. My oldest daughter noticed Rapunzel when the gates were opened for the coronation.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, I need to look more closely!

    2. cindy

      I love the music and dont even have kids

  2. My sugar is wonky so I am counting everything right now. It’s making me SUPER unhappy to not be shoving my face full of pizza 24/7 right now.

    1. Jennifer

      My sugar is probably wonky too. Since I haven’t been eating any and really like sugar!

  3. Annie

    I LOVE that you are not finished with your challenge yet and are already buying ice cream for when you are done. That’s exactly what I do when I’m on a clean eating kick.

    1. Jennifer

      And I am so not even close to being done. LOL!!

  4. Jenny

    We love Storage Wars here too. Did you see that Barry isn’t doing it anymore but he has another show where he just goes out and buys interesting things. I need to watch that one sometimes. He was always the one that M and I said we think he woke up one day and said I think I’m going to buy storage units today. LOL
    I keep hoping that someone gets me Frozen for my birthday but if not I will run out and pick it up next week 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      WHat is Barry’s new show called??

        1. Jennifer

          I am going to look it up!

  5. Juli

    Thank you so much, Jen!!

    1. Jennifer

      Congrats! It’s headed out Saturday!

  6. cindy

    awsome job on the airfare girlfriend. Lovin the basketball challenge.

    1. Jennifer

      Way better!

  7. Melissa Hammons

    That peanut butter fudge core is awesome! You won’t be disappointed, especially if you love peanut butter!

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhhh, I want it so badly!

  8. Callie

    Loving the bracket challenge….but gosh this round of 64 has been crazy!! I’m loving all the upsets…(well not really bc it destroyed my bracket) but it is fun to see the underdogs come out of no where!!

    1. Jennifer

      Totally crazy! My bracket is a mess, but that’s what makes it so fun!

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