Tuesday’s Troubles

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It’s time for another edition of Tuesday Troubles. I’ve said it before (like every week), but this should be named “things i’m annoyed / confused / want to complain about”, however I couldn’t figure out how to make any of those into a snappy title, so Tuesday Troubles it is.  And yes, I do realize that these aren’t true “troubles”. I know that many of these for sure could be defined as first world problems!

~I am not going to name names (TABITHA), but whoever introduced me to “QuizUp” is going to get it! LOL! I am so addicted. That Logo category? Yeah, I can pretty much nail it. But the “General Knowledge” section? Umm, not so much. To me, Greek Mythology is not general knowledge. These are like Jeopardy questions! But I am hooked. Such a time suck. And such a rush seeing “YOU WIN” come across the screen knowing that you beat the pants off someone half way across the world! A perfect activity for when I am waiting in L’s school parking lot.

~I have realized that I must sleep with a blanket on. I must. Is this weird? B’s not like this. L’s not like this. WB’s not like this. But I need to be all snuggled up to a blanket to sleep. I think it’s more important to me than a pillow. I must know what you all do. Oh, and I am also shocked that 58% of the people who answered this poll sleep with the fan on. I had no idea it was such a widespread trend! I am out of touch with people’s sleeping habits for sure.

~I posted a while ago about how an AT&T truck destroyed our mailbox and how we can’t get it replaced until the ground thaws out. So basically we have a mailbox in a bucket on unsteady (and frozen) ground and it’s a mess. It tips over into the street, falls sideways, etc. Our mailbox isn’t designed to be stuck in a bucket and it’s rebelling. I need to figure something out before the mail person stops delivering my mail. Ugh.

~I think I just talked about it last week, but Naked and Afraid is both troubling and intriguing at the same time. This show just seems so dangerous. Like they are doing to die at any second. I get so nervous watching it. But I can’t stop. I wonder how long it takes someone to recover from this experience when they get home? I imagine it’s got to be a while?

~And finally, we were at my parents house yesterday and they had some old stuffed animals they had found in the attic. One of them was the scariest clown I have ever seen.  If the fact that this was one of my childhood toys isn’t troubling, I don’t know what is.  I may have nightmares.  So creepy.


That’s it from here for now! What’s troubling you today?

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Stacie

    I too require a blanket. And as for the clown… now I can’t unsee that.

    1. Jennifer

      I see it when I close my eyes now.

      1. Genevieve

        I agree. I had something similar growing up and now I wonder what happened to it. As in I hope my mom never sent it home with me and it’s somewhere in this house now.

  2. Carla

    I’ve never thought that I had a Tuesday Trouble but now that I have seen that clown, I AM TROUBLED!!! :-O

    1. Jennifer

      BAHAHAHA!!! Should I save it for you???

      1. Carla

        Ummm…HECK NO!!!! Clowns have traumatized me since I was 8 and watched the movie IT.

        Oh and I am obsessed with Naked and Afraid too! I would have rang that guys neck if he ruined my 2 snakes! Why do these people go on this show??? It’s not like they win money for making it 21 days. There is no way I would let millions of people stare at my naked rear for an hour with bugs and spiders and creepy critters everywhere! My one item to bring would be my passport to get me outta there!

        1. Jennifer

          For real, you would have to pay me A LOT to go on that show. That idiot and the snakes. My goodness. I think I could bbq a better snake than that.

  3. Tabitha

    Haha! Oh yes! Have you played the Mean Girls category yet?!

    Also that clown is SO creepy. Please tell me that it was just an awful childhood gift and that your parents didn’t actually buy that for you… Also please tell me your childhood consisted of some non-creepy toys, LoL!

    1. Jennifer

      No, I haven’t played that one yet. I don’t even know if it’d be fair to other people since I know that movie from front to back!

      LOL. It did!!! Lots of non-creepy toys.

  4. Tara

    Perhaps tether the mailbox down by using 3 or 4 cinder blocks tied round with string that are then tied to the mail box and then spread out. (Sort of like the concept of using stakes, but since the ground is frozen, stakes might not work.)

    1. Jennifer

      Hmm, I will have to talk to my husband and see what he thinks. Part of the problem is that they knocked it off it’s base, so it’s got a sharp sticking sticking out of the bottom which makes it super unsteady.

  5. Debbie Jensen

    I also need a blanket or blankets to sleep, but they also need to be soft. And I see with a fan on too.

    1. Jennifer

      Everyone loves the fans huh?

  6. Beth

    I need both a blanket AND a fan 🙂

    And, yeah, now the Tuesday Troubles are troubling – I cannot unsee that clown…..

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!!!!!! Who on earth thought that was a good toy for kids? My parents I guess.

  7. Anne

    I really enjoy your site! I think I’m hooked already on QuizUp. Lots of fun! Do you have any other apps you really like?

    1. Jennifer

      Just FarmHeros and Candy Crush. Those are really the only game ones I play!

  8. Jenny

    I agree I must have a blanket year round which is an issue for M in the summer. I also refuse to have the fan on unless I’m pregnant and dieing its so hot LOL so he just kindof dies.
    I’ve never heard of that game. Is it an app? I may need to get it.

    1. Jennifer

      It’s an App. And it’s super addicting!!!!

      I am exactly the same way as you. No fan. Blanket at all times!

  9. Beth

    I have to sleep with a soft blanket too. I love to have it snuggled against my cheek. As for fans, I love them during the summer. My winter thing is that I must have socks on. I grew up in the southwest (CA, AZ, NM), so I never really experienced winter until moving up to the MN/WI area. There’s a point during the year (October I think), when I just can’t get warm in bed without something on my feet. It’s embarrassing.

    As for that clown, it looks like it was made with love, but goodness it’s creepy!!!

    1. Jennifer

      I must have socks on too!!! I cannot stand when my feet get cold. It’s horrible. And yes, the clown is horrible too.

  10. Juli

    First off, that clown is terrifying! I too, HAVE to sleep with a blanket (which is one of the reasons I also sleep with a fan.) I will likely be hiding under said blanket tonight, for fear that that clown might find its way to my house. Thanks for traumatizing us all!

    1. Jennifer

      It’s so creepy. I had to see it in person which was even worse than just looking at a picture.

  11. Margo

    When you think about it very few clowns aren’t creepy, scary or both. Remember that clown from Stephen King’s It?

    1. Jennifer

      I totally agree. This one is extra creepy.

  12. Rebecca

    I sleep with the fan on. I also need a blanket. Also creepiest clown ever. I’m scared of clowns. As a child I was scared of Ronald McDonald.

    1. Jennifer

      You know, he is pretty scary looking!!!!

  13. Lorns

    Naked and Afraid is the weirdest show ever. At some point someone will die, yes?

    1. Jennifer

      I think so.

  14. Judy

    I definitely need a blanket. Even when I was in college living in apartments without any air conditioning, I had to sleep with something covering my body. I had to.

    1. Jennifer

      Totally the same. It could be 100 degrees and I still need a blanket or a sheet or something.

  15. Genevieve

    No fan but definitely a blanket, at least over some part of my body.

    Did anyone order a Memebox Lucky box and received it yet? Mine is still on it’s way 20 days later. I also ordered Box 8 I think but that’s going to be it – they take too long!

    1. Jennifer

      I can’t remember how long my #5 took. I kind of feel like it was quicker than that though!

  16. Bethany

    Haha yes!! I’m so glad you checked out QuizUp!! I found a list online of all the titles you can get and so have started marathoning categories to get the titles I want. And I definitely need a blanket to sleep! I like to be bundled up as much as possible. And um, that clown is CREEPY. Gee thanks for that pic.

    1. Jennifer

      So so so creepy.

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