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Dear My Dollar Tree, Why don’t you have the $1 rolls of washi tape that everyone else’s Dollar Tree has? Because I feel like I need you.

Dear Fancy Mystery Box, Ahhh, I can’t believe I have to wait until Monday to see what is in you. The anticipation is killing me!

Dear IKEA, Not sure what happened, but I didn’t get half of what was on my list, but somehow spent double what I was thinking. That seems about par for the course.

Dear Jelly Bean Milk, I can’t believe you even exist, but I must find you for Easter. I must. I am not sure Easter would be complete this year without you.

Dear B, It looks as if this project car is really happening. Hopefully you can hang up this new round of nail polish racks I just bought before it does because I honestly I doubt any projects of mine will ever get done once that car is here.

Dear WB, Next week you will be 2.  How on earth is that possible?  You little man are a complete ray of sunshine.

Dear Mouse That’s Living in My Garage, NEVER let me see you.  Ever.  I will lose my mind.  For real.

Dear L, I hope you have had a fun Spring Break!  I know I have and I think you have too. I can’t wait for summer!

Dear My Grandma & My Cousin Gavin, Happy Birthday!  You would have been 96 today Grandma and even though you aren’t here, I am thinking about you!  And Gavin (aka L’s bestie) today you are 12!  Eeek!  Have a great day!

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  1. Margo

    Dear Jennifer,
    I am not going to name names (you, Jennifer!) but thanks to the Tuesday Troubles – March 25th edition- I am completely addicted to QuizUp. My daughters (teenagers) also love it and keep stealing my ipad to play! It is too fun – and is now rivaling Pinterest for my daily fun/time suck/time waster. Happy Friday!

    1. Jennifer

      Ha!!!!! It is a total and complete time suck.

  2. Kara

    Is washi tape Japanese? Do you have Japanese $2 stores there? We have one here and it’s so much better than the dollar store. I’ll have to check it out and report back on the washi situation.

    1. Jennifer

      Yes it is. We don’t have those stores here. Where are you? Go and report back!

  3. kara

    Jelly bean milk, say what?! I agree with you, Easter just wouldn’t be complete without it. Now, I need to be on a mission to find this.

    1. Jennifer

      I looked at Kroger and nothing. I think Target will have it though.

  4. Margaret

    Dear Jennifer, You don’t need anymore washi tape. (JK! Happy Friday!)

    1. Jennifer


  5. Beth

    Absolutely nothing to do with this post — but can I tell you how much I love the eye shadow pallet from the April Popsugar???? Hands down, my favorite item. It came on Wednesday…..I’ve used 3 times already—- daytime Thursday, evening look Thursday, daytime Friday. Genius how they give you more of the base color. Genius.

    Still no resort box on the horizon….although at least mine looks like its moving which is more than most can say looking at MUT.

    1. Jennifer

      I think my April box will be here tomorrow. I swear it takes the same amount of time to travel through 5 states as it does to get from the FedEx place an hour away to my post office. I think my resort should be here monday??

  6. cindy

    washi at dollar tree be sure and ck the stationary biz isle top hooks thats where ours is not in crafts and i missed it several times they said it does not last long in the store but good sized cute rolls she said they had christmas ones and i missed them too shall i send you a RAK from the easter honey bunny be glad too

    1. Jennifer

      I have hunted that place from top to bottom! I am sure we have more than one around here though. I need to look.

  7. Danielle Kourtakis

    Welcome to the hot rod widows club. See you at some local car shows soon…lol!

    1. Jennifer

      Ha!!! That’s never happening!

  8. Danielle Kourtakis

    You’d be surprised at how family friendly and fun they are. Although with that said I am a gear head and have been since I was a kid. What is he getting?

    1. Jennifer

      Hmm, I think a 67 cougar? I was like baby, you already have a cougar (me)! Ha! It needs a TON of work. It’s more of a project car.

  9. Linsey

    Its funny that you should mention jellybean milk, i saw it at my local walmart a few days ago. It is next to the eggnog and butter milk.

    1. Jennifer

      Ahh, I went today and couldn’t find it! Hopefully I can find it at a different walmart!

  10. Stephanie

    Not all dollar stores are created equal. The Dollar Tree 5 minutes away from my house is pretty small but the one 9 minutes in the other direction is much larger and has a lot more.

    1. Jennifer

      Mine is really big! I need to go again. maybe tomorrow!

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