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Dear B, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I know I didn’t plan anything or get you a card (like you care), but know that I am hoping you have a fabulous fabulous day!  And since you get to hang out with the boys and I, I know you will ;).

Dear L, Umm, I know you weren’t really still that sick yesterday and I let you stay home anyway. You were milking your illness and I can appreciate that.  And I liked having a chill day with you boys. But it’s not happening again. At least not this year anyway ;).

Dear My E-mail, Why do you keep showing as new mail in the corner of my screen even know you arrived 4 hours ago? It makes so sense and is super annoying. Also, why do I have 12948 messages in my Apple Mailbox? I don’t really have those e-mails and I am sick of that giant number looking at me.

Dear My Pregnant Friend Due in Days, How about you have this baby already?  Because I am dying for some newborn snuggles.  Come on baby!

Dear Zappos, You are amazing.  It’s like you know what I want to order before I even order it.  You are the best.  And thanks to Ryan over at Fox Tales and Ponytails, I learned that you have an Outlet store.  Stop it.  I sense a field trip to KY!

Dear Prince George, You must be the most well behaved baby ever.   You are the star of this trip.  How you never lose your mind with all these strangers in your face is beyond me,  but you don’t.

Dear Throwback Thursday, You are my favorite Facebook feature ever.  It’s becoming a game of who can post the more riduclous old school picture ever and I love every second of it.

Dear Parenthood, I love you.  You are such a good show.  I still need to go back and catch up with all those seasons I missed, but I am hooked.

Dear B (again), Umm, no, I did not collect call you from jail the other day.  What?  What goes on on your cell phone anyway?  I did get a kick out of it when you called me after you got that call and asked me where I was.  Umm, the mall?  Oh, so you aren’t in jail then?  Umm, no.  Pretty sure they don’t let you sit in your cell and chat on your cell phone.  Just saying.  #wrongnumber #hopetheygotanothercall

Dear WB, Total is your last day of being 1.  Enjoy it.  It’s hard to remember what life was like without you little guy.  Certainly much much calmer.  And clearly not as fun.

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  1. Larkin

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE Parenthood! I started it on Netflix awhile back and I was hooked from the first episode! I was a huge Gilmore Girls fan and I had to get my Lauren Graham fix somehow lol. Sadly, Sarah isn’t near as quick-witted or funny as Lorelai was, but the show is still awesome! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      It is really good. I was so late to the train, but I am glad I got on.

  2. Larkin

    Ok, and I just read the jail thing. LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. Haha.

    1. Jennifer

      Ha. I hope that person got another call!!

  3. Jenny

    OMG M just asked why I was laughing. I couldn’t help it a call for jail that is awesome. Nothing that exciting here ever but recently I have been getting a ton of wrong number and telemarketing calls. I even asked M if the do not call list is gone now its been so bad. I told a lady the other day I was the woman of the house but if she didn’t know my name then I didn’t really need to talk to her and then hung up on her. I mean really.

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! I was like baby, no I didn’t just call you from jail!! I have gotten a collect call from a friend in jail, but that was in college and of course I accepted.

      I have been getting a TON of telemarketer calls. Make it stop!

  4. Alexia561

    The telemarketer calls drive me crazy! Especially the ones that act like they’re a friend and just say hi, it’s Bob. So deceitful! I usually tell them no thanks and hang up.

    Happy Birthday to your two boys (big and little)! Hope you all have a great birthday weekend!

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you!

      UGH. I cannot stand that. Mine have been recordings. You can’t even get an actual person to call me and bug me. So so so annoying.

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