PopSugar Special Edition Resort Box Giveaway!!!

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image credit: PopSugar
image credit: PopSugar

Since my box(es) are taking the LONG way (I don’t think they are coming until next week), I figured I might as well get the giveaway going for the PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Resort Box! Yep, I bought an extra one to giveaway. Come on, you knew I would! And seriously, I wanted to wait until I did my review on it like I normally do, but by the time that happens and I get the box shipped to the winner, it will be June. Okay, I am kidding, but we need to get this going! If you didn’t check out my spoilers and want to know what you are entering for (you can see pictures of them here), the box contains the following items:

~Cuyana Turkish Towel
~Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack
~Epicuren Discovery Tropical Lave
~Clutch from R. B. of McD
~Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist
~Smashbox Cosmetics’s The Santigolden Age: Double-Ended Limitless Eyeliner
~Salty Road Salt Water Taffy

The cost of the box was $100 but has a retail value of well over $300!!  Want to win the Special Edition PopSugar Must Have Resort Box?  You know the drill!  You can enter DAILY in the Rafflecopter widget below (all you gotta do is click enter) and you can also earn lots of bonus entries for tweeting or sharing and all that!  Best of luck!

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  1. melanie purcell

    going to cabo this summer to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Take me!

  2. Melissa

    Our family spends a lot of time boating, water skiing, and wake boarding at the lake in the summer- Can’t wait!

  3. Emily

    I’m planning to go to canada in the summer!

  4. Rose D.

    We are going to visit our new nephew, but that’s it.

  5. melissa

    No trips planned 🙁

  6. Kam

    No summer travel plans yet. Probably some local camping.

  7. Caroline R.

    I used the face spritz this morning randomly…I loved it but will save it for summer…It will be perfect for a refresher after beach/pool days!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question.

      1. Caroline R.

        haha, I got so excited about the spritz that I forgot 🙂 I’m headed to Costa Rica this summer!

        1. Jennifer

          LOL!!! It’s okay!

  8. jill

    We have a week in July at our cabin in the woods planned but other than that – nada! We have to pay Uncle Sam a big wad next week so there went our vacation $$. 🙁

  9. Sophie

    I wish I had a vacation planned for this summer. I do plan on making quite a few trips to our cabin, if that counts?

  10. Shawna

    Great giveaway! I really, really want this one. So envious of the turkish towel!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question.

      1. Shawna

        Whoops. My summer plans are going to Ohio to throw a gender reveal party for my sister, and then to Wisconsin for my nephew’s first bday party. Still have 3 days of vacation left and I am hoping I can make it to a beach. Somewhere, anywhere!!

  11. Gail

    Love the Towel

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question.

  12. Michelle

    I am a mother of 3 kids who could desperately use a resort getaway….Help take me away! I will wrap myself in a towel and spray the moisture mist and pretend the chaos is the sound of the ocean. 🙂

    1. Michelle

      I forgot to add any plans for vacation. We aren’t going anywhere for spring. 🙁 This summer we will rent a cabin and a boat for a week in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

  13. Gail


  14. erica

    I’m heading to California in a few weeks! Visiting family, super excited!

  15. Lesley

    I took a four-day weekend and went to Cancun in March and it was incredible! Just the break I needed from work and the weather was perfect! I would like to sneak back for another little getaway sometime this summer and get off the beaten path a little bit more this time!

  16. Sara W

    Going to Destin FL – can’t wait 🙂

  17. Kristina

    I’m hoping to visit Croatia this July! It look beautiful!

  18. Diana Kang

    Heading to San Francisco, Florida, and Catalina Island.

  19. Gail

    Michigan Bound!

  20. Chelsey

    Wedding in Las Vegas and Maine for the honeymoon! 🙂

  21. Hannah

    I’m heading to the Dominican Republic in May 🙂 celebrating my parents 30 year anniversary!

  22. Stacey

    I don’t currently have a trip planned, but I have been working on my boyfriend to go to Harry Potter World after the expansion opens!

  23. Megan W

    We are headed for the beach (Amelia Island) and to Orlando.

  24. Mandy B.

    PA for my brother-in-laws wedding in August and Orlando for a conference in July (I guess that still counts as a trip 🙂 ).

  25. Brianne

    I’m so bummed… mine hasn’t even been shipped yet. It is still “initiated” but hasn’t even arrived at fedex yet. I’ve always loved Popsugar but with the customer service (or lack there of) I don’t know if I will ever order another box from them. Its a bummer when I paid just as much as everyone else and they can’t even reply with an actual email. Oh well… I will enjoy seeing your box when you get it! I hope you have a great day!

    1. Jennifer

      Ugh. I can’t believe it is SO slow. But seriously, you will probably get yours about the same time as me. LOL!

  26. Ashley

    We’re headed to Key Largo in June to get advanced open water certified (Scuba Diving) and possibly do a tour where we get to do a baby tiger encounter, I can’t wait!!

  27. Cheryl

    We go to Cape Cod every year in July and I am really looking forward to it!

  28. Kate

    Going to New York and LA!

  29. Hildee

    Still deciding. I want to go to Cozumel, but looking like we may go to Colorado or NC instead. But living in Florida is like always being on vacation if you treat it right!

  30. Brittany MC

    I’m a grad student so no vacation for me! I’ll have to stare at the Mississippi River and pretend it’s the ocean.

    1. Mary

      You just need to be in the right grad program! Change your degree to get paid for vacations. 😉

  31. Krista

    Going to California for my daughter’s graduation trip and hopefully (fingers crossed) somewhere else (Vegas or OKC, probably) if my other daughter is invited to USA Volleyball camp!

  32. Shannon

    I’m headed to the mountains to camp on a River. 6 months pregnant. :/

    1. Jennifer

      I would probably pretend I was sick!!!!

      1. Shannon

        I plan to be very sick while everyone sets up! And probably when the cooking happens. 🙂

  33. nicole weaver

    You have the best giveaways! My husband and I are planning on going ot the beach in NJ this summer!

  34. Samantha

    I think we’re going to Atlantic City in August for our bachelor/bachelorette party! Other than that, our big trip this year isn’t until October…Punta Cana for our honeymoon! =)

  35. jmd

    Cape Cod in August!! Wahoo!

  36. Lms

    I’m in nursing school, so no summer trip for my family. My husband is a teacher so he will go to the pool every day with the boys!

  37. Debby

    Great giveaway. We will be going to Rosemary Beach, FL this summer.

  38. Monica

    Family trip a week in Atlanta to visit some family… couples get a way on a short weekend cruise to Coz on the Truimph out of Galveston… its about a 9 hr drive but not super bad for Tx… cant wait.. 😀

  39. Elaine

    I’m hoping to be able to go somewhere over the summer, but just haven’t decided where. Although, a weekend trip to eat lobster rolls along the coast of Maine sounds pretty good.

  40. Pilar

    My brother is in the Navy and his base is in Jacksonville Fl, so I’am going there this summer to visit him.

  41. Kristine

    My entire family is headed to Disney in July to celebrate my little sister’s Sweet 16! It will be an awesome gaggle of parents, siblings, nieces and nephews around the campfire at Fort Wilderness campground and I can’t wait! Plus, Mickey 🙂

  42. DeniseE

    Beach bound! And hopefully an island in the Caribbean with no cell service! =)

  43. Tandi Cortez-Rios

    Nothing planned as of yet but hope to at least take my kids to Six Flags this summer.

  44. Two conferences for me in May – New Orleans and New York City. Work, but oh so fun, with people I really enjoy! And then our annual family trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in August. My favorite week of the year at the ocean. Already I can’t wait!

  45. Lisa D

    Going to Vegas next April for the hubbys big 60th and the daughters big 21st- but nothing planned for this year 🙁 – I mean I have to really save for next years!!

    1. Lisa D

      Oh and I ma one of the delay PS peeps too! So not fair

  46. Rachel Faulkner

    Oh, such luxury!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

      1. Rachel Faulkner

        Oh, We have a fabulous family reunion planned at a mansion on the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

  47. brittany

    myrtle beach, sea isle, baltimore!!

  48. Tiffany

    This box would be PERFECT for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica at the end of the month.
    Fingers, toes, legs, and arms crossed I win 🙂

  49. Kellie

    Going home to my sorority formal this weekend!!! Then LA in May!

  50. Monica

    Also question… on ur fancy food u listed all the celeb boxes… is Tyler Florence not doing that anymore???

    1. Jennifer

      Oh no, he is. I must have just forgotten to add his.

  51. Brittany Koelmel

    I’m going to Atlantic city for my 21 birthday in august!!

  52. Lindsay

    Going to visit family in Maryland and Pennsylvania this summer. Also taking a fall weekend trip to Mackinac Island. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  53. Elizabeth A

    Going to Orange Beach, Alabama for kayak fishing, yoga & relaxing. It can’t get here fast enough!

  54. Jennifer

    Headed to China at the end of May to visit family!

  55. SMDC

    Cruising! Love it!

  56. janelle

    Heading to hilton head this summer!

  57. Mary

    I’m heading to Disneyland at the end of this month for a whole family Vacation. Then this summer I have a business trip to France, but I’m hoping my husband can join me for some extra time there. 🙂

  58. lynsey

    Going to Tampa, FL to visit the husbands family

  59. Jorja

    We are getting married in July and going on our honeymoon. Final destination is still TBD, but it’s going to be 2 weeks in Europe. Can’t wait!

  60. Hannah R.

    We’re currently planning two mini weekend trips this year. Michigan in May to visit the in laws and Memphis for my hubby’s 30th bday! Can’t wait to pig out on BBQ this fall!

  61. Linda

    Going to Destin this summer!

  62. Amanda

    No travel plans yet. But I’m in Florida, so I’ll be taking lots of trips to the beach 🙂

  63. brandi

    going to Atlanta to take my son to the airport so he can stay with friends in Germany for two weeks.

  64. Sunny

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! This spring/summer I think my family and I are doing the Panama Canal cruise! Very EXCITED!

  65. Marietta

    We are going to New Hampshire and to Florida! Cannot wait.

  66. Maggie

    the beach! 6 weeks. cannot wait.

  67. Kiley

    We haven’t planned any big trips yet for the summer (it’s been sneaking up on us), but we’ll probably go to the Brimfield Antiques Fair in May (and/or July)!

  68. Enrica H

    I am just trying to plan dates right now! LOL Most of them are easy camping trips 🙂

  69. Heather B

    No summer plans yet looking at a few different places

  70. brandy

    The towel is totally all that. I want to go to Florida. I will probably end up in Vermont. Sad.

    1. Jennifer

      Are you going to move???

  71. Lisa

    We’re looking at hawaii for the summer to celebrate my parents 60th bday!

  72. Sher

    Travelling in the region and south to the States to visit one of my oldest friends 🙂

  73. Jessica Schwarz

    We are not headed anywhere until October for a wedding, we just moved to a new state and will be getting settled into a new place 🙂

  74. Sindhu

    Sadly enough, I’ll probably just be searching for employment.

  75. Freeda

    No, I wish I did! Maybe this box would make up for it 🙂

  76. ivis

    Love everything is this box!!!!

  77. Kirstin G

    While we definitely will not be going to an island, we will be going to Colorado and Indiana! Much needed time with family.

  78. Michelle

    Maybe go on a roadtrip.

  79. Elizabeth

    So far our only plans are to Storyland (local amusement park) in New Hampshire with the kids.

  80. Maureen

    At this time we do not have anything planned. I wish we did. It has been a number of years since we traveled but perhaps some time.

  81. Brianna

    I am going to New Orleans in a few weeks, I’m soooo excited! My husband and I haven’t had a vacation since our honeymoon 5 years ago. Bring on the jazz and gumbo!

  82. Lisa

    We took a trip to the British Virgin Islands last month – loved it! No big plans for the summer (the BVI trip kind of blew our budget), so I’ll be living off of the memories of that one for awhile 🙂

  83. Rachel U.

    First family (of 4) vacation this summer to the Grand Caymans!

  84. Jamie

    We are planning an all-inclusive two to three day stay… at Children’s Medical Center. Our eight year old daughter is undergoing neurosurgery on the 23rd. Post recovery, we are planning a family trip to Galveston in June and my husband and I are going on a road trip in July.

    1. Jennifer

      Sending prayers!!!!

  85. tammy tinsley

    Staying in a cabin in Cuchara Colorado.

  86. Katie Schmatz

    I don’t have any trips planned, but it’s time to get on it. I have vacation at work that I’ll lose if I don’t use it by August. Where should I go (I live in Denver)?

  87. Vicki Levy

    Charleston and Savannah- two cities I havn’t been to yet.

    1. emily o

      Charleston is amazing Vicki! Thats where I live! let me know if you need things to do/places to see!

  88. Annie

    Don’t feel to badly about being in the second group of PS SE mailings, I was part of the first group. Mine shipped on the 28th. and is expected to be here TODAY. 12 days? really? I think Pony Express would have been faster.

    1. Jennifer

      Mine is scheduled for the 17th. LOL!!

  89. Sylvia

    I’m off to New Orleans, one of my favorite cities in the world, in a couple months! Can’t wait!

  90. Stephanie

    Not sure yet, but hoping to have a quick getaway – just the parents!

  91. Lynsey M

    We are going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for a week at the beginning of July and I can’t wait!!!!!!

  92. Nicole

    Headed to Bonnaroo in Tennessee! Can’t wait to fry to death while having an 80,000 person sing-a-long of Bennie and Jets 🙂

  93. Steph

    We’re headed to Washington, DC this summer for a few days. Hubs has never been so he’s pretty excited about it!

  94. Nicole

    Headed to Bonnaroo in Tennessee! Can’t wait to fry to death while having an 80,000 person sing-a-long of Bennie and the Jets 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhh, my husband went last year!

  95. Ericka

    I have no plans for the summer. The hubs and I are saving up to take a big trip next year.

  96. LaurenKay

    I’m heading to Cabo with my friends at the beginning of May!

  97. Avery

    Hopefully headed to NYC!

  98. Sarah

    I’m not going *anywhere* this summer, boo. I am, however, getting married so I guess that’s a wise way to spend vacation money, lol.

  99. Chris

    Somewhere along the coast. Not sure where yet, but by the beach.

  100. Juli

    We are headed to western Pennsylvania to see my grandma and stopping at a beautiful state park on the way home.

  101. Katie

    Love this! Great blog you are running!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks! Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

  102. Chris

    Heading to WI to see family!

  103. Diane F

    No big plans yet. May go to six flags and also catch a few baseball games.

  104. Sonia

    So excited! Going to San Francisco soon!

  105. Portia smith

    Our beach house in Manson, Wa!

  106. Debra

    Going home to San Diego!

  107. Jen K

    Gosh, everybody already knows exactly where, when and how they are going this summer. Me? I have no clue. I have a 6th anniversary coming up, weddings, family reunion and days off and I have no clue what we are doing. I know we wanted to do Latin America or Middle East but should I have already booked and finalized?
    OMGwaaad! I am hyperventilating now.

  108. Mandy Hillman

    I’m going to Vegas in June!

  109. Rebecca Brewer

    Not a lot of stuff planned. My parents live on the Oregon coast so we’ll get a lot of beach time.

  110. Maura

    Ireland at the end of the summer!

  111. Alexa Angell

    We are taking not one – but two beach trips this summer – YAY! Every year we do one week at the beach in an oceanfront house – it’s our team each year to just RELAX.

  112. emily o

    nowhere super nice, but I am going to Myrtle Beach for my friends bachelorette party getaway… and then Savannah (to hopefully get engaged… finally after 8 years together haha)

  113. kelly

    planning to trips to Oregon this summer, one to Ashland with my BF and one to Portland with my hubby 🙂

  114. Michelle K.

    Actually leaving for South Korea tomorrow! 😀 So excited for all the delicious fooddd.

  115. Jennifer

    Husband is going on deployment in a few months so we don’t have any vacation plans set until he gets back. Hopefully we’ll get to take a real vacation next year!

  116. Courtney Carothers

    We have some friends who work for Disney, so it’s down to Florida for us!

  117. audrey

    No travel plans for the late spring/summer yet. I’m expecting and due this summer, so that will keep us close to home. That being said we’ll probably take some day trips to local events, the beach and zoo at some point. And of course lots of trips to parks with an active toddler.

  118. Becca

    Going to Keystone, CO for a work conference. My husband is going too, so I’m excited, but also nervous to leave our kiddos.

  119. Andrea

    all of my upcoming vacations are reserved for weddings, but i am still excited!

  120. Kathy Heck

    Looking forward to a trip to the Seattle area to meet -up with relatives for a reunion in August.

  121. Sophie V

    Unfortunately, I will be working most days this summer as a server, however I do live on the beach in Maryland so my days off will be mini vacations on the beach 🙂 Hopefully will take a getaway trip to Outer Banks NC before student teaching in the fall!

  122. Eudora

    I’m going to Paris this summer – I can’t believe it and I can’t wait!!!!

  123. happi shopr

    I’m hoping we’re heading to the beach this summer.

  124. Alicia

    I don’t have any summer vacation plans as of yet but my extended family is coming to stay with us. Yikes!

  125. Vicky Taft

    Oh man, I’d kill for a vacation right about now! My beach trip just got canceled so I’m bumming out. I need some warm sand between my toes and a cool breeze in my hair while my toddler digs holes and splashes in the water.

  126. Shelly

    Only plans so far is a camping trip. In the middle of July. In Texas. Not my idea of a vacation but my sisters are begging me to participate. I will need a vacation at a resort after that.

  127. Jean Eckert

    We just got back from a Spring Break Disney trip with the kiddos, so I don’t think we will be heading any where else this spring/summer. If I get really lucky, I might tag along with the hubby on a business trip to Orlando…

  128. Nicole Hubbell Midgley

    Oh my gosh, I would love to win this!! 🙂

  129. Vicky Locke

    I am headed to Miami to visit my bestie who moved there last year!!!

  130. Kara mishmash

    I’m actually not going anywhere this summer because I’m saving up to go to Italy next summer! Boring this summer to have super awesome next summer…I’ll take it!

  131. Crystal Gregg

    I don’t have any plans to go anywhere 🙁 but I’d be up for anything!

  132. Nicole Hubbell Midgley

    We may be able to go up to Michigan this summer – the most gorgeously perfect weather! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      We try to keep the visitors happy up here!

  133. Sarah

    I hope I did all that right! I’m leaving for Victoria, B.C. to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary this month! Hooray for gardens and old pubs 🙂

  134. Amanda

    This will be the first year my husband and I haven’t taken any trips (other than the year my son was born). Does a trip to Arkansas count for a wedding? Yeehaw 🙂

  135. Brandy L.

    The only trip I have planned so far is a visit to Maine for my 23rd birthday! I’m hoping to do a full weekend instead of just a day trip this time.
    I might also be going to New Jersey for a college graduation party. I’ve never been down there, so I’m pretty pumped!!

  136. Allison

    Headed to Vegas this summer, which has become a family tradition. Looking forward to some pool time, a little gambling, a show, and great restaurants!

  137. Erin Braun

    I so wish I had ordered this box. I was totally disappointed with the Neiman Marcus box and Fall box (but loved the holiday box) so I was afraid to jump on this one. I am in love with the clutch! So many people were complaining about this one, but I think it’s great. I can buy my own sunscreen and books. I’d rather have these one of a kind items than some self tanner.

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the giveaway question!

      1. Erin Braun

        Every summer we go to Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. Ever since I was a child. It’s my favorite!

  138. Alena P

    I am hoping to travel to see a blogger friend in DC, We always go to Cape Cod in August AND we are absolutely headed to Disney World in October!! 🙂

  139. Kristen

    We’ve got a lot going on. Planning on visiting my sister in Flagler Beach FL when her new baby arrives mid-summer. We also have a week in Myrtle Beach for my daughter’s national dance competition (not really a vacation though as we will be indoors most of the time) and then followed by a week in Disney!!!!

  140. Emily S.

    So far, just planning a camping trip to a nearby lake as soon as it is warm enough.

  141. Kayla

    This summer I plan to take a trip to one of the six flags in California 🙂

  142. Ruby Yoshi

    We have a trip planned this weekend to Yosemite Park.. Very Excited

  143. Jill

    I’m hoping to take my daughter to the zoo and aquarium. She loves animals right now at 16 months!

  144. kelly tupick

    We plan on heading out to Old Orchard Beach in Maine. We try to get there at least once a year and stay for a few nights. We hope to make it out there sometime in July. Can’t wait to have some pier fries.

  145. Lynn in MD

    Headed across many states on a roadtrip to my parent’s home.

  146. Lori

    A Popsugar giveaway on my birthday! Yay!!!
    No travel plans this spring or summer as I’m finishing my masters degree and have no time. Maybe somewhere warm and tropical over Christmas!

    1. Jennifer

      Happy Birthday!

  147. SuzeeLauren

    Sadly no trips planned this summer yet – but that doesn’t mean things can’t change 🙂

  148. nichole budnick

    Arizona to visit the in laws but I hope we can get to the ocean and go deep sea fishing

  149. Karly

    We have no big plans but I’m hoping to go to the pool or lake as much as possible!

  150. Karen

    No trips planned for Spring/Summer, but in the Fall we’re planning on going to Disney World 🙂

  151. Jessie M

    I’m going to California for a week in August.

  152. Loribeth C.

    No plans as of yet for summer. I work full time for a small company and consecutive days off aside from the weekend are hard to come by. I would love to disappear to Vegas for a weekend at least, but I’m still debating if it’s possible. -_-

  153. Jessie M

    I’m going to California over the summer.

  154. Lori

    No plans for the summer but we are saving up for Disneyland in the fall!

  155. Brandy Fisk

    Great wolf lodge maybe. My husband just took a new job and we won’t be going on a big one til next year 🙁

  156. Jennifer Cochran

    No big trips planned… we’re having a baby on or around June 2nd!

    SURPRISE! So, 12 years after our last baby, we’ll be relearning how to be parents in our (late) 30’s instead of our (early) 20’s!

    1. Jennifer


  157. Kaiya

    Fingers crossed that i’ll be headed to Barbados

  158. Sarah Dineen

    Miami next weekend for a girls trip and 2 and half weeks in Maui this summer!

  159. Jo

    I’m staying with my best friend of 8 years for the week!

  160. Shannon

    No trips planned but hoping to spend a few days in Santa Cruz and head to So Cal to visit family and friends this summer.

  161. Alexis

    Sure do! My boyfriend and I are going to try and go to Washington DC and see the sites!

  162. Linda

    A trip to Vegas this summer, that’s all for now. Hoping to take more trips in the summer.

  163. chica

    This ex Army wife would love the box. I never got a getaway unless it was Army related. Love it.

  164. Kelsea Etson

    I do not have any trips planned for this summer because I am hoping that come June, I will be in the Michigan State Police Academy which is 22 weeks long!!!! EEEEK!!!!!

  165. Kristin t


  166. Angel

    I’m going to Spain for a volunteer program but no “trip-trip”s planned! OMFG I CANT WAIT TO READ YOUR UNBOXING

  167. Iris

    No trips planned just yet, but I’m definitely hoping to go to Taiwan!

  168. Teena

    Hello Jen,
    Could you please tell me what website you use to do your giveaways? I want to do a spring/summer give away of a $99 pink or yellow bag.

    1. Jennifer

      I use Rafflecopter.

      1. Teena

        I was using them until they ask me to pay.

        1. Jennifer

          Rafflecopter? They have a free option. I use the paid version, but I used the free one for a long time and was happy with it. Giveaway tools is free, but I don’t like it as much.

  169. Lindsey

    A hiking trip to Colorado for our first anniversary! Can’t believe I will be hiking up a mountain!

  170. Toni

    Going to San Francisco for a girls trip with my mom 🙂

  171. Katie

    Road tripping in the Northwest!

  172. Jennifer Schrader

    No trips planned here. We will be moving!

  173. Alice

    No trips planned 🙁

  174. Suzanne

    My nephew graduates from LSU in May so our vacation will be going to Baton Rouge for that. We hope to head on down to New Orleans for a day or two.

  175. Jennifer Straub

    I’m heading to Myrtle Beach for three weeks…so nice to be a teacher!! 🙂

  176. ashlee

    I am going to vegas over summer (i could definitely use everything in this box during that trip as well) i regret not getting it.

  177. jenny

    Uhm I’m in the hotel leaving on my cruise tomorrow. 🙂 I think my spring travel is over after this trip. Lol

  178. Stephanie

    Sadly we do not have any plans! However, we live in the Chicago suburbs so we will do some day trips to the city to see stuff. I really want to go to Mario Batali’s Little Eataly!

  179. cindy

    asheville n.c. in the fall to visit my brother

  180. Erika

    Nothing this year, but 3 vacations planned for next year.

  181. Sam Stamp

    In June I’m going with my boyfriend & his family to Cape Cod. In July I’m going with my Mom, my Gramma and my Aunt Terry to Lincolnville, Maine. I’m very excited for both trips! I’ve never been to Cape Cod and our Maine trip is one of the only times I get to hang out with my 97 year old Great Aunt Bet!

  182. G Kwon

    I’m in New York so I really want to plan a trip to the west coast…but seeing as I’ll be going to grad school soon, no vacation for me this year 🙁

  183. Cecilia Andes

    No plans yet!

  184. Adrienne

    I’m headed home to Minnesota for a family reunion. We’re going to be celebrating my grandpa’s 90th birthday!

  185. Jen

    No summer fun for me :(. Just signed up for my PhD. I start this summer semester.
    I’ll leave vicariously through my friends!

  186. laura maya

    We don’t travel during summer here in the usa… We go to Brazil in the summer there (winter here)…

  187. Niki T.

    I’m not really going much out of town, but I do plan on taking my nephew to more places like the Universal Studios, Disneyland, and Knott’s Berry Farm.

  188. megan

    Family trip to Texas 🙂

  189. Larkin

    I’m actually a huge nerd, and the only trip I have planned this summer is to New Jersey for an anime convention. Hahaha. Don’t judge! 😉

  190. sonya byrd

    Not going too far this spring/summer. Cleveland, Chicago, Cincinnati, Northern Michigan, and hopefully Saint Louis end of summer. All little weekend get away’s.

  191. miranda

    Hoping to go to San Diego

  192. Annie P.

    We’re heading out on a 3000 mile road trip to KY with our daughters…should be interesting!!

  193. Beth Rang

    We don’t have a summer trip planned right now, but if we can get a decent airfare, my son and I would love to tag along on one of his Dad’s business trips to Seattle. We did that for 5 days the summer of 2012 and had a great time.

  194. Amy

    Not going anywhere, but I like to pretend!

  195. gary

    Palm Springs

  196. brenda disimone

    I am mostly working for spring/summer but i am planning on getting pampered with a massage, facial, pedicure and manuicure !

  197. Stephanie McGuire

    Nothing too exciting this summer, we will probably take the baby camping in the mountains and I know we’re spending the week at a hot springs in Pagosa Springs!

  198. Lauren

    Vegas in the spring, Hawaii in the summer!

  199. Christina Ward

    I wish!! Man, as a busy mama of three little girls I sure would love a vacation! The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a couple hours from us and I know we will take the girls there and a couple day trips to.the beach : )

  200. Jennifer

    Hopefully we are headed to France this summer. My in-laws are in La Rochelle so we will likely spend time there but hopefully a few days in Rhone Valley as well!

  201. Jessica

    Plans include Monterey, ca and Chicago this year. Looking forward to two new cities.

  202. Heather Mari

    No plans for the spring/summer 🙁 BUT my bf and I are trying to plan a Disney Cruise for our anniversary in November! (LOL at two adults going on a DISNEY cruise but hey I’m a kid at heart!) 🙂

  203. Amy Ballou

    I live in Florence, which is an hour away from Myrtle Beach we usually go there every year, but other than that no special plans YET!

  204. Lauren

    So far we have Vegas and San Francisco planned, flights and hotels are booked. We might take another mini trip in August – it depends if we win big or lose in Vegas…haha!

  205. Nicole Whelan

    My husband and I are going to Punta Cana in June, our yearly getaway (we have 3 kids), just us! We try to go somewhere new every year, so it’s very exciting for us!

  206. Joi

    My friends and I have some adult vacations planned for NY & RI. Cannot wait!!!!

  207. Tamara

    No plans yet but I hope a beach is in my future…

  208. Shana

    Well since i am preggo, i had to cancel my summer disney trip….Will be too far along but i am looking forward to the Oprah girls weekend in tour in Houston Texas in October as an alternative!!!

  209. Aimee V

    No trips planned, Rachell and I did talk about just taking off to Florida next week! Lol and btw, I really want to win this because I didnt get to order my own, just so happens someone thought that was the perfect time to hack my debit card and steal all my money! Assholes!

    1. Jennifer

      Aimee!!! I can’t believe you didn’t order! Figures. Stupid people.

  210. Kristen T

    My only summer plans are going to my new gym’s pool every Sunday!

  211. Stacey

    Hangout music fest in Gulf Shores (not far from me) next month, Washington state, New Orleans, and St Petersburg, FL!
    Going to be a busy bee:)

  212. Charity

    Lots of beach time. Maybe lego land. There’s always so much to do in San Diego we sort of go by the seat of our pants lol

  213. melissa m

    Not planned yet, but hoping to get down to New Orleans again soon. Just looking for a weekend with good hotel rates.

  214. Danielle C

    Thinking of taking a roadtrip to Chicago to see One Direction’s stadium tour.

  215. Kristie

    We are heading to Grand Rapids for a Memorial day (stay in the state vaca), then camping (glamping) in June, then hoping to find a nice little cottage on Lake Michigan for a week in July/August. Keeping it “local” this summer.

  216. Kristin

    We go to the beach every summer for about a month. We have a 5th wheel trailer that is actually nicer than my house well it has central vac and everything has a place. We won’t be going as long this year but looking forward to SUMMER!

  217. Stacey Mc

    No plans of yet.

  218. Jenni

    No plans yet, but we’re hoping to go to Virginia to visit my fiance’s family.

  219. susana

    hopefully this summer we get to go to cancun with all the family 😀

  220. Jodi

    Taking a boat trip from Long Island to Block Island!!!

  221. Fei

    I’m going to Denver this summer!

  222. Melissa Huth

    Going to Portland, OR to visit family that moved there this spring (can’t wait to see their new house) and to the Outer Banks, NC!!! Hopefully we can squeeze in one more short trip (maybe a long weekend for me & the hubs).

  223. Sarah

    I WISH I was travelling this summer. This will be the first time in a while I haven’t been able to take a vacation. Luckily I was invited to a destination wedding around Halloween though… Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Woo hoo!!

  224. Amanda B

    We go to Ocean Isle Beach, NC every summer- LOVE IT!!

  225. Rachel Wolowitz

    I just had my 3rd baby, so we don’t have any travel plans this year, however we are lucky enough to live in South Florida, so a quick day at Disney World is always a possibility! 🙂

  226. lil


  227. Olga

    My husband is in medical school and doesn’t get a summer break this year, but we just got back from a long weekend in Vegas, which was great! 🙂

  228. caitlyn

    The only trips I have planned this summer are walking trips to the local park with the two girls 🙂 which is ok with me. I miss going camping though. Maybe in a few years we will start again. Thanks for the chance at this! I really wanted it but just didn’t have the extra money.

  229. Rebecca

    I’m making a trek up to Lagusta Luscious in New Paltz, NY. Their chocolates are to kill for.

  230. Des

    There are some plans in the works to go to somewhere in South East Asia or the Indian Ocean area. Nothing solid yet.

  231. Meredith Morris

    My boyfriend and I are going to be taking our newly remodeled RV anywhere that we possibly can! We’re thinking about trying to go to the Dakotas and Wyoming just to take in the pretty views!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, my 5 year old is dying for an RV! He’d love your trip!

  232. Kasey

    I’ve been trying to convince my family to go to Chicago for a year! Hopefully they give in. If I have to I’ll have a road trip with a friend and stay at her grandparents’ house in the suburbs.

  233. Sarah Slatter

    The beach (hatteras or outerbanks, still not sure!) and PA. Then it’s home bound till the baby comes!

  234. Eve

    Going to Evanston, IL every two weeks.

  235. Ali M

    So far I’m just traveling to the WA peninsula, but it’s our first trip in weeks! Then to the Oregon coast for a family reunion.

  236. Darlene

    I am going to Boston! It will be my first time.

  237. Aoife K

    I’ll be moving into my first apartment this summer. Not quite a trip, but it’ll sure keep me busy! 😉

  238. anne mccowan

    the caribbean

  239. Samantha

    Heading out to Minnesota at the end of September!

  240. Kristin Jesneck

    We always spend a ton of time at the lake and doing outdoor activities. I was hoping we could go somewhere new this summer, but we just bought a house so probably just a trip to the beach! Better than no vacation at all.

  241. Colleen Boudreau

    No trips planned unfortunately.

  242. Jordan M

    I have college orientation early June and then a two week vacation out to the Oregon Coast in July.

  243. Kristy

    My husband and I are leaving the kids with Grandpa and Grandma and going to New Zealand and Australia next month! Sooooo excited (except for that flight….ugh!)
    In June, I’m heading to Dallas by myself for a homeschool convention 🙂

  244. Meg

    This box seems amazing. This spring break I will be delivering my first child. We will probably be staycationing this summer, but I expect we will have lots of fun visitors!

  245. terri s

    hopefully a beach in florida late spring or early summer; just don’t know which beach yet!

  246. Amy

    No plans (yet) for this spring/summer, but BF and I have plans for Australia in Oct/Nov… which is their spring (southern hemisphere), so kind of!

  247. Erin

    I’m headed to the beach a couple times this summer and going to disney at the end of august! this box looks amazing! I can’t believe I missed out

  248. Crystal

    I don’t know that I have any trips planned, but I’m moving to Pennsylvania at the end of summer/beginning of fall. 🙂

  249. Ally

    I am headed to Portland the first weekend in May, and then hoping to do another weekend getaway sometime this summer. Maybe to Detroit or Seattle? 🙂

  250. Christina Gonzales

    We had a staycation in Chicago this Spring Break and just relaxed and swam at a local hotel. Summer trips – Cape Coral. That’s my goal anyway! 🙂

  251. e.


  252. Anna

    I love reading all your reviews- When/If I can add a subscription I’m for sure doing pop sugar.
    (Loved Golden Tote btw!)

  253. Shannon

    No Trips planned but I can’t wait for it to get nice so we can go camping!

  254. Anna

    I love summer road trips, so will probably be planning one soon!

  255. Beth

    No trips planned this summer… but I’m planning on spending a week on a beach in Mexico this fall!

  256. Shawn

    Just got home from Jamaica—-and see a storm ripped through Michigan! Miss the sun already…

  257. hillary

    I am headed to Edisto beach with my family!

  258. Jen

    The bracelet looks good even though our next trip is to Iowa.

  259. Mariluz Adler

    I’ll be traveling down the West Coast as I make the move from Seattle, Wa to San Diego, Ca (where I will be starting my first year of Medical school)! The PopSugar Resort box would be the perfect companion on this trip!!!

  260. Margaret

    Going to stay domestic this year and travel to San Diego.

  261. Tiffany G

    Planning a Caribbean trip!

  262. S

    No spring plans yet but I’m hoping to convince my husband for a late summer getaway to Cabo to bring in my 30th birthday! Love Popsugar boxes!!

  263. Diana B

    No trips for me. I wish! Our spring break was at the beginning of March so we couldn’t do anything other than a quick weekend trip anyway.

  264. kathryn

    Headed to Charleston, SC in August for a friend’s Bachelorette weekend! Then off to Vegas in September for another friend’s wedding 🙂

  265. Frances Tolley

    I’m taking students to London, Paris, Florence and Rome and then going with my hubby to Hawaii! This is a great travel year for me!

  266. Sarah

    I’m headed to LA for Memorial Day!

  267. Cassie Bennett

    I am actually planning a trip to Canada this summer with my mom to celebrate her being done with her chemo treatments 🙂

  268. Tracy

    I love this bag! I hope I finally win. Would be perfect for summer.

  269. Courtney C.

    Unfortunately, no travel plans but hopefully it warms up in Chicago to spring/summer weather and I could use all these things 🙂

  270. kristina o.

    I love the bracelet stack and the clutch. This is a great box! I am on my way to Vegas in a few weeks and Florida for a week in July!

  271. Jenn

    We’ve planned our vacations for the start and the end of summer…kicking off summer with a beach trip/house rental with some friends, and ending summer with a trip to Disneyland.

  272. Jessica Valentin

    I would really Love to go to some tropical island lol but ill probably just end up in disney

  273. Jill Banks Geraci

    We are moving to FL!

  274. Tuesday C

    Nothing too glamorous but the kids always love it, we are going to our summer cabin!

  275. katy

    I am going to Aruba in August and to Saint Simon Island next week for Spring Break! I love being a teacher!!

  276. Laura

    LOVE this box! Heading to St Croix in May and there are so many items that would be useful.

  277. christina

    I’m going to red rocks, colorado at the end of may (my first vacation in a year) and would love to have this to take with me!!

  278. Monica Maier

    A lot of summer will be by the pool or playing out side with the sprinkler! 🙂

  279. Lani Mark

    We’re headed to Disney World for Star Wars Weekend! Would love to have this special package to help feel more like a girl since I will be totally outnumbered on this trip! 😉

  280. Melissa

    Lake Sunapee this summer

  281. Allison

    We will be traveling to Michigan to visit family like we do every summer. I also hope to be able to do Busch Gardens for the 1st time. It looks fun!

  282. Amy

    I’m headed to Belgium and the Netherlands for two weeks for the first non-work related “vacation” in three years 🙂

  283. Samantha

    I’m headed to Florida with the fam and Spain with my boyfriend! First time to Europe — so excited!

  284. SW Derrick

    This is the Best Box Ever – it’s like Summer Vacay in a Box!

  285. Meaghan

    Headed to Indiana for spring break to visit family. Will head to a mountain resort in the mountains of West Virginia in June. Hope to get to Bethany Beach over the summer too!

  286. Shiree Shaffer

    We just returned from a trip to Las Vegas! But hopefully we will be able to afford a few weekend getaways this summer; I want to go to Yosemite, but I don’t think I will have enough PTO hours to accomplish that. We will just have to see.

  287. kelly t

    Wildwood Crest, NJ for 4th of July
    then a week in the Outer Banks in July and another week in August!

  288. kim

    Going to Myrtle Beach this summer.

  289. Colleen

    We are heading to Ocean City, MD and maybe Miami, FL!

  290. Tiffany

    Still discussing our summer vacation for the moment. Bf wants to head out camping…and id rather camp out on a beach or spa in florida! Def. Could use some pampering seeing that our last three vacations have been spent “roughing” it, lol. What an amazing box!! I didn’t know subscription boxes existed in Feb., but now I’m in love with them. Who doesn’t love some extra surprises every once in awhile?!

  291. Ellen Casper

    We’re going on a cruises in a month

  292. Nicole R.

    My big trip for the summer is moving my family (3 kids and a dog) from Boston to San Diego. I think I’ll need a true vacation after that cross-country adventure! Lol!

  293. Brannan

    We’re going to the south of france in May for an anniversary/birthday trip combined into one, this would be perfect!

  294. Kaleyos

    I’m **so** excited! We’re going to Germany this Spring!! I’ve never been before <3

  295. Kathleen

    I’m going on my first cruise in June for my sister’s 21st bday — Cozumel, Jamaica & the Caymans! Would be a great surprise for her!!

  296. Breanna

    Going to North Carolina for 4th of July weekend with my bf’s family! Perfect summer getaway!

  297. Katie Hart

    I’m going to my 11th year HS reunion (my class couldn’t get it together to do a 1oth), and to Boston, Seattle, and Cabo.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG it’s like we were in the same graduating class. We did a 10 + 2 (aka 12 year) reunion. We never could get out act together. Even when we were in high school.

  298. Shannon

    My husband and I are going away for the weekend! Nothing crazy special planned but we will be kid free (!) the first time ever since our oldest was born 3 years ago so I most excited to have a few cocktails and to SLEEP IN!

  299. Jennifer

    Going to Disney. With my nephew and sister! I can’t wait!

  300. Rachel S.

    Woohoo, you got your box! The threads/posts about this box are quite the debacle 😛

    I am going to NYC to visit some friends and to Cabo!! My parents are giving me their timeshare week while they go Burning Man (because they are crazy hippies and I’d much rather go to a resort than the desert).

  301. Jennifer Pittman

    Going to the beach and visiting family.

  302. suzi

    I don’t have too many crazy trips planned. Vegas twice next month. Wyoming in June. And just my sunny cali home most of summer.

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