Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. Giveaway!!!

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Nina Garcia Quarterly Co.
Nina Garcia Quarterly Co.

I asked earlier today on Facebook for you to name 3 boxes you have been wanting to try. And the answer that I heard quite often was the Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. box! So, well, I am giving one away! If you aren’t familiar, Nina Garcia is the Creative Director of Marie Clare and her Quarterly Co. Box includes cool hand picked beauty, home and fashion products. Her last box was incredible and I FINALLY just subscribed myself! And don’t worry, all the other answers are being taken into consideration for future giveaways as well ;).

As usual, all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. You can just do the easy” Click Enter” and be done option if you want (and make sure to come back daily to do this one) or you can do some of the other options to get tons of entries including the “Share” one! This box doesn’t ship until June, but I will order the box for the winner asap and it will be shipped directly to you (I mean if you win and all).  Good luck!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Kaiya McCray

    The economist

  2. rachel p.

    Parents Magazine

  3. Jackie

    People style watch!!

  4. Amanda

    Love reading people mag

  5. Jessie m

    Marie Claire is my favorite magazigne.

  6. Mandy B

    fitness magazine

  7. Kelsey

    Anything parenting!

  8. Shannon

    My favorite magazine is Entertainment Weekly. I’m a movie buff.

  9. kay

    I love Sauver. And US Weekly, let’s not lie!

  10. Denise Miller

    Food & Wine.

  11. Aimee V

    Favorite magazine has to be People. I love me some celebrity gossip!

  12. Alisha

    What a great giveaway!!!

  13. Lindsey

    I have too many that it is difficult to make it through them in a month, but probably InStyle and YOGA 🙂

  14. Jessica

    People… The crossword makes me feel smart.

  15. Heather C.

    Allure!! 😀

  16. Caroline

    Vogue, maybe? I don’t read many magazines!

  17. Samantha L.

    I love cooking light for inspiration 🙂

  18. Bethany

    Yay for this giveaway and you subscribing to NG! My fave magazine is probably The Atlantic. Or People…

  19. Kristin F

    I love InStyle and Lucky magazines:)

    1. Jessica

      I like Lucky too even though I can’t afford anything in it.

  20. ivis

    Woman’s Day 🙂

  21. Erica

    I love Elle. I love the E.Jean column and the Elle Reads picks are always quite good. Plus, gorgeous glossy pictures.

  22. my favorite magazine is probably a tabloid/celebrity news mag like US Weekly or People. I hardly ever read magazines but when I do (at the nail salon) those are my favorites 🙂

  23. melissa

    Lucky Mag

  24. Shawn

    Better Homes & Gardens

  25. Jessica

    Cosmopolitan or People magazine

  26. Eve

    Saveur and Real Simple.

  27. Barbie

    Hmm too many? All you, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Food Network Magazine, Midwest Living? I like em all 🙂

  28. Stephanie

    I love cooking so I like The Vegetarian Times.

  29. Elizabeth Fair

    People or US weekly – love some good gossip … I mean how else will I know what is really going on with the MTV teen moms 🙂

  30. Joanne

    Entertainment Weekly!

  31. Cheryl


  32. jamie

    US weekly..gotta get the deets

  33. Julie Crabb

    Food Network Magazine

  34. Stephanie

    I usually go for Cosmo.

  35. Tuesday C

    Allure & InStyle 🙂

  36. Aoife K

    No matter how hard I try to cancel every year, I’ve stuck with my Cosmopolitan. Something about it just keeps reeling me back in!

  37. Alena P

    I love ShopSmart (The consumer reports Magazine!)

  38. Leana

    People magazine.

  39. Lisa Minix

    I love reading parenting magazines & Cosmopolitan but my guilty pleasure is In Touch Weekly……. I can not tell a lie!!

  40. Elizabeth A

    Yoga Journal

  41. Niki T.

    Nail It!

  42. Shannon @BooksDevoured

    Marie Claire!

  43. Judy

    Definitely Marie Claire. I’m not big into celebrity gossip and I can only read the economist and Time for a select articles. Marie Claire is the only one that “fits” me enough to read from front to cover. Perfect mix of beauty, fashion, and real-life concepts. I’m not even a fan of cosmo. I guess I’m picky. lol.

  44. Tara

    I love us weekly! And people style watch!

  45. Mallory B

    Everyday with Rachel Ray! I’m not much of a cook, but everything looks so good and seems so easy (until I try it, at least).

  46. Jenny

    EW – I use my coke rewards to get it free and read it cover to cover each week.

  47. Bonnie

    Shape or style

  48. Sarah

    Savuer and The New Yorker

  49. Sarah

    Martha Stewart Living, People, Real Simple and the Ensign.

  50. Tiffany

    Rachel Ray’s magazine

  51. Judy L

    I love In Style & People & Elle

  52. Carly

    My favorite magazine is Glamour, love everything about it.

  53. Nikki

    I can’t pick one, my favorites would have to be Teen Vogue, Seventeen and Nylon

  54. Lauren

    I soooooo want this box. But it sucks that I can’t get points for Facebook or Twitter as I’m not on there 🙁 I want 25 extra points 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      You could signup?

  55. Lauren Seritt

    My favorite would have to be People? and maybe Cosmopolitan!

  56. Lori

    Better Homes and Gardens. And all tabloids 😉

  57. I love Everyday(Rachel Ray) and I love Vogue. I like all kinds of magazines 🙂

  58. jmd

    Real Simple!

  59. sindhu

    Fitness Magazines

  60. Tara

    I really only read Glamour, and even then I’m 3 months behind :), but I like Cosmo and Oprah too.

  61. Diana B

    I get a lot of magazines, but my favorite is Saveur

  62. Des

    Mental Floss

  63. Rebecca

    Donna Hay food magazine

  64. mspotts

    I love Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone

  65. Kathy Heck

    My Favorite Magazine is “Country Living”.

  66. Jasujo

    I love Discover! 🙂

  67. Danielle Sauers

    I have a few favorite magazines but I’d have to say that mental floss is my favorite.

  68. Hannah I.

    I don’t want to sound cliche but I really do love Marie Claire, and National Geo (Regular & Traveler)

  69. Janelle

    I love to read the gossip in US Weekly!

  70. Paula

    Marie Claire & In Style.

  71. Jean Eckert

    I secretly love US Weekly! It’s my guilty pleasure 🙂

  72. Cheryl D.

    Food Network…yummmm!

    1. Sarah

      Mine too!

  73. Jennifer

    US Weekly…. I used to think it was U.S. Weekly until my hubby corrected me…… lol

  74. emily

    my favorite magazine is wired

  75. Laura

    Marie Claire is def my favorite but I do get sucked into US at the grocery store…

  76. Emily F

    I can’t pick just one. My favorites are Cosmopolitan, the Food Network magazine, and Everyday with Rachel Ray.

  77. dv663

    I don’t have a favorite magazine!

  78. Laurel


  79. Melissa

    Allure magazine! They have great articles plus you get free samples in the mag, too!

  80. natalie

    Real Simple!

  81. Nicole


  82. Tammy

    New Yorker

  83. Adrienne W

    My favorite magazine is National Geographic!

  84. Jennifer Frank-Lopez

    I love instyle & people

  85. Jamie

    Allure and Fitness

  86. Nicole

    Love reading People or Rachel Ray Magazine!

  87. Julie B

    Lucky Magazine!

  88. Maura


  89. Kim

    Us weekly

  90. cindy

    all you

  91. Ali M

    It’s Saveur, although I try not to drool over it too much

  92. Jennifer Hodgen

    My favorite magazine is InStyle! 🙂

  93. Tammy

    Ladie’s Home Journal

  94. Colleen Boudreau

    Marie Claire.

  95. Sher

    The Atlantic

  96. e.

    nat geo.

  97. Melanie

    Sunset and Real Simple.

  98. lisa D

    I am a us weekly person. I now get it on the tablet I use yo get the mail mag but the e reader addition is cheaper and small steps to become earth friendly

  99. Sarah Dineen

    Marie Claire!

  100. Lisa

    US Weekly; love my celebrity smut!

  101. Kate Mc

    I don’t read many magazines. Maybe Bust?

  102. Nicole R.

    All fitness magazines and US Weekly.

  103. Stacie Seidman

    My favorite magazine is The Chronicle of the Horse. Favorite normal person magazine is a tie between Runners World and Cosmo

  104. Monica

    I love family fun… has lots of easy crafts to do with little ones..

  105. Iris

    FourFourTwo! (it’s a soccer magazine) 😀

  106. michele

    glamour! it has a little bit of everything… and super cheap subscriptions help add to the value. : )

  107. Ruby Yoshi

    My favorite is All you

  108. Laura

    Cooks Illustrated is the best.

  109. Karen

    I don’t really read magazines often. Ok, I’ll admit I’ll sometimes read my husband’s Maxim, lol.

  110. Lauren


  111. Chris

    People, I read as soon as it arrives.

  112. Gail

    HGTV Mag

  113. Shannon Peck

    Sunset magazine Western edition

  114. Priscilla S.

    My favorite is Entertainment Weekly.

  115. Debra

    InStyle magazine

  116. Nicole Whelan

    People! I love to look at them when I’m at doctor’s offices….seeing the celebrities in their everyday lives is always fun! Also, the fashion is sometimes ridiculous!

  117. Patty

    I love Real Simple

  118. Jenn

    Marie Claire! My mailman is a saint, I subscribe to all the fashion : Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, MC, etc, and some “lighter” reading : US Weekly InTouch, Star, etc. Its great to sit on the porch on Sunday afternoon and read through a pile…

  119. katrina

    natural health and US weekly 🙂

  120. Kristen

    US Weekly!

  121. Gina G

    InStyle – because it has practical fashion, not just runway stuff.

  122. Laura

    People magazine, in style, Marie Claire

  123. Rachel U.

    Real Simple

  124. terri s

    redbook and good housekeeping have it all. love both of these!

  125. Kathy S

    The hubby’s GQ, and Food and Wine!

  126. Suzanne S

    People & Southern Living!

  127. Diane F

    Every day with Rachael Ray and Southern Living

  128. Margo

    Real Simple

  129. audrey

    I love Fine Cooking, especially their make it tonight or 30 minute meals sections!

  130. Kristin t

    Women’s health!

  131. Courtney Cuellar

    Entertainment Weekly!

  132. Kristin

    Real Simple!

  133. Lauren

    My favorite magazine is US weekly!

  134. emiie

    My fav is Instyle magazine!

  135. Elise

    Real Simple 🙂

  136. Amanda

    Probably Fitness magazine and Glamour 🙂

  137. Danii

    My favorite magazine is step by step wire jewelry. I’m a crafty girl with a jewelry business

  138. Kathy

    I like More and Real Simple.

  139. Anna

    Mental Floss, Glamour, and National Geographic Traveler

  140. Michelle K.

    Marie Claire!

  141. Kate K

    I love Rachael Ray Magazine!

  142. Michelle

    lately my favorite magazines are the tabloid types like US !

  143. Mary

    Real Simple, most because I wish my was real simple 😉

  144. Hannah R

    My favorite magazine is Sweet Paul & Dwell!

  145. Lindsay

    US Weekly and Real Simple!

  146. Alicia

    Allure is my fav!

  147. Kristen

    US Weekly, what can I say I’m addicted to celebs and gossip.

  148. Julia

    My favorite magazine is Vogue!! love looking at high fashion even if I don’t walk around quite that way lol

  149. Melissa m

    My favorite mag is Louisiana cultural vistas

  150. Pilar

    My favorite magazine is Cosmopolitan.

  151. miranda

    I LOVE Real Simple.

  152. Vanessa F

    My fav is Lucky…. Or InStyle…. Or Vogue…

    So hard to pick one!

  153. allison

    Tie between Allure, Marie Claire and Self (although the old version of Self was much better)

    Thanks for doing this giveaway, Jennifer!

  154. Kara Mishmash

    My fave magazine is Real Simple….I love it and have been a subscriber for 5+ years

  155. Sarah

    I *love* Bust magazine.

  156. Adrienne A

    Entertainment Weekly

  157. Lisadl1961

    Vanity Fair favorite magazine.

  158. Theresa Henry

    My favorite magazine is Seventeen!

  159. Shiree Shaffer

    I can’t choose just one; Lucky, Real Simple and O the Oprah magazine are all equal as my favorite!

  160. Jill Banks Geraci

    US Weekly (and Glamour)

  161. Crystal Gregg

    Bound by Ink

  162. Lynda


  163. Enrica

    Us Weekly!

  164. Rose

    Marie Claire is the only one I subscribe to, but I also like, TIME, Wired, New Scientist, Martha Stewart Living and a few others.

  165. Bridget Heiple Reich

    People is my favorite magazine. I also really like In Style

  166. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I’m signed up for your email newsletter (just rechecked), but for some reason I’m not getting it. Your blog isn’t the only one not coming through. Is there a problem with Feedburner or just my email? Just wondering….!!

    1. Jennifer

      What did you sign up for? The newsletter or the e-mail subscription? The newsletter comes via e-mail through mailchimp and is once a week. The subscribe by e-mail is through feed burner and will send all my posts from the last 24 hours around 1pm every day via e-mail.

      1. Bridget Heiple Reich

        It’s the feedburner one. I’ve been subscribed to both for awhile and I’m pretty sure I received the last weekly one. It must just be my email that is having trouble with feedburner if no one else has complained. When I checked though, it says I’m signed up. Weird, I guess I’ll just have to keep checking Bloglovin!

        1. Jennifer

          I subscribe to both of them myself just to make sure it shows up okay. I get the e-mails daily! I can double check and make sure you are on the feed burner one???

        2. Jennifer

          Totally just looked. I see you on there under this e-mail?? I wonder if it’s getting booted as spam?

        3. Bridget Heiple Reich

          It is this email. I did receive your newsletter this morning. I check Spam every day. I can’t find email addresses to contact Yahoo or Feedburner. I sent them both twitter messages, hopefully someone can figure it out! 🙂

  167. hillary

    Food Network!!

  168. gary

    The Nation

  169. megan

    I love Real Simple.

  170. Diana Kang

    US weekly and Saveur

  171. Cheryl

    US Weekly!

  172. Yivanna

    Glamour magazine

  173. Margaret

    Sunset but I also really love Rolling Stone!

  174. Christine

    US Weekly is my favorite magazine to waste time with 🙂

  175. Kara

    People is definitely my favorite. Lots of material to get through, it comes out weekly, and it’s trashy without being *too* trashy. Love it!

    1. Jennifer

      I totally agree. If it’s in People, it’s true!

  176. nicole p

    Reached Ray, I love all of them!

  177. kathryn

    Entertainment Weekly!

  178. Beth

    Parents magazine or something seasonal. I usually don’t get magazines, but snag a couple around Halloween or Christmas for extra ideas.

  179. Rose D.

    Mental Floss! It is so much fun!

  180. Sarah

    Cosmo is a guilty pleasure

  181. Kristen T

    Entertainment Weekly!

  182. Carri

    People of course – gotta keep up on all the dish!

  183. Amanda

    InStyle magazine (and sometimes HGTV magazine!)

  184. Sara W

    woman’s world!

  185. Tiffany G

    Love my Womens Health and Food Network!!

  186. Amy

    Vanity Fair and New York

  187. Kate

    us weekly and all the trashy celebrity gossip mags!

  188. Kristine

    I *try* to only read magazines when I fly or I’m doing something like getting a pedicure…otherwise they would take over all my time- they are so addicting!!
    My go-to’s are; Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, The New Yorker and OK (and OK Britain….guilty pleasure!!!!)….I also love Travel and food network (even though I can’t cook!)

  189. Tori

    I’m a diehard People mag reader, but I also love Marie Claire, Glamour, & SHAPE, too!

  190. Mary Ann

    I don’t read magazines often, but I like Real Simple and Tea.

  191. Lynsey M

    People for sure!

  192. Lori

    I like Parents magazine and Shape too.

  193. Jen K

    Reader’s Digest, actually! Then I grab stuff like Cosmos and similar from time to time.

  194. Susan

    Real Simple

  195. Kellie

    Cosmo. Its just… a guilty pleasure…

  196. Hildee

    Marie Claire. I used to love DOMINO (Lucky for home design) before it closed. I think it is back as a quarterly, and I’m going to check since you poised the question.

    1. Hildee

      Yikes. $47/year for four issues. I think I’m going to sign up to test out Next Issue to get mags on the Ipad.

  197. Sara

    Oprah magazine!

  198. Abby


  199. ana ebright

    National Geographic

  200. Michelle

    Hmmm…tough choice! Probably Allure or Glamour!

  201. Ericka

    I love my smut mags! People, US Weekly. I also love Entertainment Weekly.

  202. Abbi B.

    People Magazine is my guilty pleasure! I have a weakness for celeb gossip.

  203. Riann

    National geographic is my favorite all around pick. Allure is my favorite beauty mag, people is my favorite guilty pleasure mag and Travel and leisure is my favorite travel mag.

  204. Kelsea Etson


  205. Courtney Carothers

    Women’s Health!

  206. Stacey

    Guilty Pleasure: Cosmo. It is just so entertaining!

  207. kristie

    HGTV magazine

  208. Madelyn

    It’s a tie between Lucky and InStyle.

  209. Marietta

    People and Real Simple. Total me time.

  210. Natalie Rose

    My favorite magazine would have to be People!

  211. Rust

    Southern Living is my favorite magazine.

  212. Summer


  213. Noelle B.

    I don’t read many magazines these days! Maybe Science…or Nature…

  214. MJ

    Definitely Cosmo and People!

  215. Stephanie

    Real Simple!

  216. Amanda Buccieri


  217. Ros


  218. Shawna Landers

    I have so many that I can’t just choose one. I use the Next Issue app on my Ipad and I love it. This way I don’t have to choose. LOL Lucky, Food Network, HGTV, People, etc…I love them all…

  219. Kalli

    It is definitely a tie between Travel and Nation Geographic. I have a serious love for photography and travel!!

  220. Helen

    My favorite magazine is Entertainment Weekly. I love pop culture!

  221. Laura

    Better Homes and Gardens

  222. Annie P.

    I’m loving Country Living!

  223. Heaven

    I love People and Parents!!!!


    my favorite magazines are food and gardening magazines.

  225. Julie S

    I love US Weekly for an escape. 🙂

  226. RobertAnn

    I’m loving Self right now!

  227. Gabby G


  228. Krysta

    Well, that’s difficult to say because I don’t read a lot of magazines. The one I’m currently subscribed to is Cosmo, but I’m pretty over how petty it is. I think I would rather read something about fashion trends or anything educational.

  229. Melissa Kreindel

    My favorite magazine is Mental Floss. But my secret favorite magazine is Cosmo or Glamour. I tend to get those when I’m on a plane.

  230. Drusuna


  231. jill


  232. Jen Miele

    TV Guide & People Magazine. =)

  233. kelly t

    Travel and Leisure

  234. Alexa Angell

    People or US Weekly is my guilty pleasure 🙂

  235. Allison

    The ones I’m getting now are Real Simple and Rachel Ray.

  236. Sarah

    Did you see that the first item for the box is worth $100 all on its own?! Eeeeee!!

    1. Jennifer

      No! Point in in that direction!

      1. Sarah

        Its on her Facebook page!

        1. Jennifer

          Just saw! What do you think it is??

      2. Sarah

        I have a guess and I seriously hope I’m right because if I am I would die of happiness. It’s probably some kind of skincare since she has included that in all her boxes but here is my hopeful guess since she said it was $100 and NetaPorter is one of the places you can buy it:

        1. Jennifer

          That would not make me sad at all. Love it!

  237. Brandie Cox

    Real Simple

  238. Ashley

    My favorite magazine is Food Network Magazine, always has some great recipes!

  239. Katy M

    Super excited to see what’s in this box!

  240. Misti Wery


  241. Alicia N

    I am obsessed with People magazine and US magazine! Gotta get my celebrity gossip fix every week 🙂

  242. Sarah

    Real Simple

  243. Genevieve


  244. Erin

    I used to like glamour but it lost substance – I like my travel magazines!

  245. Erin

    New Beauty or Cosmopolitan!

  246. Debbie BJ

    Allure or any health and beauty mag.

  247. Amanda

    Southern Living

  248. Janaya

    I love cosmopolitan and people magazine!

  249. Alice

    Real Simple

  250. wisconsin gal

    Marie Claire!
    Although the times I usually purchase it, airport, when traveling for work. Still. Magazine has a nice mix of content.

  251. Diana Kang

    Love US weekly!

  252. Tracee

    Dwell and Rolling Stone

  253. Annette

    My favorite magazine is Southern Living.

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