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You know the drill, I am stealing Jen’s Sunday Sentiments button and idea and making it mine tonight!

~Happy Mother’s Day! I hope everyone had a great day today! B let me sleep in and then had Starbucks waiting when I woke up! The rest of the day was spent enjoying the sunshine, watching the kids play outside, eating fro-yo and just relaxing. It was fabulous. B bbq’ed hamburgers for lunch and we are having a Plated meal for dinner. It was my kind of day for sure.

There was also some cruising today.
There was also some cruising today.

~Did everyone see Kim K’s wall of flowers on Instagram? What does one do with a wall of flowers? It would be super cool to get your picture taken in front of at a wedding or a shower or something, but just like to have in your backyard for a bit? I don’t get it. They are all going to die in a few days right?


~I was planning on doing a little shopping this weekend for some summer stuff for the boys, but never got around to it so that needs to happen next week for sure. I did place a thredUP order, but that was mainly shorts for WB. Last years shorts are pretty beat up and this years shorts are SO long on him! So fresh shorts it is!

~I mentioned last week that I picked up some LUSH Ocean Salt and I have used it a few times since I got it and OMGLOVE! It smells amazing and I was expecting it to be more salty than it is. It’s actually a perfect blend of creamy and salty and is this fun blue and white color. Totally recommend. I am also loving the Anatomiclas – Puffy the Eyebag Slayers that came in a Glossybox ages ago.  I kind of forgot I even had one of these left until this weekend.  FABULOUS!  I swear I saw this brand at WalMart a while back.  Can anyone confirm this?

So good.
So good.

~Does anyone have a pair of Tieks? I have been eyeing them for ages, but they are so expensive.  So expensive.  But they seem perfect.  I hope one of you has some and reports back!  I need to hear some reviews from people I know!

Do I "need" these?
Do I “need” these?

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That’s about it from here tonight! How was your weekend?

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  1. Debby

    I have a pair of Tieks and love them. They are so cute and the packaging is beautiful when they arrive. I did feel like they needed a little breaking in, but very comfortable now.

    1. Jennifer

      OKay, no one seems to have anything bad to say, so I may have to do it!

  2. Jenny

    Sounds like you had a great day. I got to sleep in until about 9 which was Awesome. Then we went to PDQ for lunch and came home for the boys to play. M has to work tonight but the boys are already getting ready for bed so I’m going to do some surfing and blogging and then hopefully watch Once Upon a Time finale. This week is the upfronts so I need to be on my TV game 😉

    1. Jennifer

      That sounds like a great day!!!!

  3. rachael

    Yes I love tikes, I have allot, they are worth every penny, very well made, and the soles are comfortable, and so many cute colors!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks! How long have you had them?

      1. rachael

        Tieks lol my auto correct keeps fixing that lol. Ive had most of mine over six months. I sort of went on a shopping spree and bout allot of pairs (allot) and I’m the type of person who only wears flip flops and hates shoes. But I love this shoe! At first you do have to break them in they are leather after all but they mold perfectly to you feet. I have dedicated one of my pairs my favorite (fuchsia) to the pair I wear for everything after I scuffed them up during a hilarious drunk tumble. I walk my dog for miles in them, I have worn them on the river, covered them in mud from the construction in my back yard, clean them off and they are in awesome condition, and I have beyond used and abused this pair. And also I don’t own a care I walk everywhere and now I really only wear TIeks. And to speak on the companies costumer service they sent me a valentines gift box, so sweet, it literally made my day/year! Lol I should sends you some pics what email?

        1. rachael

          Lol car not care

        2. Jennifer

          OMG yes, I want to see that!

  4. Rachel

    Tieks are amazing!!! I have 3 pairs. The price used to be more affordable (still expensive, but the cheap pairs were at $140…now the same pair is $175). There is a holiday sale every year around Christmas where you can get 20% off, but it’s the only sale that I know of that they have. To me, they’re definitely worth it, as they’re the only flats that are consistently comfortable and packable.

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t know if I can wait till christmas!!! But that is good that you give them a good review because I am dying for some.

  5. Laura K

    I’ve been telling myself for four months that I can live without a pair of Tieks, but the colors are yummy.

    1. Jennifer

      I have been lusting after them for a year! I need!

  6. Bethany

    Ah! I have been wanting a pair of Tieks forever, but agreed–very expensive. The husband just got a new job so I’m hoping to be able to justify them in the near future. I will have to come back to this post and scan the comments to hopefully hear other people’s reviews of them!

    Sounds like you had an awesome day with your family! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    1. Jennifer

      SO expensive. Although I have been lusting after them for a year, so it’s not really an implusive buy. Does that make it better? LOL!

      Happy Mother’s Day to you! I hope you had an amazing day!

  7. Sarah Dineen

    I absolutely love my Tieks. They are my favorite shoes in the whole world. They are expensive, but completely worth it.

    1. Jennifer

      You all have talked me into it!

  8. Jessica

    Yes – tell me more about Tieks! 🙂 I’m a true 6.5 – do I go up or down for sizing?! Great post!

    1. Jennifer

      No idea! Everyone says amazing things, I may have to go for it!

  9. Shelby

    No pair of flats can be worth $175!!!!!!!!! Thats insane.

    1. Jennifer


  10. Jenn

    I work at a preschool and recently in March went from 2 days to 5 days until the end of the school year. As a reward to myself I bought myself the hot pink Tieks and I love them. I did have to break them in but now I love them. They are my happy shoes!

    1. Jennifer

      Okay, you all talked me into it! I am ordering tonight!

  11. Amanda

    I just got my first pair of Tieks and I’m in love! They’re my new favorite shoe!

    1. Jennifer

      I just ordered! What color did you get??

      1. Amanda

        Ballerina Pink! What did you order?

        1. Jennifer


  12. Katrina

    I totally just thought that flower wall was a picture of a giant rice krispie treat. I’m a little disappointed….

    1. Jennifer

      That would have made me think Kanye was pretty cool!

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