So What Wednesday

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This week I am saying So What If….

~L can blow out candles on a cake better than I can.
~I bought a Mystery Ring candle from JewelMint just to see what ring I’d get and I am burning it as fast as I can to get to the ring.
~I am super annoyed I cannot find the Fruit Punch Oreo’s anywhere.  They found so gross and I would likely hate them, but the fact that I can’t find them makes me want them even more.
~I want someone to start a subscription box that sends a different candle, lip balm, hand cream and gossip magazine every month.
~While at the mall last night both of my kids stopped in place directly outside of the Apple store and pretty much just stood there with their mouths open.  Happens every time they see it.  #doesittometoo
~WB flips through all the shirts in his closet going “no, no, no, no,” until he finds something he likes and then he yells “OH!!!!!!”.
~I can’t stop sending B insane pictures from the Perfect 365 app.  So silly.
~I just put out a Christmas hand towel in the downstairs bathroom.  I’m either way early or way late.
~I forgot to get eggs to make L a cake yesterday while I was at the store.  After returning from making a special eggs only trip, I realized I also didn’t have oil.  I was almost too embarrassed to go back to CVS, but luckily my neighbor saved me with some!
~It took me two hours to fold and put away all our laundry from last week.  I still refuse to do it more than once a week though!

That’s it from here. What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. Emily K

    I saw fruit punch oreos at walmart over the weekend! They totally sounded gross and I had no desire to get them at all!

    1. Jennifer

      I will have to go! They do sound gross though.

  2. Jen

    Please start that sub box! You already have a subscriber!!! 🙂

      1. Jennifer

        I have been meaning to try them!

  3. Blair

    Did you know on the Sephora beauty boards they have traveling makeup boxes? Everyone takes out what they want and then fill it back up with their own and then send it off to the next person. pretty cool if you ask me. Speaking of boxes…my Allure box was scheduled to arrive yesterday and well the UPS guy came…and then he left…with my box because there was no one home. I totally thought he would just leave it and then it would be like Christmas when I got home. ohhh well I signed that slip this time so he could leave it.

    1. Jennifer

      I did not know that! What boards is this on?

      And OMG, I think I would have cried if my UPS man did that!

        1. Jennifer

          Cool! Thanks!

  4. Haley

    Definitely random, but I ordered the Allure Beauty Box last week (received it this week it’s ah-mazing!!), but they charged my card twice. I almost never check my statement, but this time I did and caught it. You may want to check, just in case!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh, I will need to check! Thanks!

  5. Sarah Srsen

    LOVE the idea about the subscription box with the candle, lip balm, hand cream and mag! I would buy that!!

    1. Jennifer

      Seriously wouldn’t that be fun???

  6. Bethany

    YOU should start a sub box someday! 🙂 Though I think the idea sounds fun, but I wouldn’t be able to handle unhappy customers.. The image of WB going through his closet like that makes me LOL. Cutie!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh I would never be able to handle the complaints!! Or get the boxes out in a timely manner either. I would have trouble with that!

  7. alyssa

    I found the fruit punch oreos at Walmart last week while I was up in Pennsylvania. I couldn’t tell you if they are good as I only had the filling the cookie parts were eaten by the geese begging for them outside my grandma’s trailer lol. Luckily i still have some left too bad I have a stomach virus now 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      Oh no! Feel better!!!!

  8. Blair

    PSSTT! the Safe sun is available for the public to purchase now!

    1. Jennifer

      Eeek! Thanks!

  9. Kelsey

    After I got into a fight with JewelMint, I’ve gotten in to Diamond Candles. The smells are rocking and the rings are typically pretty fun.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. What was your fight?

      1. Kelsey

        I bought a version of the for Audrey earrings… received a shipping notice – never got them – called them, they told me the shipping notice was for the free gift and not the earrings and they were on backorder. I was cool with that, waited another month or so, got another shipping notice – got super excited.. about half a day later I got an email stating that they were unable to fill my order and were refunding my card. Keep in mind this was AFTER the shipping notice was received. I had been a member for 2-3 years at this point as well. I called them, expressed my frustration as nicely as I could … and the girl pretty much said “too bad, so sad.. we’ll do you a solid- don’t bother mailing back the free gift- you can keep it as a courtesy”.. which made me even more livid.. I mean come on – they were expecting me to mail back the nail polish after they held onto my funds for a month … and sent me a shipping notice for something that wasn’t coming? It makes me sad because I love a lot of their pieces and miss it and would love to order again.. but ehhh not worth it.

        tl;dr – they’re sketch.

        1. Jennifer

          She did not say we’ll do you a solid for real did she? LOL! I would have been so mad.

  10. Elizabeth

    I hate laundry! I’m gone 10 hours a day so I never do it during the week. Then I spend hours on the weekend doing laundry. Every week I say “next week will be different”, but it never is 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      HATE IT. I just said to myself tonight – ohh, maybe I will do a load of laundry before bed. ha. Never happening.

    1. Jennifer

      How cool! I could totally load that thing up!

  11. Laura

    Can I just say that I love your blog? In searching for reviews, I won’t lie- I’ve passed your blog a million times thinking that because you’re a mom and I’m not, I wouldn’t get anything out of it.. but your reviews are very thorough and the best part is that you seem to review EVERYTHING I WANT TO TRY! Which is great because I don’t have to go to 500 sites to find reviews. So I’ve been reading the life out of your blog lately. Sorry if that seems weird, but I bet I’m not the only one.

    I haven’t heard of Fruit Punch oreos, but I still kick myself for not buying the banana oreos when I saw them a few years ago. I have never seen them again, and I love banana flavored pretty much anything!

    Also, my birthday was this weekend and I could not blow out the cake candles. Fortunately, my 4 year old niece was there to help me.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I am cracking up. I am fun too I swear. Ha!

      Banana Oreo’s? How did I miss those? I need to find those Fruit Punch ones. I will venture to WalMart if I have too.

      And OMG the candles. I can’t even blow up a balloon without stopping in the middle. It’s insane! My 6 year old wasn’t even winded.

  12. Jenny

    You should be a subscription box consultant 🙂 That would be an awesome title. LOL
    I had to stop while at the mall yesterday and take a picture of the walls around a new incoming store since it said Microsoft. I wonder what they will carry in store. This btw is right down from the apple store. LOL N still talks about the day we walked by the apple store and people were queued up outside. I don’t remember what they were releasing but he thought that was just crazy.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, I have seen those Microsoft stores. It’s like apple, but with microsoft tablets and stuff! LOL!

  13. Sahrae Ganter

    I have to say, I just found your blog tonight and I’m in love! I’ve been reading through all your posts, You definitely have a new follower! 😀

    By the way, I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of Jewelry In Candles but i’m actually a representative and we are similar to jewelscent/diamond candles but we let you choose your jewelry type and size and everything is made in the US 🙂
    If your interested at all I have a website

    1. Jennifer

      I love jewelry candles! I will check out that link. Thank you!

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