PopSugar Must Have Box Review + Coupon – June 2014

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Cost: Monthly Boxes: $39.95/month.
Ships To: United States
June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box

Eeek!! My June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box is here! I had my fingers crossed it would show up today and was thrilled when it did!

If you aren’t familiar, PopSugar Must Have Box (which is probably my favorite box ever) is an exciting monthly box full of fun, must-have picks across fashion, beauty, home decor, fitness, and more, which is delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Boxes include full-size products and premium items including tried-and-true classics, celebrity favorites, and brands consumers have yet to discover worth over $100!

June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
The Box

PopSugar Must Have Box ships via FedEx Smart Post.  Generally my boxes take about a week to arrive from them, but this one arrived in only 5 days which I was totally thrilled about!

June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
First Look

PopSugar changed up their boxes, packaging and information cards a bit this month.  It’s usually pink tissue paper, but they switched over to white which is awesome because it looks better in pictures (for me).

June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Second First Look

This month’s box was heavy and packed full of goodies!  Everything was packaged perfectly and fit very nicely in their new boxes.

June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
The Information Card

As you can see, the information card got a revamp as well! I love the new style with the collage image and descriptions.  The June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box was inspired by “Beachy Hair, Citrus, Sand, Sun, Surf, Backyard BBQs, relax, unwind, read and Stripes.”  Here is what was included:

~The One & Only by Emily Giffin ($16.52): I read this book last month and while I am in still in shock at how it ended, I thought it was an incredible book.  I love Emily Giffin and love that PS included this in here.  I also am thrilled that now everyone who subscribes is going to read this one so we can all discuss it!

June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Emily Giffin’s The One & Only

~Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion ($24): The scent on this one is a lot lighter than I was anticipating and I like it a lot.  Like a lot a lot.  I may end up trying to trade for more of this!  It’s light and would feel great on the skin after a long day at the beach.

June 2014 PopSugar Must Have
Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion

~Turkish T Mykonos Breeze Towel ($32): I am just getting into turkish towels and love the color and stripes on this one.  I really like that it’s fancy enough to wrap it around your waist at the pool or beach when you are running to grab a fresh drink and that you can also use it as a wrap at night with a sundress.

June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Turkish T Mykonos Breeze Towel

~You Smell Lemon Verbena Aloe Wet Wipes ($6):  Summer is hot and you get sweaty.  There isn’t really much you can do to get around that, but if you throw these in your bag at least you are prepared and will smell fresh after a long day.

June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
You Smell Lemon Verbena Aloe Wet Wipes

~Lollies Basics Hair Ties ($8): LOVE.  These would be cute as a bracelet or a hair tie!  And since I typically have a hair tie on my wrist I will be using them for both purposes.

June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Lollies Basics Hair Ties

~One Potato, Two Potato Hawaiian BBQ Chips ($2): I haven’t gotten a chance to try these yet, but we’ll all sample them tonight.  PopSugar packed these under the book in their own little cardboard case so there was no chance of them getting smashed which I thought was very smart thinking this month.

June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
One Potato, Two Potato Hawaiian BBQ Chips

~Native Union Gift Card ($15): I am not totally familiar with Native Union (although we did get a Monocle from them in the Men’s PopSugar Holiday Box) so I am not sure what we will end up spending this on.  Or if we will spend it at all.  We use our Monocle all the time though so maybe will we grab another?

June 2014 PopSugar Must Have
Native Union Gift Card

All totaled I came up with a value of $103.52 for the June 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box.  I flat out loved this box.  I totally think they hit it out of the park with this one and couldn’t be happier about it.  Incredible box and so so worth the $39.95/month cost.

What’d you think of the PopSugar box this month? If you haven’t subscribed yet, click here and make sure you use “REFER5” to get $5 off your first box or  “JUNESELECT10” to save $10 off a 3-month subscription! You subscription will begin with the June (this box) which I think is awesome. I am *this close* to picking up another one for a gift!

And if you want to win this box, you happen to be in luck, because, as usual, I bought an extra to give away to one of you!  You know the drill, enter in the Rafflecopter widget below and use your special entry link to share for extra entries if that’s your thing.

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  1. Karen

    I love the towel!

  2. Elizabeth D

    I love the turkish-t towel! How cute! This month’s box was awesome!

  3. Kiraa

    The hair ties! I neeeeeed those

  4. Alexandra Lewandowski

    The Lollies hair ties look so perfect! I am always in need of a hair tie, and being able to wear it as a cute bracelet would be the best!

  5. PGT

    The Turkish T Beach Towel is my fav from this box!!!!

  6. Nicole

    The Turkish Towel looks adorable, love the color!

  7. Tuesday C

    I love the Turkish Towel, it looks very versatile! 🙂

  8. Roisin D

    Loving the hair ties.. they are adorable.

  9. monica

    would love this because this is the first month i couldnt afford to buy the box!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the question!

  10. Erin

    I like the hair ties =)

  11. SMDC

    The Turkish towel!! I want to only use these!

  12. Margo D

    Hair ties and lotion!

  13. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I love the book and the hair ties the best! 🙂

  14. Mindy

    I like when they have books that are interesting.

  15. Sahrae Ganter

    I like the whole box..haha. I love those hair ties though, and the towel <3
    Fingers Crossed!

  16. Rose D.

    I love that towel!

  17. Cassie

    I really like the Turkish towel! The colors on yours are so fun and it looks so light 🙂

  18. Haley

    The Emily Giffin book! I have been wanting to read it!

  19. Sarah

    I’m so excited for the book. SO EXCITED. I haven’t even read the jacket because I want to read it in person. I just LOVE that they included a book. I know I’ve already said that, but I just think it’s so cool. I remember seeing how they included The Devil Wears Prada last summer and I was so jealous I didn’t subscribe during that time!

    Mine is now estimated to be here on Friday, when it was supposed to be tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll be surprised and it will show up early, too. 🙂

    Excited to smell the lotion!

    And, yes, it is so very thoughtful how they package things…

  20. Jenny

    hmm toss up this month between the turkish towel and the hairbands. Both are so fun and fresh looking I just can’t pick.

  21. Hannah

    I’d love the book since I read during every minute of free time that I have. Or the towel because it’s so cute

  22. brandy Fisk

    The towel and the hair ties!

  23. Julie

    the body lotion looks great!

  24. Candice V

    Looks like a good box to win!

  25. Sarah

    Also, I was going to say that I was fairly certain that I wouldn’t use the Native Union gift card, but I’m kind of intrigued by a monocole and that it could just plug into my iPhone. I like the idea of going on my treadmill with that going vs. having my armband on with my ear buds. Hmm!!!

  26. Ashley

    Love the hair ties!

  27. Crystal

    Those hair ties are so cute! I always have a hair tie on my wrist so these would be perfect! =)

  28. Jennifer Sharpe

    So, maybe I am just not good at understanding tech things, but I don’t understand anything on the Native Union website!!! Are the items only for iPads and iPhones? Can anything on there be used with Androids? Not quite sure what’s what on there, so I will probably end up swapping this card!

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t really know anything about androids??

  29. Gina F.

    That towel looks adorable and I’m dying to smell that lotion!

  30. emiie

    The turkish towels!!!

  31. sara w

    Love this box! Except the lotion….if you want to trade something for it, just let me know 🙂

  32. Mandi

    I love the towel the best.

  33. Dawn

    The citrus body lotion sounds divine right now. My skin is so dry 🙂

  34. Shawna

    I want the towel! The whole box is perfection.

  35. Tracy Thompson-Parker

    I LOVE those hair ties!

  36. Alisha

    I love this box. Would love to have a set of these towels! Let the trading begin 🙂

  37. Gina H

    The towel looks to be hands down the best item in there. Any chance of an unrolled shot?

  38. Loren Kelleher

    I don’t really understand the concept of the Turkish Towel, so I’d like one to try it out!

  39. Beth

    Friday is my son’s last day of school. I’ve been working on filling up my pool bag because that’s where we spend most days. I think everything in this month’s box will go perfectly in there! I’d love to get another one of those towels! I’m so excited to try one!

  40. Jen K

    So many goodies!
    I want to try the You Smell wipes, hair ties and read the book.

  41. Maura

    I have been wanting to read The One & Only!

  42. Krista

    I guess if I *have* to choose only one thing, it would be the towel. But I can’t wait to read the book and I also love the hairties. And the lotion! This month’s box is AWESOME!

  43. victoria van sickle

    The lotion. I LOVE lotion. It’s addicting.

  44. Tara

    So I really like the whole box, but a great new book is always fantastic!

  45. Brandie

    The Turkish Towel!

  46. Debbie Richardson

    I love the Turkish towel and my oldest daughter really wants to read the book.

  47. Maggie

    Oh, I would love, love the book!

  48. audrey

    I love citrus, so I’d have to say the lotion for sure, but the towel is also awesome!

  49. Mandy Hillman

    It’s a tie between the towel and hair ties!!

  50. Karen

    Everything! This is one box I wish had gotten!

  51. Zong

    Everything looks so good! But lotion! Can never get enough of those! >w<

  52. Jill Banks Geraci

    The towel!

  53. kathryn

    That lotion sounds heavenly! There was a nivea lotion that I looooved that sounds a lot like it, so I’d be interested to try it out!

  54. Christina

    I’m loving those hairties!!

  55. Sara

    I can’t wait to get this box! I am so excited for ALL of it! The Turkish towel will be perfect for my trip to Florida!

  56. Jaclyn

    I would love to have this box, I will definitely be asking for this subscription as a gift for Christmas, agree that its one of the best subscriptions out there!

  57. Lori

    The book.

  58. Mary

    I love the hair ties and I always have one around my wrist so those would be so cute!

  59. Laura Knight

    I love the whole box! My favorite it’s the hair ties!

  60. Lynsey

    The Turkish Towel!! I love the one I have from the Resort box and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

  61. Caitlin

    The whole box looks amazing (and of course it’s the month I cancel) but my favorite part is definitely the towel. With a close runner up of the hair ties.

  62. Catherine Faulkenburg

    The book is on my to read list so I will go with that for my choice. But it all looks like things I would use.

  63. Nicole

    The hair ties. So cute! I’d love to try that body lotion too.

  64. ChyRisse

    What do I like? Oh, so many things. I want to try one of the Turkish towels. I have a friend that swears by them and I always say I’m going to get one. Still haven’t! I need a good read. All I seem to read is kids books with my kids. I want to get back to me! The wipes and hair ties would be in constant use between me and my dancing athletes. This is a great box! Makes me want to re subscribe.

  65. Sasha

    love the name on the wipes – would buy them just to own the box

  66. Teresa

    I love the sound of the lotion!

  67. Erin S.

    It is a tie between the book and the towel (although I am scared of the ending now….)!

  68. Shannon

    love that towel!

  69. Amy S.

    I totally love the towel, & the lotion. The hair ties are totally cute too, like nothing I have!

  70. Stacie

    Tough to pick a favorite! Probably either the book or the hair ties.

  71. Mary Ann Mensching

    I think I’m most excited about the Turkish towel. I’ve never had one!

  72. Stacey

    The towel! and the book! all of it! hahaha

  73. Crystal Gregg

    I’m thinking the lotion!

  74. Ashley

    I think I would love that body wash, and the book too!

  75. Beth

    the towel

  76. Jess Kent

    I am excited about ALL of it (except the lotion–I’m allergic to oranges, so I’ll probably end up giving it away or trading it for something), especially “The One and Only”. I’ve been putting off purchasing it, and I’m PUMPED that this month PopSugar killed two birds with one stone for me. 🙂

  77. Erin H

    The book would be my favorite. I have been waiting to read that from the library. The towel would be my second choice.

  78. Karen German

    The scent of that lotion seem perfect for summer!

  79. Lanie

    The towel-especially in that color.

  80. Tanya

    The Turkish towel is my fav!

  81. Sophie V

    The Turkish towel, hair ties, and book!

  82. Kesha

    I love the book, hair ties and the towel!!

  83. Dasha

    Hair ties!

  84. Sara

    The towel seems fab!

  85. Beth

    I would love to get another towel!!

  86. Caroline R.

    The turkish towel!! Although I’m rather intrigued by the book and the coupon to go towards a monocle!

  87. allison

    I like the hair ties the best!

  88. Alexis

    I would love to read that book! I’m a book nerd 🙂 especially in summer!

  89. Emily F

    The BBQ chips

  90. Amanda E.

    The one and only!!

  91. Jessie M

    I love the towel.

  92. Jessica

    My fave thing out of the box hands down was the lotion. It smells EXACTLY like Le Couvent des Minimes L’Orange Blossom perfume. It used to be my FAVE perfume, but unfortunately , it hasn’t been produced for years now. 🙁

  93. liz

    I’m excited about the whole box!!! can’t wait for it!

  94. Shirisha P

    The towel…

  95. Jennifer H

    The Turkish Breeze towel – I have never had anything like it so it would be fun 🙂

  96. Angel

    I love the hairties, to be honest. But I really want to read that book

  97. Staci

    I’m always trying to find new books to read, so I’d be pretty excited about the book.

  98. Shawn

    I’d love to try the body lotion—the scent sounds amazing for summer skin.

  99. Mrs. L

    The book was on my list so glad about that. Loved the lotion…like you thought, the smell was very subtle which I loved. The chips were amazing! I’m a huge BBQ fan and those were great. Not sure another beach or pool trip is in my future this summer so I might use the turkish towel as a nice tablecloth or maybe a car wrap? Trying to think outside the box on that one, but lurves the color so happy with that. The wipes threw me at first, but I think I need to have a picnic so I can use them LOL. The hair ties are not my favorite. Not a grey fan and I love the other type of hair ties we got before so these will probably go in the gift box (my sister will love them). Probably won’t use the gift certificate thingy (I don’t think I’ve ever used one I’ve gotten in a box!). But all in all, I really liked the box!

  100. Kristin t

    The towel and book!

  101. Lauren

    This has got to be one of my favorite popsugar boxes ever! Love that Turkish towel the best but the hair ties and lotion are both close seconds.
    What a great summer box!

  102. cindy

    hair ties

  103. jill

    The hair ties!

  104. Kacee

    I cannot wait for this box to arrive. I am more excited about this one than the Limited Edition box. While the LE box wasn’t a total disappointment, it wasn’t what I come to expect from Pop Sugar. Who knows? Maybe it will grow on me.

    1. Liz

      I’ve noticed that about PS boxes (both LE and monthly) that the items grow on me. More than any other subscription I have, I find myself slowly incorporating the items into my daily life. Even the resort box, which I hated when I got it, has slowly become a favorite of mine (though I have no use for that dumb clutch.)

  105. Rebecca

    I’d have to say the lotion. It sounds like it smells fabulous.

  106. Joanne

    I like the Turkish towel.

  107. Lia

    Wow. There is SO much in this box that I love. Even though they are probably the cheapest of the bunch, I’d have to say my two favorites are the wipes and the hair ties. Like you, I always have a tie on my wrist even when I’m out! Having it look less hair-tie-y and more fashionable-bracelet-y would be a huge plus.

  108. Melissa Huth

    The Turkish towel…I love the colors!

  109. Lauren Seritt

    The lotion and the hair bands are my favorite pieces!

  110. Eve

    The towel and lotion — love the clean design of the bottle.

  111. Annie Rae

    I want that book!!!

  112. Jean Eckert

    I think the body lotion is my favorite item this month! I LOVE any kind of citrusy lotion so I’m sure this one will get lots of use 🙂

  113. Beth Rang

    That beautiful towel!

  114. Sam Stamp

    The Lollies Basics Hair Ties are my favorite item from the box! I wear a hair tie every single day and would love to have some “fancy” ones. I buy all of mine at Wal-Mart.

  115. Kathy Heck

    I lve the look, color and useable idea’s of the towell! So Want!

  116. Erin

    The packaging on those chips is adorable, I def want to try them!

  117. Terri Q

    My box is due to get here on Saturday and I’m most looking forward to the Turkish towel! That makes the box for me and I’m sure I’ll be hitting up the swap boards trying to get another one! I’d be happy to trade you my lotion for your towel…

    1. Jennifer

      I even want more towels!

  118. Jen

    The book

  119. Niki T.

    The towel! Thank you for the chance!

  120. Emily Cecilia

    Probably the lotion! I’m a sucker for moisturizer!

  121. Tracee

    The Turkish T Mykonos Breeze Towel


    Love the turkish towel… very cute!

  123. Amy

    So excited for my box to arrive! My daughters are so going to fight me over those hair ties–totally adorable! And my oldest is going to steal that lotion for sure. She stole my lotion from last months box and wants me to order more. Question for ya–in one of our boxes–can’t remember for sure but I think it was the last Glossy box–did you use the Brightening face serum? And did you see a difference? I used mine all up and can’t really tell if it’s made a difference or not, and if I should look into buying something similar (not in price though). I should’ve taken a before pic. blah.

  124. Elizabeth

    I love the beach towel and the hair ties but everything this month looks awesome!!!

  125. Dara

    Love the towel, but I think the best item is the book. It’s perfect for a summer box.

  126. Christine

    I love the towel.. and the hair ties. I will say that in my opinion, the June box contents is much nicer than the Summer Limited Edition box they put out – and costs less than 1/2 as much. I haven’t subscribed to Popsugar because the prior boxes seem youthful for me but this one is one that would be worthwhile – the hair ties + towel = cost of the box so everything else is just gravy (extra bonus).

  127. Adrienne W

    I’m really looking forward to reading the book! I think it’s great they included one this month.

  128. lisa D

    Is the book hardcover or paperback?

    1. Jennifer


  129. Melissa B

    The book of course! I am a compulsive reader and I love, love Emily Griffin’ s stuff!

  130. Danielle

    The towel and the lotion

  131. Nicole Whelan

    I can’t decide whether I like the hair ties or the wet wipes more! I think the wet wipes – they’re hilarious but totally practical.

  132. Lori K

    The lotion sounds divine!

  133. Lien

    I love the towel! I hope I get the same aqua color you did!

  134. Jessica

    The Turkish towel! I love the one from the resort box…now hubby can have one.

  135. Holly

    Love the turkish towel!

  136. Colleen b

    The Turkish towel

  137. Beth Perlman

    I LOVE the lotion!!!

  138. Jen W

    The book! I need a good summer read. 🙂

  139. Sophia

    I love the book the most, as I love all of Emily Giffin’s books!

  140. Christine Fortes

    The book I love books and i’m always reading but have never read Emily Griffin.

  141. Diana B

    I’m liking the book and the towel best, but really the whole box is amazing

  142. Julie b

    Love the Turkish towel!!

  143. Margo

    Definitely the book – I love Emily Giffin’s books!

  144. Dana

    I’ve heard so much about this book! I guess it’s time to add it to the short list! 🙂

  145. Jessica

    I am super excited for the turkish towel, or the book, or those adorable hair ties! This box is so full of goodies its hard to decide! Definitely fingers crossed!

  146. Elizabeth Fair

    I would love to get the towel and the book!! 🙂

  147. Judy L

    It’s a toss up between the Turkish towel and the lotion.

  148. Diane F

    The book! I would love to read it! Also the lotion.

  149. Rebecca

    The wet wipes. So very useful

  150. Des

    I like those hair ties. I do wonder if the metal ring would wrap around my hair though.

  151. Jessica

    I also love citrus lotion! It is hard to find ones that smell good without smelling like a citronella candle!
    That towel is gorgeous! What beautiful colors. I may have to try to figure getting pop sugar in my sub box budget. Great box!

  152. Ashley Norred

    The hair ties!

  153. Mallory B

    I LOVE those hair ties. They’d be so much prettier on a wrist than normal hair ties, or even those twistie-tie things. I think I’m going to have to pick some up, no matter what.

  154. Sher

    I definitely like the Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion best.

  155. Elizabeth A

    The whole box is a total win–but as odd as it seems, I’m really looking forward to the lemon wipes. It’s hot & humid for 5 months here and I love anything lemon scented — totally practical and indulgent! Plan on putting them in the fridge — lemonade for my skin!

  156. Amanda

    The Turkish Towel! I would buy a ton for my bathroom but they are so expensive!

  157. mary m

    I think I like the book or the towel the best

  158. Meaghan

    The lotion… and everything else! Fabulous box!

  159. Wendy

    That towel and those wipes… Great ideas

  160. jessL

    turkish towel and hair ties- LOVE!

  161. laura maya

    the towel, the lotion… great box!

  162. Maria

    Thank you for your reviews! Still waiting on mine but loving everything!

  163. Enrica

    The turkish towel! It screams summer 🙂

  164. melissa m

    I like the hair ties the most!

  165. Jordan M

    I like the towel the best and I’m excited to receive all of it! This might be my most favorite box that I have received in awhile.

  166. Shelley

    I love the “You Smell Lemon Verbena Aloe Wet Wipes”. I always keep wet wipes in my purse and these sound wonderful!

  167. Isabel

    Pretty much everything! This looks like an awesome box & I’m so bummed I stopped my subscription for a while bc this box would have been perfect for me!

  168. Lauren

    I love the towel & lotion!!

  169. Sarah

    The Turkish Towel and…potato chips (no judgement-I’m pregnant and those are my rare unhealthy indulgent

  170. Lisa

    I really like the towel and that it has multiple uses!

  171. Kristy

    I love it all!!! Towel and hair ties for sure though are the best!

  172. Michelle

    The towel! However, I think every item is great. This is definitely one of the best PS boxes in a long time.

  173. Heather

    The Towl

  174. Kathy

    I’m always ready for a new book.

  175. Chastity

    The towel sounds so interesting! Would love to win the box!

  176. Laura

    I have wanted to order a PopSugar Box for awhile now. The Turkish Towel caught my eye right off. I like it best out of everything. Although now that you have mentioned how good a read the box is I want to read it too.

  177. Stephanie J.

    It’s seriously hard to pick a favorite in this box! I would be super excited to try those hair ties, the sachajuan lotion, and the turkish towel.

  178. Kit Novak

    I am a serious book lover and would be so thrilled to get my hands on the one featured in the box!

  179. Ashley Redford

    I’m most excited about the book! I have seen it advertised on Facebook and wondered what it was about. I hope I get to find out 🙂

  180. Bethany

    Yay, mine came today! I was pleasantly surprised by the Turkish towel–I really wanted to take my Cuyana one to the beach yesterday but couldn’t bring myself to do it, but now I have two and can use this one for the beach! I haven’t read the book, so yay on that! And I too always have a hair tie on my wrist, but these are much cuter! Great month.

    1. Jennifer

      Take me to the beach with you!

      1. Bethany

        Haha it’s not that far from Orlando!! About an hour or so from Disney. If you guys had a free afternoon during your trip you could go! And we could tag along! 🙂

        1. Jennifer

          Sometimes we drive over to Daytona to go to Ron Jons!

  181. Hannah

    The Lollies Basics Hair Ties are adorable! Love those!!!

  182. Shannon

    Sachajuan Body Lotion , though I can never seem to keep enough hair ties so those look great too! I wish more hair ties would come in boxes.

  183. Shiree Shaffer

    That’s a toss up for me, I like the Turkish towel and the wipes!!

  184. Regan Huffman

    I LOVE the Turkish towel!

  185. Nicole Midgley

    The towel is my favorite!! 🙂

  186. Kathryn Johnson

    I would love the book! I am a huge Emily Giffin fan!

  187. cindy


  188. miranda

    love the hair ties

  189. Lauren

    I really like the book! I have enjoyed all of Emily Giffin’s other books, so this one is on my to read list this summer. Thank you for the giveaway!

  190. Melissa B

    The Turkish towel definitely!! I’m dying to see what all the fuss is about!!!

  191. Christina

    I LOVE THIS MONTH! So far, my favorite item is the SachaJuan lotion. OMG, the smell. Like, I just showered and covered my arms and hands in this and I am just sniffing my arms! My boyfriend thinks I have lost it. It’s just such a pleasant smell – I almost want to buy another box just to get more!!!!

  192. Stephanie

    My favorite is the Turkish towel!

  193. Cathy@Five Boys

    Definitely the body lotion, but the book comes in a close second!

  194. Gail

    Love the Towel and Hair ties

  195. gary

    I like the towel

  196. Rebecca Brewer

    The lotion sounds yummy.

  197. Ruby Yoshi

    I like the Turkish towel

  198. Leslie

    Gosh I wish I loved the lotion as much as everyone else but sadly I don’t think I can use it. It’s too strong for me and I got a headache from it. 🙁 If you are interested in trading I would be willing to trade!

  199. Hi Jen!!!
    Girl you have got me on a subscription box addiction! I love all the boxes that you love and most especially Popsugar! I don’t get to get a box every month but I do feel like I missed out on this June box. Everything is so kyoooot!
    Looking forward to your posts everyday! 🙂
    Fellow Michigan Momma!

  200. terri s

    the towel and book. also love to try the lotion for sure.

  201. Juli

    The hair ties are adorable.

  202. Alicia N

    So excited for the book I’ve heard such good things about it! Question does everyone use those Turkish towels in place of regular towels? I haven’t used mine from the special edition box yet and I guess I was thinking its just for the beach! I think I’ve been missing out

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! I am thinking about switching over!

  203. Cindy Ray

    The book and towel

  204. SuzeeLauren

    I love that lotion! It makes your skin feel like silk right away! I’d love to snag some more since my roommate keeps ‘borrowing’ mine (I still love her though!)

  205. ana ebright

    I would love the hair ties

  206. Hazel G.

    I can’t decide if I like the hair ties or the Turkish-t towel better!

  207. krystel

    the lollies basic hair ties

  208. JacLyn

    The potato chips sound really good! 🙂

  209. Maria Malaveci

    The Body Lotion!

  210. Noelle B.

    I love turkish towels – I too want to convert over in my house!

  211. Judy

    Um everything! lol. Probably most excited about the towel though.

  212. Gail

    I think the towel is so cute and won’t take up a lot of room in the beach or pool bag.

  213. Lily L.

    Wow 😮 That lotion looks awesome, I’d really like to own one of those lol ^^

  214. Katelynn

    I love the hair ties! They are so cute and yet practical!

  215. Sheena

    I’m a sucker for a nice towel.

  216. Kasey

    I’d love to try the Sachajuan lotion. I’ve seen their products featured in a lot of blogs recently but haven’t had the chance to try any.

  217. Mendy

    I love that they included a book…I’m always a fan 🙂

  218. Colleen Boudreau

    The Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion!

  219. Allison

    I’m loving that they included a book. I was hoping they would send The Vacationers with the Summer or June box, but I’m happy with this one too 🙂

  220. MJ

    Lovee the turkish towel! 🙂 I agree with you, this seems so worth it!

  221. leana

    The wet wipes. I just think the packaging is too cute and it’s such a good idea.

  222. lauren

    Oooooo the Turkish towel looks so nice, I’m going to have to buy one of those! I also like the hair ties !

  223. Angela P.

    I’m most excited about the one potato two potato chips and the hair ties.

  224. Bethany

    Okay so I’m back now after just finishing The One and Only last night! And I want to talk about it!!! I am still deciding how I feel about the ending but definitely LOVED the book and couldn’t put it down. And I’ve been thinking about it all day! I wonder if her other stuff is as compelling.

    1. Jennifer

      I felt the exact same way. I really like her stuff. I totally recommend reading some of her other stuff!

  225. Nornee

    That towel!

  226. Sarah

    I love the turkish towel! Need!

  227. Kristen T

    Those glasses! So cute.

    1. Kristen T

      Oops! I was thinking of the summer box. I want to get my hands on that towel!!!

  228. Mary Jenkins

    The hair bands would be great for running!

  229. Lynsey

    Finally started the book this weekend and was up till 1:30 am reading last night! I need to know whats going on with her and… crap don’t want to give anything away but ugh Its freaking me out.

    1. Jennifer

      I know the feeling! I know!

  230. Brianna C

    The Turkish towel!

  231. Samantha H.

    Love the towel!!

  232. Cheryl

    Body lotion

  233. Jennifer Pittman

    I Love the towel and the hair ties!

  234. Amber

    I love the Turkish towel!

  235. Cara James

    This box is amazing, and the first time I’ve wanted everything in it. Probably the book or towel. Thanks for the chance!!

  236. Tiffany

    The lotion!!!! OMG the lotion is super silky!!!!

  237. Kate

    I love the towel!

  238. Candace L

    Hmm…maybe the Turkish towel or the lollies, but I also need a good book to read too! It all looks great!

  239. Lynsey

    Finished the book… WOW! It for sure made me very uncomfortable LOL

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! Same!!!

  240. Jessie M

    I love the towel and the hair ties.

  241. Megan

    Is the towel soft or kind of stiff and scratchy? I ordered one on eBay and it isn’t what I expected. I can’t tell if I’ve been swindled or not! It said it was new with tags and it for sure does not have tags or any packaging, so it makes me wonder!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Mine is soft! Not scratchy at all. If you want, send me a picture and I will see how it looks comported to mine.

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