PopSugar Must Have 2014 Summer Limited Edition Box Review

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Cost: Monthly Boxes: $39.95/month. Limited Edition: $100
Ships To: United States
PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)

Eeek!  My PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Summer Box has arrived.  I had hoped that it would show up before the scheduled delivery date and it did!

This box was a separate, one-time, purchase from the monthly PopSugar Must Have boxes (which are my favorites) and went on sale back mid-May.  It was $100 and promised to ship by  6/6 or 6/7 I believe.  Their Special Edition Resort Box didn’t ship on time for me, but this one did.  I think it shipped early actually!

PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
The Box

PopSugar ships via FedEx Smart Post (both their Special Edition and monthly boxes do) and always, always take a week to arrive to me.  My scheduled delivery said Monday, but as anticipated it showed up a (mail) day early.

PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
The Box in the Box

Inside the plain brown outer box was the actual PopSugar Must Have Box.  Their Special Edition boxes always come in a nice black study box.  If I were giving this as a gift I would throw a bow on it and call it wrapped!

PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
First Look
PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
Second First Look

I liked that everything was wrapped in white tissue paper for this box.  It felt summery and  bright.  They usually wrap the Special Edition box items in black tissue paper, so this was a bit of a change.

PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
The Information Card

The PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Summer Box included the following summertime essentials to help you get ready for the all sun-kissed days ahead:

~Sisters of Los Angeles Rocks Glasses ($45): The cities on these glasses (London, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles) represents cities in which PopSugar has offices which I thought was cool. I actually have a “Laurel” rocks glass from this company and a shot glass (and a tote bag for that matter) from assorted Fancy boxes, so I am set! These are fun and summery and very cool.

PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
Sisters of Los Angeles City Rocks Glasses

~Samudra Blue Tropics Pouch ($60): This is a PopSugar exclusive item, but the dimensions and style seem to match the a similar item on the Samudra site, so I am using that price.  I love this pouch.  I love that it’s totally different on both sides and it is SO big and roomy.  You could fit sunscreen, your wallet, your phone, makeup, heck even your iPad in this pouch.  Love it!

PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
Samudra Blue Tropics Pouch
PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
Samudra Blue Tropics Pouch (Other Side)

~Sachajuan Ocean Mist ($28): Ocean mist / sea salt spray, I love it all. I opened the box and couldn’t get this in my hair fast enough.  It smells better than okay, but not amazing, but it totally works.  I saw a change in volume right away.  My hair isn’t exactly thin, but it’s flat and there is a lot of it so this kind of stuff is always welcome.

PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
Sachajuan Ocean Mist

~Soixante Neuf Jewels by Joie Jager Horn Necklace ($155): Not so sure about this horn.  I was kind of expecting that we’d all get the same turquoise one we saw in the original spoiler, but it seems that there are color variations.  So far I have seen turquoise and white (which I got).  The website also shows a navy and a green, but I don’t know of anyone who has received those in a box yet.  I need to think about this one a little more and figure out where I would wear it and with what because I decide if this will be something I keep or trade.  B basically suggested (in not so many words) that I just needed to buy the right outfit to wear it with.  That may be the case!

PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
Soixante Neuf Jewels by Joie Jager Horn Necklace

~Tarte Cheek Stain (Tipsy) ($30): I haven’t used Tarte Cheek Stain in ages, but I do remember always liking it, so this is a fun addition to the box.  I probably would have picked a bit darker of a shade for summer, but I’ll make it work.

PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
Tarte Cheek Stain (Tipsy)

~Tarte LipSurgence Power Pigment (Tipsy) ($24): This shade would be a little much for me if I put it on my lips alone, but I am thinking mixed with a little clear gloss it will work out just fine.

PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
Tarte LipSurgence Power Pigment (Tipsy)

~The Ingredient Finder Eliunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($17.49): Totally a B item.  I still not totally sure how this fits in the box, but I am pretty excited about it.  Well, B is.  I am actually considering trading for the rest of the collection as well. I received “Vitality from Australia” and I know we would love to try the rest of them as well.

PopSugar Summer Must Have Box (Special Edition)
The Ingredient Finder Eliunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil

All totaled I came up with a value of $359.49 for the PopSugar Summer Must Have Box.  While it wasn’t my favorite Special Edition Box from PopSugar (who could beat that Neiman Marcus one?), it was worth the money for me since I will use everything in it, except for maybe the necklace which I am sure I can trade!

Did you order the PopSugar Must Have Summer Box?  What did you think?  What was your favorite item?  If you didn’t order, well, it’s too late because it’s sold out, however, I am giving away a box right here!  The giveaway ends on 6.18.14 at 12am EST so make sure to get yourself entered!  And of course you can still order the regular PopSugar monthly subscription by heading to their site and entering the code “REFER5” to save $5 off your first box.

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  1. Kate

    I’m disappointed in that coral shade of Tarte products – just totally not workable for most people. Or at least not me, I was hoping for berry. Oh well, two gifts for someone, not sure who. The rest of the stuff I like – I love that horn, I hope I get white!

    1. Jennifer

      They are sending out different variations of the Tarte I believe. You may get the berry. Don’t be disappointed yet.

  2. Alicia N

    Love the necklace the most! I would pair it with a nice white or black t shirt and nice jeans 🙂

  3. Sarah

    Hmm. I’m more excited now! Still not sure I will keep the necklace (I actually think I prefer white – which is so odd since teal is my favorite color), but you just gave me a great idea for the pouch… my iPad holder for our upcoming Denver vacation! Is it lined?

    1. Jennifer

      It’s not like padded if that’s what you mean.

      1. Sarah

        Thanks! I will let you know what products I get. I’d be willing to swap Tarte shades with you if I get a color that differs if you’re interested — I love the coral so really hoping for it. 🙂 I just checked and mine arrived at my post office today, ahead of schedule. I was expecting it on Wednesday.

        1. Sarah

          Got mine today and I love it — when I thought I wouldn’t! The necklace is in teal, although I think I’d prefer white. It’s smaller than I thought — which is why I’m not hating on it! I also got Exposed, but I’m not sure the blush in particular is going to work on me. I have very fair skin. Like Casper. I also got Portugal olive oil! One of the ladies on MUT had a great idea: use them as candle holders if you’re not into using them as glasses. Love that!

          I’m in love with these LE boxes and my former self would like to apologize for being a Negative Nancy @ spoilers. 😉

          1. Jennifer

            I am cracking up! I do love that idea about candle holders! That is perfect!

        2. Sarah

          I actually think my necklace is damaged. I’m going to tweet you a photo. Can you tell me if your necklace has marks like this? I know yours is white.

        3. Jenna

          Hello! I received the white horn necklace and really like the turquoise better, would you wany to swap them?!

    2. Kathy

      I would swap the white necklace for the turquoise if you are interested. Just email me.

  4. Lori

    The necklace. I like the white! I hope you find something to wear it with.

  5. Jody

    I’m on the fence on which item I like the best…I think, the necklace!

  6. Sher

    I think the necklace would be my favourite, but I would probably have to see it in person to be sure 🙂

  7. Talaura

    I really like the horn necklace! Thanks for the contest!

  8. Judy L

    I like the pouch the best.

  9. miranda

    the spray sounds awesome!!!

  10. Des

    I’m excited about the EVOO. I cook a lot and like to see if I notice the differences in one oil v. another. Or, a vanilla extract from this country v. that country, etc.

  11. Mansi

    the cheek stain!

    1. Vicki

      Olive oil, tarte stuff, I the fence about that necklace, but like maybe for date night?

  12. Rebecca

    Lipsurgence Power Pigment. I’m not sure what it is, but it sounds fabulous. Lip colors are a favorite of mine.

  13. JoAnna

    The rocks glasses are ADORABLE. Love them.

  14. lindsey

    I like the spray. I thought this was more of a lifestyle box, but it seems cool.

  15. Heather C.

    Love the whole box but REALLY loving those glasses! So cute 🙂

  16. Angel

    Oh i love your box. [I totally agree about the Nieman Marcus thing, that one was amazing]. I like the tarte lipsurgence the most!!

  17. Kiraa

    I think I love the glasses the best which really surprised me!!

  18. tiffany c

    Love olive oils, so that would probably be my favorite. I also like sea salt sprays, but I have too many right now!

  19. Kristina

    Tarte makeup!!

  20. Sindhu

    The pouch!

  21. Iris

    The olive oil! I love high quality olive oil with balsamic vinegar to dip bread in during the summer.

  22. Tara

    I love the clutch, so cute! Though the glasses are pretty great too.

  23. Jill Banks Geraci

    I really liked the Tarte blush.

  24. Rebecca

    I’d have to say the necklace.

  25. cindy

    necklace of course

  26. Jenna D

    I like the tarte cheek stain

  27. Diana Vuong

    I like the glasses and the pouch or the necklace with the horn pendant.

  28. Selena

    Love the glasses!

  29. cindy


  30. Leanne

    i actually LOVE the horn necklace.. I’m obsessed with long necklaces that have a charm or item on the end!

  31. Jean Eckert

    I think I like the Tarte products the best out of the Summer box, but I still really like those glasses as well as the Sea Salt Spray!

  32. Samantha

    I really like the rock glasses.

  33. Heather B

    the ocean mist

  34. Jody M

    Any suggestions for a reputable trade site? I received the turquoise horn…..ummmmm yeah I’ll be trading it just not my thing

    1. Jennifer

      There’s a bunch of sites, it all just depends on who you trade with! Makeup Talk, My Subscription Addition, edivy (sp?) all have trading areas!

    2. Reese

      Jody: I received the white and would actuallyy prefer the turquoise. Let me know if you want to trade necklaces or if you have interest in something else.

  35. Mandi

    I like the Tarte lipsurgence.

  36. Julie S

    I would love to try that sea salt spray, although the glasses are perfect for summer!

  37. Michaela

    I love those glasses and the necklace! GL to everyone 😀

  38. Pilar

    My favorite item is the necklace.

  39. Melanie

    I’m loving the glasses!

  40. Ruby Yoshi

    I’d like to try the Tarte LipSurgence Power Pigment

  41. Beth

    the cheek stain

  42. Brandie Cox

    I like the Tarte Cosmetics, especially excited to try the cheek stain.

  43. Nicole

    I love the pouch, the text side is super cute

  44. Kaiya McCray

    Definitely the clutch

  45. Kristin t

    The glasses!

  46. Sara

    The pouch is lined and is very nice quality (much nicer than the pouch they sent in the Resort box). I got the Tarte lip and cheek stain in Exposed, which is a neutral color. I haven’t been able to make it work for me and would have preferred the coral or a berry. I love the sea salt spray. I’ve used all sorts (thanks to subscription boxes) and this one is tops so far.
    I’m looking through my tops to find one that will look good with the white horn necklace. I like someone’s suggestion to pair it with a simple black or white T-shirt and nice jeans. I think I’ll do that!

    1. Sarah

      I think you can make the necklace work with just a plain tshirt with dark jeans. I’m trying to be open minded about it. Hope I get the white! 🙂

  47. Ashley

    I’m most excited about that necklace and the salt spray!

  48. Leana

    I like the glasses the best.

  49. Evian

    The glasses are my favorite. Very cute.

  50. Annie

    I love the glasses. And the coral tarte cosmetics. Such a fun colour for summer!

  51. emiie

    Definitely the horn necklace and the pouch.

  52. Jen K

    The glasses! I love them!

  53. Allison L

    My favorite item is the necklace – I love accessories, and I have some things I think it would look great with!

  54. melissa g

    Love the necklace!

  55. Kyley

    I love the tarte lip product!

  56. e.

    olive oil!

  57. lil

    Love the glasses

  58. Eve

    Definitely the horn necklace.

  59. Cheryl

    I love the tarte Cheek stain!

  60. Stephanie

    The glasses are adorable.

  61. Jordan McEntaffer

    The makeup would get me excited, but I love all of it!

  62. katy

    I really want to try that olive oil!

  63. ChyRisse

    The glasses, of course! Cocktails make most things better…unless u has a problem. Then, juice is better.

  64. Crystal Gregg

    I LOVE that necklace!

  65. Beth Rang

    I know this sounds crazy since it’s probably one of the least expensive things in the box, but I really like the totebag!

    By the way, my ex bought olive oil for us from Australia and it was awesome. That’s not generally a country I associate with olive oil, but he tried it at a farmer’s market in Adelaide, and liked it enough to haul a big bottle home from his worktrip. We really enjoyed it.

    1. Jennifer

      I think the tote is $60! Not overly cheap and one of my favorites too!

  66. Linda Flick

    I would have preferred the color tipsy… I got exposed and that is not enough color for me! I do love the glasses:)

  67. Lanie

    I would be happy to just get the pouch!

  68. Meredith P.

    I really love the necklace!

  69. Rachel

    I’d love the necklace in turquoise!

  70. Kristen

    I love the necklace.

  71. Lisa Davis

    I like the glasses. But , I am glad I didn’t purchase this box…bbbbbut I would love to win it.

  72. Michelle

    I LOVE the tote!!!!! Screams summer to me 🙂

  73. Gina H

    My favorite is the necklace. At least from the pics, I love the color of the one you got.

  74. Krista

    Love, love the necklace!

  75. Natalie Rose

    I think I like the Tarte products and the pouch the most! The Tarte products look like they would be a good shade for me and the pouch is super cute!!

  76. Joanne

    I love the glasses!

  77. Rose D.

    I love that necklace!

  78. janelle

    The pouch!

  79. Julia

    I am glad I didn’t purchase this box. I like the Birchbox Modern Mermaid more than this one. I bet the sea salt spray smells amazing, though!

  80. Adrienne W

    I was super excited for the necklace and hoping I’dget the white one, but alas I didn’t. Here’shoping it will grow on me or I can find someone to swap with!

    1. Jennifer

      Did you get the turquoise? I bet lots of people will trade!

      1. Adrienne W

        That’s what I’m hoping! The necklace is totally my style, but darn it if I didn’t just get a very similar one in turquoise already!

  81. Bethany

    Ahhh yay I just got mine today, too!! SO many people were saying they hated this box or wanted to trade most of it, I was convinced I’d hate it. But honestly, I love almost every single thing. I probably won’t use the cheek stain, but other than that I LOVED this box. I was like you with the ocean mist–I had it on my hair within 5 minutes! 🙂 And B’s response about the necklace cracked me up. He’s a keeper, haha! I had a similar thought–I just need the right beachy outfit (maybe a bright maxi dress?) to rock the necklace. I love seeing all the different variations of things, but it looks like you and I got identical boxes. We were excited to get the Australia olive oil since my husband’s mom is Australian, but I too thought about trying to trade for the other variations! 🙂 I’m dying to get on MSA and see what’s there, but I’m still waiting on regular June PS and don’t want to see any spoilers..

    1. Jennifer

      B is a total keeper! I was cracking up when he said that. Ahhh, I can’t believe you haven’t peeked at June yet! You are amazing! I would have caved in two seconds. I was actually taking my pictures for this one outside and then I was spraying the stuff in my hair, etc. on the patio too. They must think I am a nut.

  82. Ros

    I really like the Samudra pouch!

  83. audrey

    I’m in love with the glasses and think the pouch is cool too. The glasses would be great for summer drinks outside or by the pool!

  84. Jessie M

    I love the entire box but love the glasses the most.

  85. Tonya K.

    the sea salt spray sounds awesome!

  86. Katy M

    Those Tarte products look amazing!

  87. Elizabeth D

    I love the Tarte products and want to try them!

  88. mspotts

    I love that set of glasses

  89. Donna

    This is the first PSMH limited box that I didn’t buy which makes me so sad that it was this good! I LOVE those glasses. I checked out the Sisters of Los Angeles site but these were specially made for Popsugar. Sadness! I might have to buy myself a different set as a consolation prize.

  90. Kyra

    I like the glasses!

  91. Brandy Fisk

    The sea salt spray sounds great!!

  92. Stacey

    I like the bag 🙂

  93. Holly

    I love the Samudra pouch!

  94. Ann Fantom

    I’m excited about the Sachajuan Ocean Mist

  95. Sarah

    The pouch and glasses!

  96. Jessica

    The bag!

  97. Kara Mishmash

    The tarte items!!! I’m such a tarte junkie!

  98. Sho

    I like this box a lot but I do agree that some of the past boxes looked better! I still wish I had got it though!

  99. Anastasia

    The necklace!

  100. Staci

    The glasses!

  101. Shirisha P

    I like the spray.

  102. Sophie V

    The ocean spray!!

  103. heather

    The ocean mist looks really good. I would love to win this one.

  104. Megan

    Also loving the olive oil!

  105. Christina

    I think that’s the first popsugar necklace that I could actually see myself wearing! The whole box is great though!

  106. Shawn

    I would love those glasses—what a cool addition to the home bar for summer cocktails!

  107. Lindsay R

    Sea salt spray!

  108. Veronica H

    I llluuuuve Tarte products!

  109. Sara C

    That necklace is lovely as well as the glasses – how fun for a themed around the world dinner! 🙂

  110. Stephanie

    My favorite is the Sachajuan Ocean Mist!

  111. J Spatafora

    the olive oil…… I really like the subtle differences among certain brands

  112. Bethsaida W.

    Definitely the Tarte cosmetics!!

  113. Sasha

    The lip gloss – I love lip gloss

  114. Kelsey

    The necklace! But I want the turquoise

  115. Meaghan

    The sea salt spray!

  116. Gail

    Love the Rock Glasses…

  117. Jenny Bain

    The sea salt spray!

  118. Julie B

    The necklace is great!!

  119. brandy g.

    I really like the necklace & the tarte products.

  120. Zong

    Would love to try Tarte Cheek Stain! I’ve heard about it for awhile now! >w<

  121. Debra

    The glasses!

  122. Renee B

    I LOVE the pouch. I’ve been wanting to try the Tarte cheek stain. As always, I’m interested in everything!

  123. Anne

    I love the tarte check product! I don’t own any tarte makeup yet. I would absolutely love to win this box! Fingers crossed!

  124. Lauren

    I love the necklace!

  125. Rebecca Brewer

    I really like the Tarte Lipsurgence.

  126. Jen W

    I’d be most excited to try the Tarte LipSurgence Power Pigment!

  127. Crystal

    The horn necklace is my favorite!!!

  128. Wehaf

    I’d love to try the olive oil!

  129. Niki T.

    The Tarte makeup. Thank you for having this amazing giveaway!!

  130. Alexandrea M

    I’d say olive oil, I like the glasses a lot but I’m a foodie.

  131. Jennifer Fredericks

    I adore the glasses and the pouch but the whole box is awesome!

  132. Tessa

    My favorite item is actually the olive oil. I LOVE trying fancy olive oils.

  133. Gina G

    I love the necklace. The styled outfits that include it online are really cool.

  134. Sarah Dineen

    The cups!

  135. laura maya

    The necklace. So pretty!

  136. Nicole Midgley

    I really love those rocks glasses, the colors are so fun!

  137. Lisa

    I like the tarte products the best out of this box!

  138. Nicole Whelan

    The necklace!!! It’s totally my kind of thing and I love the color of this one!

  139. Sophie

    The Tarte cheek stain!

  140. emiie

    The whole box is a win!

  141. terri s

    the rocks glasses for sure and the necklace. really want it all!

  142. Jennifer H

    I love those glasses – they are exactly what I would buy if I had all of that to choose from!

  143. Krysta

    I LOVE that little pouch! So cute! And like you said, I love that it’s completely different on each side.

  144. Michaela

    I love the Tarte cheek stain!

  145. Brittany Peters

    The whole box looks amazing, but I absolutely love the necklace!

  146. allison

    I like the rock glasses the best!

  147. hillary

    I love love love the horn necklace!!

  148. Alexandra

    I like the necklace. I have two both turquoise. I was hoping for a white. If anyone wants to trade a white for a turquoise I would be wiling to swap.

    1. Sher

      Hi Alexandra, I received the white horn necklace and would be interested in trading for a turquoise one if you are still interested.

  149. Amber

    I like the olive oil best, even though it seems a bit random in this box.

  150. Sahrae Ganter

    Those glasses are adorable, and i’d love the two Tarte products! 🙂

  151. Sam mcatee

    Love the rock glasses!!

  152. Robyn Madden

    I would love to win this!

  153. Linda Lansford

    I like Tarte LipSurgence Power Pigment (Tipsy) best

  154. lauren

    i like the glasses and the necklace!!

  155. Jenny

    The Sea Salt Spray. With the summer weather I’m currently a little obsessed with sea salt spray.

  156. paige chandler

    I like the Ocean Mist spray best

  157. Amber

    I think I’d like the Soixante Neuf Jewels by Joie Jager Horn Necklace best!

  158. Sandy

    Such an unfortunate box. It will be my last Pop Sugar purchase. I thought the Resort was a disappointment but this is worse. That necklace can be found on sale for $82 (not even worth that) really dislike it and the pouch is maybe worth $20 at a street fair. The glasses are nice. The olive oil is 2 oz!!

  159. melissa m

    I like the Olive Oil the best.

  160. miranda

    The necklace looks promising

  161. Ashley Norred

    I NEED that necklace. I can’t stop thinking about it and how I regret skipping this box!

  162. Kate L

    My faves are the tarte products and the spray, but this whole box looks great!

  163. Michelle

    I love the horn necklace — I got the turquoise one in my box 🙂

  164. Hazel G.

    I would like to try the ocean spray.

  165. illy junus

    I love the cute glass and i collect those glasses like that too

  166. Hannah

    I’d love to own a set of those glasses!

  167. Mahdi Martin

    I love the Tarte LipSurgence Power Pigment (and the stain)! I use many Tarte on a daily basics and I particularly love their lip and cheek products!

    1. Mahdi Martin

      Wow, so many typos and errors in my comment. I don’t know where to begin.

      1. Jennifer

        That made me laugh! I have so many typo issues myself!

        1. Mahdi Martin

          Yes, I think I particularly need more sleep on a daily basics. We did a lot of driving and sleepless motel sleeping this weekend. Ha!

  168. christina ward

    So many wonderful items but I’m really into the pouch/clutch!!!! It’s beautiful and perfect for Summer

  169. Shelby

    The glasses look awesome, especially since I’ll be moving to California soon!

  170. Kaitlin Gilbert

    I really like the horn necklace!

  171. Nicole Hayes


  172. jill

    I really like the pouch!

  173. karen

    I like the 4 glass set the most.

  174. Tamara

    I love the rock glasses and the pouch! They are both so cute! I wish I had ordered this one…

  175. Tracee

    Out of all of the items, I like the necklace the most 🙂

  176. JoEtta

    That necklace is super cute 🙂

  177. Danielle Schillman

    Ocean mist!

  178. SuzeeLauren

    I have a weird obsession with fun and interesting glassware and an awesome DIY bar cabinet showcasing it all, so I’d be super excited about those adorable glasses!

  179. Allison

    I really like the necklace!

  180. Mary Q.

    Ah, those glasses!! Love’em. I’ve been on a home goods bend ever since I moved to our condo. Can’t have enough cups, right?

  181. gary

    I like the olive oil

  182. Melissa Huth

    I would love to try the Tarte cheek stain!

  183. Dee

    Definitely the sea salt spray! 🙂

  184. lia

    I just LOVE those glasses. Being from LA, I’m kinda tempted to buy the beach or canyon sets.

  185. Erica

    The Hawaiian in me wants the Aloha pouch!

  186. Kathy Heck

    I like that funky necklace 🙂 but would not pay that craaaazy price for it, even the supposed sale price 🙂 but I do like it.

  187. Angela P.

    I’m most excited about the tarte lipsurgence. I really hope I win.. I would love to try out a pop sugar box… they are more expensive than birchbox and ipsy.. so I want to make sure it is really worth it first! Fingers crossed. Thanks for the chance.

  188. Christine Fortes

    the rock glasses 🙂

  189. Tracy Pryor

    Everything in the box looks great. I think my favorite thing in the box would be the necklace.

  190. Megan W

    The ocean mist spray!

  191. Amy

    I’d love to try the ocean mist spray. My hairdresser has something at her salad by Aquage that’s supposed to be similar but I don’t want to pay the money for something that might not work on my hair. I love those glasses as well!

  192. Maura

    Love the glasses!

  193. Vivian

    I love those glasses! Perfect for summer cocktails to serve down on the rocks.

  194. Ashley

    I like the necklace!

  195. Emily

    The sea salt spray!

  196. Amanda

    I actually really like the necklace. I wear a lot of all black, so I think it would work with several of my outfits!

  197. kathryn

    That olive oil looks intriguing, I know quality olive oils are worth it!

  198. Shawna

    I adore those glasses, and I love the necklace, too. I think it would look so good with a plain tank and a maxi skirt – add a nice, summery hat and go. Summer casual, and super chic.

  199. Lynsey

    The necklace!!

  200. Regan Huffman

    I love the necklace and the glasses!

  201. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I love the glasses! 🙂

  202. rachael

    This wasn’t my favorite luxury box but not bad. I really wanted the turquoise necklace so I this I’m going to paint mine with nail polish. Kinda wish there was one more thing, it was missing something… and I never sent you picks of my tieks I’m such a procrastinator…

    1. Jennifer

      I want to see pictures of what happens when you paint the necklace too!

  203. Jorja

    Can’t decide what I like the best, but I do know I’m not a huge fan of the glasses. I’m getting married next month and have received tons of glassware for gifts so far. We’ve got more than enough glassware to not wash dishes now for a month! Haha.

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! We have so.many.glasses. It’s insane. I don’t know who I thought I was having over when I registered, but I thought I was much fancier than I am!

  204. Tanya

    I love the pouch, great design!

  205. Mandy Hillman

    The rocks glasses!

  206. Crystal

    The Tarte products are awesome. I think I might just go ahead & buy that lip gloss but the necklace is so so cute! A little (lot) out of my price range but so cute!

  207. JoLynn

    I really like the necklace I think it is unique.

  208. Stephanie J.

    I’m excited to try that Sachajuan Ocean Spray!

  209. Jenna

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  210. Kathy

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  211. Sara

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  213. Karen

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  216. Alexandra Lewandowski

    I love the Samudra Blue Tropics Pouch. I love anything that reminds me of summer and warmer times! This Michigan winter was brutal!

  217. Caitlin

    I love the idea of that sea salt spray but I am also intrigued by the olive oil…

  218. Aoife K

    I think I like the shot glasses best. What a 21-year-old thing to say, LOL. I love traveling and have been to almost all of those cities (I’ll make it to you someday, NY) so having those might bring back some fond memories!

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! They are actually rocks glasses. But maybe you just do big shots? LOL!!!!!

      1. Aoife K

        Well, I am from Ireland! 😉

  219. Sheena

    The necklace is very cute.

  220. Jody

    Yay! My box arrived today!! I opened my necklace last, praying it was the one shown on the spoiler, and it is! Yay me! LOL I got the same color tarte products that you got, haven’t tried them yet. And the olive oil I received was Sonoma. Oh, and the “live love aloha” bag was so much bigger than I thought it would be, very nice. Thanks for getting me addicted!

    1. Jennifer

      It was a really really nice sized bag!

  221. Nancy M.

    I love those colorful glasses– they are SO summer-y!!

  222. Jackie

    My favorite is the necklace. It’s unique, I’ve never really seen anything like that on someone before.

  223. Colleen Boudreau

    I want the Sachajuan Ocean Mist!!

  224. Julie

    I love popsugar but couldn’t afford the summer box. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

    1. Julie

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  225. Margo D

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  226. Sher

    AFter reading all the comments, I think the pouch and necklace are most appealing.

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  230. Isabel

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  231. Dana

    I’d love to try the ocean mist! I’m a sucker for hair products!

  232. Stephanie McGuire

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  233. teresa koedyker

    I would say the Tarte blush. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  234. Leann Vercher

    I have been short of breath waiting for the mailman with my SE summer box!!! Soooo disappointed! My Sachajuan Ocean Mist leaked THROUGH the bubble bag it was in. It is a slippery, sticky mess 🙁 It leaked through the wrapping on my necklace and got on the bag. I really wanted to try and trade the white for the turquoise. This is my first experience with them. Is there CS good about these sorts of things. So sad!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! They have great CS. It may take a few days for them to get back to you, but the will make it right!

      1. Leann Vercher


  235. Caroline R.

    My fav is the rocks glasses but love the horn necklace too!

  236. Sam Stamp

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  237. Melissa B

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  240. Sarah

    The Tarte products! I’m not sure if the color itself would work on me, but I love the items & can’t wait to try them!

  241. Maria

    Love the LE Box! Like it all, but would have preferred the Turquoise Necklace…got the White. As far as the Tarte products Exposed cheek stain and lip would have been a better color choice for me than Tipsy. Somehow just like Jennifer said I’ll make it work.

  242. Enrica

    The glasses! I’d love to have a cocktail with a friend with those 🙂

  243. Laurie Pearson

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  244. Julie

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  255. Juliet Glaser

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  257. JacLyn

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  258. Kasey

    The Sachajuan spray is the product I would be the most excited about. That brand has been everywhere lately!

  259. Mendy

    Not sure I like anything in this box…

  260. Brooke

    I love the Tarte cheek stain! Corals are my new beauty favorite.

  261. Yesenia

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  262. Julie P.

    I’d love to try the Sachajuan Ocean Mist!

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  264. Shayna

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  265. Maybelline

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  268. Alyssa

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  269. D HUGHES

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  270. Brianna C

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  271. Brittani

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  273. Jennifer Pittman

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