Summer 2014 FabFitFun Spoilers + $10 Coupon Code!

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Summer 2014 FabFitFun
Summer 2014 FabFitFun (image credit: Aoife)

Thanks to Aoife K. who sent me these, we have full spoilers on the Summer 2014 FabFitFun Box! I haven’t gotten my shipping notice yet, but clearly these guys are on the way!

Summer FabFitFun
The Information Card (image credit: Aoife)

Here is what is included:

~Pur-lisse SPF 30 Daily Essential Moisturizer ($55)
~Sonya Dakar Flash Facial ($95)
~Thursday Friday Mini Clutch ($35)
~Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil ($25)
~FabFitFun Water Infuser BPA-Free Water Bottle ($15)
~Zoya Nail Polish ($9)
~KISSTIXX Lip Balm ($5.99)
~POPChips ($1.29)
~Skintimate Shave Gel ($1.99)
~Always Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners ($1.50)
~Slimfast Have Your Cake Meal Bar ($1)

All totaled I came up with with a value of $245.77 for the Summer FabFitFun Box!  The box itself is $49.99 and is still available!!!!  If you are interested in picking one up head here and make sure to use coupon code “FLASH10” to save $10 on your box!!!  What do you think of the box?  Are you loving it?  As always I will share my thoughts once I get this box in my hot little hands, but I can’t wait to see my variations!!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Michaela

    Hmm, yeah, this will be the first FFF box I pass on and I’m okay with that. There are a few things I’d like, but not worth the $50, for me, at this time!

  2. PA Anna

    My box is schedule to arrive on Wednesday which has already changed from Tuesday. Hopefully by the end of the week LOL. Balanced guru no frizz oil is organic! Zoya is a 5-free nail polish. I’ll comment more once my box is here in case I receive something different.

    1. Jennifer

      Mine hasn’t even shipped yet!

  3. Susan

    This is the 2nd box from FFF where I feel they are basically duplicating PopSugar, and I get the PS box first. So, overall I’m not super excited about it. They only thing I’m excited to try is the Sonya Dakar facial, so I’ll probably get this one, but thinking about canceling after this.

    1. Jennifer

      The probably curate them about the same time and FFF just comes out later?? That is what I would guess. I am excited about the facial and the super excited to see what pouch I get.

      1. Jill Banks Geraci

        I hope I get a cool pouch, too. I actually think this is a good box, esp for $39.99 (I always use a code).

  4. Andrea Karwandy

    I’m really excited they started shipping to Canada in time for this! Pop chips are great so I’m happy about those. I’m also so pumped about the water infuser bottle! I’ve been wanting one for so long but haven’t taken the plunge.

    1. Jennifer

      I want to test out this bottle!

  5. Jenny

    Cool box. Was KissStixx on Sharktank? I feel like I saw two guys on there with that one.

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! Can someone can out with a shark tank box? I’d be all over that.

  6. Marla Johnson

    This looks like a great box! I ordered it with your link and the extra $10 off. What a deal! I love summer too. 😀

    1. Jennifer

      Yay! I hope it comes soon!

  7. Pilar

    I love EVERYTHING! In this months box. Lol

    1. Jennifer

      I need to try the flash facial and see what I think of it. I actually have one to test. That may make or break what I think.

  8. Loren

    Anyone know what shade the Zoya is? From the picture, I’m thinking maybe the sparkly pink from their newest line (to tired to put in the effort to look up the name….)

    1. Jennifer

      I am not sure. I would assume there will be variations, but I don’t know???

  9. Stacie Seidman

    Mine shipped Friday, but the ETA isn’t until Monday the 7th! Ugh, that’s so long! I think this one looks more exciting than the Spring box was (for me anyway). I’ve been dying to get an infusing water bottle, but have been lazy about actually ordering one!

    1. Jennifer

      I doubt mine will be here until at least next week!

  10. Judy

    I have mixed feeling about this box, I love the frizz oil, purlisse moisturizer and flash facial, so it’s worth it for me (I used the MSA 25% off code), but it still feels like something is missing you know? Where’s the lifestyle/fitness portion? I also think if there were to include pads and shave cream they should have choose a different brand, like ECO shave cream or Naturecare pads. Or some other brand most people haven’t tried. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll use them, but I tend to prefer natural brands, especially for feminine products.

    A lot of people were disappointed with this box and I can see why. The purlisse, infused water bottles, clutches and zoya nail polish are very overdone with subscription boxes. There was no WOW factor. I loved spring’s box and feel this one could have been better. Maybe sunglasses or something fashion/fitness based instead?

    1. Jennifer

      I think the pads and shaving cream were sponsored items. Like they paid to be in the box or something? I am guessing the water bottle was the fitness / lifestyle item? But I see what you mean. I would have loved an after sun lotion or even a beach tote. FFF branded would have been fine!

      1. Judy

        Ah I would have loved a beach tote or after sun lotion too! Knowing that those items were sponsored makes sense. It’s not like FFF can pick and choose which brands want to sponsor them and besides the total value cost of those items is less than $5, so I guess I don’t really care that much about them being in the box after all! The value is there for me with the facial, moisturizer and frizz oil! Those that don’t use pads or shaving cream could also donate them to women shelters, homeless shelters or foster homes as well!

  11. Krista

    It’s pretty embarrassing that they happen to put a water infuser bottle in their box right after Pop Sugar does!! Everyone says they are “PSMH Wannabes” and this just proves it. For a quarterly box, I expected there to be a “WOW” factor and there just wasn’t. Very happy I skipped this! I debated for a very long time.

  12. PA Anna

    My box came today! I’m happy with it. I ordered it mainly for the Flash Facial and the Pur-Lisse and will be trying them soon.

    I can’t wait to try out the water infuser. The saying on the water infuser isn’t one I would select, but it is written on white near the bottom. Your eyes are pulled to the top of the infuser because it is pink. I barely noticed it. I’m also excited to try the organic no-frizz oil. The sample products, which are worth a tiny portion of the box, don’t bother me.

    The Zoya shade is an orange coral color called Thancie which I will be painting on my toes sometime this week. The Kisstixx spf 15 lip balm flavors are Raspberry and Lemonade. I let the boys each pick out one to use since it is the summertime. I don’t like the mini clutch which has a pink purse on it.

    I found enough value in the box to make it worth what I paid for it.

    1. Jennifer

      Oh I didn’t even know the infusers had sayings on them. What does yours say?

      1. PA Anna

        Grab life by the exercise balls!

        I used the no-frizz oil today on my hair. I have the soft beach wavy hair look as a result. I like it. I also painted my toe nails with the polish. It looks summery.

  13. JenC

    I actually like this box, but agree with the other commenter that it is missing the WOW factor. None of my boxes this summer had any really fun summery things in them. I am also extremely frustrated that the FFF boxes are late almost every time. They took my money almost a month before my box shipped. This one “might” be my last box with them. I say “might” because I’m such a sucker for subscription boxes that I’ll probably hang around with the hope that they get their act together. 😉 What shopaholic can forgo Christmas-in-a-box all year long???

  14. Kathy Heck

    Got my box today, very disappointing

  15. Patty Donaldson

    Missing the Flash facial and Pur lisse lotion from my box. Disappointed 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      I am sure they will send it!! E-mail them!

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