July 2014 Nerd Block Jr. Review (Boy) 4

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
Nerd Block Jr.
Cost: $19.99/month
Ships To: United States, Canada and most other countries worldwide.
July 2014 Nerd Block Jr.

July 2014 Nerd Block Jr.

Yesterday was a fabulous mail day here and one of the many boxes I received was L’s Nerd Block Jr.!  He was busy playing with his friend so I decided to open it up on his behalf.

Nerd Block Jr. is a monthly surprise box for kids! It’s is specifically designed for children (you can opt for a Boys Block or a Girls Block) aged 6-11 and is filled with toys and games just for them.  They also offer an adult Nerd Block for $29.49/month (that includes shipping) and a Horror Block which is filled with “gruesome horror toys”. This Block is a Boys one for L, who is 6.

July 2014 Nerd Block Jr.

The Box

Nerd Block Jr. ships from Canada and took about a week to arrive. I saw it all the time, but I am constantly impressed when something can clear customers and arrive to me within a week.

July 2014 Nerd Block Jr.

First Look

I always mention it, but Nerd Block Jr. doesn’t have an information card. The contents are, however, listed on the customs sticker on the front of the box. Here is what was included in the July 2014 Nerd Block Jr. (Boy) box:

~chickaDEE Hello Summer ($5.99):  I am not familiar with magazine this at all, but it looks really cool. Since L didn’t see it, I was able to sneak it into one of his quiet time boxes!  He always thinks he knows what’s in them all, but he doesn’t realize I do stuff like this and then when he opens them he’s shocked!

July 2014 Nerd Block Jr.

chickaDEE Hello Summer

~Mega Blocks Power Rangers Super Megaforce Micro Action ($2.99): We love these mystery packs! I know some people can “feel” which character they are getting, but I never can!  L got the blue ranger and set right to work on putting him together.

July 2014 Nerd Block Jr.

Mega Blocks Power Rangers Super Megaforce Micro Action Figure Mystery Pack

~playmobil Mystery Pack Fi?ures ($3.29): I swear we’ve gotten these before, but I could not figure out how to get this thing together.  L couldn’t either.  We had to take a break.  I am not totally sure what the character we got is (he’s some sort of fighter guy with a sword), but L likes him.  He’d like it better if we knew how to put it together though.  LOL!

July 2014 Nerd Block Jr.

playmobil Mystery Pack Fi?ures

~Marvel Super Hero Squad (~$4): We actually have a few of these (okay a lot because they were on clearance at Target once) and they are always fun!  Both boys love them and I think I even passed them out in a goodie bag at L’s school once!

July 2014 Nerd Block Jr.

Marvel Super Hero Squad

~Nerd Block Pin Art Game (~$8):  For some reason I wasn’t ever thinking anything like this would appear in here, but I was thrilled to see it in the box!  We love these around here and the kids love to fight over them. I threw away the last one we had because some pegs were breaking so they were both excited to see this.  This seriously never gets old.

Nerd Block

Nerd Block Pin Art Game

All totaled I came up with an estimated value of $24.27 for the July 2014 Nerd Block Jr. box! I estimated someone of the prices, but I think I got pretty close.  Totally loved this month’s box and I think it was our favorite to Nerd Block Jr. to date!

What do you think of Nerd Block Jr?  Did you get a Nerd Block or a Nerd Block Jr. this month?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here.

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4 thoughts on “July 2014 Nerd Block Jr. Review (Boy)

  • Jenny

    I love these boxes. N loves those mystery packs. I never know what they are either. I really need to look into getting this one for him next time I’m in need of a gift.

  • PA Anna

    My 5 year old recognized the box as soon as I brought it in yesterday. He loves it. The differences are that he received Iron Man instead of Captain America which caused a squabble with my 15 year old boy who loves all things Iron Man. He received the yellow Power Ranger for the Microaction. In place of the Playmobile figure, he received the Adventure Time domino game. It was a hit.

    It was really cute last night. We made the crabs from the Kiwi Crate. He created a game where the crabs were hiding in their shells (the pots) and the goal was to knock them into the Nerd Box Jr box with a ball. He has a great imagination.