July 2014 PetBox Review + Discount 18

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
Cost: $9.95 (Snack).  $19.95 (Deluxe). $39.95/month (Premium). $59.95 (Multiple Pet)
Ships To: United States.
Coupon Code: “ramblings20” to save 20% off your first box.
July 2014 PetBox

July 2014 PetBox

PetBox, who kindly sent me this (Premium) box to review, is a monthly subscription box for pets (dogs or cats) that allows you to select what items you wish to receive in your box!  They are (I believe) the only box out there that allows you to do this. You get six “points” to spend to build your box with whatever you choose.  You can also opt for a “Surprise Me” box in which PetBox will hand-select your items for you. You can opt for a dog box, a cat box, or a combination dog / cat box. I receive the “Surprise Me” Dog Box to review on a monthly basis.

July 2014 PetBox

The Box

PetBox ships within 48 hours of ordering and says to expect your box in ten business days or less (depending on your location).  When I posted my picture of all the boxes I received when I was out of town, everyone seemed to focus on this one because it said cat all over it.  One of the ends of the box is dog themed and the other is cat.  Anyway, it appears that many people need a cat box, and yes, PetBox offers one!  Maybe next month I will see if I can swap out my normal dog review box for a cat one so everyone can see what’s in it!

July 2014 PetBox

First Look

With the “Surprise Me” option, PetBox selects your items for you, however, they typically send more than the six credits allotted if you pick your own items in the “Surprise” boxes.  PetBox indicated that the amount of “points” included in the Surprise box option depends on their inventory for the month.

PetBox doesn’t include an information card, but my box contained the following items for Baxter and Buddy:

~Bionic Toss-N-Tug ($11.95): Well this is pretty slick.  You can use it like a frisbee to play or you can tie it up and it turns into a chew / tug toy!  So cool.  I am going to pass this on to my brother’s big dogs since my dogs never quite understood the concept of fetch.

July 2014 PetBox

Bionic Toss-N-Tug

~Nature’s Miracle Green Leaf Stain & Odor Remover ($8.79): Oh we totally need this.  Luckily (HA) I had the opportunity to test it out and it seems to work very well!  I am going to try use it with my steam cleaner later today to see how that works.

July 2014 PetBox

Nature’s Miracle Green Leaf Stain & Odor Remover

~Yaky Charms Pop Em ($2.19): I need to get my brother’s dogs over here and have a big dog party so we can pop these things up!  You put the bag in the microwave just like you would with popcorn.  It yields a lot (well a lot for my dogs) of snacks so I think the boys need to share with their cousins!

July 2014 PetBox

Yaky Charms Pop ‘Em

~Twigo Pet ID Tag ($9.99): This is a great idea! This is a silent tag, meaning it won’t make a bunch of noise when it bags up against your dogs other tag(s).  You write their name / number on it, boil it and then they are set to wear it.  The best part is that it’s reusable, so you can change up the contact phone number of you will be on vacation or get a new number, etc.  I need to order a second one so both boys can have one.

July 2014 PetBox

Twigo Pet ID Tag

~PawGanics Grooming Wipes ($6.99): The curries were very happy to see these because it means that when they get themselves all dirty I can wipe them down instead of giving them a bath all the time.  They work, but obviously not as good as a full bath.  Way easier though.  They are like baby wipes – but for dogs.

July 2014 PetBox

PawGanics Grooming Wipes

~Lickety Stix ($5.99): I am totally cracking up because I am thinking back to when we got this same item in a different dog box a year or two ago and my dogs just didn’t get it.  They were so confused.  If you have tried this, did your dog get it right away?  Should I try again or give this to my brother’s dogs who are bigger and, well, probably smarter than Baxter and Buddy.  Well one of them is anyway ;).

July 2014 PetBox

Lickety Stix

All totaled I came up with a value of $45.90 for our July 2014 PetBox!  I was actually surprised that the value on this one wasn’t higher because I thought it was packed nice and full!  I received the Premium Box which is $39.95/month, but like with most subscriptions, prices do decrease if you purchase a longer subscription!

July 2014 PetBox

Baxter & Buddy and their PetBox

What do you think of PetBox?  Something you’d be interested in?  Click here if you are interested in learning more or want to subscribe.  And don’t forget that PetBox is on Gilt city right now!  You can check out all the details on that here.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

Disclosure: This complimentary box was sent for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include Popsugar Must Have Box, Boxycharm, Mommy Mailbox and Rachel Zoe Box of Style.

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18 thoughts on “July 2014 PetBox Review + Discount

  • PA Anna

    I’m not happy with the company in how it honored the Living Social Deal. I feel that it sent out a $19.99 deluxe box instead of the Premium box. I’m working with Living Social to have my money refunded/credited. The box arrived today for the cats. I love your box.

      • Sneaky Burrito

        PA Anna and I have been discussing the cat box obtained through the Living Social deal over at MSA, too. I complained directly to PetBox (actual product retail value was $15 less than stated value of the deal, plus some of the toys were potentially dangerous) and they said they are sending me a new box.

        I’m pleased with their CS response time but I’m not thrilled at how they seem to have sent LS customers a different box than they send to regular subscribers. Plus, I think the prices are kind of high.

        I’ve been getting MeowBox (click my username to go to their site and I promise it isn’t a referral link) and have been happy. I paid $135 for six months and have gotten 2 bags of (made in the USA) treats each month and 4 toys each month (have gotten 2 months so far). Plus a free food sample (new Fancy Feast product) once.

        • PA Anna

          I should update. I agree with Sneaky Burrito that Petbox has excellent customer service response time. They responded to my complaint when I sent in on Wednesday. When I requested a different person, that person contacted me on Friday as promised.

          I don’t agree with how they handled my emails. I made it clear that I wanted them to work with Living Social to reimburse my voucher. Wednesday I was offered 50% off my first box as a paying customer. I was dissatisfied with the response. The next person that was to contact me from the company was not available until Friday. Thursday evening Living Social credited my account. Friday the second person from PetBox contacted me offering 50% off my first box and extra points. I couldn’t believe that I waited a day for someone else only to be offered 50% off my first paying box again. Then they offered a replacement box with made in USA items only. I declined the box because Living Social credited me back the voucher.

          The low value of the box was not addressed. Nor were my doubts that some items such as Made in China compressed catnip mice worth $1.00 was worthy of being in a box that bills itself as a premium box. There was a lot of back and forth with the emails. I don’t know if it’s the way Zendesk showed my emails or if they were reading them incorrectly. It was frustrating.

          It’s disappointing because I love the reviews and really wanted to like the box.

  • Erin

    My dogs got the licketystik right away! The only thing is that it will get creepily clogged with the juice so you have to clean the ball off – ours is liver flavor which is especially disgusting.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Jennifer,
    I love when you include your little guys (the furry ones) in photos, they are just darling!
    I’m glad they get in on the subscription fun. 🙂

  • Susan

    I was one of the ones asking about this on instagram, I have a cat. Looked up the gilt city and it looks like the offer was from last month…is there a current offer now? Would love to order a 1 month but would be even better with some type of deal!

  • Nancy M.

    I get the box for our cats. They seem to have just re-vamped their points system– instead of the 6 points it is now 800 points, and they have adjusted the merchandise accordingly. With the 800 points I was able to get 6 items– I’m still debating if this is a good deal…

    • Jennifer Post author

      Thank you for the update! I can’t see any of that unless I actually order. Before you could go and see everything if you just had an account.