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~Yay it’s Monday! I’m not super excited about Monday (except for the mail part), but I thought if I pretended it would be better. LOL! B’s going to be traveling this week (he’s always on the move), but the little boys have I have lots to do. Hopefully one of those things is catching up on our sleep ;).

~I posted about the Dinner Winner plate last night on Instagram, but we loved it so much that I wanted to post about it again here too.  They are so cool and the were big hits with the boys.  WB isn’t much of a rule follower and went right to the “Finish” first and grabbed dessert out of there.  LOL.  L is a much better at following directions and played the game correctly!  He even declared these plates cooler than muffin tin meals!  Score!

The plates!
The plates!

~I have so many subscription boxes coming this week and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I am expecting Birchbox Man + Cool Hunting Summer Collection, FabFitFun, Fabletics, Fancy Mystery Box, Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box (I received half last week), Julep, Nina Garcia Quarterly, Official Jerky, PopSugar and who knows what else!  I so have my fingers crossed that we’ll be getting some July PopSugar spoilers today.  I’ll post as soon as I hear something!

~L looked bored yesterday afternoon during WB’s nap, so I whipped with a quick Scavenger Hunt for him to do.  He had to go collect all of the items and then he’d come show them to me and he’d check them off his list (he’s left handed so all of his checks are backwards ;)).  And then he got to “pinecone”.  Why I put this on the list is beyond me.  We have zero trees that would drop pinecones near us.  We went on a bit of a nature walk through some of the areas with trees and not a pinecone was too be found.  My feet itch like crazy now, but that’s beside the point. My neighbor saw us out there and asked what we were looking for and we just so happened to find some on her lawn ;). Mission complete!

L and his Scavenger Hunt List
L and his Scavenger Hunt List

 ~Has anyone seen any good pictures of Jessica Simpson’s wedding dress yet?  Is this going to be next week’s People Magazine cover story?  I certainly hope so!  A reality show special would have been better, but oh well.

~There are about a million different pins to make your own Starbucks drinks at home, but I don’t really know which one is “the best”.  I want to make frappucinos at home ever once in a while (mainly just to use my new cup), but I want to do it right!  I’ve googled, I’ve pinned, I’ve done all that, but I don’t know anyone who has actually tried to replicate them in real life. What’s the best recipe?  Help!

I was sucked into this at Target yesterday.
I was sucked into this at Target yesterday.

 What’s up for your Monday? Any big plans this week?  And of course, what subscription boxes are you expecting?

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM
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  1. cindy

    hiking you wernt wearing flip flops were you yikes and Jessica is on infinity home page this a.m.

    1. cindy

      I would like winner diet dinners with pix of what I should put in all spaces or it might just be diff colors of m and m’s LOL

      1. cindy

        talk about portion control, I wonder how much I could cram in those cute little spaces ( im talkin adult diet winner dinners of course)

    2. Jennifer

      We weren’t hiking. Just walking through the grass!

      1. cindy

        oh Im sorry I thought you were in a wooded area..sometimes grass treatments make my feet itch

  2. PA Anna

    How did you receive half a box? I want to like the Jennifer Love Hewitt box. I really want to like it, but for some reason only a few items appeal to me in each review. The Dinner Winner game is clever. My 5 year old is left-handed too. My husband is traveling so no big plans this week beyond whatever interests my 5 year old. My teen is busy, busy, busy this summer. It’s good for him.

    This week I am receiving a Darby Smart box (not a mystery box, but one of the kits), Fancy Mystery box, KreationKrate (one of the kits although I also signed up for a monthly mystery box), Nina Garcia. BirchBox June (signed up on the last day of extra points and was still able to receive June box), and PopSugar. I received an email last week which said it shipped, but no tracking number. I tried entering the order number as a reference number in FedEx with the zipcode and nothing came up.

    This is the first time in a long time I have time to craft. I like the kits because I no longer have craft materials at home. Plus it pushes my creative juices by doing crafts I would not normally purchase at a craft store. I discovered I enjoy glass etching and soap making.

    Waiting to see what others post for the frappucinos.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL I have no idea. I got two items and there is another box coming from FedEx with my Jennifer Love Hewitt order number, so I am guessing that is the other half.

      What Darby Smart box do you have coming?

      1. PA Anna

        I don’t know what I was thinking this morning. My sister ordered a Darby Smart soap making set which will probably arrive this week. My Darby Smart kit arrived on Saturday which is the color wash canvases. I already did the dinosaur critter rings for the boys which they loved, made soap, and etched candy jars.

        I’m impressed with KreationKrate shipping time. I ordered on Saturday, July 5 and the packaged arrived on Monday, July 7. From CO to PA via USPS. Amazing.

        I’m not impressed with the contents of my women’s medium mystery fancy box.

        1. Jennifer

          Ahh, what did you get in it? Tell me everything! Mine is coming tomorrow I think.

        2. PA Anna

          I went with the women’s medium box based on past reviews. My sister pointed out to me that I love spring/fall so maybe I’m not feeling the summer items. Also I am puzzled by the lip balm. Read #4. I received:

          1. NCLA Designer Nail Wraps with palm trees on them. I love the museum wraps and was hoping for them. I’m going to pass the palm tree nail wraps on to my sister.
          2.The Fancy Wayfarer which are sunglasses. I wear prescription sunglasses. Another item to my sister.
          3. Sophie Sparrow Shark Tooth Necklace. I go back and forth on it. I think it would look good against a black shirt, but I don’t wear black.
          4. Bib & Tuck Lip Balm. Not a lot of information on the label. I peeled up the label to read the label underneath. There is additional information along with a phone number. I google the phone number and the only hit is a file showing how a lip balm label is setup according to FDA directions. I looked up the parent company listed on the label and it appears they make lipbalm in a USA FDA approved factory and will put your own label on it. Similar to lipbalm freebies you may receive from a bank etc. A lot of work to find out that the lip balm is made in the US. It bothered me when I google the name “Bib & Tuck” that nothing came up except for blogs which is why I decided to research it further.

          1. Jennifer

            The museum ones were in Hammock Pack, not Fancy.

            Mine should be here today. I will report back on it!

        3. PA Anna

          Also what is with the box? It came in this huge box. I thought the white wrappers held items in it and was excited. My items did not take up even a quarter of the box.

          I’m hoping that the Nicky Hilton Fancy box will be a hit. Maybe Fancy boxes are not for me. I should order a Wantable accessory box and be happy.

          1. Jennifer

            Oh they always use the biggest boxes which is so silly!

  3. Toni

    I am super excited to see what you get in your boxes this week! Im not sure what I have coming hopefully the Fancy mystery box I splurged on : ) I just saw an awesome deal for Fab Kids, they have some bonus boxes for $30! I think it works out to two outfits plus accessories. Here is my referral link if anyone see this and is interested

    1. Jennifer

      Did you get a FabKids box? I didn’t really see anything in there I “needed” in the boy ones.

      1. Toni

        I don’t think its in my budget but I have been eyeing some of the girls dresses. I bought a dress for my daughter before and its one of her favorites. It’s held up pretty well considering how rough she is on her stuff.

  4. Elizabeth

    I saw those Dinner Winner plates at a store last month. I didn’t buy them but they look so cute!

    1. Jennifer

      They are so cute!

  5. Jody

    OMG – my Nina box is at home waiting for me and I can’t stand it! Three more hours and then I’m out of here, lol. I am pretty much spoiler free on this one, I tried so hard to stay away from them, but someone posted a comment on the Quarterly FB page and I didn’t know it was about the Nina box until it was too late. Oh well, I only know what one item is, and I don’t even know what it actually looks like, so that’s pretty good. I know there are other boxes on the way, but I don’t care – ha ha – I hope this one lives up to the hype!!

    1. Jennifer

      Ahh, I know what’s coming and I am dying to get mine. It’s out for delivery and I am like stalking the front door.

  6. Beth

    Mine is here!!!!! The Nina box that is. I stayed spoiler free and LOVE it! Can’t wait to see the cost breakdown – but without the cost breakdown, Im in love. Yes, maybe one or two things I won’t use much (if at all, just not my style), but for the most part – LOVE.

    1. Jennifer

      Are you wearing your hat out tonight??????

      1. Beth

        You know me so well ;). Guess what went straight into the Goodwill bin. Still figuring out the fringe clutch. I could see using it at say a hula party…..not sure I can pull off everyday.

  7. Beth

    Ba-ha-ha! I just went and read a little on MUT – so glad I stayed spoiler free. If I would of read those spoilers, not sure I would have been as happy….

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! I love reading the spoilers!!!

  8. Hannah

    I’m expecting my Fabletics, Club W, and Stitch Fix this week 🙂 can’t wait!

  9. MJ

    I got my FabFitFun box, Wantable accessoires and Volupties. I’m still expecting my Fabletics, Julep and (fingers crossed) my PopSugar Box. I’m going to try and remain spoiler free for the PopSugar box. That means I might have to scroll through your blog kinda fast the next couple of days. lol

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!! I am dying for some PopSugar spoilers!

  10. Jessica

    Thank you for posting the picture of your new Starbucks cup. I decided i “needed” one too.

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