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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~This week has been sort of a wild one. B was suppose to be out of town all week, but he ended up getting back yesterday instead. The weather on the East Coast messed up his plans which was okay with me because it let him come to L’s swimming class last night and we all went out to dinner after. Speaking of L’s swimming class, he graduated to the next level (GO L) so we had to switch up our swim class days. B had never been to a lesson with L and was totally amazed at how much he’s learned since he started. So proud!

~My second (and final?) Pineapple Cocoa & Hearts painting arrived and I might just love it more than the first. It’s gorgeous. I am going to have B hang them on either side of the window in my office. I was thinking about trying to get another one and stacking them in a line on the wall, but I guess I forgot that the bottom half of my wall has paneling, so that’s not going to work! I’ll post a picture once it’s done! I had to sign for the package (and be over 21 to accept delivery) and the UPS lady was cracking up when I told her what it was. I think she was thinking it was something a tad more “adult” in nature. Umm, not quite!

The Pineapples
The Pineapples

~My heart was shattered into a million pieces yesterday when I found out that Ryan Gosling and Eva Menedes were expecting a baby together. WTF. I wanted him to knock ME up! LOL! I guess it does give us one more thing in common (we both have kids), but still. I’m sad.

image credit: DARA KUSHNER/INF
image credit: DARA KUSHNER/INF

~In case you missed the announcement (I know I did), the July Birchbox Bookclub Book is The Bridesmaids: True Tales of Love, Envy, Loyalty… and Terrible Dresses by Eimear Lynch. I quite liked The Vacationeers which was their last pick, so I am going to get this one as well.

Birchbox July BookClub Pick
Birchbox July BookClub Pick

~Oh, and speaking of Birchbox, check out these goodies I got in the mail this week from their PR team.  OMG I was so excited.  A Birchbox mason jar mug?  I mean seriously.  Two great loves in one right there.  Why don’t they sell this?  Because I’d so buy it!  Anyway, it was for the #sunsavvy promotion they have going on right now.  You can check it out here, but basically you just snap a picture of how you are being safe in the sun and tag them with #Birchbox #Giveaway #SunSavvy and you could win some fun stuff from Supergoop!

Birchbox Goodies
Birchbox Goodies

~Okay, just as I said that I wasn’t loving this season of Big Brother, last night happened.  What a mess!  I love it.  I ran to get some spoilers to see what happened after the Power of Veto, but still can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

~I took everyone’s advice and ordered the Ugly-Where Chairs for the boys from UglySofa.  And I can confirm that they are totally Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chairs.  Tags and all.  SCORE!  I got both of them the Regular sized chair and and with shipping and the 20% off discount they had for the 4th of July, they were $135.77 total.  On Pottery Barn it would have been $261.98.  That’s like a free chair.

Boys in their chairs
Boys in their chairs

~If you missed my Instagram about it yesterday, I was downright forced into getting these adorable little Jenna Hipp nail polish minis.  And I picked up these awesome travel cups for the boys.  For whatever reason my mom thought it was totally necessary for me to get more nail polish (even though I already have enough to paint my house with), but wondered why I needed more cups.  LOL!!!

The Costco Haul
The Costco Haul

~I’ll be back in a few with the ipsy and Birchbox reveals!  But for now, what’s happening with you today?  Expecting any subscription boxes in the mail?  Have any fun shopping hauls you want to share?  If you want to talk about Big Brother, I am cool with that too!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. cindy

    walmarts mason jar cup seperates collection clearancing….what will your bank say about another pineapple pix LOL

  2. Gina H.

    Have you been tracking your Birchbox? Wondering if it’s been hanging out in Indiana for the past 5 days with mine! I had another sub box make it all the way to Detroit (UPS) only to get transferred to Pennsylvania (USPS)–and it’s still going to make it here quicker..

    1. Jennifer

      Oh mine hasn’t even shipped yet!

  3. PA Anna

    How perfect that you received a Birchbox mason jar mug. I’m impressed with their PR team. Off to see my sister and bring her goodies from my boxes including the NG headphones. We are going to look at the baby kittens.

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t think it was specific to me!

      1. PA Anna

        I wasn’t thinking that. More along the line that it is a trendy item this summer 🙂 It’s always nice to receive a good surprise that is of interest.

  4. Judy

    Were you one of the Sunsavvy contest winners? Or was it a blogger promotion? I thought the contest ended already? I was an instagram winner and I’m so anxious to see what I get! I also won the Benefit Twitter contest and a 100 points Memebox contest! Eek never won so much before and now it’s been three in a month! I’m addicted and have been entering every giveaway I see now. Did you receive a tracking number or did it just show up at your door and surprise you?

    1. Jennifer

      No, it was a PR thing. I save seen a few pictures from winners of #sunsavvy on Instagram though. It looks like a good haul.

  5. Lynsey

    You liked the Vacationers? I am going to try and finish it tonight I’m having trouble getting into it. I need to just sit down and force myself to finish I’m almost done.

    1. Jennifer

      I did like it! It took a few chapters to get into it, but I was happy!

  6. Teena

    Where did you get those cups? Today I plan on taking the boys to the carnival because they’ve been stuck in the house for three days.

    1. Jennifer


  7. Stacie

    Those chairs are adorable!
    I wonder why all the hassle to deliver those prints? They aren’t painted with booze are they?! Haha, kidding of course.
    I got my Stridebox yesterday, but didn’t even have time to look at it yet. Hopefully review up tomorrow! I also had ordered two large fancy boxes during the free shipping deal, but they only shipped one. Supposedly they are shipping the other out, so hopefully that arrives soon!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. No, I don’t think they are! I was thinking because it was expensive (ish), but I don’t know!

  8. Chris

    #mugenvy WANT

  9. Jill

    Oh no! I missed Big Brother last night because I got home late but plan to watch last night’s episode when I get home. Now I’m even more intrigued. Let’s talk BB tomorrow!

    1. Jennifer

      Okay, lets do it!

  10. Pilar

    OMG! I didn’t even know Ryan Gosling was still with her or having a baby till I read your blog lol but I know that will be one cute baby! I just love big brother and those houseguest are so crazy it makes for great tv.

    1. Jennifer

      I wish I was having his baby.

  11. Thaty

    My husband have almost the same reaction as you when he heard the news about Eva Mendes but he said “This should my child”. He adores/loves Eva Mendes!! For sure this will be a gorgeous child.

    1. Jennifer

      Totally gorgeous.

  12. Zelene

    I was planning to go costco for those cups too, but I could not because I needed my husband to go with me (for the heavy things) so I delay the trip like a week, so, I finally went yesterday and I found the travel cups for my kids and I found some Shake & Go set (contigo) cups (3) and I could not resist them they looked very useful for the refreshers on the go 🙂 When I saw you pic yesterday I saw the nail polish and I went to check them out and while I was there a lady told me that there is coupon for them starting on 11, so I will wait until my next week trip 🙂 I really liked the colors in the blue set.

    1. Jennifer

      I think it let us use the coupon yesterday?? Maybe it’s different in different areas??

      1. Zelene

        I think so, because my coupon book has a date of 07.10, I will try during the weekend and maybe see what else I could need :p
        Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  13. Tristian

    OMG! Big Brother was crazy! I had seen the spoilers so I knew what was happening but still it was better on TV! I haven’t decided if I like Devin or not. His is either a genius or just a big bully. I’m leaning more towards bully though. I cannot wait for tonight’s episode though!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Way better than I was expecting it to be for sure!

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