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I don’t seem to have many “troubles” this week, but I thought we’d do something else fun instead. I have two questions today! I want to know what items you think are worth splurging on and which items you “save” on! I did this once before (a LONG) time ago and I love hearing everyone’s answers so I thought we’d do it again. Here are mine:

Items I “Splurge” On
~Airline Tickets.  I tend to avoid the “discount” airlines at all cost because if there is a cancellation or delay, you are kind of screwed.  They just don’t have the same number of flights as the big airlines so it makes it super hard to rebook!  Plus I don’t have trips with layovers, stops, etc. with the kids.  Just take me straight to where I am going please!
~Bags.  I can easily rationalize an expensive bag by saying that it only costs $3/day or whatever to carry it.  I’ll just skip my morning trip to Starbucks I tell myself and the bag will end up saving me money because I will make coffee at home!  This never happens, but it always works when I am looking at bags.
~Toilet Paper.  I don’t care what my mom says, the Costco brand just isn’t the same as the more expensive Quilted Northern.  It’s just not.
~Computers.  Yes, I could totally get a laptop to desktop much cheaper than the Apple ones I love, but they have the most incredible customer service ever that it makes them behind worth it.
~Kids Shoes. I don’t know that I have a real reason for this one other than I like to make sure that my kids are wearing the right shoe size and get their feet measured by a professional.  They also last longer and now that L is getting older there is a possibility that he could destroy the shoes before he outgrew them which I don’t want to happen!

Items I “Save” On
~Mascara.  Luckily I get most of my makeup from subscription products, but if I were going to run out and buy my own mascara, I’d get a drugstore brand.  No question.
~Hair Dye. No need to head to the salon just to cover up grey hairs.  I can do that all by myself here for a fraction of the cost of a salon trip.
~Shampoo & Conditioner. Every once in a while I will buy the “good” stuff that costs a fortune, but 9 times out of 10, I am roaming the aisles of the drugstore picking out a shampoo and conditioner.
~Kids Playroom Furniture.  I wanted to deck out our bonus room in Pottery Barn Kids stuff and make it all Pinterest fancy until I realized that the kids would wreck that the minute I got it.  PBK furniture is super stylish, but the wood is also SO soft on the tables (at least it is on the ones I have) and dressers.  Our IKEA stuff has served us quite well and I am not going to cry if something gets a chip or gouge in it!
~Cable.  There was a time I could not live without cable.  And then one day we decided we were done with that giant cable bill every month so we canceled and haven’t looked back.  Sure I miss it sometimes and there are some shows I want to watch and end up paying for on iTunes so I can see them, but it’s still so.much.less than cable was.  So much less.

Now it’s your turn!  What are your splurge items?  What do you save on?  I can’t wait to hear everyone’s answers!

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  1. Amanda

    Dish Soap: there just isn’t any comparison to Dawn. It’s the best.
    Toilet paper: I agree with you.
    Ketchup & mustard: the store brand is watery and gross
    Diapers: both of my kids are/were allergic to the store brand and Luvs. So Pampers it is.

    Shampoo: I do love salon brands, but I am also happy with just a regular brand.
    Cell phone: I still have a plain jane Tracfone.
    Cable: we haven’t had it years. Netflix is awesome and so much cheaper.

    1. Jennifer

      The good TP is just so much better!

  2. emiie

    Totally splurge on shoes and bags. I can’t justify how many I have but just looking at them makes me smile. I actually pay full price on Stuart Weitzman shoes–they are just so comfortable and the style I love their style. I have a LV wallet around 10 years old and they still look good. I try to splurge on quality that ages well 🙂
    I did the same, got rid of cable and the fancy android phone bill. It pained me a little but I’m saving every month on cable and phone bills so I get to splurge on what I really like shoes and bags!

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! That is perfect!!!!!! Who needs to watch tv when you can look at your bags?? I totally get it!

  3. Leana

    Splurge: purses, makeup, skincare, dog stuff (they are spoiled)
    Save: haircuts (my hairs grows super fast anyways), clothes (look for sales), haircare as well, oh and I do waxing at home because I refuse to pay like $20 an arm or whatever it is

    1. Jennifer

      I need to do this with haircuts. The less expensive places are always so much faster too.

  4. Margo S

    My splurge is getting my hair cut/colored. Years ago I had the nastiest bleach job done to my hair – never again! I’m also with you on the toilet paper – my husband calls cheap toilet paper “manly wipes” . 🙂
    My “save” is getting rid of daily newspaper delivery (half the time it ended up in recycle unread) Now I just read online. I’m also trying to use up every shampoo/conditioner sample I have before buying more.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, I think bleaching is best left to the professionals.

  5. Bethany

    Items I splurge on: most recently, furniture, subscription boxes, and shampoo. After years of cheap furniture from Walmart and the like, I decided to spend the money to get a really nice sofa and table/chairs. They make me feel like I’m really an adult at last, lol! For my subscription boxes, I decided it would be better to only get two that I really really want, that are more expensive than to get four or five cheaper ones that have things I might like, but might not care for. So far I’m pleased with my choices. As to shampoo, I’m allergic to many brands, so now that I’ve finally found one I can wash with and not have to fear breaking out in a rash I’ll gladly pay the $20 a bottle. For some people this price might not seem like a splurge, but when I first got it, it was much more than my normal shampoo costs.

    Items I save on: bookshelves and cable. I have tons of books. And I’ve no intention of stopping buying them. I don’t like paying an arm and a leg for bookshelves though, so when buying books I consider if it is better to buy an ebook and save shelf space, or to buy more bookshelves to hold the books. When I do have to buy shelves, I buy cheap ones. Second hand if I can get them from goodwill or the like. My reasoning: the shelf is just to hold the book, I don’t display things on them, I’ve no kids trying to climb them, so I can get away with buying the cheap ones. Plus I live in an apartment, and know from past experience that sometimes it easier when moving to leave the shelf behind and just buy a new one. Cable. Why pay for tv when you have internet? Sure, I may have to wait to watch the show a day after it comes out, but I’m fine with that. I have internet and netflix, and between the two I’m able to find any show I really want to watch.

    1. Jennifer

      I will never forget when I got an actual nightstand vs. the cheap throwaway one I had for YEARS. I was like OMG the drawer actually works and you can use it!

  6. Sher

    I save on kids’ party items by shopping for them – including party favours – at the dollar store. They’re only for one day/one use, so it makes sense to me.

    1. Jennifer

      Great one!

  7. Deb

    If you don’t use cable which services do you use for Internet, phone & TV?

    1. Jennifer

      We have Comcast for internet & phone (which we just got). We have a digital antenna which gets us Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. and then we have Netflix and Hulu and Apple TV!

  8. Stacie

    Ohhh! This is fun!


    Vet Care
    My four leggeds are always having something going on. (Some of them are elderly.) Having a great vet makes a huge difference. My one dog needs regular cultures done and it’s PRICEY! But to ensure her health and happiness, it’s totally worth it. I can eat Ramen!

    My Saddle
    If you ever take up riding, do yourself a favor and get a good saddle. The balance on a cheaper saddle is all wrong. It will mess up your position and could even hurt your horse’s back. I splurged and went with and Hermes saddle (yes THAT Hermes) and it was worth every penny.

    My Car
    I was always of the belief that the sole purpose of a car was to get from point a to point b. And that as long as you did the maintenance all would be well. But I have found that having a little bit nicer car, and having the maintenance done by a REALLY GOOD MECHANIC makes for a longer living vehicle, AND a happier driver (me).

    Basic Clothing Items:
    You know like cable knit sweaters that never lose their style. A good sturdy black and brown belt. Polo shirts. Spend a little on a nice wear forever item, and it will definitely get your money’s worth out of it.

    Life’s too short to drink bad coffee.


    Trendy clothes
    They’re only going to be in style for a season, MAYBE two if you’re lucky. So I tend to shop the cheaper stores for really trendy items.

    Designer items
    I have a mix of genuine and slightly less genuine designer items. Certain brands just aren’t worth the label’s price tag, but all the cool kids are using it! So I tend to browse Ebay and see what I come up with. Sometimes you can get a mildly loved genuine item for 1/4 of the price. Sometimes it’s more beat up than you hoped, but that’s the risk. And sometimes it’s not exactly legitimate. Worth the gamble though!

    Hair Care
    I have to agree with you on this one. I have my dye job done professionally, but it’s one of my best friends so it’s super discounted. And I buy L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner. Works great!

    1. Jennifer

      Totally agree on Vet Care! I just took our dogs yesterday and it cost a fortune, but they are so kind there and so great with the dogs!

  9. Mary

    I splurge on food. I refuse to go to walmart. So I always end up at a smaller, less busy, more expensive store. In addition to that I really love buying the healthy organic food. I swear my grocery bill is 3x more than most peoples. I tend to save on almost everything else. Unless it’s food I really hate spending money.

    1. Jennifer

      Not a bad thing to splurge on!

  10. Heidi

    I will totally splurge on beautiful hand dyed yarn for knitting in turquoise/blues even though I might already have bins full of yarn in the attic. I will also splurge on the chart/linen/silk thread for an antique reproduction sampler. No one will probably relate to these splurges, but thought I’d share because they’re unique.

    Massages: I will go to the ends of the earth and spend any price for a good one.

    1. Jennifer

      Love these! I would love to see what you make! Do you knit?

      1. Heidi

        Yep, knit and do stitching, too. Below is a link to pics of a sweater I knit for my daughter (it’s a safe link, I promise). We live in Florida and she got almost no wear out of it, but “so what.” We both loved it.

        1. Jennifer

          Oh I’m not scared! I will click on it!

          That is the coolest sweater! How long did that take you?????

  11. Sara Cee

    What I ‘splurge’ on
    1) Skin Care – my skin is not totally busted but still not all that great either and I found that with brands like Lush and The Body Shop, I get my skin problems much better under control than with any drugstore products I ever used
    2) Stuff for my niece – I don’t have kids and I’m kind of the aunt that spoils her only niece a little…the thing is, I never really get her big expensive stuff, bc I’d never do that w/out asking my sister, but little things like Filly horses (she loves collecting those!), books, a magazine for kids…but once you add up all these little things, well, I’d rather not…
    3) Nail polish – it’s just SO pretty
    4) Stuff for DIY projects that never get done but if I ever wanted to do them, I’m well prepared

    Stuff I ‘save’ on
    1) Clothes – I hate buying new clothes, always did, so when I have to get new stuff, I’m just like ‘whatever’, no need to get the fancy stuff or to get 15 pieces when I only need 5
    2) Body wash – I don’t really need a certain brand, my drugstore’s stuff is perfectly fine (and cheap)
    3) Car – I don’t own a car. I use public transport and since the company I work for offers a special ‘job ticket’, I save a lot of money in comparison to buying a car, paying for taxes, gas, insurance and all of that

    1. Jennifer

      These are great ones! I wish we had better public transportation here. We have nothing!

  12. Jessica

    Family activities
    Cable with DVR
    Smart phones
    Car seats

    Toilet paper- costco all the way. I can’t justify spending extra money for something that wipes butts hehe
    A lot of second hand toys and baby/toddler clothes from our local Facebook classifieds

    It’s actually really hard for me to think of things to put into each category

    1. Jennifer

      Coffee is for sure a splurge! My mom tries and talks me into getting the Costco TP every trip there. Not happening!!!

  13. Sneaky Burrito

    I’m with you on the Apple products and the Quilted Northern. However, I won’t dye my hair at home. It’s down to my waist and it’s black and home hair dye for that is a recipe for ruining a bathroom (because I’ve done so before). Plus I would probably get dye on my cats in the process…

    I’m starting to get into a “splurge” mode on shoes. I have dozens of pairs of JustFab shoes and I like them, but I recently went for some Nine West wedges and they’re wonderful and so well made and comfortable. Too bad they cost twice as much as JustFab.

    And my compromise: I found a Korean grocery store where I can buy whatever fresh produce I want for super cheap — I just have to spend a little more time to pick through things. It’s sure as heck not organic or local, but it means I can fill the cart with pretty much whatever (fresh pineapples, mangoes, leeks, cherries, etc.) instead of skipping over the goodies at the regular supermarket. It’s economical to make my own juice with the orange prices there, too!

    1. Jennifer

      That totally made me laugh. You’d need more than one package of hair dye and an extra set of hands for sure.

  14. Liz

    I splurge on:

    Good shoes- I work on my feet and need comfortable good quality shoes. Luckily a good pair usually lasts a long time, so I think it evens out cost wise over time.

    Facial products- I have super sensitive skin, so I need to buy the good stuff. When I was unemployed Clinique lotion was my one indulgence.

    Balsamic vinegar- there is a store in my town that focuses exclusively on olive oil and vinegars. I buy their infused balsamic vinegars and use them all the time. They are pretty darn expensive and beyond my budget, but they are so superior to other balsamics that they’ve become a staple my house. Just like with milk or bread, if I’m running low then I’m making a special trip to get more.

    Bread- I can’t stand the texture and flavor of grocery store bread. I hate that it costs so much, but I still make the trip to the bread store and buy a $7 hearty loaf once every 10 days or so.

    Furniture- I don’t buy furniture often, but when I do I splurge. You really do get what you pay for with furniture. I’ve invested in a few high end pieces I hope to have for decades.

    I save on:

    Non-face beauty products- from lotion to deodorant to soap, I don’t really care. I’ll get them at the dollar store.

    Books- I love reading, but refuse to pay full price for a book. The library, both the building and the online version, are my favorite places for books. When I really want a book I will buy one, but I’m not paying more than $5.

    Data plan- I still only have a talk and text plan. I can get wifi on my phone in most places, so I don’t think it’s worth the extra $30 a month for the luxury of being able to access the internet from my car.

    Entertainment- I do have cable (my husband refuses to cancel because he is obsessed with sports) but I never pay for music or movies. I buy maybe one cd a year and I can’t remember the last time I was in a movie theater. I just stream that stuff for free or on netflix. I do donate to my favorite podcasters because I appreciate the free programming they offer.

    Thanks for the fun topic! I’m interested to see what I other people have to say.

    1. Jennifer

      Love these!!!! Now see I can’t see paying too much for furniture right now because of the kiddos! Same with like painting the house. They just ram stuff into the walls, so it’s pointless for us right now.

  15. Alecia

    I splurge on purses and subscription boxes. lol.
    I save by shopping sales. I have really thick hair and would go through Walmart shampoo/conditioner every two weeks. A couple years ago I discovered that Ulta has a shampoo/conditioner liter sale in January and July. So, I could get a $50 bottle for $20 that lasts for months as opposed to weeks.

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t know Ulta did that!

      1. squinj

        I think the sale is going on right now.

        1. Amy

          It is!! Until the end of JuLY!

  16. Alice

    Splurges: This is kinda hard bc I don’t do generic anything to begin with lololzzz… ok here goes;
    1. Luxury bags bc they are timeless and classic and I’m not a shoe person so that’s a trade off for me, ppl buy Louboutins, I buy L. Vuitton =)
    2. Agree w/ you on TP no doubt.
    3. My skincare regimen- for years I’ve been looking for the right products for my skin, I’ve tried billions of stuff and brands and its always something. I finally found the products that work for me, I use only cleansing water everyday and I switch bw Chanel and Shiseido and Chanel moisturizing serum in the summer and a heavier one in the winter. I don’t even bother trying other stuff, don’t fix what’s not broke loll.
    4. My pet care!!
    5. Food!! Has to be fresh and good quality. Walmart is NOT it. Their meat is horrendous!! I prefer old school butchers and veggies stands but thats really hard to find here.

    Stuff I save on:

    1. I like candles and all but ever since moving to a house, my candles uses are mostly for blackouts =) so even for the cutesy, romance times, I’m happy w IKEAs candles. No need for Crate and Barrel and Diptyque is like $60 a candle..uh no..even tho I am curious…
    2. Phone bill – ever since cell phones, I don’t see the need for a landline. I use to have a landline in case of emergencies but then I realize I’ll be able to dial out but no one would receive calls bc they’re on a cell phone w no service
    3. Planners/datebooks – Sorry Jen, I know you’re an EC fan but her stuff is super exp…why is that?? and I can plan all my stuff on my phone along w/ 10 million apps that help you plan and remind you of stuff

    1. Jennifer

      Ha. I can’t use my phone for planning. I don’t know why that is. I think I like to look at my planner, text, watch tv, etc at the same time.

  17. Judy

    Definitely toilet paper
    Natural beauty products ESPECIALLY skincare (cancer runs in the family so no drugstore items for me)
    Organic food (closest trader joes is over three hours from me!)
    Phones: No phone ever lasted more than two years before I converted to the iPhone. Now I’ll never go back!
    Internet: I can’t stand slow speeds and my boyfriend is a gamer so we both benefit! He also splurges on gaming items (keyboard, headphones, mouse)
    Sunglasses: Before my Raybans I’d constantly be popping out lenses, losing screws, breaking frames.
    Fine Dining: my boyfriend is also a chef so we splurge on fine dining when we travel. Same goes for drinks. We both hate cheap brands and love craft beers and fine brandy.
    Kitchen items: for the same reason. Pots, pans, knives
    LUGGAGE! Cheap brands tend to lose wheels and end up with broken zippers upon arrival. They don’t even last long enough for the flight back.
    Hearing aids! 🙂 I always get the best. My hearing is worse than its ever been but seems the opposite thanks to technology. They really only last four years anyway.

    Save: Cable! I just use Netflix and hulu.
    Cleaning products, fabric softener, soap, dryer sheets. I use natural products such as vinegar and baking soda instead and make my own soaps.
    Airline tickets and hotels. I use deals and usually travel alone or with one other person so it’s not a huge issue for me.
    Computers. Technology changes so fast that I rather get a deal. It’s easier to upgrade that way. Plus I will never get used to Macs even while running a Windows platform.
    Furniture. I’ve seen what pets did to my parents high end pieces. I’d rather have a pet and not have to worry.

    1. Judy

      Oh I also save on haircuts. I rarely go. Maybe a couple times a year? I’ve always had strong healthy hair that requires little maintenance. I use the same hairdresser that I’ve had my whole life. She doesn’t do the whole shampoo or style routine if you don’t want, so I skip that part and only pay for the cut itself. Way cheaper!

    2. Jennifer

      Tell me what magic mixture you use to clean your bathtub / shower and your countertops. I need ideas!

  18. Lia

    Travel in general is a splurge for me. I’m picky about airlines and HATE discount hotels. This probably comes from my years as a travel agent when I was spoiled with free or heavily discounted 4 & 5 star hotel rooms.

    Make up is another splurge. Primer, eye shadow, and blush in particular.

    Dessert is another splurge. Little Debbie isn’t worth the calories. Neither is a Hershey bar. But a decadent fancy dessert or an artisan chocolate? That is worth it. Go big or go home!

    Saves are mascara, clothes, jewelry, and pretty much anything else. I’d rather rotate in new looks often than have high quality stuff I’m going to have around forever.

    1. Jennifer

      Totally cracking up at the hotel thing! I feel you!

  19. Sarah

    Splurge: Good shoes – because they last longer! Facials – A new thing for me, but it has really changed my skin! I’m even wearing less makeup! Groceries – We buy healthier, fresh foods and it’s worth every penny.

    Save: Cable – haven’t had it for almost eight years and don’t miss it. We have Apple TV/Netflix for series that we really want to watch. Hair care – I was always a sucker for the latest “it” brand, but I realized it isn’t that different than something I can find at Target.

    1. Jennifer

      Good shoes do last longer!!!!

  20. alyssa

    Mascara- only because I am in love with benefit they’re real since I got chosen for ipsys lash bash they did with benefit I luckily got my first tube of it free.
    Hair cut and color- only because I am still really liking my haircut I got after getting my new eye and thankfully my highlights still look amazing 2 months later lol
    Converse shoes- I justify these cause I basically live in them and I buy the unique ones that not everyone has rather then the plain black or red. Actually bought really cute salmon/ melon colored ones yesterday I love.
    Nail polish- don’t think I’ve ever bought full price nail polish I always wait for a code for zoya or julep or do juleps mystery boxes.
    Shampoo and shower gel- especially since my niece likes to use a TON and uses up both me and my mom’s stashes lol.
    Dog toys- we get them at the dollar store cause my mom’s maltose poodle Buddy likes to tear their little legs and ears off.

    1. Jennifer

      I am still waiting on the eye update!!!!!

      1. squinj

        I want some mint colored converses! I have four pair, though, and can’t justify buying myself another pair at the moment….

  21. Lana

    DVR – I love my DVR. I get that I could save money and cancel my cable…but the amount of things I’ve caught because of a commercial on another show, or a show I didn’t know was coming back but my DVR caught…I wouldn’t want to go without.

    Hair – I went blonde from brown a couple years ago, and it’s the way I wish I always looked 😉 Unfortunately…it ain’t cheap. But it’s worth it for me!

    Subscription Boxes – Enough said.

    Books – I read like crazy, and I have a book blog, but I go to the library for almost all of them! Or I go to the “library” that is the bookshelves of my friends. I always pay back by doing the same for them 🙂

    Shampoo and Conditioner – Despite spending so much on my haircut and color…I’ve actually found I like my Pantene more than the salon brand hair care products. I think it has to do with my weird hair (thin strands, but lots of them, so it seems thick)

    1. Jennifer

      I think going from dark hair to light hair is best left to a professional! I wouldn’t DIY that either!

  22. Debbie Jensen

    My slurges
    Food fruit, vegs, snakes for the brats , My kids says I spoil them in this way
    Toilet paper angel soft , any other brand just doesn’t do it
    Subscription boxes for me and one each for the kids, we all need to get something in the mail once and a while.
    School books, I went back to school full time and I buy my books and keep them

    clothes- I check out thrift stores for name brands love the price $5 for almost new Hollister jeans for my girls instead of 20 or 40
    Cable and home phone- gave it up and got Amazon prime (comes with free shipping) Netflix, and huluplus I save a lot this way. I do miss my pbs and BBC but after awhile I can find it on the internet.
    Water- I do not buy plastic water bottles, I but water bottle and fill them with tap, it’s the same stuff.

    1. Jennifer

      Totally hear you on the cable. I never thought I could be cable less, but it’s fine!

  23. kelly

    I love this one!!

    1. furniture and “house stuff” we are re doing an old lake house and really taking our times because I’m not replacing anything with cheap crap just bc it’s in style. We chose higher end flooring, light fixtures, and counters. I don’t care if it takes 5 years I would much rather do things right. We made the mistake of buying cheap couches and they were so uncomfortable, they were embarrassing. we sold them at a garage sale when they were a year old.
    2. shoes, bags, and jeans. Expensive jeans are so worth it.
    3. skin care and make up
    4. I love getting my nails painted with shellac. you just feel like you have your life together when your nails are done.

    1. we don’t have a costco so I buy everything in bulk that I can from Sams club.
    2. decorations- I love a good Marshall’s/ TJ max bargain!!
    3. we don’t hire people to do much. my husband is handy around the house so he does a lot of our home improvements. we do our own gardening and yard work. it sure is tempting when you’re the only house on your road without a lawn service.
    4. clothes – It’s so easy to predict when stores will be having a sale. i

    1. Jennifer

      Jeans! Expensive jeans are so worth it! I even buy “designer” ones for the kids because I think they fit them better!

  24. squinj

    TP – yeah, the cheap stuff just isn’t the same.
    Starbucks – there is one in my office, one at Krogers, one at Target, adn one across the street from my house… How could I not go?
    Books – since the invention of the kindle/ipad combo I’ve noticed for every one book I read I tend to buy 3… I probably need therapy
    Apple stuff – I’m a mac girl.
    Target – I swear I hear dueling banjos every time I walk into Wal-Mart. I went to college so I can shop at Target.
    Quilt fabric – get the nice stuff from a quilt store for quilting… You can feel the world of difference.
    Sheets – Million thread count.. Feel the difference.
    Bras – You get what you spend out of them.

    Drive a stick – My past two cars I’ve bought have been sticks because it is $1000 cheaper than an automatic… Plus, I feel like a race car driver shifting gears.
    Cable – lost my job years ago and dropped cable.. Never picked it back up. I do free Hulu, and netflix (though I haven’t done that lately) and dvds. I should prob drop netflix.. I just feel a college attachment to it.
    Purses – Aside from one Vera Bradley purse the rest of mine have cost under $25. One $2!
    Dishes – these keep magically appearing at my house every time my mother arrives.. She buys more and gives her old stuff to me.
    Some of my furniture – I have… 3 items I’ve spent big $$ on. I do own a house, but the rest of my furniture has been passed to me via family, made for me by family, bought at garage sales (I seriously have a church pew), or um.. found. My brother found my nightstand next to the dumpster years ago. It sounds aweful, but my house is really cute. Kind of vintage/mission stylish. Eclectic.
    Shampoo/shower gel – i’m sure it works the same as the fancey schmancey stuff
    Clothes – I buy what I like, so if it is name brand it is purely accidental…

  25. Ashley C.

    – Coffee {only starbucks for this girl}
    – ice cream — I can’t stand the store brand stuff
    – seafood {call me a snob, but I’m from Maine. Fresh caught seafood ONLY!}
    – medication – I know generic probably works just as well … but I dont know … I’d rather not.

    – a majority of my groceries — between sales, coupons, and shopping on base, as well as buying store brand for a lot of items

  26. Theresa H

    Electronics- I only like to buy camera’s, tablets, phones, etc. brand new. I just don’t trust used ones.
    Make-up- I buy lots of palettes and makeup from Sephora. It’s a habit I can’t break…ugh.

    Clothes- I haven’t bought a clothing item for full price for over a year.

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t trust used ones either. I get scared!

  27. Shawna

    I’m broke as a joke, so I try to save wherever I can! Haha. I LOVE going to Big Lots and getting “good” toilet paper and paper towels for a fraction of the cost. I also get my shampoo, body wash, and plug-in refills there. All name brand, just a lower price!

    A “splurge” I cannot live without is SiriusXM radio. It’s only about $18/month, but no way am I going without it. And I NEED cable. Need. Costs way too much, but I cannot live without it.

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