Nina Garcia Fall Quarterly Box Giveaway #NGQ04

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I loved my first Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. box much and am already looking forward to het next shipment in September! And one of you will be as well because I am going to giveaway the #NGQ04 box! That’s right, someone is going to win their very own Fall Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. box. This box won’t ship until SEPTEMBER, so if you win it will be bit before you get it, but hopefully you’ll think it’s worth it.

As usual all you need to do to enter to win is click the button in the Rafflecopter widget below. And don’t forget to come back every day to get more entries! And of course, if you feel like earning extra entries there are plenty of ways for that as well! Good luck!

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  1. Kiersten


  2. Margaret

    Definitely sangria!

  3. Jenny

    Oh lets see. Hmm what is my fav summer cocktail. I love most vodka drinks so vodka/cranberry, or an electric lemonade. Pretty much anything kindof fruity and with vodka. LOL

  4. Kesha

    I love frozen margaritas!!

  5. Nicole

    Gin & Tonic!

  6. emiie

    The cosmo–it has everything I like: vodka and citrus and cranberry, yay!

  7. Madelyn

    The juice of one lemon, simple syrup, and vodka over lots of ice! Um, I guess the easy way to say that is “vodka lemonade”.

  8. Erin


  9. Jennifer Metz

    I would have to go with margaritas!

  10. Pilar

    Mint Julep!

  11. Kelly

    Beer… leine’s Summer Shandy

  12. Kelly

    Leine’s Summer Shandy

  13. mspotts

    I love a nice, cold mojito!

  14. Jordan

    Blackberry basil vodka and tonic.

  15. Laurie even

    Frozen margaritas!

  16. Mandy B


  17. Terri Q

    I love rum & coke, but made with the coconut rum so it has a tropical twist!

  18. Kelly

    Pina coladas!

  19. Ricki

    Not really a drink person, but I do like adult milkshakes.

  20. Riann

    A fresh mojito with mint from my garden

  21. Gina G

    A sparkling red rose.

  22. Loren

    Strawberry margaritas, or vodka with oj/cran/pineapple juice

  23. Michaela

    I’m a sucker for a margarita 🙂

  24. Lauren

    Virgin Pina coladas!

  25. Jessie M


  26. Ann Marie

    Ruby Red vodka with diet tonic on the rocks. Lo cal, refreshing like citrus sodas! Yum.

  27. Alison

    Definitely a Moscow Mule!

  28. Gail

    Margarita with any berries….YUM!

  29. Emily F


  30. Martina W.

    Definitely margaritas!

  31. Tamara

    Blueberry Mojitos! 🙂

  32. Jody

    I’m with the rest of the gang…Margaritas!

  33. Colleen b

    My own version of hard lemonade

  34. Jill


  35. Adrienne W

    Can’t go wrong with a gin and tonic and a lime wedge!

  36. Amanda

    I love a properly made Mojito! Mmmmmm!

  37. Beth K.

    Sangria!! White or red, it’s always relish 🙂

  38. Shawn

    I love a fresh berry sangria in the summer!

  39. Sindhu


  40. Stephanie

    I like a pina colada! Delicious!

  41. Gina Ortiz

    That’s a hard question…so many choices! This summer Sangria with diced peaches has been my go to cocktail.

  42. Lori

    Moscow mule

  43. Angela

    Anything frozen but I’m particular to strawberry margaritas!

  44. Claire


    1. Jennifer

      Of course they do!

  45. Beth Rang

    A really good sangria

  46. Stacey

    I like a good mojito! So refreshing

  47. Rose D.


  48. Annie

    My favorite cocktail is any type of Mojito with some added fruit. I love the minty fresh coolness

  49. Lauren

    Sangria! !! Mmmm

  50. Maria A.

    “Yes, I love Pi?a Coladas and getting caught in the rain.” LOL

  51. Jen

    You can’t go wrong with a good old martini!!

  52. LMS


  53. Emily


  54. Melanie

    A pink slipper martini! Vodka and ruby red grapefruit juice, and probably some other yummy stuff mixed in.

  55. leana

    Sangria I suppose. Not too much of a cocktail kind of girl usually…

  56. Hollie H

    Nothing beats a mojito on a hot summer day.

  57. Kristy

    Jack and Ginger! (Vernors of course)

  58. miranda

    wine- always wine okay or lemoncello

  59. Shannon

    I saw this on Bar Rescue and when I went to Vegas I tried it in person. It’s amazing:

    ? oz Smirnoff fluffed marshmallow
    ? oz Smirnoff Iced Cake
    2 oz pineapple juice
    shake with ice and strain onto fresh ice
    garnish with sliced twinkie

  60. Lauren Chmielewski

    Fresquilla! It’s patron tequila mixed with fresca! De-lish!

  61. Danielle


  62. Joanne

    frozen margaritas!

  63. Kaiya

    pina colada

  64. Hillary


  65. SuzeeLauren

    My summer go to is flavored vodka or rum in flavored sparkling water with a splash of grenadine or sweetened lime juice. Delicious ‘cherry limeade’ with coconut or lime la croix sparkling water, black cherry rum and a splash of grenadine or lime juice or both. I’ve mixed it up with a bunch of different flavors, but it’s great for a day in the sun; staying hydrated and cocktailing at the same time is perfect poolside!

  66. Jen

    Pi?a coladas

  67. Yivanna

    There is a restaurant in the city that makes the most amazing pineapple mojitos. So perfect on a hot summer night

  68. Erin B

    Fresh raspberry Mojito!

  69. Ruby Yoshi

    My favorite summer cocktail is Margarita

  70. Ali M

    It used to be a zombie, but now that Ive decided having 3.5 shots of alcohol in a drink when it’s in the 90s, I’m switching to liking gin and tonic instead, MUCH more refreshing, and simple, and I still get to put maraschino cherries in it!

  71. Melissa Huth

    Watermelon Vodka with lemonade

  72. lia

    My favorite summer cocktail is all of them… but I’ll go with mojito since that’s what I’m craving at the moment. 🙂

  73. Diana Kang

    Definitely pina coladas, and I have a great recipe for it from food52!

  74. Kaleigh

    Mmm. Give me a mojito. So refreshing on a hot summers day.

  75. Tina Bui

    Definitely mojitos. So minty and refreshing.

  76. Ashley R

    It is hard to beat a great mojito. So refreshing!

  77. Katy

    I don’t drink but I LOVE frozen coconut daiquiris without the alcohol.

  78. Samantha L

    I like vodka lemonades!

  79. Vicki

    Wine is always in style, but I’ve been drinking Pimm’s Cup (with ginger ale and a slice of
    Cumber) for years. Good drink to discuss Me Before You

  80. Jean Eckert

    A nice Sangria on the deck after the kiddos have gone to bed!

  81. Cheryl

    Either a classic G & T with lime or anything fruity and a pretty color!

  82. cindy


  83. Gina H.

    Thanks for doing another AMAZING giveaway!!! My favorite summer cocktail is probably a margarita. Tequila and fruity flavors–what’s not summer about that?

  84. e.

    jalapeno margarita!

  85. Sher

    I’m loving a Swedish Berry cider that I’ve found, on lots of ice, very yummy!

  86. Rachael Tibbetts


  87. ana ebright


  88. Ashley

    virgin pina coladas!

  89. Maura

    Sangria! Or strawberry daiquiris for something frozen.

  90. melissa m

    Frozen Margaritas get me every time!

  91. Lin

    Nothing like a nice cold Mimosa!

  92. laura maya

    I had a lot of pina coladas in mexico and now I want to learn how to make it…

  93. terri s

    anything fruity or good cold beer

  94. Margo S

    Lemontini. (Also good in the winter!)

  95. Ashley

    I don’t drink alcohol too often, so my favorite summer drink is a Shirley Temple!

  96. Lauren Seritt

    Gin and pineapple juice!

  97. Rebecca


  98. Deanna Magoun

    Frozen margaritas while laying on the beach 🙂

  99. Kristin t

    Strawberry margarita!

  100. Allison


  101. Tristian

    Watermelon margarita!

  102. Sophie

    Bacardi limon and strawberry (or any flavor) lemonade or malibu pineapple. Yum!

  103. Katy


  104. Kristin

    mojito – comes in a nice big bottle by Bicardi

  105. Katrina


    (Uh. That sort of sounds like I’m name-calling, but that’s a drink, not an insult directed at you 😉 )

    1. Jennifer

      Lol ;).

  106. Julie Crabb

    Mandarin Martinis!

  107. Beth


  108. Diane F

    Margarita on the rocks!

  109. Sara


  110. Kristina


  111. Tammy Davis

    Anything with coconut and pineapple

  112. Kelsea Etson

    Frozen Margaritas!!!

  113. Amanda

    White Gummy Bear mmmm!

  114. Tessa

    My favorite summer cocktail is a moscow mule — yum 🙂

  115. Katherine

    This summer I’m digging raspberry vodka with Rose’s sweet & sour mix. Simple and delicious! 🙂

  116. miranda

    Sour apple martinis – year around 🙂

  117. Catie

    I’m all about ginger beer and lime, so my favorites are the Moscow Mule and the Dark & Stormy!

  118. Elizabeth A

    Razz-beer: equal parts Hoegaarden & Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic

  119. Rust

    Pina coladas are my favorite.

  120. Lauren

    Vodka tonic with lime and mint.

  121. Megan

    Grapefruit juice and vodka!

  122. Lisa

    Gin & tonics, but sadly, I am allergic to gin 🙁

  123. Sarah

    I really like to take Sprite, Blue Raspberry UV Vodka, and fresh berries. So good! 🙂

    I’m a sucker for fall — my favorite season. Really wondering what she will include in her last box!

  124. Crystal Gregg

    I’m a beer drinker all year long haha

  125. Mae

    Frozen lime or pomegranate margueritas love them!

  126. Jordan McEntaffer

    Prickly Pear Frozen Margarita!

  127. Kiley

    Dark & stormy!

  128. Abbey C

    Prickly Pear Margaritas!!

  129. Sarah

    Dark & Stormy!

  130. Hannah

    Whiskey sour

  131. Judy

    Does beer count? Lol Honestly I’ve only ever tried margaritas so I’m going to go with that. My friends and just normally drink beers!

  132. Iris

    Sangria! 😀 It’s awesome with summer fruits.

  133. Sarah

    Pi?a Colada!

  134. Shelley

    Gotta love those pina coladas!

  135. Tara

    So I don’t know if it’s technically a cocktail, but sangria!

  136. Nicole M

    Pi?a colada!

  137. Nicole


  138. JacLyn

    Strawberry daiquiri! <3 🙂

  139. Pam

    I love margaritas but recently tried and loved a Moscow Mule!

  140. Mallory B

    Margaritas or pi?a coladas, depending on my mood! 😉

  141. shaunie

    French margarita

  142. Julie

    I don’t drink alcohol so love a big glass of sparkling water with lots of ice!

  143. Priscilla S.

    I love frozen margaritas!

  144. Tracee

    Blue Hawaiian <3

  145. Sarah Srsen

    My favorite summer cocktail is summer beer!

  146. Jennifer H

    Bahama Mama’s are my fave!! 🙂

  147. Elissa

    Margarita or mojito!

  148. Misty

    White wine spritzer

  149. Sophie V

    Orange crush!

  150. Karen


  151. Jayme

    Miami Vice: half pina colada, half strawberry daquiri!

  152. Shawna Landers

    Sangria!! YUM!

  153. Genevieve


  154. chelsea

    Strawberry crushes at the beach

  155. Amy Ballou

    Cosmopolitan 🙂

  156. Lanie

    Sangria. Yum.

  157. Shannon F

    Mimosas or frozen margaritas. 🙂

  158. sarah berry

    A French 75!

  159. Stephanie O'Day

    Strawberry Daquaris with a LOT of whipped cream!

  160. Jenna

    red sangria!

  161. Lindsay

    I do like a good margarita on the rocks, but I’d much prefer a cold beer on a hot day! Summer shandy!

  162. Nicole

    Favorite drink anytime: Jameson and Ginger (ale)

  163. Mary

    Margaritas are year-round here in Texas. But, for me, Vodka Tonic is my summer cocktail. Good Sangria also works 🙂

  164. Nicole Whelan

    I tried Sangria at a local restaurant for the first time this year, and I’m so addicted! My favorite, hands down.

  165. Holly

    Margaritas by the lake!

  166. Niki T.


  167. Eve


  168. Noelle B.

    A paloma. Preferably with mezcal

  169. EG

    I don’t drink alcohol, but my favorite summer drink is prickly pear lemonade.

  170. Adrienne A

    A strawberry daiquiri – for sure!

  171. Kimberlee Parkhouse

    I do not drink alcohol, but I would have to say my favorite summertime drink is ice cold water with cucumber and mint. other than water I guess strawberry limeaid.

  172. Lauren

    I’m not much of a drinker, but I do like strawberry daiquiris because they taste like slushies! Thank you for another amazing giveaway!

  173. Sheena

    Mai Tai with lots of fruit.

  174. Alicia

    I love your blog and check it every day. Thank-you for being generous. 🙂

  175. Jenny Livesay


  176. Jennie

    Twisted Lemonade!

  177. Chris

    Frozen drinks. All of them. (Ok, just the fruity ones…:))

  178. alayna

    Cucumber infused vodka watermelon spritzer

  179. Tiffany

    My favorite summertime drink has to be “Grandma’s Slush”. It’s a frozen slushy that is made up of tea, orange juice, lemonade, water and whiskey that’s frozen and then served with 7Up. Delicious on a hot day!

  180. kathryn

    Probably any sort of Shandys (like Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy!), they’re so refreshing and a fun take on beer in the summer 🙂

  181. Kathy S

    Mojitos! With mint from our garden! 🙂

  182. Elizabeth

    I drink gin and tonics year round, but in the summer I love St. Germaine cocktail – white or sparkling wine, St. Germaine and seltzer, yum!

  183. Crystal

    My favorite summer drink has been the Green Apple Cider beer from Angry Orchard. It tastes so yummy! =)

  184. Alicia N

    Lately I have been loving Dirty Shirley’s! (Shirley temple with vodka :)) but when on vacation its all about mai tais!

  185. Lori

    I like non alcoholic peach daquiris

  186. Lisa T


  187. Jess


  188. Kelley

    Frozen strawberry margaritas are my favorite, with sugar on the rim!

  189. Amy

    Strawberry margaritas! Or cheap, sweet wine!

  190. Lisa

    Sangria. Or mojitos. We had strawberry basil mojitos at our wedding rehearsal dinner seven years ago that were to die for–the best man’s sister-in-law begged the bartender for the recipe until she gave in!

  191. Ericka

    I’m currently obsessed with Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey and lemonade!

  192. Kara Mishmash

    My hubs and I are TTC so I don’t drink. His is a nice cold beer and mine used to be mojitos. I also really enjoy mint juleps too 🙂

  193. Laura

    Mai Tai’s are my favorite summer cocktails! So delicious, though they’re probably my favorite any-season cocktails.

  194. Kathy

    Malibu Bay Breeze.

  195. Natalie R

    I love Moscow Mules! The lime is so refreshing for the summer. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  196. Gina F.

    white sangria!

  197. Hilary

    Moscow Mule or Gin and Tonic- can’t go wrong!

  198. Crstina

    Pina Colada, yum! I could go for one right now, lol.

  199. Nicole

    Sangria!! All day, everyday! Just kidding, but I wish! haha

  200. Tabitha Sawicz

    I love all the special summer beers that come out.

  201. Tara m

    pi?a colada!

  202. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I love Margaritas too! 🙂

  203. Kate L

    I’m a fan of mojitos, and gin and tonics. classic, simple, clear liquor. good times.

  204. Jill Banks Geraci

    Original margarita on the rocks with salt.

  205. gary

    strawberry margarita

  206. Jennifer Schrader


  207. Jennifer

    Frozen margaritas!

  208. Patrycja Chudziak

    Frozen margarita

  209. Kathryn Johnson


  210. Des

    Red sangria

  211. Rebecca

    Probably strawberry dacqueri. Or maybe a mango lassi with a shot of something in it.

  212. Hannah R

    Mojitos for me!

  213. Tiffany McGuffin

    Gin and Tonic…lots of lime 🙂

  214. ashley cabell

    I love a pomegranate martini!

  215. Caitlyn

    I really love raspberry lime Rickys! Sooo good!
    I would so love to win this box because I’ve wanted the Nina box ever since it came out but just do not have the funds to get one. And all three that have come out so far have been fabulous!

  216. Missy Marie

    Margaritas and sangria:)

  217. jill

    Raspberry ice tea!

  218. Anna

    Mojitos, of course

  219. Angie W.

    Cucumber cooler

  220. Christine Fortes


  221. Monica

    Guinness 🙂

  222. PEGG

    Definitely a glass of sangria!

  223. Rachel S.

    Mojitos!! Love the muddled mint 🙂

  224. Emily Cecilia

    Pina Coladas!!

  225. Jessica B

    Sweet tea with a little bit of honey jack 🙂 sounds crazy but is yummy!

  226. Rebecca

    Definitely margaritas!

  227. Cara James

    Shirley Temples since I was young!

  228. allison

    margaritas or a tequila sunrise

  229. Colleen Boudreau

    A margarita!

  230. Erin

    Anything with watermelon!

  231. Nicole

    Frozen margaritas

  232. Melissa K

    Sangria! Or a simple Coke slurpee.

  233. MJ Moore


  234. Sara G.


  235. Amanda Sakovitz

    i like margaritas

  236. Annette

    I love pina coladas in summer – so tropical tasting.

  237. Lisa Johnson

    My go to drink is always Midori Sour but I recently had a Jack Daniels Honey c Coke and tasted just like Root Beer!

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