August 2014 Julep Maven Review – “The Wanderlust Collection” + Free Box Coupon Code

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Cost: $24.99/month (My Maven) / $39.99 (Maven Luxe)
Ships To: United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, and Canada.
August 2014 Julep Maven - The Wanderlust Collection"
August 2014 Julep Maven – The Wanderlust Collection”

Yay!  My August Julep Maven box is here!  I ended up upgrading to the full “Polish Lovers”  option this month so I was extra excited for it to arrive.  The colors were just so gorgeous this month I couldn’t decide.

If you aren’t familiar, Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription service.  They have recently switched a few things up and are now offering a “My Maven” box for $24.99/month which contains $40+ worth of product and polish or “Maven Luxe” for $39.99/month which contains $60+ of prestige products.  Both boxes are fully customizable and you have the option to switch between tiers.  Subscribers prior to 4/29/14 are grandfathered in at the $19.99/month rate, however, they will need to upgrade if they want to customize their boxes.  If you opt for a prepaid subscription of 3-months, you can also get the $19.99/rate which is fully customizable!

August Julep Maven
The Box

Julep Maven has revamped their shipping and are now using FedEx Smart Post instead of DHL.  They are also shipping out of a more central location in Ohio, which works out nicely for me since I live in MI.

August Julep Maven
First Look

The box was pretty small this month so I wasn’t totally sure when I opened it if it was the August box or if it was a few polishes I ordered separately (I have a slight obsession with the Birthstone collection).  Happily it was my August box!

August Julep Maven
The Information Card

The August 2014 Julep Maven theme is “The Wanderlust Collection” and like I mentioned before, I upgraded to the Polish Lovers option.  All the colors were just so gorgeous this month that I couldn’t pick.  Here is what was included:

~India (Boho Glam) ($11.20 / $14): India is a “freshwater blue shimmer” and is totally gorgeous.  It’s shimmery and for sure reminds me of the ocean!

August 2014 Julep Maven
India (Boho Glam)

~Waleska (Boho Glam) ($11.20 / $14): Waleska is described as a “eucalyptus green chrome with gold iridescence”. It’s mermaid like to me and actually seems to change color in different lights.

August 2014 Julep Maven
Waleska (Boho Glam)

~Neha (Bombshell) ($11.20 / $14): Neha is a “sari magenta shimmer”.  I just think it’s bright pink.  A very deep, but very bright pink. Love it!

August 2014 Julep Maven
Neha (Bombshell)

~Tazeen (Bombshell) ($11.20 / $14): Tazeen is a “full-coverage Bollywood gold glitter”. And it’s stunning. For real. I quickly tried this on one nail and wished I had time to do the rest. I have no where that I am going anytime soon that would call for gold glittery nails, but I am not going to let that happen.

August 2014 Julep Maven
Tazeen (Bombshell)

~Katie (Classic with A Twist) ($11.20 / $14): Katie is an “orchid iridescent chrome”. Again. Gorgeous. Every single polish this month is gorgeous. Ahh, I love them all!

August 2014 Julep Maven
Katie (Classic with A Twist)

~Avni (Classic With A Twist) ($11.20 / $14): Anvi is an “african violet shimmer”. I haven’t organized my Julep’s by color yet, but from what I can tell, I just don’t have a ton of purples (or “violets”) so this will be a nice addition.

August 2014 Julep Maven
Avni (Classic With A Twist)

~Joyce (It Girl) ($11.20 / $14): Joyce is a “lava red shimmer” and might just be the most perfect red ever. I tend to go for more shimmers and glitters as opposed to mattes so this is fabulous. And it reminds me of a lady I used to work with named Joyce who I know would have rocked this.

August 2014 Julep Maven
Joyce (It Girl)

~Tammi (It Girl) ($11.20 / $14): Tammi is a “lemongrass green shimmer”. It’s probably my least favorite in the collection, but that’s only because I will end up using it the least.

August 2014 Julep Maven
Tammi (It Girl)

~Kirti (It Girl) ($11.20 / $14): Kirti is a “persimmon iridescent shimmer” and I am not sure what color I thought persimmon was, but it wasn’t orange. Green maybe? Not sure. This is going to look awesome with a spray tan!

August 2014 Julep Maven
Kirti (It Girl)

~Queen Anne (It Girl) ($6.99): Queen Anne is a “lilac confetti micro glitter” and is a bonus polish to celebrate Julep’s 3rd birthday which is this month! I don’t know if they did this other years, but I would love to find out.

August 2014 Julep Maven
Queen Anne (It Girl)

~Extra Goodie: This month’s bonus item was a little phone screen cleaner.  You can stick it to the back of your phone and use it as needed.  It was also advertising Julep’s new iPhone app, which I am so downloading!  I love subscription box apps.

August Julep Maven
Extra Goodie

All totaled I came up with a value of $107.79 (that’s using Maven pricing) for the August 2014 The Wanderlust Collection – polish lovers upgrade box.  The box was $50, so I got double the value which is awesome.  And just look at these colors.  OMG so beautiful.

August Julep Maven
The Full Collection

Did you get Julep this month?  What collection did you get? As always, if you are interested in subscribing to Julep, click here and use the coupon code “FREEBOX” to get your first box for $4.99 (you pay only the shipping)!  Oh and if you missed my post on the latest Julep Mystery Boxes (the 100 Degrees of Mystery Box), you can check that out here!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Elizabeth

    So pretty! Whenever I skip I see everyone’s pictures I am so jealous!!!

    1. Jennifer

      I could not resist this month.

  2. Andrea Karwandy

    I’m so glad now that I did the upgrade! Beautiful colors! I haven’t even gotten a shipping notification for mine though!

    1. Jennifer

      I hope it comes soon!

  3. Jenny

    Mine came too. I just got It Girl and I’m in love. I want to use all 3 on my nails at the same time. LOL I’m in need of a polish change so maybe tomorrow I will get a chance to play around with them. The whole collection this month is beautiful.

    1. Jennifer

      I hope I get a chance tomorrow!!!

  4. Rachel G

    I also did the full upgrade this month but unfortunately mine is still shipping via dhl. I assumed it would and that it would come from Seattle so I had it sent to my SO’s house in northern California (he is traveling to visit me in the Midwest tomorrow). I got a shipping notification today that said it will get to him by the end of next week. So not cool. But I guess I learned my lesson.

  5. Jill

    Ugh, I really wished I hadn’t skipped!!

    1. Jennifer

      It’s all so pretty!

      1. Jill

        I forgot to ask…where was the option to add queen anne? If I had known it was part of the upgrade, I would have ordered it.

        1. Jennifer

          That was the bonus gift this month. I think everyone is getting it.

        2. chris

          Not everyone. I ordered my standard Classic with a Twist box and it didn’t come with it. However, they didn’t advertise that it would come with either that choice either. I think it did come with a lot of the options. 🙂

  6. Chelsea

    I am so excited to get my box. Julep is hands down one of my favorite subscriptions. I like their products too…Their eyeliners are great and I wear their blush daily. And the drying drops can’t be beat.

    1. Jennifer

      LOVE the drying drops!

  7. Christine

    I wanted to upgrade to the whole collection but it was sold out! I wish I had gotten the glitter color. I debated it but thought it looked too yellow, your picture however does it more justice! I opted for two polishes and a lip gloss (thought I would try it!)
    I am new to Julep bur so far love it!
    Hopefully the Queen Anne is in everyone’s box!

    1. Jennifer

      I like their lip gloss!

      1. Christine

        Well I finally got my box and the lip gloss cracked when I screwed the top back on the first use. Huge bummer! I should have gotten a third polish!

  8. Victoria

    Oh my goodness, all of those colors are amazing! I’m having some serious nail polish envy, wish I had the extra money to do julep. Maybe I’ll get lucky and trade for them.

    1. Jennifer

      SO pretty this month! I am a sucker for a rainbow collection.

  9. Sneaky Burrito

    I was good (well, at selection time, anyway — this week I bought a mystery box…) and just did classic with a twist + switched the eyeliner color for plum. I did the full polish upgrade last month. Not sure which color to use first, I may just close my eyes and grab a bottle because I like them both.

    1. Jennifer

      You know, that’s not a bad idea. I stand in front of my nail polishes forever trying to decide. I should just close my eyes and use whatever I grab because they are all gorgeous!

  10. Hilda

    Ugh! I chose to go with the beauty box this month because I’m curious about their eyeshadow palette. Of course now I’m totally regretting it because the polish colors are sooo pretty!! Enjoy and have fun with them.

    Mine is scheduled to come tomorrow and I can’t wait to try their eye shadows!!

  11. Amanda

    I loved Julep’s colors this month. I have the customizable maven box (the $24.99 a month one) and I usually get the Modern Beauty Box – it contained a pretty neutral 5-eyeshadow palette and two polishes from the wanderlust collection that I picked out – Avni and Kirti. Is it bad my son has become my nail polish tester? He gets excited when he sees a Julep box and asks me to paint his toes 🙂 (He’s 2 and a half and has one purple foot and one orange foot now).

    1. Jennifer

      That is so cute that your son loves it!!!

    2. chris

      My 4 year old son REALLY wants to wear polish with his 5 and 3 year old sisters. I just put clear topcoat on him and tell him it is “spider polish” since he loves spiderman!

  12. Jenn

    I recently subscribed to Julep Maven through one of the freebie promos and I’m not even much of a nail painter…. I should say I wasn’t 🙂

    I am absolutely in love…. And I am fighting the urge to order the mystery box.

    I just got my secret store purchases today (YAY!) and my August box should be here in a couple days…. I can hardly wait especially after reading your reviews.

    1. Jennifer

      The mystery boxes are really good deals! You probably should get it. LOL

  13. Shelly

    I just signed up for this one because I had a code for a free box, but I’m having 2nd thoughts already. $24.99 for two polishes & 1 other item seems a bit high. Hopefully the quality of the polish is good, if not I’ll be cancelling after I get this first freebie.

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