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Dear Baxter, Stop messing with the big dogs in the neighborhood. Seriously. You are going to get eaten.

Dear GAP Kids, I am super excited about your 40% off Friends & Family Sale right now. Back to School shopping here I come!

Dear Gold Glitter Nail Polish, I love you. I want you on my nails all the time. Every day is a party with glitter.  B called you “crazy”.  He’s just jealous he doesn’t have a party on his nails all the time.

Dear WB, What do you say we get rid of your crib totally? 90% of the time you freak out if I put you anywhere near it, but the other 10% of the time it’s a life saver. We’ll work on that.

Dear Leah (as in Leah from Teen Mom), You bought a lot of Mary Kay to sell didn’t you? My goodness, that is a lot of product. And Dear Jenelle, did you really let the dogs out of their crates to run away? Really?

Dear Target, Why do you have to be so fabulous? Why can’t I resist you? And why do you get new stuff so often? That’s what gets me the most!

Dear L, I have to say, I am getting a little excited for you to go back to school.  Not because I want you gone all day, but I like all the fun school activities!

Dear Candy Crush, UGH.  Now that I have found a Diet Coke with my name all on it, all my attention is focused on beating you again.  I’ve been playing on and off for year.  Will I ever make it to the end or will you just keep adding levels?

Dear Birchbox, Is it true?  Am I going to get my August box before I can spoil myself on the 10th? OMG OMG OMG!  Say it’s so!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Krista

    LOL are you talking about Leah and the blush!?!?

    1. Jennifer

      On this week’s episode she started selling Mary Kay and seriously bought about $5,000 worth to sell! That’s a lot of makeup!

  2. tiffany

    just wanted to say thanks for the heads up on Levo. I signed up for emails and ended up getting a Tieks gift card a few days later! Now I have my first pair on the way and I couldn’t be more excited!

    1. Jennifer

      Yay! What color did you get??

      1. Tiffany

        I picked chestnut since I wanted to be practical …but if I end up loving them my next pair will be one of the more “fun” colors!

        1. Sara

          What is Levo?!? Is it the Levo League? Or something else?

  3. Kristin

    I can’t believe you got the EOS coconut lip balms! We have to make a trip over next Thursday and I will be looking for it then in addition to spray cheese. Yep that’s what our exchange student’s little brother wants brought home to Thailand.
    Today we pick up the Harley, the girls and I go hiking -OMG I’m too old for this! Then they have a sunset Paddleboard ride tonight
    Tomorrow – beach – sun & repeat!

    1. Jennifer

      I couldn’t believe I found them at Target!

      1. Tiffany

        i found 1! at Target last night i felt like i hit the jackpot.. it was the pink cococnut one.. im on a MISSION to find the more and the other flavor!

    2. Kiley

      I found them at CVS yesterday!

  4. Kelly M

    I just feel like you should know the answer to this question. How in the heck do these teen mom girls not have any money?! Shouldn’t they be making tons of money for being on the show so many years? At least enough that they don’t have to sell Mary Kay? Somebody please explain this to me!

    1. Jennifer

      Seriously. I do not understand. They must be making SOMETHING right? My husband just asked me last night how much they make from being on there!

      1. Kiley

        The internet seems to think they make $75,000/season + a $20,000 bonus. I think they make them fake poor.

        1. Jennifer

          That seems like a lot to me! I mean Jenelle doesn’t work and you don’t see her complaining about money. But Leah always is.

  5. JacLyn

    Ugh, Candy Crush! That game is awful. I get so happy when I finally beat a level, though. It’s not like the next level will be any easier, so I do not know why I get so excited. XD

    1. Jennifer

      I am exactly the same!

  6. Crstina

    I got my shipping notification for birchbox yesterday! This is the earliest the shipping info has ever arrived 🙂 I’m excited.

  7. Avalon

    lol Number 1 is hilarious. That is how I feel about my dog…lol. And Target is fabulous…love it!

    1. Jennifer

      He’s seriously crazy snapping at the big dogs like he does. Then he just trots away like, oh no big deal, I showed them. Yeah right.

  8. Lauren

    Yaya 40% off. I some how received a special coupon to gap factor for 40 off.. woo hoo. Birch run and Frankenmuth here I come!

    1. Jennifer

      Yay!!!!! I am loving the new Pottery Barn / Williams Somona outlet up there.

  9. Erin

    I don’t watch Teen Mom anymore and I am no usually violent but that makes me want to punch Jenelle in the face. Did she actually do it??

    1. Jennifer

      Oh she actually did it. I am assuming she eventually rounded them up, but who knows? I guess we will hear next week??

  10. Alecia

    Candy crush keeps adding levels. I’ve reached the end twice before they add more. I’m totally jealous that my mom got her August Birchbox yesterday! She got all new stuff that I haven’t seen in boxes before.

    1. Jennifer

      That pretty much means I will never finish Candy Crush. ever.

  11. Ashley C.

    I don’t blame Jeremy for getting pissed at Leah for buying all that makeup. First of all, $1800 for a starter kit is INSANE … but to buy EVEN MORE makeup before selling ANY of the kit?! Too much. Her her come-back? “Well … you spent $800 on a piece of equipment for WORK!” Ummm … I get they are married. But it’s HIS JOB and HIS PAYCHECK … I think if he needs something for work, its slightly more justified than “I wanna try to make a career out of selling makeups!”

    1. Jennifer

      She NEEDED all that makeup for her BUSINESS. That is an insane start-up cost. Totally insane. I can’t believe she has to buy it all up-front and not just place orders as they come in?? That seems crazy!

  12. Hannah

    I got my August BirchBox yesterday!

    1. Jennifer

      So early!

  13. Alyssa

    I used to sell Mary Kay and they make you buy a inventory of makeup when you sign up.

    1. Jennifer

      Was it $5K worth like she bought???

      1. Alyssa

        From what I saw she said she $1,800 worth. That’s one of the bigger inventory kits. It’s also highly unlikely she will sell all that before her director makes her buy more since I remember I wasn’t selling much but my director made us buy more to meet sales requirements

        1. Jennifer

          Oh no, what’s his face wa reading more Mary Kay charges after the 1800 one! It was like and additional 1000, then 1200, etc.

  14. Marla Johnson

    Ha! I so agree with having a party on your nails! I am currently sporting a pedicure with Zoya Pixie Dust in Bar. Totally a party on my toes and I love it!
    I am also addicted to Target. Especially the ones that have a Starbucks inside. Double-whammy!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh it has to have a Starbucks inside. It’s like being on vacation to walk around Target with your cup of coffee!

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