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August 2014 Global Delights
August 2014 Global Delights

It’s giveaway time! I should have done this giveaway with my August Global Delights review, but I totally spaced so I am doing it now! If you aren’t familiar, Global Delights, is an international food subscription box. Each month you will receive at least seven international food items from a wide variety of food types from a multitude of countries. Foods will range from cookies and candies to soups and entrees.

As usual all you need to do to enter to win is click on the “Just Enter” button in the Rafflecopter widget, but there are other options as well if you want to get some bonus entries.

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Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Global Delights.
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  1. Caitlin


  2. Rachel

    As a Brit living in the US and missing snacks from home, I would love to see the UK featured!

  3. Gina G

    Would love to see France featured!

  4. Rose D.

    I want them to feature France!

  5. Maggie

    I’ve had those cookies with the marshmallows on top! Seems like a really popular snack choice in some countries : )

    1. Maggie

      Whoops also didn’t see the question–I’m personally a huge fan of snacks from China! They have really unique flavored kit kats, like green tea!

      1. jen

        me too! China has some great snacks!

  6. Jennifer Metz

    I would love to see them feature Scotland or Ireland!

  7. Crstina

    I would like them to feature candy from Spain 🙂

  8. Kelly

    I would like to see France featured!

  9. Rebecca

    I missed that review. Heading to check it out now. 🙂

    1. Rebecca

      Oops, and I hit submit without reading the rules. I should know better!

      I would love to see British products for the comfort factor (grew up with some of them) or something from Japan.

  10. Cheryl

    I love all things Italy and Italian, so that’s what I’d love to see!

  11. Tristian

    I am really interested in this box!! It looks like so much fun! I love trying things from different countries.

  12. Tabitha Sawicz


  13. Jody

    I would like to see them feature Italy!

  14. miranda


  15. Swati

    Hmm, maybe some British snacks!

  16. jill


  17. Jessica

    UK! My hubby is English and he just got way too excited in his recent travels when he found a Kinder Surprise.

  18. Avalon

    I would like for them to feature Italy

  19. Jessika

    I love trying new things from different countries, mostly the sweets!! To get a box with treats from Japan, Germany, Korea, and Italy I would be one happy girl!!! I loved your review of this months box. If it was in the budget I would ordering one now! I love these giveaway’s!

  20. Lynsey M


  21. Stacey


  22. Charity

    Uk or Japan! Love them both!

  23. sarah b

    I think Asian snacks are super interesting. Thailand or Japan would be cool.

  24. Beth W


  25. Erin Braun


  26. Jacquelyn Noell

    Germany. I get really homesick and miss the candy/food so terribly.

    I also wouldn’t mind green tea flavored chocolate. That just sounds yummy!

  27. melissa m

    I would like to see a box from turkey

  28. Lori


  29. Saffy

    I would like to see Sweden!

  30. Anastasia

    Russia and Germany

  31. LynneMarie

    I’d like them to feature France.

  32. terri s

    may be Greece or Australia. anywhere really would be awesome; have never been/tried much of anything global.

  33. Brandy Fisk

    France sounds interesting!

  34. megan


  35. lia

    I’d love to try things from Brazil. Or Chile. Really any South American country. I love Mexican candies, so it’d be interesting to try out other Latin American flavors.

  36. Brianna

    Canada, send me that maple goodness.

  37. Shawn

    I think Ireland would make for an interesting curation.

  38. Carri

    I definitely vote for Holland – my mother-in-law has shared so many yummy things from her country.

  39. Amy Ballou

    Paris or germany

  40. Ashley

    I’d like to see Japanese or Italian snacks.

  41. Angel

    Japan or Britain for sure, they have some of my favourites!

  42. alayna

    India or Turkey!

  43. Victoria

    Some UK snacks would be awesome, I see them in specialty stores sometimes but man are they expensive!

  44. Sue

    I love snacks from Japan or the UK!!!

  45. Jordan M

    Bring on the Kinder white chocolate from England!

  46. Lanie

    I love trying typical US candy in various flavors. I found so many kit kats in Asia and they were so fun to try.

  47. Jen

    Germany !! An army brat so I lived there twice growing up!
    Love the candy – the food – the festivals!

  48. Cymbre Martin

    French desserts yummmmm

  49. Sara Arcuri

    An Italy themed box would be awesome!!! 🙂

  50. S J

    I’ve been eyeing this and so would be happy to try it!

  51. Kelsey

    Spain!! I studied abroad there in college 🙂

  52. kim


  53. Rachel Friend

    Mmm! Looks delish!! Right up my alley

  54. JacLyn

    Portugal is nice! 🙂

  55. Simone

    Would love to see a Swedish box!

  56. Emily

    I want a spanish themed one!

  57. Jessi


  58. Kelsea Etson


  59. Brittney

    Everything that I see from Japan or China always looks so colorful and interesting! Those would be lovely, along with maybe snacks from Canada? I recently saw a video about them and they all looked fantastic!

  60. Beth Rang

    The UK, but I think Italy, Japan, France and Australia would be fun too. Australia has some fantastic higher end chocolate and olive oil. Sigh. Wish I had a source, but my ex no longer works for the company that sent him out there.

  61. Katherine

    I’d love to see Brazil featured. 🙂

  62. Kathy


  63. Nicole

    the UK!

  64. Paula Jenkins

    Russia would be fun!!!

  65. Olga

    I would love to see an England box!

  66. Holly E

    I would love to see Spain featured.

  67. Sher

    France, Belgium or Switzerland = chocolate.

  68. Eve

    Italy would be nice.

  69. Pilar

    I would love to see some Jamaican candies.

  70. Mallory B

    I would love a box from France. Or Italy. Or Ireland. Or Britain! I just want to try goodies from EVERYWHERE!

  71. Rebecca

    Germany or France

  72. Melanie

    I would love to try goodies from Australia

  73. Melissa B

    France for sure… yum

  74. Nicole Whelan

    Denmark! I have friends who come from there, so it would be neat!

  75. Kelly G

    I would love to see a box of South Korean goodies!

  76. Gail

    How Cool…Germany…

  77. Wendy m

    Well Belgium for chocolate and pastry in Austria is always incredible. It would be neat up have some rose water sweets from India.

  78. Christina L.

    I would love to see some Japanese or French goodies!

  79. Lauren


  80. Jessica

    I would love to try food from Italy.

  81. Jennifer Pittman

    The Philippines!

  82. Lydia

    French box, please!

  83. Laura R

    I don’t know about what country.. but they should include gummy bears from baeren treff in Germany. They are seriously the best. My boyfriend’s mom is from Germany and goes back every summer to visit her family and she always sends me a bunch of gummies from there. My favorite is the pair bears.

    Also, a thousand years ago, around Easter, I bought this big plastic egg full of candy from IKEA. In it was these little candies kind of like starbursts but way better. I think from England and they had a dinosaur on the package. I tried to find more but failed.. they were soo good!

  84. cindy


  85. Melissa


  86. mary m


  87. Isabel

    Would love to see Ireland or Germany

  88. Kelley

    I think it might be cool to see Scotland candy included!

  89. Kim Kjerulf

    Everything looks yummy!

  90. Lori K

    Belgium (chocolate!) and India

  91. Melissa

    I would love to see Turkey featured. I spent a couple of years there as a kid when my dad was in the military and loved it.

  92. Gina O

    I would love to see them feature Italy.

  93. Ashley C.

    Somewhere a little different — India, Thailand, Greece, Turkey. Those would be fun!

  94. Stephanie

    I would love to see something from Indonesia or The Netherlands!

  95. Gina H

    OK, so not getting super exotic here, but I’d be curious to see a box of snacks across the US. Or doing any country with some sort of regional theme. Some are so vastly different from one place to the next, to say one specific snack represents, say, all of India, is so far off.

  96. Brianna Collins


  97. Sher

    Chocolate-based goodies from France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

  98. Jessy


  99. Mary

    Not picky, would just love to try treats that we would not normally find here.

  100. Sasha

    I want to say Japan because I love Japanese snacks but that’s something that isn’t too hard to find if you really want…. so I’m going to go with Hungary. I have roots to there and it’s sometimes forgotten as it isn’t the largest nation but it has such rich history and culture so some Hungarian treats would be so fun.

  101. Sara

    The UK..they have the best chocolates!

  102. Nicole Tetrev


  103. Jen


  104. Debi B.

    I would have to say Belgium, Switzerland or Italy, but I would love something different even our own country.
    This looks really neat and tasty!
    Good Luck to all

  105. Nancy

    I would love to see a Korea featured box.

  106. Anna

    Chile or Peru

  107. Noelle B.


  108. Erin

    I would love to see some Ahoj Brause in the box! My favorite German treat.

  109. Kate L

    Japan, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey. I love exotic food!

  110. ana ebright

    I would like to try a box from either Japan orsomewhere in South America

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