Julep 100 Degrees Mystery Box!

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Julep 100 Degrees Mystery Box
Julep 100 Degrees of Mystery Box

Julep is back with their latest Mystery Box! The “100 Degrees of Mystery Box” is $24.99 and promises over $100 of beauty and color! 100 boxes will contain an Ice-Cold Prize: a collection of some of Julep’s coolest must-haves, plus an $100 gift card! Boxes are available until 8.7.14 at 11:59pm or while supplies last!

If you are interested in picking up Julep’s latest Mystery Box, head over here and get it ordered. I may even pick one up myself this this!
Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. LORI

    I couldn’t resist this one. I need some new colors !

    1. Jennifer

      I have resisted so far but I am sure I will break down and get it.

  2. Ashley

    I have been trying to resist for a while but I am not sure I can…..the fact that 100 boxes can win the gift card and goodies gives me hope. There is also a discount code that won’t work on the box but does work on add ons 10FORYOU ($10 off). It is all sitting in my cart right now and if I do click it, I could get the regular mystery add on ($9.99) for free with the mystery box.

    How….just how do I resist that?

  3. Julie

    If you haven’t bought this yet, I strongly encourage you not to! I got mine yesterday and it was awful. Not even close to my style (I chose the glamorous style profile and none of the nail polishes are from that profile). 5 nail polishes: pukey green color (which I got in my first free box last month and hated then too), chartreuse, copper/brownish color, shimmery pink (pretty but not the best for my pale skin), and a turquoise color. I’ll probably only use the turquoise. Plus an eyeliner pot (I don’t have an eyeliner brush and prefer my pencils), blotting papers (I don’t have oily skin so I gave these to my boyfriend) and useless plastic sticks to paint all my polish colors on. This was a complete waste of money for me 🙁 I will be canceling tomorrow

    1. Jennifer

      Ugh! You are making me glad I didn’t order.

      1. Julie

        Oh and my style profile is bombshell apparently, guess there isn’t a glamorous one haha. But either way, I didn’t get any polishes from the profile!

        1. Holly

          The mystery boxes aren’t based on your style profile. There’s usually three different boxes, most of the time you just pick between the three. I think there was only one for this one though.

          It’s always so tempting to order mystery boxes for me, but they’re almost never worth it. Usually older polish colors and a product or maybe two. I rarely use their products, personally. But I don’t wear make up much at all either, so it’s just not worth it for me. Just nail polish! :p

          It’s a good, cost efficient way to get some different colors to try if you’re newer, and if you like a lot of their products I’d say go for it! 🙂

          But if you already have a huge julep collection, you’ll probably end up getting some dupes.

  4. Jody

    I ordered the 100 degree box and a mystery “major” add on. There were a lot of great things, a very good variety for sure. When I opened the box I couldn’t remember what I ordered, because there looked like there were “extras” inside. Well, I won one of the ice cold prize packs, which is why there was an extra box! Whahoooooooooo! More stuff AND a gift card for $100!! If anyone has suggestions on what I should splurge on, please let me know…thanks!

    1. Jennifer

      Yay!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

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