Limited Edition Summer Fun 2014 Q Box Review

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Q Box
Cost: Summer Fun Box: $59.99 (plus shipping. Monthly Box: $32.45/month ($24.95 + & 7.50 shipping).
Ships To: United States, Canada, German, Italy, France & the United Kingdom.
Summer Fun Q Box
Summer Fun Q Box

Q Box, who sent me this box to review, sends a monthly box full of 5-7 hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, accessories, home from mainly Japanese and Korean brands. Boxes are $24.95/month and promise to include full sized products with a value of $60+. This box, however, was their Limited Edition “Summer Fun Z Box” which sold for $59.99 and promised a value of over $200. Per the description, the box would include seven items and brands to be included were Snidel, JillStruart, 3CE, Renachris and more.

Summer Fun Q Box
The Box

As usual, Q Box ships from Canada and took it’s standard week to arrive.  I sometimes have had to sign for overseas packages, but I never have to with Q Box.

Summer Fun Q Box
First Look

The box was larger than the normal monthly Q Boxes and was also heavier than normal.  It was wrapped neatly and looked great.

Summer Fun Q Box
The Information Card

The Summer 2014 Q Box included the following items:

~Iriver Blank SC-10 Noodles Earphones ($22): Well you know I need these.  I never have headphones with me, lose them constantly, etc.  I have a few pairs that are “too nice” to use when traveling that I keep just at home because I don’t want to lose a $100 pair of headphones!    These are nice, but not too nice which is good.

Summer Fun Q Box
Iriver Blank SC-10 Noodles Earphones

~3CE Liquid Eyeliner ($18): I will put this one in my gift pile.  Eyeliner (and liquid eyeliner even more so) is just not me.

Summer Fun Q Box
3CE Liquid Eyeliner

~Ted Baker Bow Make Up Bag ($55):  Ohh, love!  This is so cute and I will happily use it as a little cosmetics bag!  This is easily my favorite item in the box.  Easily.

Summer Fun Q Box
Ted Baker Bow Make Up Bag

~Jill Stuart Tote Bag ($53): I love the pink, but even I think $53 for a tote bag is a lot!  Oddly, I didn’t think $55 for a makeup bag was crazy, but $53 for a tote (which is bigger than the makeup bag) is.  LOL!  It’s cute though and I’ll use it.

Summer Fun Q Box
Jill Stuart Tote Bag

~Renachris Pearl Crystal Ball Hairband ($18): This isn’t really my style, but on the right person, with the right outfit, I can totally see it working.  I would for sure place it on your head in the spot you want though as opposed to putting it on like a normal headband and them sliding it into place.  Your hair probably won’t get as caught as this way.

Summer Fun Q Box
Renachris Pearl Crystal Ball Hairband

~3CE Skin Tone Control Primer ($25): I tested this out quickly and I am already a fan!  It’s works with my skin tone and really does make everything go on nicer.

Summer Fun Q Box
3CE Skin Tone Control Primer

~Elegant Rose Bath / Beach Towel ($20): This totally reminds me of my Grandma.  In a good way!  She would have loved this!  And I will think of her every time I see it!

Summer Fun Q Box
Elegant Rose Bath / Beach Towel

According to the information card, the Summer Q Box box has a value of $211, which is awesome since the box was only $59.99.  I didn’t calculate the prices on my own because it’s too difficult to find a lot of the things online.  It does appear that we were missing a product from “Renachris” and I also recall reading that we’d be getting something from “Zoku”?  Hopefully those items will show up down the road in a Q Box!

This Limited Edition box is long sold out, as is the August Q Box, but if you are interested in signing up for September or just want to learn more, click here.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. Stephanie

    I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure the StyleNada products are knockoffs.

    Just compare the packaging. Even if not knockoffs, they are sending out old packaging:

    I know there are a lot of fakes out there for popular Korea brands, so I’m just warning you to be careful.

    I’ve found many QBox items on Alibaba Express, which is known for selling fakes in bulk.

      1. Stephanie

        To add onto this;

        The official website, the top of the tube says “3 Concept Eyes” – the brand of cosmetics. The fake says “StyleNanda” which is the company.

        Look at the pictures compared to the packaging on the Ailibaba Express link. The official pictures show the right packaging, while the pictures of their product show the tube you got.

        I’m just trying to warn people who might be interesting in QBox. I don’t trust the products they send.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you for sharing. I am not familiar with that brand so I would never have known about the packaging or anything!

  2. PA Anna

    Now that is a summer box!

  3. Catherine

    The 3 Concept Eyes recently changed most of their products package, the things we’re sending now are old package, and our subscribers will get the new package products in months. We’re only sending high quality and real things from Japan and Korea. ^_^

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