So What Wednesday!

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This week I am saying So What If….

~I don’t want to do laundry again until I get some cute laundry stickers for my planner.
~I have been stalking like a mad woman for my Fall Special Edition Box to appear. So far? NOTHING.
~I am already excited about what I am going to pack in L’s lunch the first day of school!
~I almost needed a UHaul to drop off all of L’s school supplies at his open house yesterday.  So.much.stuff.
~I ever find out who lit that “firework” (aka bomb) off in my neighborhood last night I am going to go beyond crazy on them.
~I am super excited that Chris is the new Bachelor.  I may or may not want to go on the show.
~The Tooth Fairy brought L a $20 in Chicago and never plans to do that again.  The Tooth Fairy clearly adjusted for the expensive nature of city life.
~I actually joined a co-op to buy washi tape.
~I seriously don’t mind L’s crazy outfit choices.  As long as he’s cool letting me pick out his clothes for special events, the rest of the time is all his choice.
~I looked on a map last night to see if my neighborhood had power.  Because looking outside clearly would have been too difficult.
~I lack self control and ordered the Allure Beauty Box yesterday.
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  1. HeatherP

    Did you get a notification that the Fall Special Edition box shipped? I did not get one yet 🙁 i’m dying for that too!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Nope! It usually shows up in FedEx before I get a shipping email from popsugar so that’s why I have verb stalking FedEx!

      1. Hilda

        I have to ask – how do you stalk FedEx without a tracking number??

        1. Jennifer

          You can track by reference using your subscription / order number. Nothing shows up yet though.

    1. Jacquelyn Noell

      I would have NEVER thought to check there. Thank you! =]

  2. PA Anna

    I LOVE reading this post. It’s amazing what the schools required. LOL on the FedEx guy and the stickers. I checked my reference last night and nada.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG it’s insane. so specific. What happens to all the scissors I buy? Why can’t we save those from year to year???


    The other night someone behind my house kept shooting off “fireworks” (that sounded like atomic bombs) from 2 am through 9 am. And it wasn’t like constant. It was like my dog and I would fall asleep and BOOOOOOM! another one would go off. I was really hoping the cops would come out and arrest that jerkface and haul them off to jail and throw away the key and never let them out. This woman likes her sleep.

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhhhh what’s wrong with people??? I would have called the police.

  4. Christina

    What kind of planner are you using? I’ve recently gotten into the Erin Condren Life Planner craze. Lots of wash tape building up in my house!

    1. Jennifer

      Lol. I use an Erin Condren too!

  5. lunch break to say hi! 🙂 i was surprised that the allure box was avail yesterday when i checked around 12:30, but i didn’t order it. i just can’t wait to move into my house and have everything normal again. but it’s so not right now!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhh I would be going crazy! Only a few more weeks right????

  6. Jenny

    So how much washi do you get in a coop? I wish it came in smaller spools since I would love to have more kinds with less of each one. LOL Kindof like naipolish you can never have too much!!!

    The school supply list is crazy and here it varies from school to school. I only spent about $40 so I think I did pretty good but some of the other schools ask for so much more stuff. Then of course once you get your actual teacher there is the wishlist items. I let M handle that and he picked blue painters tape. I mean really you could finding a crafty something to get. LOL of course he and N then went out to get it and he didn’t know what size so he got her a roll in each size they offered at Home Depot. Pretty sure she got 4 different spools of tape. I did notice the other day multiple sizes used as lines on the floor so that did make me happy.

    1. Jennifer

      It’s rolls just like you’d normally buy. I think this buy-in was $0.90 per roll? A total deal!

      I didn’t see the teacher’s wish list yet, but I am sure there is one.

  7. Ashley C.

    I had my suspicions that Farmer Chris would be back on Bachelor! I’m actually really looking forward to watching his season! Hopefully most of the females will be as relatively humble as he seemed to be. Have you been watching Bachelor in Paradise?! All this Clare and AshLee mess. Catty girls!

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! That show is a mess. I love it!

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