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Dear “The Quest”, I kind of like you. You remind me of The Challenge on MTV. I am kind of sadI found you so late in the season.

Dear Starbucks, Remember this week when you ran out of Grande cups and you gave me the Venti size instead for the same price? That was super sad. Let’s do it again soon ;).

Dear Michigan State, Let’s win this weekend okay? You too Lions. And you three Tigers.

Dear WB, I have no idea what was so funny last night that you were literally cracking yourself up about in your bed. But I admit, I laughed too.

Dear Teen Mom, Oh my, you were a train wreck this week. So.much.fighting. I couldn’t even figure out what was happening because it was all just so confusing.

Dear School Fundraisers, Why, why, why do you do this to me? You know my kid wants to go in the “cash grab” machine and that requires us to sell 8 bajillion items.

Dear The Lunch Ladies, Thanks for hooking L up with lunch the other day. I was super worried when I didn’t see any money taken out of his school account that day and it turns out (according to L) there was an issue with his card (i.e. it didn’t exist) so he couldn’t pay. You didn’t make him eat a cold sandwich or send a note home saying we owed money or any of that.  You just gave him his pizza.  Thank you.

Dear Weather Forecasters, OMG you acted like we were getting the storm of the century this week.  And you know what happened?  It rained.  And not even a lot.  Thanks for freaking everyone out for days.  For nothing.

Dear Pumpkin Spice Oreos, Although you don’t sound very good, I still cannot wait to try you.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Chrissy

    What are you selling for the kids’ school? I’m sure some of us might be interested in purchasing stuff. 🙂

    I haven’t tried pumpkin spice Oreos but I can warn you not to try the candy corn Oreos. YUCK. Even my husband, who LOVES candy corn, couldn’t choke it down!

    1. Jennifer

      Ahh, I would never! You would never talk to me again. LOL!

      I haven’t seen those Candy Corn ones yet this year, but I vaguely remember them in the past. So many Oreos so little time.

      1. Chrissy

        Nah, I wouldn’t mind. I love all that stuff. 🙂

        I was just at Target on my lunch break and they have cookie dough Oreos which could be delicious.

  2. Kristin

    Oh we got lots of rain here, it even came in the house.
    Here I am procrastinating reading your blog when I should be loading the trailer.
    My question is where did Canada Post try to deliver my GT package when my address is right? Will I get it today?
    Have a good weekend!

    1. Jennifer

      I hope nothing got damaged!!!

  3. Erin

    Yeah, this week I just had to SMH at Teen Mom. Did you happen to catch Farrah and Caitlyn & Tyler going at it on Couples Therapy? They let her have it.
    As far as the school fundraisers…just wait until both boys are in school. This was my 1st year having to do 2 at the same time and I swear I didn’t know what to do. They both want prizes that require them (ME) to sell like 5,000 things. My head was spinning and I’m glad that is over and turned in…until the next one comes out in a month I’m sure. By the way….I talked them into getting the coolest iphone walkie talkies ever made that only required each to sell 15 items. =)

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t think I have ever watched that. But I will try to find it on Hulu for sure.

      Ugh. 2 selling stuff is would be too crazy! 15 items isn’t too bad. That seems doable.

  4. Amanda

    I wanted to cry for poor Jace. The adults need to grow up and think about him and not themselves.
    I totally agree on the Oreos. My life will not be complete until I try all the flavors.

    1. Jennifer

      I know! That poor little guy. He’s so sweet.

  5. Caroline R.

    Ditto on Teen Mom! Janelle and her mom just make me sad…but on the up and up…Kailyn, Joe, and their sitch seems to be improving!

    1. Jennifer

      It was a complete mess this week! I cannot stand Nathan. For him to think he’s the best parent for anyone is unreal.

  6. Mallory B

    There must have been a nationwide shortage of grande cups, because my Starbucks ran out of them too!

    1. Jennifer

      SO sad right? I was crushed :). And full caffeinated for hours and hours.

  7. Jenny

    Do you guys do the Boosterthon fun run? The kids run and people sponsor them and the school gets money. LOL There is no actual product sold but the kids get prizes based on pledges. Luckily we have a big family so N hit his goal of $5 per lap (they cand do up to 35laps) pretty fast. He was happy and I was done. hehe last year we sold coupon books too so I’m guessing we may be doing those soon too.
    I just made my fall TV viewing chart and posted it. I know I’m missing so many shows that I’m sure I will NEED to watch but its a start anyway.

    1. Jennifer

      No, we don’t! I wish we did though. Og wait, they actually did something along those lines last year. I need to see if his new school does it.

  8. Mrs. L

    Around here in drought ridden California, if it sprinkles even a few drops, it really is the storm of the century. Please send water our way.

    When I was a kid, my Mom dutifully helped sell anything I was trying to fundraise with by always asking her friends and coworkers to buy stuff. She always said when I got out of school that it would be our time to buy when the kids came calling. And she always did buy even if it was something she didn’t need, she figured it was only right to “payback” all those times we sold items. I continue to this day to remember that even if I don’t need another roll of Christmas paper, another box of Thin Mints or another carton of microwave popcorn, it’s “my” turn, and I’ll gladly help the next kid reach their goal by buying something.

    1. Jennifer

      I always always buy whatever kids come to my door selling. It’s hard to sell stuff and the schools really do need the money, so I gladly buy it!

  9. courtney

    we get a weekend off of sparty this week….bye week #1! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Seriously where have I been? You coming in town for any games?

  10. Lauren

    Ya the weather man… like last Fridays hurricane that knocked my power off for 4 days and brought down trees onto and into my home and smashed my deck, ya that hurricane that dte ever so friendly reminded me of ever 2 hours via and obnoxious recording, we heard NOTHING of this up coming HURRICANE. but the 4 hour of plane rain with no thunder was like a national televised event. Glad i took cover for the wrong event :/ Wtf?

    1. Jennifer

      OMG i am cracking up. This is the total truth. I thought the world was ending with all the talking up they did of that “storm” on Thursday. And the one the week before? Nothing.

  11. Ashley C.

    Not sure I can get down with the Pumpkin Spice oreos … but the m&ms?! That I could do. They also have seasonal candy apple ones … might have to buy some of those, too! Limited m&ms speak my language!!

    1. Jennifer

      Wait there are candy apple m&m’s???

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