PopSugar Must Have 2014 Fall Limited Edition Box Review

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Cost: Monthly Boxes: $39.95/month. Limited Edition: $100
Ships To: United States
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PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box
PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box

Yay!  My PopSugar 2014 Fall Style Must Have Box is here!  It originally wasn’t scheduled to arrive until next week sometime, but happily it arrived sooner than that.

This PopSugar Box was a separate purchase from the regular monthly PopSugar Must Have boxes.  It went on sale back in July, was $100 and promised to ship by 8.31.14.  If you aren’t familiar, PopSugar Must Have Box (which is probably my favorite box ever) is an exciting monthly box full of fun, must-have picks across fashion, beauty, home decor, fitness, and more, which is delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Boxes include full-size products and premium items including tried-and-true classics, celebrity favorites, and brands consumers have yet to discover worth over $100!  And every once in a while (usually seasonally), they offer these Special Edition boxes.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box
The Box

PopSugar ships via FedEx Smart Post and took just over a week to arrive.  I think the holiday may have delayed it a tad.  I guess I understand why the regular monthly boxes ship via Smart Post, but I wish that the Special Edition ones used FedEx Ground.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box
First Look

I totally loved the polka dot tissue paper they used for this box.  It doesn’t really remind me of fall, but it’s fun.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box
The Information Card

The 2014 PopSugar Must Have Fall Style Box was curated with Fashion Week in mind and included the following chic accessories and multifunctional accessories to help you take on the new season in style.

~Marchesa Voyage For Shopstyle Printed Scarf ($140): I like the material (although I did expect it to be a lot thicker) and pattern of this scarf, but I am not too sure about the colors.  I mean I’ll wear it, but it wouldn’t have been my first choice.  It’s not that I dislike blue and black, but it doesn’t scream fall to me either.  I may be the only one, but I would have loved a deep orange or red.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box
Marchesa Voyage for Shopstyle Printed Scarf

~Make Silk Cream Lipstick (Radicchio) ($25): This is for sure a sister-in-law item.  She gets all my lipsticks.  It’s actually one product that I have none of in my stash since I give it all to her right away.  She probably hasn’t had to buy a lipstick in years.  This color is really nice and I think she’ll love it.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box
Make Silk Cream Lipstick in Radicchio

~Capsule Parfums Byway Eau de Parfume ($38): Okay, this was the item I was most curious about testing. It’s described as “a is a sweet fragrance inspired by one unforgettable lap dance”. Uhh, okay.  It has hints of crystal spun sugar and vanilla among other, so I was kind of hoping it would smell similar to Pink Sugar which shares some of those notes.  It doesn’t.  It kind of reminds me of my Grandma (who didn’t smell like a lap dance).  I don’t hate it, but it’s not going to be my signature scent either.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box
Capsule Parfums Byway Eau de Parfum

~Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser ($32): I love that we got a cleanser.  There tends to be lots of serums and lotions and moisturizers and that sort of thing in subscription boxes, but cleansers?  Not so much.  This brand is totally new to me and while I normally wouldn’t spend this much on a cleanser, I will be happy to use it and see what I think.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box
Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

~Joie Zorina Knit Hat ($98): Living in Michigan this hat will come in very handy.  Too handy actually.  It’s super soft and it’s something I would have bought on my own (I mean if it were less expensive of course).  I would have totally preferred the Joie scarf or mittens, but I can always add those to my Christmas list.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box
Joie Zorina Knit Hat

~SugarPova Chic Gummy Candy ($5.99):  Little gummy shoes, sunglasses and purses?  So cute!  It’s tennis champion Maria Sharapova’s line and they taste really good too.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box
Sugarpova Chic Gummy Candy

All totaled I came up with a value of $338.99 for the 2014 PopSugar Must Have Fall Style Box.  That’s well over the $100 cost of the box and while I am satisfied with it,  I wasn’t wowed by it.  I like the contents, but I didn’t love them.  Still it will not be stopping me from ordering their next special edition box!

Did you get the PopSugar Fall Style box?  What did you think?  It’s sold out now, but if you are interested in winning one, well, you are in luck because I picked up a second one to giveaway!  As usual just enter in the Rafflecopter widget below!  And if you are interested in subscribing to the monthly box, you can do so here and can either use the coupon code “RAMBLINGS” to get a free full-sized beauty product in your first box (you can check out the specifics here) or “BJB10” to score $10 off!  Good luck!

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  1. Michelle Forbes

    The Face Wash!

    1. Ariel

      I think the scarf was blue… Because the birthstone for September is sapphire? I personally love the scarf & hat

    2. Amy Kirkpatrick

      I got the hat and I am not a hat wearer so if someone wants to trade for the scarf or the gloves just let me know.

  2. Jessica

    Oh it’s always so hard to choose. I agree, I think the scarf is lovely but it looks more of a Christmas festive type of thing (because of the bold colors, I think). I think the Joie hat is def my favorite!! Oh I would die to win this!! Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

  3. Jessica

    That’s an awesome box!!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the question!

  4. Alisha Reynolds McCoy

    Love the scarf and hat!

  5. Lindsay

    That hat!!!

  6. Stephanie S.

    I am living the knit hat. It looks so warm.

  7. sonia

    i would DIE for that hat!

  8. Kristin

    I want the hat! I guess I can feel your pain with the hat needs and it’s supposed to be as cold this winter! Now I wish I had my box, I guess I can run over tomorrow since it was delivered today but I’m going to be making a run on Monday to mail some GT trades out.

  9. Marie Casalaspro

    would really love to win…thank you much

    1. Marie Casalaspro

      i like the scarf and hte gummy bears

    2. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the question!

      1. Marie Casalaspro

        I love the Scarf and the gummy bears. The hat is cute as well (now i’m sure i answered the question)

  10. Kim S.

    I love the hat! That’s an item I could get a lot of use out of.

  11. Courtney Carothers

    Love that hat! It would totally come in handy for the Chicago winters!

  12. Kandis

    I would love to win this!

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the question!

      1. Kandis Bumgarner

        The hat is my favorite! So adorable!

  13. Iris


    I’m seriously tempted to just go buy a bag (or two) off of Amazon haha.

  14. Amanda

    My fav item is the hat, although I would never spend that much on a winter hat!

  15. Mandy B

    I love the scarf.

  16. Regan Huffman

    I love the hat! And the scarf!

  17. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I love the scarf! 🙂

  18. Michaella B

    The indie lee cleanser! I love indie lee!

  19. Angel B

    It is weird that i’m actually most excited about the candy. Def going to seek out and purchase.

  20. Dasha

    The scarf or cleanser!

  21. Kayuki

    Wow I’m totally in love with the knit hat !

  22. Beth

    I actually liked this better than I did from the spoilers. I never like getting perfume – not sure what will happen with that. But I was pleasantly surprised that the cleanser was free of all of the stuff I try to stay away from. It’ll get used. I love the hat – I’m actually glad we got a hat – probably the only one. Mostly because, as you know, it’ll be turning cold here in Wisconsin soon and I’ve gotten used to my morning walks. The scarf – I’m with you, I’ll use it, but I wish it would have been in a bright fall color! Love the lipstick color. When I do the ‘what would I pay for this in a store’ math – this isn’t my favorite special edition box – but it’s ok.

  23. Carolyn Bunch

    I really love the scarf! I love the color and pattern. It reminds me of Doctor Who, and I’m a big fan of the show. Silly I know, but its my guilty pleasure.

  24. Ruby Yoshi

    I want to try the Capsule Parfums Byway Eau de Parfume

  25. emiie

    Definitely the hat!

  26. Ricki

    I love Make, especially their lipstick, so of course I am drooling over that. I also am addicted to gummies!

  27. chelsea

    The lipstick

  28. Rachel S.

    The scarf is super cute!

  29. Nicole A

    I love that scarf!

  30. Jennifer Sharpe

    I didn’t think I was going to love this box as much as I do! But once I got it and saw everything in person, I fell in love. Especially with the hat! I was told I looked very “Love Story” in it. I’ll take that as a compliment!

  31. lanie

    My first thought was that I could use a new hat, but I just moved down south. So, I will say the lipstick as I definitely need some and can never decide what color or brand to buy.

  32. Heather

    Yay! Thanks so much ! Love this box

    1. Jennifer

      Don’t forget to answer the question!

  33. Joanne

    My favorite from the from is the cleanser.

  34. Joanne

    I meant from the box.

  35. Tina Bui

    the scarf


  36. Kelly

    Love the Marchesa scarf!

  37. aaron Anne

    I’m loooooooving the beanie!!!

  38. Megan

    Love the cleanser and the hat!

  39. Leana

    I actually love the perfume. I tend to like sweet scents and they go well with my body chemistry so that was my fav item.

  40. Erin Hermann

    The hat!! Living in New England it would come in handy

  41. Maura

    I want to try the cleanser but I love the hat too!

  42. Ashley H.

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite…the whole box looks great. But…since I have to pick, it’d have to be the lipstick! I kind of hoard lipsticks. 🙂

  43. Ashley

    I think the had it my favorite item, it look so soft and warm!

  44. Cheryl

    The scarf, love the colors!

  45. Jenifer

    I think my fav would be the hat since I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t spend that much for it! 😉

  46. Cymbre Martin

    The cleanser!!!!!

  47. Andrea Fleming

    This box is awesome! I already use the cleanser, and really like it, but my favorite thing is definitely the hat!

  48. Leanne

    i LOVE the beanie!! I love a good beanie! 🙂

  49. Jordan McEntaffer

    The candy is my favorite!

  50. Roxanne Brown

    Ooh the Brightening face cleanser!!!

  51. Candace L

    The Joie hat and the Indie Lee cleanser! Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Dawn

    I really really like the scarf. The blue is great!

  53. Rose D.

    The hat! !

  54. angel g

    The scarf looks amazing! And it just so happens I don’t have a blue and black scarf! [I know, the horror]

  55. Brie

    The hat is definitely my favorite!

  56. Kristine

    I love the hat!

  57. MaryLynn Gamboa

    Love the hat but also needing a new cleanser so
    I am excited for that, too!

  58. Carrie

    Love it all!

  59. Sarah

    As someone who has the box, my favorite item is definitely the hat (although it doesn’t scream “fall” to me — more winter). The gummies, of course, too.

    I’m surprised that I like the perfume — it’s not my favorite, but it feels subtle enough to spritz on prior to going into a work meeting and not choking everyone, you know?

    I’m very disappointed with the scarf, but I’ll leave my negativity off here. I was expecting 7 items, though. I was waiting for this box for 4 months (the chance to order, that is) and I wish they would have just sent me an old box from last year. 😉 Either way, I love PS, so I’ll continue to be a loyal customer and as much as I want to say that I won’t order the next LE box, I probably will. I will give them a chance with fall again next year, too — hoping that they took my suggestions into account (I sent them a really detailed e-mail).

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. Jennifer

      I was really surprised at how thin the scarf is. The material is fabulous, but it’s not going to ward off any chilly air!

  60. Aly

    So excited about the Indie Lee cleanser!

  61. Ali M

    I’d say the knit hat, since I dont own anything in a quiet neutral, and it’s starting to get cold here!

  62. Shannon

    You’re right there aren’t enough cleansers in boxes. I would really like to try the cleanser.

  63. Kristy

    I would love to have the cleanser! I love nice cleansers but they are always out of my price range

  64. Lauren

    My fav would have to be the hat.

  65. Dayo Steph

    I’d like the lipstick best – I have makeup eyeshadow remover and love it.

  66. Mary W.

    I love the hat! Michigan winters are the worst! What a great item to get through the cold months.

  67. Danielle

    I think the scarf actually is my favorite. I love the bright blue and can see it going well to sort of brighten up some typical fall colors.

  68. Jill Banks Geraci

    I love the perfume!

  69. Brianna

    That cozy hat!

  70. Gwen Clark

    The scarf is absolutely gorgeous!

  71. Ashley

    I can’t pick between the hat and scarf. They would pair great together in an outfit. But if I have to pick one, I’d say the scarf!

  72. Eve

    I love the hat and scarf.

  73. Anna

    The cute gummies!!

  74. Angel B

    I am in LOVE with that scarf

  75. Alexa Angell

    I think the fancy cleanser is my favorite. I’m not a hat person and would have preferred gloves like you.

  76. Laura

    I’ve heard of Indie Lee and the cleanser would be my favorite to try since I’m always on the hunt for a good cleanser! The gummies would be #2 but I am a serious gummy snob.

    It’s a bit sad and pathetic, but the thing that got the best first impression from me was the black box it came in! That looks like a nice sturdy box!

  77. Sneaky Burrito

    I think the scarf is my favorite. I’m not normally a scarf person, but I have learned in the last year that blues really look good on me, so it would be a great place to start!

  78. Melanie

    The cleanser, for sure!

  79. Liz

    Love the scarf!

  80. Amy Ballou

    Marchesa Voyage For Shopstyle Printed Scarf….so beautiful…sooo me!

  81. Nicole Whelan

    The scarf!!! Omg, that pattern and color is lovely. I’m trying to dress a little more out of my comfort zone lately, and a little more fun, so this fits the bill. So cute!

  82. KelBelle

    The cleanser for sure!

  83. Caroline Wampler

    My favorite is the Make Silk Cream Lipstick!

  84. Michelle K.

    Definitely the scarf! It’s in my absolute favorite color!!

  85. Hannah R

    Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser!

  86. Alice

    I like the scarf the most. I cannot say I have ever had a lap dance before but is this a lap dance by a girl or a guy? And I assume it is a dance by a “professional” and not like the one in Mexico on Real Housewives of Orange County? Pretty brilliant branding.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG. There is no way it smells like the Mexican strippers from that crazy lap dance!

  87. Chandi

    I absolutely love the hat! I would be toasty warm and chic wearing this during my outside after school and playground duties in Ohio!

  88. Lori

    The cleanser. I really had my heart set on those gloves too! Darn it.

  89. pualani

    I would love to rock that hat at Christmas when I go visit my mainland ohana! So excited to play in the snow!!! #doyouwanttobuildasnowman

  90. Steph Pilbeam

    I totally love the hat, but the lipstick looks so luxurious.hard to choose probably the hat though, cause it looks so soft and warm!

  91. sara

    I absolutely LOVE the scarf. Would’ve bought the box just for that!

  92. Diana Morales

    I LOVE the scarf! I don’t neccisarily think it’s a fall item but it would be great for winter (and who am I kidding, I would be wearing it all fall too!)

  93. Diana Kang

    I like the hat and the cleanser a lot.

  94. Andrea S

    Love the Joie hat.

  95. Beth Rang

    Love the scarf!

  96. Elizabeth

    This box is so much better than the Luxury Resort Special Edition box! I love the lipstick!

  97. Jean Eckert

    I was not wowed by this box at all! My favorite item is probably the gummies, followed by the face cleanser- I can always use more of both those items 🙂

  98. Rebecca

    The hat is so cute!!

  99. Kate

    Can’t decide between the hat or the cleanser.

    I just read the other day that cobalt blue is the color of Fall 2014. Doesn’t seem like a fall color to me either. The scarf is pretty but I have way too many scarves as it is.

  100. Illy Junus

    Hard to choose, but i love the bennie and the scarf

  101. Shawn

    I know the hat would come in handy in Michigan, but I really want to smell this mysterious “lap-dance-inspired” scent! HAHAHA

  102. Tara

    Love the scarf and the hat, is it soft?

    1. Jennifer

      Very very soft!

  103. Margaret

    I am absolutely in love with the scarf! I think the colors are amazing but I do agree they aren’t fall – but love it nonetheless!

  104. rachel

    I love the scarf!

  105. Mira Sil

    The cleanser! 🙂

  106. Jessica

    The hat and the candy 🙂

  107. Sarah

    Great box!! I’m excited about the hat!

  108. Ashley

    I like the hat and gummies!

  109. Sarah Dineen

    The cleanser!

  110. Julie Crabb

    I love the hat!

  111. Emily

    my favorite is for sure the hat, living in New England, this would be very handy indeed.

  112. Angela

    The scarf!!!!

  113. Alissa younkin

    My fav item is the cleanser, I’d love to try a new one 🙂

  114. Eve

    Ooooh I just love the scarf! I do love deep orange and reds, also because “fall” in Massachusetts is more like “that week between humid summer and dark, frigid winter”, so bright colors are always nice. But the blue is so gorgeous (and somehow, I just have an insane amount of blue in my closet). Definitely, definitely my favorite. (And the cleanser, if only because my own is running out!)

  115. S

    I think I’m most excited about the cleanser, it looks great!

  116. Lauren

    I have to say the hat would be my favorite… the color and style is totally something I would buy (though probably a cheaper version)!

  117. Claire

    Joie Zorina Knit Hat

  118. Casey

    My favorite item is definitely the scarf (so gorgeous)! I love the hat too 🙂

  119. Lisa

    Love the scarf and I love gummi candies.

  120. Karen

    I think I’d have to say the hat! Although I love gummies too 🙂

  121. Rose

    I would be happy just to win the box. But my favorite is the hat. I would love to win.

  122. Alecia

    I am curious about Indie Lee cleanser. You’ll have to let us know what you think about it. 🙂

  123. Beth K.

    I adore that hat!!! Cleanser would be a close second

  124. Ann Marie G

    Love the hat, but I wouldn’t spend that for it. Sounds so soft! I think the scarf might grow on me, with my black belted coat, black boots, and skinny jeans. It has an edge, plus, I would LOVE to own a Marchesa item!!

  125. Brittany

    I love the scarf!

  126. Sher

    It’s a tough choice between that gorgeous scarf and the facial cleanser 🙂

  127. Anette M

    I really like the scarf, but I could use a new hat. The cleanser sounds really nice too.

  128. Judy

    I love the cleanser & hat! 🙂

  129. Mary Ann

    Either the hat or the scarf…I can’t decide! I like them both!

  130. audrey

    Best item in the box is by far the hat and something I would use daily in the fall/winter. So cute!

  131. Gail

    Think I’d like to try the Parfume

  132. Heather

    The blue scarf! I’m going on a Disney Cruise next month and it would be perfect for the chilly nights on deck <3 Plus it would look pretty fancy with the white beanie. 😉

  133. Eudora

    Super cute hat!

  134. Erica

    I do believe it’s the face wash.

  135. Nicole Midgley

    I am most excited about the hat! 🙂

  136. Julie B

    the scarf!!

    1. Julie B

      Ah! Please delete! I don’t want my full name on here

      1. Jennifer

        I edited for you!

    2. Jennifer

      All set!

  137. Julie B

    The scarf!

  138. Staci

    I’m always up for some candy, so that’s probably my favorite item. With the scarf or cleanser coming in second.

  139. lia

    I love the scarf!

  140. Jessie

    The Joie hat is fantastic! PopSugar is definitely my favorite subscription box.

  141. Chelsey

    The scarf is my favorite item!

  142. lesley

    I like the hat….. a little luxury I would never buy for myself :o)

  143. Aimee V

    I love the hat! I’m also a gummy lover!

  144. Jessica A

    I am looking forward to the hat- will take mine to Yosemite next month!

  145. Holly W

    I love the Marchesa Voyage for Shopstyle Printed Scarf.

  146. terri s

    the hat and the face wash

  147. Debra Brownstein

    Love the hat!

  148. Julie

    I love the scarf! Those are totally my colors.

  149. Ashley

    I love the hat!!

  150. Hannah

    I really like the hat!

  151. Kelsea Etson

    The scarf!!

  152. Wanica McNeil


  153. Gabi

    I think I’d like the lipstick the most! It looks like a great color for Fall 🙂

  154. Amy

    My favorite item in this box is the cleanser.

  155. Lola

    you always have the best reviews on subscription boxes…. it’s always the deciding factor on the ones I end up getting!!!! Thank You

  156. MJ

    OMGosh! I love the scarf! Hands down my favorite item ^^ Thank you for the giveaway!

  157. Susan O'Bryant

    The knit hat is precious! That color would be perfect for fall/winter.

  158. Melanie K

    I am in love with the scarf in this box! I like the blue and black a lot.

  159. Angela P.

    I love the joie hat. Perfect for Fall.

  160. Sarah B

    I’m most excited about the hat! Ps…my Instagram name was autocorrected at the last second on the rafflecopter- It’s supposed to be saryberry.

    1. Jennifer

      Not a problem! I wil find you if you win!

  161. Aoife K

    That hat is adorable! At that price I don’t think I’d be able to afford other clothing, but hey. At least my head would be cozy.

  162. Nancy M.

    My favorite color ever is the blue of the scarf, but the item that I’m most interested in is the cleanser.

  163. Nicole

    I love the hat! It will come in super handy for Minnesota winters 🙂

  164. Brandy Fisk

    The hat is by far my favorite!

  165. Lori

    I want that hat!

  166. Nancy G

    I am loving that hat!

  167. latanya

    Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

  168. Jenny

    I’m loving the cleanser and the hat.

  169. Michelle

    Love the cleanser…..and the scarf too. 🙂

  170. Caitlyn

    The perfume, hat and scarf are my fave things, if I had to pick one then I guess the scarf…or hat…lol

  171. Kathy S

    That hat! I only have dark winter hats and would love this light one!

  172. Kathy

    Gotta say the hat! Living in SoCal I have no use for it, but for my daughter who is going to college in Flagstaff it would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity.

  173. Lauren

    the lipstick!

  174. Stacie Seidman

    I’m probably just hungry… but I think the gummies are my favorite!

  175. karen d.

    It’s a nice box, I like the cleanser the best – like you said, you don’t get them very often.

  176. Jamie

    the hat!

  177. Alicia

    I love the scarf! while I don’t think black & blue scream fall either, I do love them together!

  178. Sarah

    Oooh I like that lipstick color a lot!

  179. Kirsten

    I love that scarf !

  180. Shawna Landers

    I think my favorites are a toss up between the hat (KS weather!) and the perfume (only because of the description!) LOL

  181. Debbi Wellenstein

    I really like the capsule perfume!

  182. Sophie V

    The scarf!

  183. Olga

    My favorite item in the box is the lipstick! 🙂

  184. Mallory B

    My favorite item I think is the hat. It’s gorgeous and I think it would actually be one I wouldn’t look ridiculous in! I really don’t look good in very many hats.

  185. Amy

    I’m intrigued by the perfume though its “inspiration” story sounds ridiculous, but I love Joie… Guess my favorite would be the hat!

  186. Nancy McClain

    I don’t have the box to try the products or smell the perfume or feel the material, I think your review is fair and thought out. $ 98.00 is pricey for a hat. I would love to win the box and try it out for myself, but thought your review of it not being a favorite is spot on.

  187. Victoria

    That hat is to die for! If I was better at knitting I’d make my own for sure

  188. Tabitha

    I love the hat and scarf. My daughter would love the gummies. 🙂

  189. Sophie

    I’m hearing good things about the skin brightening cleanser!

  190. Kate L

    The accessories! I love that scarf, and the hat is super cute too! I’m also curious about the perfume, as a lap dance that smells like grandma is both intriguing and horrifying.

  191. teresa c

    I like the cleanser and the gummies!

  192. Jacquelyn Noell

    The scarf. The knit hat. and the gummys. I love gummys.

  193. Melissa M

    LOVE that knit hat!! and the cleanser would be a close second.

  194. Miranda

    The Joie hat is my absolute favorite!!

  195. Lisa

    Love the hat and the gummies!

  196. Crystal

    I LOVE that scarf! =)

  197. Gina H.

    I liked the hat until I saw a pic of it on someone else (I’m worried my head would look weird!). So for now, I’d say the scarf–the colors look awesome.

    BTW, were you going to go to St. Huberts? It’s my aunt/uncle/cousin’s church, and they work the beer tent every year (and my parents volunteer). I usually end up meeting them up there, but I don’t think they did it this year so I didn’t even know about it until I saw the news!

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! We were going to go and then the tent collapsed Friday night. I had some friends who were there and they said it was so scary. I’m so glad no one was seriously hurt!

  198. JoLynn

    I love the hat. I love the season of fall!

  199. Nicole Tetrev

    The hat! Its ADORABS!

  200. Farida


  201. Alicia N

    I Love that scarf! The blue is gorgeous but not really fall ish to me either… but that wouldn’t stop me from wearing it 🙂

  202. katy

    I live the scarf and wonder what the perfume smells like. they tend to make choices I love. I just bought two more Lollia shower gels…

  203. Sam L

    I love the scarf!

  204. Wendy

    I love the Joie Knit Hat and the cleanser would be great to try. Not to mention the scarf. its so hard to just pick one thing. I think overall the hat is my favorite though.

  205. Ashley Dempsey

    Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

  206. Beth W.

    That hat is adorable!

  207. Cynthia C

    I like the knit hat.

  208. Elisabeth

    The knit hat is too cute!

  209. miranda

    The hat is very cute

  210. gary

    I like the gummies

  211. Nicole

    I love the hat, its super adorable and will be useful come fall/ winter here in Minnesota!

  212. Kristina Moya

    I am in love with the color of the scarf!

  213. Lindsay

    The hat and then maybe the cleanser!

  214. Jennifer Frank-Lopez

    I am loving the hat.. Perfect for fall

  215. Katy

    I love the Joie hat. Thanks!

  216. JacLyn

    That hat is pretty cute! 🙂

  217. Jenn L

    The hat! I live in Illinois and that looks super warm. It also already goes with two of my coats!!

  218. Marissa

    I LOVE the hat is is super soft so i will defiantly be wearing that and i am loving the facial cleanser 🙂

  219. Jen

    that scarf and hat!! LOVE!

  220. Mrs. L

    I personally love the scarf. I don’t look at it as a “keep the cold out scarf” as much as a fashion scarf (remember, it rarely gets cold where I live LOL). This is a fashion scarf that is light enough for you to wear over a nice black turtleneck all day at the office. I think the black and bold blue make it more of a fall/winter than spring/summer and as a fall item makes sense. I would never pay that much for a scarf but it’s a Marchesa so that’s pretty cool.

    The hat I agree, much more of a winter item. I was surprised how soft it was and then saw it was a cashmere blend. I don’t wear hats but my sister does so she’ll love this as a Christmas present. In fact this is SOOO her I’m jazzed about it.

    The lipstick is too dark for me but I might try to use it and add a lighter color. I found it a bit dry too. Not my favorite.

    The perfume is ‘eh’.

    The gummies were gone in a day. So cute!

    Looking forward to using the cleanser.

    This was not my favorite special edition. There wasn’t really a wow factor for me though I will probably use the scarf more than most items I’ve gotten. And the hat is such a perfect gift. But, it just seems that something was off. Something missing.

    1. Jennifer

      Someone said that that the blue in the scarf was the color this fall, so that makes sense. Not my favorite special edition either. But it certainly won’t stop me from ordering the next one…

  221. Kristine

    I love that scarf! So beautiful!

  222. Mrs. L

    Ha, I don’t think anything will ever stop me from ordering the next one!

  223. Tracy Melhinch

    The knit hat is adorable!!!!!

  224. brenda disimone

    Make Silk Cream Lipstick in Radicchio

  225. Lindsay R

    loveeeee the hat!

  226. Cindy Ray

    I love the Printed Scarf

  227. Jana Williams

    Hi, I Hope you are having a Wonderful Day Today! I Love your Blogs & Getting your Newsletters in My Mail Box is Truly Exciting! I Don’t Know Why but it’s Fun Looking at All the Different Subscription Items you get Each Month; there is No Way I Can Afford Subscription Boxes Each Month Right Now! I Was in a Motorcycle Wreck a Couple of Years Ago & I am Still in a Great Deal of Pain Everyday! I am an Esthetician & Make Up Artist, So the Work I Did Was More Strenuous on My Body than I Thought it Would Be! I Had to Move Back in with My Parents until I Could Get the Medical Treatment & Surgeries I Needed and Until I Can Get the Pain Under Control! I Miss My Job b/c Making People Feel Beautiful & Confident was the Highlight of Each Workday! I Still Love Beauty Products & Make Up and Seeing You Open Your Boxes

    1. Jana Williams

      Sorry I Must Have Accidentally Hit Enter! I Was just Saying that I Enjoy Seeing All the Cool Stuff you Get Each Month and I am Probably the Biggest Fan of the PopSugar Boxes & the Ipsy Boxes! I Would be Thrilled to Receive Goodies Like this Each Month! I Think My Favorite Item Out of this Box is the Capsule Byway Parfums! I Love Anything Scented; Vanilla & Lavender are My Favorite Scents! I Will Use a Scented Bubble Bath & Aromatherapy Oil in My Bath at Night; I Rely on them to Help My Pain & to Relax Me after a Long Day! I am a Very Grateful Person & I Count My Blessings Everyday! I Don’t Mind Using Dollar Store Make Up but Every Now & Then it’s Nice to Have Something Luxurious! Thank You for Having this Giveaway; It’s Very Generous! Have a Blessed Day… Jana

  228. Karen Drake

    It is so hard to decide, I think I am most excited about the perfume, I love trying new fragrances.

  229. alex

    Favorite is the hat

  230. Lindsay

    I really want to try those candies and I love the scarf!

  231. shaunie

    Would have to say the white hat

  232. BILL HOFF

    My wife would enjoy some new perfume…we would have to share the gummies!

  233. Brie


  234. allison

    My favorite is the knit hat!

  235. Noelle B.

    That cleanser looks great!

  236. Felicia

    Love the hat! I am also a michigan girl and a hat is always great<3

  237. Susan Smith

    I love the lipstick!

  238. Jill Myrick

    My favorite item is the Marchesa Voyage Printed Scarf.


  239. Jennifer Pittman

    My favorite is the knit hat!

  240. Annette

    My favorite item is the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser . I’m always looking for new skin care and I know that this is a good brand.

  241. Annie Rae

    Love that hat! Bring on fall!!

  242. MARIA simon

    I love the scarf

  243. tina reynolds

    I really like the knit hat

  244. Dara Nix

    I was originally going to say I was excited about the perfume … until I read your review! LOL! So now I am most excited about the Marchesa Voyage For Shopstyle Printed Scarf !

  245. Jeanna Wise

    I love the hat. 🙂

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