POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2014

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Cost: $39.95/month.
Ships To: United States
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September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box

Yay!  My September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box has arrived!  PopSugar is my all-time favorite box and I think, okay I know, it’s one I will always subscribe to.

If you aren’t familiar, PopSugar Must Have Box is an exciting monthly box full of fun, must-have picks across fashion, beauty, home decor, fitness, and more, which is delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Boxes include full-size products and premium items including tried-and-true classics, celebrity favorites, and brands consumers have yet to discover worth over $100!

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
The Box

PopSugar ships via FedEx Smart Post and took a week to arrive.  It doesn’t matter if it ships from their New York or their California shipping facility, it always takes a week.

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
First Look
September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Second First Look

I don’t believe there were any variations this month and I knew everything that was in the box, but it didn’t make me any less excited to open it up.

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
The Information Card

The September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box was inspired by autumn leaves, long walks, new tunes, back to school, fashion week and football.  Here is what was included:

~Tilo Scarves Scarf (Raisin) ($125): I love this scarf.  It’s so soft and is perfect for fall.  Perfect.  It’s hand-dyed so everyone’s is going to look a little different.  Depending on how the light hits it, it looks anywhere from tan to a more purple-brown color.  I had read on MUT that a few different patterns may be sent out, but so far I have only seen people receiving the Raisin color that I did.

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Tilo Scarves Modal Gradation Scarf in Raisin

~Nicole Miller Stereo Earbuds ($19.99): I can’t say that I “need” new earbuds right now, but as soon as I lose all my other ones I will.  I either have way too many or none.  I do like that these came with different sized ear caps.

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Nicole Miller Stereo Earbuds

~Urban Remedy Almond Brownie ($6): I don’t love this.  It might be because I don’t really like almonds in my brownies or because this doesn’t taste like the brownies I am used to.  Not sure but it was fun to try.

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Urban Remedy Almond Brownie

~Oribe Superfine Purse Size Hairspray ($21.50): I am always thrilled to get an item from Oribe and this hairspray is awesome.  It takes me ages to use a giant can because I don’t use a ton so I try and get the mini travel sized ones when I can.

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Oribe Superfine Purse Size Hairspray

~Letter C Designs Pencils ($5): I probably wouldn’t buy fancy pencils on my own, but I will love helping L with his homework with these. And instead of doing (well trying to do) the Sunday crossword in pen I’ll use these.  I thought that it was very cute that it also included a mini little pencil sharpener.  I didn’t actually own a pencil sharpener until until a few years ago when L was learning to write.

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Letter V Design Gold Foil Arrow Pencils

~Rifle Paper Co. Garance Dore Assorted Girls Set ($18): Gorgeous notecards.  I am always happy with PopSugar puts an item from Rifle Paper Co. in their boxes.

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Rifle Paper Co. Garance Dore Assorted Girls Set

~Special Extra: Nike $20 Gift Card ($20): The idea is to use this on the new Nike Pro Bra line, but I am buying L some new pants with mine.  Super excited about this because those are expensive.

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Special Extra: Nike $20 Gift Card ($20)

~Special Extra: Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Almond Minis (~$4): I know I posted about these before and they are still a favorite of mine.  The Dark Chocolate ones are my favorites, but you can’t go wrong with sea salt either.

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box
Special Extra: Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Almond Minis

All totaled I came up with a value of $219.49 for the September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box.  Considering that the box was $39.95, it had an incredible value and I loved it all.  This was probably one of my favorite boxes ever from them.  For whatever reason, PopSugar seems to have some of the most incredible boxes in September!  And now I am even more anxious to see what they are doing / updating on their website.  What surprises do they have up their sleeves?  We’ll find out tomorrow!  The site is back up and you can still get the September 2014 PopSugar Must Have box if you order now!

If you didn’t get this box and are kicking yourself now, you are in luck because I picked up an extra one to giveaway!  Just enter in the Rafflecopter widget below and cross your fingers to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Deanna Magoun

    The scarf-it’s gorgeous!!

    1. vicki


      1. Stephanie

        I love the scarf too!i should have subscribed this month!grrr..

  2. Lindsay Kersh

    My favorite is the scarf

  3. Jean Eckert

    I did not love this box at all so my favorite item is probably the chocolates…. The scarf seems nice but just not a good color for me 🙁

    1. Jessica

      I’m glad i wasn’t the only one that did not love this box.

  4. Brianna

    That scarf! hands down.

  5. Jill Banks Geraci

    I love the scarf but I also think the blank greeting cards are chic. And like you, I will always sub to PopSugar.

  6. Rose D.

    The scarf! And the chocolates.

  7. Stacie

    I think my favorite is the chocolate… but the scarf is really pretty too!

  8. Victoria

    That scarf is to die for, I love it! I need some new scarves for this fall/winter for sure.

  9. Stacey

    I’m loving the scarf! and the ear buds 🙂

  10. Lori

    I love that scarf , the colors are perfect for fall.

  11. Jenny

    They do always send great September boxes. LOL I’ll have to make sure I keep getting them since they are always awesome. I’m loving this months too. So glad I picked it up.

    1. Jenny

      Totally forgot to tell you my favorite item. I’m going with the scarf since it is so pretty but the one I that will get the most use are the earbuds. I never buy them but I do love having some here when I need them.

  12. melinda singer

    The raisin tinted scarf, love the color.

  13. Nicole A

    The scarf looks amazing!

  14. Stephanie s.

    The earbuds are my favorite item.

  15. Roisin D

    Love love love the scarf

  16. Valerie

    The scarf!

  17. Talaura

    I love the scarf! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Jen K

    Definitely the scarf! It’s simply gorgeous!

  19. Beth W.

    I am loving the scarf and the hairspray!

  20. Linda

    That gorgeous scarf!

  21. Tessa

    Oh, I love that beautiful scarf for fall!

  22. Vicki

    This looks like the best box ever. So sorry I missed it.

  23. Tracy

    I want the headphones and note cards!

  24. Renee C.

    My favorite item is the scarf – so beautiful!!
    I really love that you have this open to Canadian’s (we don’t get popsugar) so just the chance to win is super exciting!
    Good luck to everyone!

    Renee C.

    1. Renee C.

      I may have jumped the gun and not read the rules properly 😛 whoopsie!

  25. Diana B

    The scarf is definitely my favorite, but I won’t say no to the chocolate.

  26. Julie

    Can’t wait to get my September Popsugar! It’s my first month.

  27. Laura

    That scarf is awesome! I look stupid in scarves and it’s always a million degrees out, but that scarf is really pretty so I think it’d be worth it.

  28. Ashley S.

    The scarf 🙂

  29. emiie

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I can’t decide, everything is so good. I love the cards and the scarf the best! And of course you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

  30. Tabitha Sawicz

    I love the scarf!

  31. Caitlin C.

    I love the scarf!

  32. jill

    I love the scarf!

  33. Nicole Hubbell Midgley

    The scarf because I’ve never owned one so expensive before! 🙂

  34. Jessica

    I love the Oribe hairspray and the notecard set!

  35. Regan H.

    Favorite item: the scarf!!! I do like everything in this box though.

  36. Nichole Stenlund

    I love the scarf, it would go with so much in my closet

  37. nicole p

    The headphones!

  38. Maura

    The scarf of course!

  39. Ashley

    That scarf is beautiful! Probably my favorite, though I’ll admit that those chocolates are calling my name too.

  40. Cari Hines

    I have been wanting to subscribe to this box!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Hannah

    I obviously love that scarf <3

  42. Staci

    I’m sure everyone will say the scarf, but I love rifle paper co. cards, so I would be so excited to use these, and the pencils too.

  43. Kim S.

    The scarf is beautiful. By far my favorite!!

  44. Christina

    tilo scarf bar none. gorgeous colors and i LOVE that it is a unique dipped color that won’t match everyone else! <3

  45. Yvonne

    Favorite item: gotta be the scarf! Love the colors.

  46. Alicia Sutton

    Ear buds

  47. Noelle B.

    I love the scarf. It’s such a great item.

  48. Liz Ruenzel

    Tilo Scarf is my favorite!

  49. Alex

    I am loving the scarf. It looks soft and urban at the same time!

  50. Rachel

    I love love love that scarf!

  51. Candace L

    Tilo scarf and the earbuds! The chocolate is a fun treat too!

  52. Jordan McEntaffer

    The Scarf and Rifle Paper Co. cards are my favorite!

  53. Melanie K

    I love the scarf in this box! It’s gorgeous!

  54. Shawn

    I love the earbuds—something I never buy for myself!

  55. Joanne

    I love the scarf and the Nike gift card.

  56. Saydi

    This was my first box and I loved it!!!

  57. Jean Ong

    I absolutely love everything in the box, definitely kicking myself for not signing up! Thank you for giving us a chance to win one! You’re truly amazing!

  58. Frances

    I really love the scarf, it’s so soft and perfect for fall!

  59. beth combs

    The scarf!!

  60. Sher

    The scarf, definitely the scarf.

  61. illy junus

    I love card from Rifle paper co, it’s so stunning!

  62. dina wardrip

    Great box!

  63. Enrica

    It’s a tie between the chocolates and the scarf! LOL

  64. Monica

    After a few disappointing months I think this is my all-time favorite box from them. For once there is nothing in here I won’t use/try. Love the notecards and pencils but have them in mind for someone for an Xmas gift. I actually used my nike card to customize a pair of sneakers. I can’t wait for them to get to me. The scarf- OMG. LOVE IT.
    Great month for my two box subs. I have IPSY as well and I also loved my glam room this month.

  65. Gina H.

    The scarf is a huge hit for me, but if I were going strictly novelty/fun item, I absolutely adore the pencils.

  66. Kristin

    I’d be happy with the chocolate – lol

  67. Kristin

    I LOVE that scarf!!! I miss getting boxes so I hope I win!!! 🙂

  68. Ashley

    The scarf! It’s beautiful!!

  69. Alecia

    I think I like the ear buds the best.

  70. Britton

    I love the scarf and the chocolate.

  71. Kristin t

    Love the scarf!

  72. Chandi

    So in love with the whole thing! What to keep? What to share?

  73. Eve

    The scarf.

  74. Dani

    Really wish they’d and nut-free food items. I’m allergic to almonds, and this makes 2 items I won’t be able to enjoy.

  75. Kelly

    Probably the gift card. I could use another sports bra.

  76. Shannon

    Obviously the scarf- it’s gorgeous!

  77. Hannah R

    I love that scarf!!

  78. Sophie V

    The scarf by far!!!

  79. Tristian

    The nike gift card! I need new tennis shoes!

  80. Lien

    The beautiful scarf!!!

  81. Lanie

    I don’t know! I bought this for my friend as a birthday gift and it looks perfect for her. I especially like that the pencils (we are teachers) have arrows on them (like our college-FSU).

  82. Ann Marie G

    I LOVE the scarf!!

  83. Kathy S

    That scarf is great!

  84. Cymbre Martin


  85. marietta

    I love the scarf, and the chocolates. This has been my favorite box, and I have subscribed from the beginning.

  86. Beth Rang


  87. Kiley

    The scarf, but also that brownie. Yum.

  88. Jamie

    I think my favorite is probably the chocolate or the scarf.

  89. Lauren

    I like the scarf the best!

  90. grace renee

    The scarf and ear buds are my favorites! These boxes every month would give me such a great thing to look forward to ?

  91. melissa g

    Definitely the scarf!

  92. Alexandrea M

    The scarf. I like the pencils OK, but I think this was not my favorite box at all. I can’t stop touching the scarf though, and somehow it kinda goes with my purple hair, so yay!

  93. Dawn

    The scarf! It’s gorgeous!!!

  94. Heather

    The scarf is so luxurious!! But I’m in desperate need for earbuds so the timing is perfect.

  95. Ashley

    The scarf and chocolate!

  96. Chrissy

    The scarf is gorgeous! I gave it to my mom so maybe I’ll win and have one for myself. 🙂

    But! My favorite item is the ear buds – I always buy cheapy ones so to get something that I would never buy for myself is pretty awesome.

  97. Robyn

    The candy, hairspray, and $20 gift card are the things I like and will use the most.

  98. Bethsaida W.

    My fave is the headphones!!

  99. Sarah

    The scarf is beautiful! This should have been in our a Fall LE box.

    I also love the ear buds! Excited to have colored ones. 🙂

  100. Colleen Boudreau

    The Oribe Superfine Purse Size Hairspray.

  101. Karla Neese

    I just got mine today. This is my first month and I LOVE it!!
    My scarf is the same but has more grey in the dying.

  102. Arena Thompson

    the scarf

  103. emily

    my fav is for sure the scarf, but the cards are cute and useful too

  104. Ricki

    Probably the lowest priced item, but the Giradelli minis!

  105. Shiree Shaffer

    The scarf is my favorite item for sure!

  106. Nicole

    the cards! i love cards

  107. Lindsay

    The notecards look cool!

  108. cindy


  109. Sarah Dineen

    The scarf! Definitely!

  110. Leana

    Love it all but esp the scarf.

  111. Wanica McNeil


  112. Kristine

    The scarf is beautiful, but I think is really love the earbuds. The ones I have keep falling off very time I try to run.

  113. Elizabeth A

    Don’t judge: the pencils!! I’ve already swapped for 2 more sets to fill my pen(cil) cup!

  114. Lori

    The ear buds. I needed new ear buds.

  115. Liz

    Definitely the scarf!

  116. Krysta L

    I actually think the pencils are super cute! And the chocolates are delish. I like the scarf, but I’m not super excited about it yet (probably because it’s still in the 90s here 🙁 )

  117. nikki

    My fave is the scarf!

  118. Audrey

    Note cards! I never have enough of those around. 🙂

  119. Kristin

    I got a $10 off gift card for Urban Remedy in my box on top of everything else.

    1. Jennifer

      Oops, I forgot about that. It was $10 off $50 right?

  120. lia

    It’s probably a little silly but I’m actually most excited about those cute pencils!

  121. Laurie even

    The scarf!! But I will never say no to a brownie or chocolate!!

  122. Jessica A

    The scarf and the mini chocolates!

  123. Kelsea Etson

    The Scarf!!

  124. Claire

    The scarf

  125. Tara Archer

    The oribe hairspray is my favorite!

  126. Kristy

    Pop sugar never disappoints. That scarf is amazing I would love it!

  127. cassie b

    I am in love with all of these items! But I’d have to pick the scarf!

  128. Heather

    Hmmm that’s a hard choice but I have to go with the scarf (ah its gorgeous) or the Nike gift card!!!!

  129. Lynda

    The Nike gift card.

  130. Sophie

    The Nike gift card!

  131. Audress

    I love the earbuds! Such a beautiful design and I’m always loosing mine. Plus purple is my favorite color!

  132. Aoife K

    I don’t *need* another scarf for my “collection”, but I do really want that one! How cute! PS always picks the best scarves.

    …And I think I’m the only person on earth that’s excited for those pencils. They’re so cute!

  133. Diana Vuong

    My favorite items would be the scarf and the chocolates. 🙂

  134. Katy

    The scarf is gorgeous! Absolutely my favorite item!

  135. terri s

    That scarf (I could never afford) also the earbuds would be great.

    Do you have a unique way to store your scarves? hang or fold? thanks!

  136. Jen

    The scarf, definitely!

  137. Julie

    the scarf- so pretty!

  138. Lindsay B

    The rifle paper and co. cards!

  139. Sarah Campbell

    Love the Scarf!

  140. Lauren Seritt

    The scarf is definitely my favorite, it’s gorgeous!

  141. Christine Fortes

    the scarf and pencils!

  142. Lindsay R

    I love the scarf, who doesn’t love a good scarf?

  143. Mansi

    The Nike gift card (or the chocolate)… healthy and unhealthy!

  144. Lauren

    My favorite item is the scarf. The colors are beautiful and it is perfect for fall. I also like the Nike gift card…$20 and free 2 day shipping, let’s hope Popsugar keeps sending codes like this!

  145. Jessica

    This was my first popsugar box. I love the scarf! And the nike.com gift card will definitely be used, but i guess i’m weird because this box didn’t excite me. The hairspray likely won’t work for my hair (i’m black with very thick hair), and i’m allergic to chocolate. But my coworkers have been happy enough to eat some of the Ghiradelli chocolates. I think this one will be canceled.

  146. Gina G

    Scarf is my favorite. Best. box. ever.

  147. Amanda

    I’m a sucker for a scarf!

  148. Nicole Tetrev

    The scarf is gorg and the chocolates!

  149. Sheena

    The scarf and those pretty note cards (I love stationary)

  150. Lisa

    The scarves!!

  151. Crystal

    The scarf. Oh man. The scarf is amazing. Perfect fall box contents. =)

  152. Jennifer

    The Scarf and then the Chocolate!!

  153. Alexa

    It’s a toss up b/t the scarf and the ear buds 🙂

  154. Julie

    this box tipped me over the edge into cancelling fabfitfun and sticking with monthly popsugars as long as i like the first spoiler!

  155. Ashley

    The scarf!! 😀

  156. Isabel

    Hands down, the scarf!

  157. Jorja

    Really loving the scarf – so versatile with fall colors!

  158. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I’m super excited about the pencils, notecards and Nike gift card! 🙂

  159. stephanieklawiter

    Would love to have this !

  160. Lisa

    The chocolates, and the Nike gift card!

  161. laura maya

    the scarf! It’s beautiful!

  162. Lisa Minix

    The scarf is beautiful! I love it! 🙂

  163. sarah b

    The scarf! the nike gift card is great too

  164. Debra Brownstein

    The lovely scarf is my favorite!

  165. Mary

    Favorite item is the scarf! It is beautiful! I’ve been holding out on the PopSugar Must Have boxes, but I’m getting close to breaking!

  166. Kelsey

    The scarf looks so pretty!

  167. Carri

    Oh that scarf is beautiful! Love it!!

  168. Gina F.

    that scarf!!!

  169. Kathy

    Love the scarf!

  170. Gail

    The Scarf…

  171. Jen

    the headphones! we can never have too many at our house!

  172. Jacqueline Bittner

    I pretty much love everything in this box. I’ve never had a popsugar box before, but I make sure I look at the blog every month to see what was in it. I have to say that this one is my favorite so far. I love Rifle Paper Co. and I have a mean sweet tooth so that chocolate wouldn’t last very long. The nike gift card is a nice little treat with those earbuds to get you in gear to work out. Way to go PopSugar!

  173. Chelsea W

    The scarf is a definite favorite

  174. Nancy M.

    The Chocolates, Hairspray and Scarf– I noticed that no one put the “brownie” as their favorite!!

  175. Pilar

    My favorite item is the scarf.

  176. Shannon

    The scarf is my favorite! So gorgeous!

  177. miranda

    Love the scarf

  178. Alice Host

    The scarf.

  179. Rebecca

    For beauty, the scarf has my vote but for usefulness, definitely the earbuds.

  180. Brittney

    Oh my gosh, everything in that box looks so lovely! Scarves are my favorite accessory and that one is so beautifully dyed! Everything looks pretty perfect for a great start to Fall! 🙂

  181. Melissa J

    Obsessed with the scarf !!!!

  182. Alexa

    Nicole Miller earbuds! So cute love the royal blue!

  183. Rebecca Brewer

    The scarf is so pretty.

  184. tiffany

    i want this box!!!

  185. Beth

    I’m not sure why I cancelled my subscription… This is the best box out there. And wouldn’t you know that the month after I cancel they put a Rifle Paper Co. item in there. Rifle Paper Co. is my favorite! I need to get my hands on those cards. I’ve been looking for some small prints to frame to put in my bathroom and I think these would be perfect!

  186. Katie

    I love the scarf!

  187. Sara

    The scarf! It’s absolutely gorgeous in pictures!

  188. Karen

    Definitely the scarf!

  189. Shivani

    Scarf is nice

  190. Melanie

    I loved this box, one of my favorite s yet! My favorite item was the scarf, although I do love those notecards a lot!

  191. susana

    my favorite product has to be the, stereo earbuds!!! you can never have to many. Always necessary.

  192. Maya

    Great scarf… I just ordered a box after taking a 4 month break from PopSugar… does anyone know if I’ll be getting this September box, or will it be the October box?

    1. Jennifer

      It should have said when you signed up what subscription the box will begin with, but I *think* it will be September.

  193. gary

    I love the pencils

  194. Lindsay

    i have been wanting to try this one out for ages now – but yours is the first time that I’m convinced I have to. That is seriously a LOT of loot!!! those scarves… my lord – to die for!
    now i have to figure out a way to get this ordered and delivered without my boyfriend finding out!

  195. Tara

    The beautiful scarf, but the Nike code is great too!

  196. Kit Novak

    I have a scarf addiction and this one would make such a gorgeous addition to my embarrassingly huge collection!

  197. Randi C.

    That Tilo scarf in raisin is gorgeous; hands down my favorite; although I like the other treats as well!

  198. Ashley Outland

    Love the Tilo Scarves scarf!!

  199. Allison

    My favorite item is the Oribe spray.

  200. Melissa K

    The scarf…and the chocolate!

  201. Jessie M

    The earbuds or the scarf are my favorite item in the box.

  202. Kemi B.

    My favorite item is the scarf

  203. anna pry

    would love to have the scarf…and the chocolates!!

  204. Azza

    All the products look really good

  205. Azza

    My favorite is probably the postcards and the earbuds

  206. Chantel W.

    Love the Tilo Scarves Scarf

  207. Jessica Dow

    I love this scarf!!

  208. Cara James

    The scarf!!!!

  209. Emily

    Headphones, my husband’s just died.

  210. Dani

    I love this scarf…the rest of the box lacks the excitement, but the scarf definitely makes it worth it.

  211. Jenifer

    Not the most exciting box but my vote would be for the scarf.

  212. angel gu

    i need that scarf!

  213. Tabitha Hunter

    HG scarf

  214. Tara Schmitt

    The Scarf looks so classic. Love it.

  215. Courtney Carothers

    The scarf. So pretty!

  216. Jordan

    The chocolate. Yum!

  217. Jennifer Pittman

    My favorite is the chocolate and the hairspray!

  218. Misolee

    I’m a total scarf hoarder…this scarf is so pretty!

  219. Erin

    The scarf!!!

  220. Jacquelyn Noell

    The scarf. It is so pretty and it looks like it feels amazing. =]

  221. Chris

    Def. the scarf is the best–though the ear buds are adorbs too!

  222. kim

    I love the scarf, I wish I would have bought this whole box:)

  223. Shirrel

    I love the cute notecards.

  224. JacLyn

    The chocolates sound delicious! 🙂

  225. jen

    You really have some of the best giveaways. The scarf is by far my favorite of this box. I have such a thing for scarves this year, and it?s not even true fall yet!

  226. Laura P

    My favorite is the scarf!

  227. Matt

    The chocolates

  228. Deborah

    Absolutely loved this box. Almost canceled my subscription as the last two or three boxes were disappointing (to me at least). So was so happy I’d forgotten to do so when I got this one. Love the scarf…very cool. And the note cards. Grand kids loved the chocolates, brownie and pencils. So a win-win!

  229. Jessica D

    The scarf is beautiful.
    But that brownie! Omg the first thing I thought when I put it in my mouth as soy sauce!! And smelling the package it smells just like soy too. I finished the bite just barely lol. And my 2 1/2yr old wouldn’t even eat it. Haha very interesting flavors.

  230. Jen Leonard

    I am just catching up on my blog reading after 10 days at Disney World. My scarf was purple and gray. I really love the color, but would have liked the tan/gray as well. I brought the hairspray on vacation with me and love it!! As often as I use hairspray it will probably last me a year. All in all, I thought this box was a hit!

    1. Jennifer

      How was Disney?? That is a LOT of Disney World there. Are you exhausted?

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