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Today I’m smiling because:

~It’s Saturday!  That always makes me smile.

~I remembered to buy tickets for our city’s local Halloween party yesterday before they sold out. I got in just under the wire!

~Target has their Halloween costumes and masks out already and we get such a kick out of trying them on every time we are there. I don’t know that anyone who has ever bought one of those wigs at Target, but everyone certainly tries them on.

Love It!!!!
Love It!!!!

~The most fabulous Starbucks Barrista made my drink yesterday and put so.much.salt.topping on it. It was incredible.

~B sent me flowers this week for our anniversary!  Thank you baby!

~I have the best little subscription box helper! I take the pictures and he supervises. Works for me.

WB and Love With Food
WB and Love With Food

~The new fall shows are starting this week.  I am super excited for Modern Family, Shark Tank, Homeland (that’s not this week though) and The Amazing Race!

~WB’s been getting better about staying in his big boy bed and L is still loving school.

~Chilly weather is here (for now). It’s not too cold and the kids can still play outside without coats, but it’s cold enough that you need a blanket to curl up with on the couch.

That’s it from here!  What’s got you smiling today?

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  1. Sneaky Burrito

    I don’t know anyone who buys those wigs there either. But, the costumes at Target are much better than the ones available in stores when I was a kid (although my mom always made ours). I buy small dog costumes at Target and put them on my cats — the lobster is one of my favorites. And the pig, I like that one, too.

    1. Jennifer

      They are much better than they used to be! And I’m cracking up because my dog was a lobster once.

  2. Jenny

    I can’t buy Ns costume. Did I tell you what he wants to be? A toilet. No idea where he got that idea but he and M are going to work on it when he’s tracked out. LOL C goes from wanting to be a mommy to being Jack Sparrow. We have a Jack costume from N so no buying him a costume either since if he decides that or if he decides mommy we can make it with stuff here. Woohoo

    1. Jennifer

      Yes and I cannot wait to see what you all come up with.

  3. PA Anna

    One year I was a princess while taking my knight (younger son )out trick or treating. It came with a long blond wig which I wore. I’m attending a college fair with my older son today. Not sure if that is a smile or not. We are having the same type of weather.

    1. Jennifer

      That is so exciting! And crazy at the same time.

      1. PA Anna

        The princess or the college fair? My little guy was 4 and asked that I dressed up with him because he needed a princess to save because he was a knight 🙂 I felt really stupid doing it, but he loved it. It’s one of his favorite memories. We got a lot of candy that year LOL.

        College Fair – Overwhelming for my older son and exciting at the same time. There are so many extras that colleges offer. We will be attending another fair in October. They now recommend starting in their sophomore year to look around and see what is a good fit to help prevent them from dropping out in their freshman year.

        Sometimes I think it is crazy dealing with a 1st and 10th grader. Two different Mommy worlds!!!

        1. Jennifer

          Both but I meant the College Fair. That is such an exciting time.

          I love that you dressed up with him!! SO cute!

  4. Jackie

    Yikes…not to be a downer but be careful with trying on wigs- lice can be easily transmitted this way. Being a teacher, I am always super careful about kids sharing their hats. I never thought about it until one of my fellow teachers got lice by trying on one of the kids hats for fun.

    1. Jennifer

      My mom tells me the same thing! I think it’s from years of working in an elementary school! She was a secretary for over 20 years.

      1. Mom

        LOL as soon as I saw that wig I thought LICE!!

        1. Jennifer


  5. Jody

    I’m smiling because I got my two quarterly boxes this morning and they didn’t disappoint! MSA01 and AH01….I won’t spill the beans, but they’re both great. Happy Saturday!

    1. Jennifer

      MSA looks great! I saw the spoilers and can’t wait. I didn’t get AH01 though and haven’t seen any spoilers. Spill it!

      1. PA Anna

        Spill it pretty please!!!! I will be one of the lat ones to receive my boxes. My sister lives in the country 1.5 hours east of me and received her MSA01 box. I want the spoilers for AH01!!!!

        1. Jody

          Ok, here goes: (AH01) A copy of her book Thrive, she had tagged about a dozen pages with post-it’s that had short messages on them throughout the book; Aveda stress fix concentrate; Braun alarm clock (for going to bed, not waking up); Sleep Mask; one month access pass to the meditation app “Headspace”; Mothers Little Helper tea, from David’s Tea. In my box there were two bags of tea, and two of the Aveda product. I’m curious to know whether this was intentional or not because the note from AH does not indicate there should be two. Enjoy!

  6. Vanessa

    I always smile when I see pictures of your boys because I have 2 boys the exact same age. Some of the stuff you write about them sounds exactly like my boys (I have a first grader totally into Minecraft :). I think its a lot of fun being into sub boxes because I get all this fun girly stuff. Living in a house with all boys is a lot of video games, legos, etc. So, its fun to have my little “hobby” that is my escape from the world of all things “little boy.” You are going to love the MSA box, did you peek? I tried to hold out but caved. I got my box yesterday. Yeah, its awesome… as we knew it would be.

    1. Jennifer

      I totally peeked! I can’t wait to see it and see what variation I get on the wearable item!

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