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Dear Starbucks, With yesterday’s announcement of your upcoming home delivery service, I believe that you have made my dreams come true. I look forward to seeing that Starbucks truck rolling down my street!

Dear Mr Police Officer, Thank you for pulling me over the other morning for not wearing my seatbelt. Too bad I actually WAS wearing my seatbelt. Serves me right for wearing a grey shirt and having a grey hoodie on. I know you didn’t believe me, but I swear, I was wearing that thing (and always do) and didn’t just throw it on after you pulled me over. Grrr.

Dear Carrie Mathison, You are getting creepier and creepier by the episode. Please tell me things aren’t going to get any worse.

Dear Birchbox, You look like you have quite a fun office!  I loved seeing everyone’s costumes!

Dear L and WB, Looks like we are going to be bundling up for trick-or-treating tonight!  It’s suppose to be freezing.  And raining.  But we will still have fun.  I promise!

Dear Diem, I don’t know what else to say other than stay strong and I am praying for you to beat this!  #diemstrong

Dear Facebook Friends, I don’t know what I like better, seeing everyone’s kid’s first day of school pictures, Halloween costume pictures or school pictures.  Love it!

Dear Fall Back, I love you.

Dear Little Caesars Pizza Fundraiser, You are, by far, my favorite school fundraiser.  Do they do this in other states?  Because they should.  You need these in your life.  Call your PTA and get in on this action. #sogood #itswhatsfordinner

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  1. Jenny Livesay

    I love the Little Caesars pizza kits!!! I’m always on the look out for kids selling them. I need some more personal pizza kits.

  2. Jen

    EEK – I got pulled over this week too – for running a red light! The officer was sooo nice and let me off with a warning! A WARNING – for running a red light! Yes, angels were smiling on me that morning!

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhh, I got a warning for not wearing my seatbelt (I WAS WEARING IT), but a ticket for not having my registration with me. It was in my other purse. But I shouldn’t have gotten pulled over in the first place because I WAS WEARING MY SEATBELT!

  3. Laura R

    It’s supposed to be 92 today in Phoenix. Send some rain and cold over here! I don’t even know what to do about Halloween. We moved into our house in July and have only seen one kid, a toddler across the street, and a couple older teens/younger adults. There are maybe 2 houses in the entire neighborhood with Halloween decorations. I know there are more kids because school buses come by every day. I’ve never really done Halloween, my previous residences were 99% elderly and no kids ever came so I always went to my parents house to help hand out candy so my siblings could take their kids out. They buy like $100 worth of candy and end up handing it out by the fistful to get rid of it. Should I buy candy? I don’t have any decorations, should I go buy a pumpkin? Is it weird to hand out

    1. Laura

      Ugh, stupid cell phone hit enter! Is it weird to hand out candy if I don’t have any kids?

      1. Jennifer

        I don’t think it’s weird! Buy a bag and put your light on!!

  4. Margaret

    Carrie Mathison is CRAZY – but I love her. I also love that she never gets phased when ever anyone tries to shame her for her actions. She just shrugs like she could care less!

  5. Genevieve

    Went and got a Franken Frap after looking at your Instagram photo – so yummy!

  6. Sabrina

    Not sure where to put this, but has a shop called Pretty Tape that has all kinds of really pretty washi tape and other gift stuff. Thought you might be interested.

  7. Lauren

    Omg!!! Starbucks??!! I’m so beyond happy with this.. I say every single winter everyday I wish u had delivery. I don’t want to get both kids dressed go out in the snow to go get you, but I do. I love you starbucks!!

    1. Jennifer

      I know, how amazing would that be!

  8. PA Anna

    Strangest Halloween candies that my 6 year old received are Oh Yeah! Chocolate & Caramel energy bar and Isagenix IsaDelight Plus Feel the Difference green tea-infused dark chocolate that improves mood, metabolism and energy.

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