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You know the drill, I am stealing Jen’s Sunday Sentiments button and idea and making it mine tonight!

~It’s so dark out!  I love that extra hour of sleep, but I don’t love the sudden change to eating dinner when it’s dark outside. WB handled the change well (he likes to sleep), while L woke up early this morning.  He went up-north for the night, so he might just have been excited to be up there!

~A few things I am loving this weekend: 1) Sugar Paper.  I spied the 2015 line at Target this weekend and I couldn’t resist this adorable notebook. It’s kind of like an Erin Condren notebook, except this was $9.99, not $50 ;). 2) Perfect Fit Meals. I know I have discussed my love for these a few times in the past, but last night at Kroger I couldn’t find them. They were not in their normal place and I thought they weren’t carrying them anymore and about freaked out.  After circling the store a few times we FINALLY found them tucked away in a corner of the grab and go fridge section.  Phew!  3) Starbucks released their holiday collection yesterday and I am adding this gold dot traveler to my Christmas list! 4) Woats! Have you heard of these?  Because if you have and haven’t told me about them I am mad!  They are delicious!  I need to get my hands on the Cookies n’ Dreams ones asap!

Weekend Finds / Loves

Weekend Finds / Loves

~I caught up on some past episodes of Catfish last night and still just cannot believe that more people do not google random people they are talking to on the internet for two years.

~The Target Halloween Clearance has started!  It was 50% off over the weekend (I am guessing it will be 70% off on Tuesday) so I didn’t really get too serious, but I did pick up two Lego sets and a pack of Halloween Hot Wheels.  The Hot Wheels say Halloween on them, but the Lego sets do not.  But they are indeed part of the Halloween clearance!  If I can find these when it hits 90% off, I will be over the moon.  They are awesome for birthday party / holiday party goodie bags!  As usual, don’t forget to look in the regular aisles (not just the Halloween clearance area) for this kind of stuff.  You never know what will end up where.

Target Halloween Clearance Finds

Target Halloween Clearance Finds

~Is anyone planning to watch the “Skyscraper Live” walk on the Discovery Channel tonight? I don’t have cable, so I can’t watch, but if I had it I probably would.  Has anyone ever tried to walk on a tightrope?  He makes it took so easy that I never even think he’s going to fall.  Now when David Blaine has his crazy stunts, I actually do believe he’s seconds away from death!

~Oh and I forgot to mention it earlier, but Jen has a big Advocare Challenge group starting tomorrow and has some awesome recipes and tips on her blog. Even if you aren’t starting tomorrow, but are thinking about sneaking one in between Thanksgiving and Christmas or want to do it in January, totally check out her ideas.  I am making those “Egg Muffins” tomorrow!

Stolen from Jen (Advocare Runner)

Stolen from Jen (Advocare Runner)

That’s all for now!  See you in the morning!

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Sentiments

  • Jenny

    We went to Target today too but I had all my helpers with me so we didn’t do much searching. We did get a couple things at 50% off and then a little candy at 30% off. N will be having Halloween snacks all week for lunch. LOL I leave Tuesday for a long scrapbooking retreat so I probably won’t get to hit any more clearance 🙁

  • Genevieve

    My Target only had 30% off but a few things rang up 50% off. but they really were down to nothing. I got a cute halloween cup for E next year, a few bits and pieces for dress up but I doubt if I’ll hit another Target.

    Totally off topic – does anyone know what the choices were for Citrus Lane this month for the 2 yearish age group? I got so wrapped up in the week and the one time I clicked the link to choose it wasn’t working so I never got to pick and it doesn’t give me a clue either. Thanks!

  • Mrs. L

    I love those dot Starbucks traveler mugs but…I’ve just had bad luck with any mug that doesn’t have a screw top…I think most of those have the rubber ring? Those just don’t work for me…I have bad karma with those.

    Any idea when the special “coffee every day in January” travel mugs will go on sale? I want to try to get the deal they come out with early that has the steep discount.

    • Jennifer Post author

      No and it is driving me crazy. You know I NEED that! Last year they had a great Black Friday deal on it. I mean it wasn’t as good as my Target 70% off deal, but it was good!

  • Nicole

    I had no idea the lego sets were Halloween related. I’ve visited 5 Targets looking for them and can’t find any 🙁 Such a bummer, my son would have loved them.

    • Jennifer Post author

      They always have stuff like that that you would never know was “holiday” unless you saw it in the holiday section in advance. There will be similar kind of deals after Christmas!