September 2014 Hammock Pack Review – “Vermont”

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Hammock Pack
Cost: $30/month ($25 + $5 S/H)
Ships To: Continental United States.
Coupon Code: N/A
September 2014 Hammock Pack
September 2014 Hammock Pack

One of the packages waiting for me yesterday when I got home was my September 2014 Hammock Pack!

If you aren’t familiar with them, Hammock Pack is a monthly surprise pack filled with everything you need to take a much needed getaway without even leaving your home. Boxes are geared towards women and each month you will receive a pack filled with a mix of food, bath products, housewares, and accessories that you’d only find if you visited that month’s destination city.

September 2014 Hammock Pack
The Box

Hammock Pack ships via USPS Priority Mail towards the end of the month.  Only kind of related, but does anyone know about this new Sunday Priority Mail delivery I have been hearing about?  When does this start?  I have to admit, I am pretty excited about it.

September 2014 Hammock Pack
First Look
September 2014 Hammock Pack
Second First Look

Hammock Pack is always so nicely packaged and looks so pretty.  I have never had any problems with shipping delays, missing / damaged items, etc.

September 2014 Hammock Pack
The Information Card

The September 2014 Hammock Pack destination was Vermont and included the following socially conscious, artisanal products which are difficult to locate outside of the Green Mountain State:

~The Vermont Maple Granola Co. ($7.95): I snacked on a bit of this earlier this morning and thought it was really good.  I am not a fan of milk in my cereal at all, but I actually could see having this in milk.  I think it would be even better than it already is.

September 2014 Hammock Pack
The Vermont Maple Granola Co.

~The Orange Owl Bath Salts ($10.99): This smells fabulous and is supposed to provide you with a luxurious and rejuvenating bath.  I am going use it this weekend.

September 2014 Hammock Pack
The Orange Owl Bath Salts

~Liz Lovely Vegan Cookies ($5): Liz Lovely cookies appeared in a box not too long ago and they are incredible. I really need to find out if they are sold locally.  If not, I may have to pick some up online.

September 2014 Hammock Pack
Liz Lovely Vegan Cookies

~Chasworth Farm Honey Oatmeal Artisan Soap ($6): The scent on this is light, but I like it.  It’s designed for dry, sensitive or irritated skin and I am thinking about saving it until the winter time when my skin will need it most.

September 2014 Hammock Pack
Chasworth Farm Honey Oatmeal Artisan Soap

All totaled I came up with a value of $29.94 for the September 2014 Hammock Pack.  That’s right around the $30 cost of the box so it doesn’t give you a huge value, but I really like their curation and I like that they include lots of artisanal stuff I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

What do you think of Hammock Pack?  If you subscribe what variations did you get this month?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here.

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  1. Kelsey

    My subordinate manager at the bank LOVES those cookies–they’re gluten free too, I believe, which she is. They sell them in the deli/bakery area of my Von’s, a grocery chain in California.

    1. Kelsey

      and they have a TON of flavors. Snickerdoodle is TO DIE FOR.

  2. Laura

    I’ve seen mail being delivered in my neighborhood on Sundays since I moved into my house in the middle of July! I have no idea why, they never come to my house. But it still weirds me out to see them delivering mail on Sundays! Like, I thought we were considering knocking off another day for mail delivery and then all of a sudden, it’s 7 days of deliveries??

  3. Sneaky Burrito

    I’ve gotten a couple of Sunday packages — it’s only packages the USPS delivers on Sunday. I’m pretty sure packages are where they make the bulk of their money so it’s probably in their interest to move as many as possible. So far, everything I’ve gotten on Sunday has also been Amazon Prime. (During the holiday season, they often make two package runs a day instead of just one, at least where I live.)

  4. PA Anna

    Ashley – it is good to see you post.

    I love items from Vermont especially food items. This is a box that I go back and forth on ordering. Enjoy!

    1. Jennifer

      I really like it. I debated about it for a while and then finally just went for it.

  5. Eve

    I see Liz Lovely cookies at Plum Market in Ann Arbor. You’ll love Plum Market, they’ re all about organic and natural stuff. Oh, they have a Swirlberry inside too.

    1. Jennifer

      I need to make a trip to AA!!

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