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Two Questions today…..

1. Do you make your bed everyday?  This is a huge YES for me.  I cannot, cannot start my day unless the bed is made.  This is one thing I am very OCD about.  On the rare occasion I leave the house without the bed made (this happens less than 3x/year) I cannot wait to get back home to make it!  It literally takes two seconds and makes such a difference in my day.

2. What is your favorite game show? (Past or Present).  I am / have always been a big Price is Right fan, so I think that’s my #1.  Seriously was there anything better than staying home sick and getting to watch the Price is Right when you were a kid?  I think not.  I also loved Hollywood Squares, Let’s Make A Deal (the old school one) and of course the Wheel!  It was better back when they used to have to “shop” in the rooms to spend their money, but it’s still fun now.  B and I got sucked into old episodes of Concentration and The Match Game last night too which were super entertaining.

Can’t wait to hear your answers!

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  1. Chrissy

    Yes, I absolutely have to make my bed. It’s so weird because my house can be a mess but if my bed is made I feel like I’ve accomplished something, lol. And I agree about Price is Right – I have ALWAYS wanted to be on that! I want to play Plinko!

    1. Jennifer

      Punch-A-Bunch is a favorite of mine too!

  2. Beth

    I have to make my bed every day too! My husband thinks I’m crazy. Every once in a while I will have a crazy morning and I won’t be able to make it until late afternoon. My husband is like, “I don’t understand why you even bother with it at this point in the day. In a few hours we’re just going to get right back in it.” My opinion is, you can have clothes thrown all over your bedroom floor, but once that bed is made, it automatically makes your bedroom look so much cleaner. I grew up in a house where beds were made every morning before school, and you weren’t allowed to sit on them at all until bed time. I always thought my mom was crazy for that, but now I’m just like her! Plus, there’s nothing like going to sleep in a freshly made bed every night!!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh I totally agree. It somehow makes the room 100x cleaner. Clothes thrown on an unmade bed is messy, but clothes on a made bed looks way cleaner. So silly, but that’s how i think!

  3. Sneaky Burrito

    I do a cruddy job of making my bed. Mostly to keep the cats from throwing up on the bedding while I’m at work. (I can just take off the comforter and throw it in the wash without having to change all the sheets.) But I am one of the world’s worst housekeepers. And I’m OK with that.

    I haven’t watched a game show in ages (like 10-15 years?). I always wanted to go on Jeopardy!, though, when I was younger. Not so much any more. Was also into Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? for awhile, when it was still fairly new.

    1. Jennifer

      I loved Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Regis! Remember how cool he was with his ties and matching shirts?

  4. Nicole

    All time favorite game show – Supermarket Sweep! Every time I went to the store with my mom, I would “practice” for the show!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh that was a good show!!

    2. Jenn

      I liked that one too! Shop ‘Til You Drop was on right after it for me so I’d watch that one too.

  5. HeatherP

    I suddenly feel inferior. I have three kids and I get up at 5 to start the day, but no matter how hard I try, we are just barely catching the bus. After breakfast, packing lunches and snacks and getting everyone and myself dressed, I run out of time and do not make my bed 🙁 maybe I can blame all of my subscriptions for this. I spend too much time trying new shadows and liners and experimenting when I get ready! 😀

    1. Jennifer

      Well, I wouldn’t feel inferior because while my bed is made, my 6 year old went to school with his pants on backwards and I didn’t realize it until I picked him up…… Oops…

      1. Jenn

        My son did that yesterday! When I mentioned it to him he bust out crying. I guess I was only the 53rd person to tell him but he never thought of fixing it in the bathroom? I made him go fix it because I knew dad would mention it and I didn’t want the little dude to lose it again.

  6. Stacie

    I pretty much never make my bed. But I do really love getting into a freshly made bed… Perhaps I should start doing that.
    Hmmm favorite game show…. I used to love Double Dare when I was a kid. Do they still have game shows like that? I’m not home during the day so I don’t even know what’s on anymore. I do like Jeopardy, but prefer teen week, or one of the easier ones when I can MAYBE answer a few of the questions.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL> I love Teen Week. I am like wow, I am SO smart. And then I realize that everyone playing is 13 and I’m like okay, maybe I’m not that smart after all..

  7. Sara Cee

    I’m not a huge fan of making my bed, tbh. I love – LOVE – changing the sheets due to this whole ‘fresh sheet’ feeling, but making my bed? Nah. I always think that it doesn’t air out properly, then.

    Also, my absolute favorite game show from when I was a kid was “Traumhochzeit”. I’m German, so I don’t know, if they copied this show from the US, but it basically means “Dream Wedding” and there were three couples competing for their dream wedding by doing games like ‘how well do you know each other’ or ‘cake decorating’. It was really fun, nothing too crazy and in the end, the couple that won would stand on a huge wedding cake (wedding topper like) and it was just so cool. The only game show I watch nowadays is “Schlag den Raab” – I guess in the US it’s ‘Beat the Star’ or something along those lines? – because it’s refreshing and they only do an episode every other month, so it doesn’t get too much to be boring. Also, I love those mini-games they come up with!

    1. Jennifer

      I like the feeling of clean sheets, but actually changing the bed isn’t that fun.

      I will have to look and and see if I can find that show here!

  8. Jennifer

    I’ll take chocolate of the month club for $250. LOVED Wheel in the 80’s!!!

    Also, I’ve heard that not making the bed is better because when you make it, it traps the skin mites and leaving the sheets down gives the air time to kill them. Who knows if that’s true or not…

    1. Jennifer

      BAHAHA!!!! I’ll take the ceramic dog please…

  9. PA Anna

    I pull back the sheets to let it air out and then make it about an hour and a half later. The boys know to make their beds too. I think it makes the room look nicer.

    I haven’t watched gameshows in awhile, but I always liked Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and the Price is Right. One time when we traveled with my husband for a few months we watched Family Feud with the boys every night which was fun.

    1. Jennifer

      Family Feud is a fun one!

  10. Jacquelyn Noell

    1. Sadly I do not make my bed every morning. Mostly because I am rushing for work in the mornings.

    2. Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy! I have ALWAYS loved those shows and I have even started having my son watch them. He likes the colors. =]

    1. Jennifer

      I am trying to get my little guy hooked, but he’s more into Paw Patrol and Thomas!

  11. Debby

    ABSOLUTELY I have to have a made bed. The thought of getting into an unmade bed is like going to bed dirty. I would never be able to sleep. My husband and i have a rule — whoever gets up last has to make the bed. We never ever leave it unmade.

    Wheeo of Fortune and Jeopardy are favorite game shows.

    1. Jennifer

      HAVE to have that bed made. Have to!

  12. Debbie

    When I make my bed, I feel the day has started off good, and when I don’t make it, the day feels, like nothing goes right. Crazy I know 🙂
    Game shows are, Family Feud with Richard Dawson, Hollywood Squares with Paul Lynde, Pyramid, Jeopardy, and Wheel Of fortune with the stores.

  13. Avalon

    Lol, I tried to make my bed daily when I was younger…never stuck. And my parents were never sticklers for it. I would like to but I am way to lazy and I get up early for work too. AND my bed is where I hang out mostly.

    And Jeopardy!!! Love every second of it. And of course the Price is Right.

  14. Mrs. L

    1. Almost always make the bed…but make is a relative term…it looks nice on top because I put all the pillows (um there are six…eight if you count the two Halloween ones) on etc…but don’t expect military corners or anything. That being said I did NOT make the bed this morning as I am changing sheets tonight.

    2. Loved Hollywood Squares in the old days. That and Match Game were my favorites. Don’t watch game shows anymore.

  15. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    I make the bed everyday except on the weekends…I go on strike on the weekends!.. lol

    LOVE game shows!

    Favorite game shows of the past, going to show my age (I’m 41): The Newlywed Game (w/Bob Eubanks), Tic Tac Dough, Sale of the Century, The Dating Game, Scrabble, Supermarket Sweep, Remote Control (MTV), Singled Out (MTV), Press Your Luck (NO Whammy!), Card Sharks, The Price is Right (w/Bob Barker)

    Favorite current game shows: Jeopardy (I do the test every year trying to get on!), Hollywood Game Night, and I am really loving the new one on the CW Celebrity Name Game! 🙂

  16. Hannah

    1. I never make our bed unless I just changed the sheets. Now hearing that airing out the sheets might kill dust mites, I have more reason to not make it.
    2. I don’t watch game shows, but my sister loves Jeopardy so whenever she’s around we watch it & have so much fun.

  17. Sam Stamp

    1. I only make my bed on days when I put new sheets on. As long as all of our blankets are on the bed and not the floor I’m happy.

    2. My favorite game shows growing up were Supermarket Sweep & Shop Till You Drop! I loved both shows and would watch them every chance I could! The Food Network has a game show called Guy’s Grocery Games and it reminds me a little bit of Supermarket Sweep in respect to running throughout the store looking for certain products to win money. Whenever I watch Guy’s Grocery Games I’ll get nostalgic and go to Youtube to look up some old episodes of Supermarket Sweep! The old episodes never fail to make me smile!

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