Two on Tuesday…

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Two Questions today…..

~Do You Have Any Tattoos? If so, where / what are they? I have mentioned it a few times here and there, but I have two tattoos. A sun on the small of my back and a band of flowers around my big toe. In my defense (as if I have one), I seriously got the sun like 20 years ago before the term “Tramp Stamp” was coined. Anyway, I have been wanting another one for years but haven’t settled on what I want yet.  B has a bunch (maybe 9?) and probably wants more.

~Would you rather talk on the phone or text?  I know this is so bad, but I 90% of the time I would just prefer to text.  It’s just easier and you don’t have to worry about the kids yelling or the dogs barking in the background.  As I am sure is the case with all other moms, my both L and WB save everything really really “important” they have to tell me until I am on the phone ;).  Of course if you want to catch up with an old friend or have some serious things to talk about (like the latest episode of Homeland), then you gotta use the phone ;).

Can’t wait to hear your answers!

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  1. Jessica

    I have one tattoo on the back of right shoulder. It’s an anchor that’s flanked by a huge daisy on each side. (I wanted one on the small of my back until the term “tramp stamp” was invented. I’m 30, and i know a few people my age and older who got them before it was such a common term.)

    Phone/text depends on the person. I would rather talk to close friends and family by phone. But I would rather text with coworkers and people I may not know very well.

    1. Jennifer

      I still think the small of your back is a good tattoo spot!!!!

  2. Bethany

    I’ve two tattoos, a puck rock duck on my inside left wrist, and a set of Chinese words on my back near my right shoulder. I love my duck because it was designed for me by a friend, but regret the Chinese symbols. I’ve heard too many stories after I got them about people who found out that what they think they have written on them isn’t actually what it says. Lesson learnt, don’t get something written on you in another language. 😛 I intend to have it covered with another tattoo, but have no idea what I want to cover it with.

    I prefer texting. I hate talking on the phone because I am easily distracted and find myself not paying attention to the conversation. Luckily most of the people I contact with my phone prefer texting too!

    1. Jennifer

      Do yours say what you want them to say??

      1. Bethany

        I’ve no idea! I don’t actually know anyone who speaks Chinese, so that’s why I want to get them covered up.

  3. Chrissy

    Ah, tattoos. I have many and I’m not anywhere close to done! I have a band of flowers around my left ankle, cherry blossoms/cherries on my left calf, a peace dove behind one ear, the starting notes of my favorite U2 song behind the other ear, the tour symbols for “love&peace” from U2 on the back of my neck, a (huge) key on the inside of my left bicep, a hamsa on my forearm, Springsteen lyrics for my hubs inside my left wrist, pawprints starting on the outside of my left wrist and they come up to my hand, a lotus flower on my right wrist, an owl, a trinity knot, and some flowers/butterflies up and around my right forearm. Next up is my half sleeve! 😀

    I’d rather text. I hate awkward silence and there is none of that with texting. The only exceptions are my mom (she uses voice text and what is typed vs what she is saying is hilarious and not accurate at all) and my hubs, mostly because I text way faster than he does and it’s easier to just call and make sure he gets it all!

    1. Chrissy

      Oh! Duh, I forgot everything my back – I have a sparrow on my left shoulderblade, an anchor with a “Mom” banner on my right shoulderblade, and song lyrics on my back right above where the bra band sits.

    2. Jennifer

      Wow! You have a lot! What are you getting on your sleeve?

      1. Chrissy

        A portrait of Lisa Simpson, lol. Its going to be here with her saxophone and her cat, Snowball II. She’s been my hero since I was 8!

  4. Jenny

    No tatts here. I get poked and cut on so often I don’t really have a desire. If it ever changes I’d have no idea what I’d want. LOL
    I prefer to text too but like others mom is the exception. My boys are the same way and as soon as you are on the phone they have something very important to tell you. Its almost like when you go to the bathroom. I can ask if anyone needs anything before I go and the answer is no but as soon as you drop your drawers they are all about needing you for something. LOL I do have a pet peeve when texting. If I text you with a question then I want you to answer. It doesn’t have to be right that second but I know you saw it so a reasonable amount of time you should answer something. I have a person who can’t talk at her job so you have to text and then she won’t write you back but if she is the one to initiate the text/question she will hound you until she gets your answer. I mean really if it annoys you then think about how we feel.

    1. Jennifer

      ha! I feel the same way. I don;t like when you see that a text is read and the question hasn’t been answered two hours later.

  5. Alicia

    I have 4 tattoos. One is on my mid upper back, right below my neck. It is a treble clef that turns into a sunflower. I have a few lilac flowers on my right foot. I have a treble clef on my hand right below my thumb and a tattoo on my wrist that says “to infinity”.

    I like to talk on the phone and text, but most of the time I just text since I’m not usually somewhere where I am able to talk on the phone.

    1. Jennifer

      How big is the “to infinity” writing?

  6. Kristin

    My entire upper back is covered in various stars with a big nautical star in the middle that creeps up the back of my neck. I have a celtic knot shamrock on my calf too. That one is super tiny though. My husband and I moved away from the only people we trust to do our work, so we haven’t been able to continue. He has like 12 tattoos and we both keep talking about more.

    I prefer texting. I hate talking on the phone. My mom insists on talking on the phone constantly, so I can’t avoid it, but I would prefer just to text. To go further into it, I speak to my brothers through Facebook messaging more than anything else.

    1. Jennifer

      I have a few friends who have traveled to the East Coast just to have a certain artist tattoo them. I guess if you were getting a portrait or something super intricate, you’d want to make sure it was done right.

  7. Laura

    I have one tattoo. It’s really stupid, in the middle of my chest and something I thought I’d love forever when I was 19. Alas, not even a month after getting it I hated it. My mother said she would pay for it to be removed and some odd years later we actually found a laser place! It was a school and only $50/session but it hardly made a dent so I stopped going. They suggested another place, but the quotes for that one were insane. Then my mom accidentally stumbled upon a place that was having an open house type event where they were giving away 1 free session of removal to all new clients so we went. And now there’s pretty much just purple left. Blues and yellows are apparently the hardest to remove, so of course purple is being really stubborn. Most people don’t even know it’s a tattoo, but they pity me because the purple looks like a burn scar. I haven’t had any scarring from the lasers though, thankfully!

    I’m weird, but I prefer talking to people in person. The phone is annoying because there are way too many distractions and texting is not great either because you can’t really use inflection or tone unless you use smiley faces.. and I hate “text speak” so I write out every single word properly (even back when phones didn’t have keyboards!) and my texts end up being novellas.. and it’s really annoying to get something like “k” in return after writing all that!

    1. Jessica

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only who hates “text speak”. I write out everything too and hate the one word/letter responses I get in return.

    2. Jennifer

      Are you going to go back and try to get the rest off? I do really want to know what the tattoo was of though!

  8. mirta

    6 and I certainly plan to get a few more.

  9. Stacie

    No tattoos, though I do kind of want a small horse shoe somewhere. It will probably never happen.
    Definitely prefer texting! I’m stuck on the phone quite a bit for work, and the last thing I want to do when I’m not at work is be on the phone. But I like texting; you can converse with someone while doing other things, without seeming rude! Plus you avoid awkward phone moments and that dreaded cell phone delay.

    1. Jennifer

      I think a horseshoe on a foot would be cool.

  10. Jenny

    I have a bunch of tattoos. I would say the bulk of them my friend did because she’s an out of work tattoo artist, and uses me as her personal portfolio! The area she lives in makes it hard for her to find steady work tattooing so she really only does it from home for friends now. Some of them are really random, because she felt like drawing something up (an oil lantern with a moth, a kazoo) Some are more personal (saxophone and a microphone since i play and sing), some are a mixture of both and are outright bizarre ( a Sharktopus …don’t ask, and a miss piggy portrait that’s meant to look like me and one that looks like David bowie in his glam rock years). I won’t list them all, but i’m sure there’s more to come!

    And i actually don’t love texting I feel like i can express myself so much quicker by speaking. Plus i hate text speak. I don’t think i’ve EVER typed “LOL” or “OMG” unless i was trying to be funny…

    1. Jennifer

      I almost just typed LOL.

      Your friend must be an incredible artist!!!

  11. Jaime

    I have the tramp stamp. It’s a Celtic one with my US Navy rate in it. I also have a butterfly motif that represents all of the deployments I have been on with the largest being Iraq. I will be getting more. My two daughters footprints.

    1. Jennifer

      Love the meaning!!!

  12. Jaime

    Oh and talking in the phone totally bugs. I get irritated and my adhd mind wanders. If you need me text me.

  13. Jennie

    I have one tattoo, on my shoulder blade. I tried to have it removed, but the laser burnt me & left a ugly scar. Fortunately, it’s small.

    I definitely prefer to text, and it cracks me up now that my father has embraced texting. My mother is worried it will ruin her manicure. I despise ‘text speak’ and will usually explain that I don’t speak Bingo. (B4, etc)

  14. jill

    Two tattoos: a wreath of vines with three daisies the color of each of my boys birthstones on my lower back and a pink breast cancer ribbon with 3 little dragonflies, one each for mom, grandma, and great-grandma who all had breast cancer.

    SO SO glad I didn’t get the Tigger tattoo I wanted when I was younger!!

    1. Jennifer

      Ha!!!!!!!! That Tigger tattoo probably wouldn’t have been the best idea!

  15. Lindsay R

    I have 7 tattoos, a star on my left wrist, “laugh” on my right wrist, “Expect more from yourself, and less from others” on my right shoulder, my wedding date in roman numerals on my right side, “the heart is more deceitful than all else” on my left side, a flower on my lower back, and some stars on my right foot .. I need to get something for my kids I just don’t know what

    I would much rather text because I can talk to numerous people at once if I need to and with kids talking on the phone is pretty much impossible majority of the time!

    1. Jennifer

      Tell me, how big are the roman numerals? I want to get the kids birthrates and they were telling me I would have to get the numbers like at least an inch tall each to look good. That is REALLY big though for two dates!

      1. Lindsay R

        A little less then a half inch, it looks good, everything is very clear. I DEF don’t think you have to go that big

  16. Jacquelyn Noell

    I have 4 tattoos.
    1 – An Om on my right forearm.
    2 – Hungarian script on my left side past my ribs ending in a sunflower on my back.
    3 – The word “Liebe” written in script/filligree on my back right below my neck.
    4 – A skeleton key on my right hip.

    And as for calling / texting I guess it really depends on the situation. I normally text because I have the kid and he is loud but if I need something described or directions I prefer it over the phone.

    1. Jennifer

      I so hear you on the kid thing!

  17. Genevieve

    One tat – a four leaf clover. I want more but can never settle. I’d like to get one for being a nurse (getting through school for that deserves a visual battle scar) but I haven’t seen anything super unique.

    If you want to have a conversation, call me. If you want to meet up for dinner, text me! LOL!

    1. Jennifer

      That does deserve something!

  18. suzy

    Fourteen tattoos, no plans of stopping! I have a lot of words and song lyrics, lines of poems I love, stars and hearts everywhere- I just love them. All of mine are done in black ink, but I’m thinking of doing something big in color next.
    I usually like to text more than talk on the phone, but I have one guy friend I can talk to for hours. We can dissect one scene of a movie for hours. We also watch things at the same time and tweet each other about them. We are dorks, I know. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      That’s not dorky, that’s cute!

  19. Karen

    Hey….wanted to let you know of the Tim Ferris Secret Santa Mega Box (worth $5,000.00) from Quarterly, for only $100. Limited to the 1st 1,000 subscribers.

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhh, that would have been amazing though. You should still get it so we can find out what’s in it ;).

      1. Karen

        If I win the lottery before then I will… 🙂

  20. wendym

    No tatoos yet cuz… what am I going to get? I did a LAInk marathon a couple months ago & loved some of the tatoos- like the freehand owl in tree by Corey Miller and one colorful flower/bird by Kim Saigh, but really- could I afford them? It’s on my bucket list.
    I love texting and used to hate calling. But now if the text is too long… it’s easier to call… and now I enjoy calling more! How did that happen?! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      The prices of some of those tattoos are just insane!

  21. Debbie

    No tattoo’s yet, I am 50. But I want to get something for my kids. I want a dragon for me, and then a panda for my son, but my two daughter’s kept changing their mind of what animal they like. They are 17 and 13.
    I text my kids, they never answer unless it is a text, my ex. I text I hate talking to him on the phone, my mom and dad do not text, so I have to talk on the phone. My brother’s go either way, if it’s a question we text if we need to talk we use the phone. When my kids were younger they did brother my every time I was on the phone, but I tend to clean when I am talking so my house would always cleaner. Ha Ha

    1. Jennifer

      Animals for the kids are a cute idea! Where are you going to get them?

      1. Debbie

        I would like it on my upper back. The dragon would be first, then my kids animals with the dragons tail wrapped around them.

  22. Lauren

    1 and a half tattoo I have a tramp stamp of butterfly on my back which I discovered like now that tramp stamp has been coined.. lol.. I have a half worn off heart on my foot. When I get a pedicure the Chinese lady say “oh you burn u” I’m like u no, that’s a tattoo!!

    Text text text.. I wish I could handle my bills and other things via texts. Bc like u my boys sabe there very best whiny and violant behavior and questions untill i get on the phone. And i totally hate 1 word responses. My fav phrase is “its like texting a whole paragraph and getting a 1 word response”

    1. Jennifer

      You can’t tell me you hadn’t heard of a tramp stamp before! Really? I linked that mainly for my mom so she wouldn’t have to waste her time googling (because she so would).

      1. Lauren

        Haha I sewar.. I knew what it was shorty after I was pretry embarressed!!! I swear to u.

  23. Liz R.

    I have one tattoo that I got almost 40 years ago (yes I’m old). It is of two roses and was once red with yellow & green. It is now so faded and ugly. Ugh!

    For family that lives far away I prefer to speak to them on the phone. Everyone else even my DH I like to text.

    1. Jennifer

      Get it touched up! It will be beautiful again!

  24. Nikki

    I have two tattoos. One is a Chinese character in the upper middle of my back which means “Laughter” (or so I’m told, I’ve never looked it up because I don’t want to find out it doesnt, lol). I got it in 1998, when it was still cool to get Chinese character tattoos. The other one is a half-dollar sized coiled up snake on my ankle that I got a few years later. It has no particular significance, I just really liked it. I go back and forth on getting a third. I think I just need to nail down exactly what I want.

    Unless it’s my husband, my mom, or my best friend, I 100% prefer to text. I’m in sales, so the last thing I want to do is spend more time talking on the phone then I have to.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I am cracking up. Before you typed that I was thinking, hmm, what if it really doesn’t mean laughter? I wouldn’t look either!

  25. Lavinia Gass

    No tattoos; but, I’ve always wanted one. I’m thinking about getting a tattoo with the autism awareness and breast cancer awareness symbols. Twice I went to get tattoos and I ended up with piercings instead. I chickened out lol.

    I prefer texting to talking. Too much background noise at home. Also, I text a lot when I’m commuting on public transportation. Once I get to work or home, I’m constantly interacting with someone. I only really talk on the phone to my aunt and my oldest son.

    1. Jennifer

      And talking on public transit is no good either with everyone right there with you! Texting is much easier!

  26. Ashley C.

    I have one tattoo from college — a star with gothic style angel wings on my left shoulder blade. I’d love to have half-sleeves, but am not good with pain. Especially since on my first experience, the guy went too fast and deep … and left me with scar tissue. My husband has a bunch and is always wanting more … so maybe someday I’ll get the nerve up for another one!

    I prefer to text … because like you, I don’t have to worry about what’s going on in the background. And really — lets be honest. If I just don’t want to chit chat, and only need to talk about one quick thing, I can end the conversation so much easier through text than over the phone!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh that is so true about a text!

      And it wouldn’t hurt nearly as bad this time I am sure. You wouldn’t end up scar tissue!

  27. Kayla

    I have two tattoos, each are behind my ear and on one ear its the outline of Mickey Mouse and the other is the outline of Minnie Mouse. I didn’t ponder the though. I came up with the idea the day before I went to get them done. I know that they mean something to me, so I didn’t want to hesitate and get too scared to do them.
    I definitely love to text. I get too distracted when I’m on the phone and something could cause_me not to listen. Lol!

    1. Jennifer

      Did they hurt really bad behind your ear?

      1. Kayla

        Not one bit. The reason why I got them behind my ear is because I had read up on places that hurt the most. Behind the ear was on the list that I found. I was hoping they would hurt so I wouldn’t want to get another. LOL. The only thing that was weird was the sound of the needle gun right next to my ear.

  28. tasha

    I have 10 tattoos!
    *my first was a “tramp stamp” before tramp stamps were a thing! It is sort of a tribal/biohazard sun looking thing (I saw it on a necklace in Claire’s, bought it, and brought it to the tattoo parlor asking for it. I was 18. lol)
    *a cracked (not broken!) heart with barbed wire in between my shoulder blades reminding me of what I’ve been through and all that I can overcome.
    * nautical stars with hearts and starbursts on my foot that I regretfully got years ago in Panama City Fl (it will be covered soon!)
    *a 4 leave clover with the number 13 on my right wrist
    *a small shooting star behind my left ear
    * a straight razor on my left hip
    *”Lexi” the name of my beloved Boxer who passed away on my left wrist
    * a tennis ball with angel wings and Lexi’s date of death on my right shoulder blade (she loved tennis balls more than anything)
    *a HUGE octopus and pirate ship on my right side going from upper rib cage down my thigh! (not done adding to it yet)
    *and a quill and bottle of ink with the words “Tomorrow is not promised” scrolled across kind of behind my straight razor, side of my lower back… weird place but it fit perfectly with the straight razor so that’s where it went!

    And I am definitely more of a text person unless I feel it’s important or I am in a rush then I’d rather call!

    1. Jennifer

      We were both clearly ahead of the tramp stamp trend ;). I love that you found a necklace at Claire’s and brought it in too!

  29. Danielle

    No tattoos for me or the hubby. Nothing against those who do, and I have seen some really incredible pieces on people that I thought were gorgeous, I just never had a really strong urge.

    For informal communication I prefer text. But if it is important or business related an actual call is best.

    Also Jennifer I am dying to know if you have seen Renee Zellweger’s *ahem* transformation???

    What did she do to her face??

    1. Jennifer

      OMG yes. What on earth! I’m all for a little fixer upping if that’s what you want, but she doesn’t even look the same ;(.

      1. Danielle

        Agreed! It’s okay to do a little touch-up here and there, but she isn’t herself anymore! I would say a transformation on par with Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing. Here’s hoping her career doesn’t tank because of this.

  30. Hannah

    1. I don’t have any tattoos, but hope to get my first & only one before the new year. I have 2 ideas that I’m set on, so at least I don’t have to figure out what I want. My BF has 2 tattoos. A compass on his back in memory of his brother and a tree in honor of his mom & his mom’s best friend (they’re initials are in the trunk) because they have both donated a kidney to him.

    2. I prefer texting for a simple conversation, but if I need to know something fast or if texting won’t convey my message correctly then I’ll call. I’m very sarcastic, but if I send a sarcastic text it doesn’t convey it that way & the receiver is usually confused haha

    1. Jennifer

      My husband was using Talk to Text the other day and it was a complete disaster. I was like can’t you just call me????

  31. Kristin

    I have one tattoo and it’s in the small of my back, it’s a Celtic Heart knot – I wanted to get the kidlets names in it but they said it would need to be my whole back. I want to get a double infinity in white ink on my right wrist and the Celtic symbol for mother with son and daughter intermixed – if that can be done. I waited until I was 40 for mine!

    Talk on the phone. I get so frustrated if someone is texting and just not understanding and it’s hard to yell at the kidlets via text – all capitals just doesn’t cut it to show how ticked I get that they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do….at 16 and 19

    1. Jennifer

      I bet it can be done. If you find the right tattoo artists they can do just about anything.

      And I love that you call the kids to yell at them. You are right, it’s not as effective yelling at someone via text.

  32. Alyssa

    I have 3 tattoos:
    A fairy (me) with black and blue butterfly wings, to represent my grandpa since we have had a butterfly like that follow us ever since he passed away even down in SC when I went to college, and she’s sitting on a hibiscus flower which represents my uncle ernie on my right ankle.
    A 3 leaf clover on top of a 4 leaf clover surrounded by vines with little pink flowers. That one represents my being half irish.
    And my most recent on the inside of my left wrist the word love surrounded by 13 pink stars and 1 blue. My mom has that on the inside of her right wrist but with only the blue star and a heart. I got this one to remind myself on my hard days that I am loved and when my mom heard the reason she teared up and said she wanted to get the same tattoo to show how much she loves me.
    I also plan to get a lil orange butterfly somewhere in memory of my cousin bryan who’s suicide shook me up a lot and ever since it there’s been an orange and black butterfly hanging out around us.
    I know some people may look at me different for my tattoos but I put years of thought into each one and with the 14 surgeries (soon to be 15 since the left eyelid was stretched too much during the removal) I’ve been through I think of my tattoos as my outlet and that I chose them and I was in control of the pain

    1. Jennifer

      I love all the meaning you have behind yours! And how sweet is that that your mom wanted to get the same ;).

      1. Alyssa

        I never expected her to want to get the same tattoo but was really touched that she did.
        Also forgot that before my first tattoo my brother (who has a sleeve, chest piece and a few other tattoos) forbid me from getting a tramp stamp since in high school I thought I sooo wanted a dolphin and a moon on my lower back. Sooo glad he didn’t let me do that.

  33. Kristy

    I have 3 tattoos! My first was a stargazer lily on my hip, second was a custom drawn up piece with a birth month flower for each of my immediate family and my third is a small infinity heart on the inside of my left ankle, my mom, my sister and myself all have it!

    I can call/text for just about anything, just depends on where I am or what I am doing at that moment, I don’t prefer one or the other!

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