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Two questions today…

1. What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend? We are planning on heading up-north for a few days! We didn’t make it up there much this summer, so we gotta go this weekend. Plus, B’s got some tree fort building to do up there.  And then we need to get prepared for Back To School next week!

2. What is your favorite “splurge” item? Is there a hand cream you love, a fancy serum that does magic on your skin or do you love high-end shoes?  What is it that you think is worth splurging on?  I mainly splurge on subscription boxes these days!   But if we are talking about individual items, let’s see….  Lululemon used to have these amazing (overpriced) tank tops that I LOVED and bought too many of. Sadly (this might be a good thing come to think of it) they don’t sell them anymore.  I also like La Mer Lip Balm and fancy face masks!

I can’t wait to hear everyone’s answers this week!



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  1. lynn m.

    I splurge on tea and quality food. My and my family’s health is crazy important to me so I allocate enough money to buy organic whole foods. I love tea and fancy tea even more.

  2. Casi

    I agree with the organic food splurge but I would call it more of a necessity. I do however have an obsession with designer candles this month Marshalls put out a collection of manly indulgence candles with scents like “suit and tie” and “bachelor pad” that I’m obsessed with. As my husband says ” I am for all intents and purposes burning money”. But it’s okay because my house smells AMAZING, even with a little yorkie running around.

  3. Britney

    1. We are going “home” to our parent’s for the weekend. My dad just had knee replacement surgery so I’m on duty to be his chauffeur for the next few days. We decided to go ahead and stay through the weekend since dove season just open up, my husband will be hunting all week long.
    2. I splurge for shoes and get carried away, sometimes I’ll splurge for clothes if it’s something I really love. Every other year my husband buys me a new purse and I drop some money then, but again… only every other year or so!

  4. HeatherP

    This Labor Day we will be with family, enjoying our final days home for the summer. To me this is a sad time of year, because we soooooooo much of our family through the summer and then it drops off after school starts.
    My splurges, well, I try so hard to manage my spending so as to not splurge, but I buy too much as it is. I’m an accesory queen, shoes scarves, watches, sunglasses. some jewelry. But I think my biggest splurge would be this time of year when kids get back to school and I can focus on my appearance. So hair and botox.

  5. Melissa

    I splurge on… Bespoke Post LOL!!! I love that box so much. I put my husband’s name on the sub but it’s really for me.

    1. Sarah

      I hear you on the Bespoke Post. This month I’m getting Weekender on my regular account, and I just opened up a second account with my Groupon and am getting Distilled on that one. Hopefully next month won’t have as many temptations and I can hold firm to skipping on my main account.

      1. Melissa

        OMG Weekender, me too!!! And I’m really mad that I hesitated on the copper mugs one too long and now it’s sold out. Sniffle.

  6. WendyinCA

    Ooh, I love reading what people splurge on! I know I could spend wayyy less, but since I eat a salad nearly every night I use Lucero Ascolano olive oil and peach vinegar (a little goes a long way). I think each bottle is about $32. For years I’ve just used the cheap stuff, but no more!

  7. Julia

    1. I’m working Labor Day weekend because the freakin ER never closes, blah!!!
    2. I splurge on Maison caulieres bath oil. I fell in love with it when it came in the Vanity Affair Birchbox. I love it, so worth $50, makes my legs and feet feel so soft. Also lately I’ve been splurging on weekender bags. If I see a cute weekender bag, I’m buying it. Where am I going on these weekends, I don’t know but I will have a cute bag when it happens 😉

  8. Julia

    And I forgot lately I splurge on Keep Collective, thanks to you 😉

  9. laura r

    I’m working this weekend- Friday, Sunday & Monday but at least Monday will be holiday time & a half pay.

    Other than food, which I think of as more a necessity and quality ingredients are needed and beneficial (though I don’t buy higher end food items in every category.. like pasta I’ll just buy the cheapest), I only really splurge on bras. Everything else I’ll wait for it to go on sale or use my employee discounts to make it cheap. Well, I splurged on a YETI cooler but got it with my discount. Worth it though since we’re in the desert and camp in the desert often as well as bear country and it’s bear-proof. Plus, I wanted to buy a second basket for it and couldn’t find one so YETI sent me one for free, with a bunch of stickers and decals.

    I was splurging on makeup, since Sephora’s beauty insider used to be pretty awesome but I think I bought something maybe in May? Or December.. can’t remember, but I only went there because I got a gift card. And I’m pretty sure I still have money on it, which is a stark contrat to my previous shopping habits (making VIB every year, prior to Rouge coming out). Now, I’m finally using all the BB/CC/tinted moisturizers I’ve gotten with GWPs and Birchbox/subs and I’m fine with those.


    This weekend we have plans with my inlaws, Last BBQ’S, Zoo,ferry and park days! which should be lots of fun!!!

    I like to splurge on shoes and hand bags… My obsession and weakness!

  11. Beth Rang

    1) I don’t have any real plans for Labor Day yet. If Shaun the Sheep is still playing at our theater though, I need to take my son to see that!
    2) I splurge on quality chocolate and Jo Malone perfume. I fell in love with the latter when I got to try it at Heathrow Airport, and am so glad it’s available in the U.S. The company sends three samples with each purchase (although the scents available for sampling are a bit limited), and their return policy is excellent.

  12. Mrs. L

    1. I have to work a half day Saturday, so there is that. And then we do what we’ve been doing every weekend for the past two months. Try to find a house to buy in this crazy, nutso, real estate market out here where homes are already overpriced and you can only get a house if you bid $200K over asking! I am not kidding…..

    2. Does Starbucks count as a luxury? Because my Flat Whites are what I consider my daily splurge. Or is something you do daily not really a spurge but a necessity? We do buy some dish soap that isn’t cheap so we do splurge on that.

  13. Lindsay

    1. Hubby has been working 18 hour days for the past two weeks straight, and school started today for my 4 year old, so I’m hoping to sleep and hang out around the house this weekend. But, I was just at the OB today and he thinks little miss will be here in the next week or two, so maybe we should do things like put up the crib and pack the hospital bag. 🙂 (I’m 32 weeks with IUGR, so we are planning on little miss coming no later than 36 weeks with an induction scheduled for 36 weeks exactly.)

    2. Starbucks is a luxury for me. It’s an hour away and by my OB, so whenever I go I get a chai tea latte. I can’t wait for pumpkin spice! I also splurge on massages. My hubby gets me one for my birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and a spa day for our anniversary. And I regret nothing.

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