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Two questions today…..

1. What are you getting your Significant Other for Valentine’s Day? Do you have plans yet? I have zero idea what B and I are doing. Probably nothing, but that’s fine with me. But I do want to get him something he’ll love. Maybe something cool for the basement bar? Like a bar stool made out of reclaimed wood or some neat shelves to display bottles or something along those lines?  I need to start looking!  What about you?  Do you exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day? Have you made any dinner reservations?

2. What kind of car do you have?  Not like the make / model, but the body style.  Do you have an SUV, a sedan, a mini-van, a compact car, a truck, etc?  B and I both drive smaller SUV’s, but I am kind of thinking that B’s next vehicle will be a truck.  He’s been wanting one anyway and with these winters we’ve been having, it might not be a bad idea!  We got like 15 inches of snow Sunday (L has another snow day today) and our neighborhood is consistently a disaster.  It’d be nice not to have to worry about getting stuck every time we drive down the street.  As for me, I really don’t care too much about what I drive, but with the kids getting older and car pools and all that, I think I am going to need something with a third row or gasp, a mini-van down the road!

I am looking forward to hearing your answers on these today!


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  1. bisexual narwhal

    Waryne and I don’t usually do anything for V-day beyond exchanging cards – we try to find the funniest, most sarcastic, and truthful cards we can. I may win this year with this one: Also, my birthday is 2/12 so we tend to celebrate that instead.

    I drive a Honda Fit which is a compact car. Although I call it my Tardis since it’s huge on the inside! I love love my car but with two huge dogs the next vehicle will definitely be an SUV.

  2. Heather Poccia

    We did just have a two row For F-150 truck. My husband wanted a nice looking truck with power to plow. It was nice had tan leather. And all the goodies. I have a dodge citadel durango. It saved my life last year in a very bad accident. We get some unexpected black ice around here in the winter. Its rare maybe once or twice a year and i thought it was 35 deg and no ice and misjudged. I was alone thank goodness. But ill never say anything bad about that car. Its big and heavy, it has three rows. I can drive around an adult and two additional kids. And the last row collapses. Lots of room. Has a lot of nice extras. I want a corvette dodge charger. Haha. So suv type cars are difficult for me. But with three kids its the way to go.

  3. mini2z

    1. we don’t really do Valentine’s Day exchanges. I’m homebound so February 10th I have a doctor’s follow up appointment with my surgeon. It’s really early in a town an hour from home so I think we need to go out to lunch. I won’t be able to do much else. I have order myself a lot of things. Being home is bad for online shopping.

    2. I now have an SUV – smaller SUV. I had three different minivans from the time the first kidlet was 3 months old. It wasn’t the most attractive vehicle but I was able to take a friend for each kidlet if we went somewhere. Sports roadtrips we were able to bring another mom for me (to stay sane) and other kidlets to keep them happy. Now that one has his own vehicle my SUV is shared between my mom, my 17 year old and me. I have the hatch part with a gate thing so the pupalups don’t jump through to the back seat. Interior is black but it was the last one and I got it for an amazing deal!. My SUV really only seats 4 comfortably. The minivans all sat seven. If you go with a minivan – pick one that has bucket seats in the second row. You won’t get the “he’s touching me”.

  4. Britney

    My husband and I are going to eat for lunch at some fancy pants place right up the road… I came across a ring I wanted, but I’m not too sure he got my hints. He always tells me he doesn’t want anything, so I’m in a rut trying to figure out what to get him.
    I have a Mercedes GLK 350, it’s a small SUV… an it’s mainly used for hauling my two doggies around. My husband drives a Toyota Tundra mega-cab, that he claims he needed, but we live in the city so I think he just wanted it… On the flip side we live in Texas so it’s pretty normal to have a truck and it is nice to travel in so we can stretch out.

  5. Traci Ann

    I am working valentines night, sleeping all day, so I will not be doing anything except with my work family.

    I drive a small SUV, I don’t have kids, just a dog. It is AWD so I never get stuck, and I live at a ski resort. I love it because it carries my friends and I along with all our gear for adventures and roadtrips.

  6. Kristin

    I got my husband a beer stein with a Ben Franklin quote on it and some tattoo design stone coasters that have our names on them. I also got him some garden gnomes (one flipping the bird and one with guns) since he is about to carve out and area in our yard and plant a garden. I also got him candy. We are going to celebrate next weekend solely because we don’t like the V-Day crowds. He got me a gift and had the store wrap it. I know it is a new Coach bag, but I don’t know which one and he doesn’t know I know what it is.

    I drive a Prius. I prefer SUVs but at the time I bought the car, 10 years ago, I did an excessive amount of driving and it was the best choice. After 10 years though, it is still going strong and has only recently needed major work done. My husband has a Sedan because he travels for work, but he also has an old beater truck because 1 he loves old beater trucks and 2 he loves Home Depot (enough said on that part)

    1. Britt Hildebrandt

      We are currently driving a BMW X3 which is great for just the two of us and will also be good when the baby gets here. Our second car used to be the VW Up, but I will have to say goodbye to that once the baby gets here. I will get a BMW 1 then. I want a smaller car. In a couple of years we are talking about getting a mini van. But that will have to wait.

  7. Stacie Seidman

    1. I’m a single lady, so I guess nothing

  8. laura r

    I got him a TOYODA sticker for his truck.. it’s the Toyota logo with Yoda ears. I thought it was hilarious. I think I’m going to get him a raspberry pi too if I get out to Fry’s Electronics in time.

    We have 2 vehicles. Mine is I guess a mini SUV? Whatever a Toyota Highlander is. It’s 12 years old and still kicking. We bought it used in WI and it worked well there in the snow and works well on non-snow in AZ but it sucks in the snow here because of the change in altitude/hills/mountains. He drives a truck, I’d highly highly recommend a Toyota Tacoma if you guys do get a truck. His is 11 years old, almost 200k miles on it and shows no signs of stopping. It’s the TRD off road so a very capable machine- in snow, mountains, dirt, everything. When we lived in WI and the apartment maintenance was lazy, he’d drive over the mounds of snow for our neighbors so they could get into their garages. We’re thinking about trading mine in on something more fun.. like a Jeep or a Subaru Outback because mine can only go on insanely easy off road trails, and those are super crowded.

  9. havenest14

    I don’t do V-day anymore, it use to be my weeding anniversary :(, so I now just do the kids a gift. I drive an Astro Van and it holds up to 8 people big or small, the two seats can be removed if I need to, to haul furn. or other big stuff, one time I had two full size dressers in it. I love it. It’s big and droves like a truck. When the three kids leave I am going to get my convertible back 🙂

  10. Jasujo

    1. I’ve been wanting to try out the endless fondue at the fondue restaurant and they have a Valentine’s Day special. If not, we’ll probably just hang out at home. I have no idea what to get him yet. I usually have something picked out by now, but this year has been crazy busy so far! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime shipping! XD

    2. We are a family of six, so we have a minivan. We need something to fit all of us! lol 🙂

  11. PA Anna

    1. I’m not sure how it will work out in the end between V-day and our anniversary which is in the beginning of March. My husband is hard to buy for so between the 2 events I have Bespoke’s Sweat and Unbottoned box plus a one-time SportsCrate that the owner offered to do for V-Day. I also have a red metal tin of Whitman’s Candy that I bought 70% off at Target Christmas which will be for V-Day. Also we have TFB V-Day box coming, and I have a groupon for our favorite
    restaurant. That will be more dependent on when I can get a sitter for
    the kids and won’t be on V-day. A Bespoke box, some sport stuff, Whitman’s candy and a card. He loves the fuss and I am happy to oblige. Then sometime this month it will be dinner and TFB (I have 2 kids so that requires more planning depending upon the nature of the box)

    2. I have a large 4-wheel drive SUV. It’s great for the winter time around our business area because the snow plowing is limited. I can haul things for our business.transport teenagers and their equipment to different places, etc. I don’t fully like the vehicle because it is hard to park at times and eats more gas than my car did. It does have heated seats 🙂

  12. Jen Partridge Kiley

    A winery near us is offering dinner and big band dancing; I have been dying to go “old school” dancing forever, so we’re breaking from tradition and doing something. I also got him all three seasons of Gummi Bears on DVD as we both watched it as kids and loved the theme song, and I just found it on Disney Movie Club. FTW!

  13. Janaya

    1. My birthday is really close to Valentines day, so usually my bday and vday gift get lumped together. But the hubby always makes sure he gets me my favorite chocolate and flowers on Valentines day. He thinks that Valentines day is for women lol, so he never asks for anything for Valentines day, but I always make sure to get him something, even if its something small.

    2. I drive a small SUV and my hubby drives a sports car. We don’t have any kids yet, so I’m fine with him having the sports car for now. But he knows once we have kids, that thing has got to go! lol. Either that or he’ll have to buy another car thats more family friendly.

  14. Jodie Kingsbury

    I just got a Chevrolet Traverse. Mine seats 7 but you can also get one that seats 8. I love it. Its the smoothest riding suv I have ever had. I have 2 teenagers and they and their friends all fit great in it.

  15. Kyra

    We are camping V-day weekend so i’m planning a nice steak dinner that night and Sunday we are doing a 10 mile kayaking trip…while 6 months pregnant, should be interesting!
    I drive a full size SUV with the 3rd row seats, love it! We also have a Ford F250 diesel truck that’s lifted. We are not little car people!

  16. mary m

    We’re going out to eat at our favorite restaurant (a Spanish tapas bar).
    I have a Honda accord. It works. Sometimes I wish we had a bigger car, since we can never take anyone extra (there are 5 of us…).

  17. Lisa Throop Damone

    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Our anniversary is at the end of February, so we celebrate then (when it is easier to get a sitter and the restaurants are not so crazy busy!).

    Don’t, don’t, don’t get a mini van! Trust me – I had one for three Michigan winters, and it was horrible in the snow and slush. We have a very small ‘hill’ at the end of our street, and my Town & Country had trouble getting up that. We traded it in for an Enclave, and that drove like a dream on the winter roads. If you need (want) the third row, go for an Enclave, Traverse or similar. You’ll never even need to think about whether or not it will snow when you have something planned 🙂

  18. Lisa D.

    We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. Our anniversary is at the end of the month, so we celebrate then (when it is easier to get a sitter and restaurants aren’t so crazy busy).

    Having lived thru 3 Michigan winters with a Town & Country, don’t get a minivan! They are awful in the snow and slush – we have the world’s smallest ‘hill’ at the end of our road, and I could barely make it up that in the winter. We eventually traded it in and got an Enclave – never had a single issue in the snow. If you want a third row, go for an Enclave, Traverse, or something similar. The minivans are great for the space, but simply can’t handle the road conditions in MI from November to April.

  19. Mrs. L

    Probably not getting hubby anything but a card. Chocolate and all those candies are out right now (my kingdom for a truffle!) and we usually don’t go out to dinner on the actual day. We may go for Sushi the night before and then cook a nice filet or something on Valentines Day itself. We may splurge and have potatoes or some carb to be decadent!

    Both my husband and I own SUV’s. His is much larger than mine though.

  20. Jennifer Holzmeyer Louthan

    We don’t really do Valentine’s day so I’m guessing nothing. Hmm maybe I’ll let him sleep in 😉
    I drive 4Runner so an SUV and M has a civic so a regular kindof car. He did have a smaller truck and it really just didn’t work well with carseats and then people always wanted to borrow it and that drove him crazy so he traded it in on something with much better gas mileage. I think he misses it sometimes but not enough to get another one right now. LOL

  21. Lia LT

    1) Our Valentine’s Day is totally weird this year. We can’t celebrate on the actual day because we have to do some not-fun things about 3 hours from home. A couple days before we need to be there, we will be halfway down at a funeral. Super not fun! Buuuut… that does mean that we don’t want to drive all the way home & then all the way back again, so we’re going to spend the night at one of the Indian casino/resorts near the funeral. Yay? lol I’m insisting on a nice dinner where we dress up and get dessert.

    2) We both drive compact cars with mine being a hatchback. All my seats fold flat, so we can fit a pretty decent Christmas tree in there when needed! And since we have no kids, we really don’t need much space. They’re both pretty low-profile so when the wind kicks up I still feel safe. We see SUVs roll over all the time when the Santa Anas get going!

  22. wendy

    Valentines- exchange cards, maybe nice lunch or dinner. After the holidays, then our anniversary, my b-day… it’s like… can we just do something simple/inexpensive?
    Cars- trusty ole Camry (tho it’s a V6, heated leather seats & sunroof- plain on the outside- pretty nice on the inside.) We also have a Tundra for the snow.
    Dream car= Tesla (want to charge up next to Starbucks!)

  23. Eve

    1. I usually get him a Polo Hoodie, he gives me flowers. He would like to get other things, but is clueless about shopping.
    2. I drives an SUV and a minivan. We have a Mazda Miata with stick shift that we drive during spring/summer/part of fall, and put in the garage during winter.

  24. Cymbre Martin

    My hubby and I are still all about Valentines Day. But he does buy flowers a week in advance because they are so expensive on the actual day, especially in NYC. We are going to grab a hotel because hotel tonight makes them just as inexpensive as a nice dinner.

  25. Lauren Blehm

    In the summer I have a 1978 Trans Am that I am sort of obsessed with. It’s actually fairly roomy and fits my daughters gigantic Recaro car seat. Since I live in Colorado a RWD sedan is a no-go in the winter (for me at least!) so I have a 2006 Jeep Commander as well. We’re actually going to sell it and fix up an 80s Wagoneer complete with wood paneling! We’re definitely car people, haha.

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